15 Best Microsoft Azure Alternatives and Competitors in 2024

Microsoft Azure, just like AWS Amazon, is a giant name when we talk about cloud computing, cloud servers, or cloud hosting made for a range of users.

Though they offer free trials, all kinds of platform support, and a variety of development tools but some users prefer to have a provider that comes with a friendly UI, easy-to-utilize tools, and less complexity.

Ultimately, those issues push them toward Microsoft Azure alternatives that can be used for the same operations as well as tasks without compromising on reliability.

One more thing to keep in consideration is that Microsoft Azure cloud turns into a more expensive service when your website or app starts growing. Your server cost goes way up compared to other cloud companies mentioned below in this article.

Another reason which may urge customers to look for alternatives to Azure cloud is “Assistance”. Technical support provided by the company is not free either, which impacts monthly charges drastically.

That said, there are tons of options available in the market that offer almost similar cloud solutions for all kinds of users at affordable prices. Even some of them serve instant 24/7 customer support throughout the whole day via live chat, tickets, and email.

In a hurry? Here are our quick recommendations for Azure alternatives and similar cloud services.

We recommend Kamatera in the first place because of various reasons, such as cloud server customizability as per your demand, processing power, required storage, load balancers, and developer-friendly features. Another major thing that gives Kamatera a significant edge over Azure is its 24/7 available customer support via chat, email, and calls.

Furthermore, their pricing structure is crystal clear, no hidden charges, and offers monthly as well as hourly billing – whatever you like. Their cloud platform can handle almost all ranges of Linux and Windows-backed apps and production environments. You can try their services FREE for a whole month or utilize $100 free credits through this link.

If you have a kind of low budget, then give a try to Vultr. It’s a cheap Azure competitor that also provides similar services with easy scalability on the go. That said, one can start with an entry cloud server and upgrade when high processing power is needed.

Vultr supports a variety of different operating systems, Linux distros, and custom ISO uploads too. With their one-click installer wizard, you can deploy a virtual cloud machine within a few seconds without dealing with technical stuff. The best part is they also have a transparent billing system, so you pay only for the used resources.

Large companies and enterprises dealing with extensively power hungry projects such as AI programming, machine learning, and deep learning tasks should consider going with Amazon AWS or Google Cloud, etc. It is important to know that you or your team should have an indepth knowledge of cloud infrastructure management as AWS support is quite expensive.

Dealing with technical services is not only time consuming but difficult to figure out solutions. That’s why we recommend cloud services that assist customers round the clock without further fees like Kamatera.

What are Microsoft Azure Cloud Services?

In this modern era, one who uses a computer definitely will be aware of Microsoft Windows, right? A well known and one of the most popular operating systems in the world. Azure is one of the Microsoft products.

It is a cloud computing service that is used for multiple purposes, including deploying, testing, creating as well as maintaining cloud based services through Azure data centers. Where most of cloud providers offer a single platform like IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS, they serve all of them from a single platform.

It was founded with the name “Project Red Dog” in 2008, then renamed “Windows Azure” in 2010. After around four years, its parent company again renamed it “Windows Azure” in 2014 March 25.

The entire Azure infrastructure is compatible with Windows, Linux, preconfigured machine images, and other third party applications.

Even though Microsoft does have its own Linux based “Azure Sphere” operating system, which is suitable for the “Internet of Things”.

Whether you are an individual or enterprise, this platform can be used for a variety of applications such as Blockchain Workbench, CDN, media services, streaming, development, long running tasks, error-prone jobs, content protection, analytics, databases, data management, hosting websites, static data, and so on…

Microsoft Azure Services

Microsoft Azure is a hub of up to 600 services that can be launched in 54 regions as of today.

Azure Cloud Regions Map

Currently, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure are the biggest cloud computing companies; all of them are growing exceptionally compared to other hosts. These three also have a large chunk of market share in the cloud computing industry.

aws azure google comparison

Why One Would Look For Microsoft Azure Alternatives?

There could be many reasons which urge users to find cloud computing services similar to Azure even it offers chock full of feature rich cloud plans.

From expensiveness to complexity, slow and paid customer support to poor management GUI, and poor DevOps support.

The cons list further expands because of their additional costs besides pay as you go structure. If you failed to utilize your server in a proper way, you’d end up paying extra dollars every year.

In other words, you must have expertise in managing the platform for maximum outcomes.

If you’re an experienced person, then Azure is a good choice for you; otherwise, there is a steep learning curve involved. On top of that, their control panel is way tough to utilize compared to other similar options, for example, Vultr, Kamatera, & Digital Ocean.

Lack of Hyper-V snapshot support, no backup integration, and no Windows client images access are other issues too.

15 Best Microsoft Azure Alternatives and Competitors of 2024

Kamatera – Editor’s Choice for Developers/Entrepreneurs

Thinking about migrating your websites, projects, or apps to a friendly platform? Give a chance to Kamatera cloud servers, the fastest and brightest out there, just like Azure but way simpler to utilize. Thanks to their intuitive control panel, which allows ultimate customizability to help you maintain your cloud machines hassle-free.

The team behind has years of experience in maintaining IT services, including web hosting, clouds, and other digital products. Their cloud hosting offers tons of benefits, starting out with high scalability, cost-effectiveness, and real-time availability.

With Kamatera, you have no limitations whatsoever, it can be made available to your business in less than a minute with full working throttle to steer your ship towards victory. Manage workload, traffic on your website along with the assimilation of crucial user data onto the cloud servers in an instant.

On the bright side, you don’t even have to meddle with the affairs of setting it up or maintaining it on a constant basis; it is just like renting a server, taking over control, and starting work instantly. Just like Azure cloud platform, you can also deploy a Kamatera cloud server for the following purposes; SQL databases, remote desktop server, backup, development, data storage, etc.

If you are one of the businesses that require instant scalability due to the high uncertainty of the traffic that you will be hosting, then Kamatera is the best possible choice for you. They can be self-configured depending on the varying needs for your business or provisioned by Kamatera matching your certain needs.

All other components such as RAM, CPU and, storage can be altered on the go depending on the workload you are attending to. They have upto 18 data centers located on 4 continents to ensure fast hosting speeds and minimum latency.

Instead of using conventional computing infrastructure, Kamatera offers an elegant cloud platform with instant availability and unbeatable performance. You won’t have to worry about any downtime as the servers can be configured within a matter of seconds and deployed to be used at once.

What makes it a great competitor against Microsoft Azure is the availability of package customization option that only includes the resources you are going to use. With their transparent billing system, you only pay for the resources you hence saving tons of money you may spend with other cloud companies for unused resources.

Vultr – Cheap Azure Alternative for Devs & Webmasters

Vultr aims to provide the best of the high-performing SSD cloud servers over a matter of seconds at the lowest prices. You can create a cloud instance instantly and deploy as per your wish at any given moment, thanks to instant provisioning. It can be used as a backup or in hibernation mode only until you are in need of an extra pair of virtual hands on the deck.

These blazing-fast SSD-packed cloud plans come with highly efficient machinery, including solid state drives, lightning-fast latest processors powered by Intel, and customizable memory to tackle your workload according to the need. For advanced automation of your projects, make use of Vultr’s robust API, which allows ultimate control.

Unlike Azure (they have 54 regions and 140 countries coverage), with Vultr, you can deploy your cloud machine over 29 global locations within under a minute and start working immediately without any resonant delay. Vultr doesn’t lose track of the small businesses and the start-up initiatives, and that is why the rates are considerably generous, even all of their servers are built with SSDs.

Instead of hovering and buzzing around to incorporate your signature settings for controlling the cloud, Vultr takes the game to another level. The control panel is custom built with a serious hint of users in mind; you can install various services with just a single click and thus take the saved time to ponder over more severe issues.

Vultr control panel

You can totally rely on the performance and speed provided by Vultr infrastructure as the entire network packed with ultra grade CPU cores with a dedicated IP address for the convenience and anonymity of the user. Deploy a virtual machine powered by cloud with Vultr today, and the strategic improvement among the stats of your website will clear out its performance value over the money you had spent.

With such an expanding network made available to your reach, you have the potential to back up your data over multiple locations and securing your crucial data behind highly encrypted channels. It is a well-thought infrastructure, Vultr is aiming to provide to its customers and is highly efficient too on almost every ground, whether performance or cost.

For entry-level users, there are two different plans named “Compute” and “High Frequency Compute” starting from $2.50/month and $6/month. The Compute package comes with 10GB space, 1vCPU, 512MB Ram, and 500GB bandwidth with a free IPv6.

You can install various operating systems, which include Windows, Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, and FreeBSD, plus upload custom ISO too. Popular apps like WordPress also can be installed in a matter of a few clicks. Where the Microsoft Azure platform is complex to use, Vultr has a much easier-to-utilize control panel.

DreamHost – Best “WordPress Hosting” Azure Alternative

The one phenomenal aspect of DreamHost, which separates it from the competition, is the ultimate speed of almost 719ms, and it has not crumbled since the start of operations as an amazing web hosting company. When it comes to cloud hosting, DreamHost provides a decent service, all the cloud servers can be configured within a minute and deployed instantly.

Never have this corporation ever lagged over uptime, which it promises to the users, it certainly delivers on that front and many more. DreamHost is responsible for the effective optimization of their servers every now and then, thus making sure that the users have the best infrastructure provided to them.

DreamHost takes a different and yet vital approach to considering the financial challenges of small and start-up businesses. It provides the users with a chance to customize their package as per their needs and then only pay for the availed/used resources similar to Azure. Not only this, but DreamHost is also inspiringly committed to honoring this commitment to the users thoroughly.

When it comes to the data transfer limits and disk space, DreamHost is preferably more generous than others, disk space provision using SSD technology, and the data transfer limits over the internet are unlimited despite a few checkboxes which you have to review as entailed in their privacy policy.

Being awarded by PCMag 4 years in a row as “Editor’s Choice”, DreamHost helps its clients via multiple channels regarding technical issues. Compared to Azure, you can deploy your cloud instance in under 30 seconds. With times when you scale your server with Azure, it gets expensive, whereas DreamHost has much cheaper cloud plans.

Furthermore, they offer essential live support to the customers in terms of maintenance and installation of their cloud machines. You get active live support 24/7 from experienced personnel regardless of your current package; however, there are some limitations as well.

Cloud hosting servers are made more performance biased than being moderate to average, and this is what’s driving the business for DreamHost sky-high with numerous customers approaching the service every day and increasing.

DigitalOcean – Cheap Azure Alternative for Programmers

One of the fascinating aspects of DigitalOcean cloud hosting is the uptime that it offers to its pristine customers. The uptime reaches almost 99.99% and is somewhat the most humble and sought out aspect in the cloud industry.

The cloud servers offered by DigitalOcean are integrated and put together using the most advanced and able technology, including SSDs storage and premium core processors for interpretation of data/information to and from the website in lightning-fast fashion.

In fact, DigitalOcean presents the fastest speed ever when compared to many other cloud companies. With a striking speed of 890 milliseconds, your hosted data renders blazingly fast than Azure in many scenarios. If you are planning to decrease downtime and enhance the loading time of your website by two folds, then DigitalOcean is somewhat a force to reckon with.

It could not get any better than providing the user with complete control of the resources they want to use or incorporate in their package, and this is what DigitalOcean does. With the help of sophisticated yet premium technologies, you get full control of your cloud server known as Droplet (they call virtual instance as “Droplet”). Customize the performance of your website/app by increasing/decreasing CPU cores, and storage along with memory for the dedicated Droplet which you will be using.

Digital Ocean is an excellent cloud host for developers because it’s highly oriented for such users. You can come around any type of eventuality, whether it is deploying your new app or expanding your business on your website. You will be provided with a premium and highly optimized cloud service. You won’t have to do much, and that accounts for the instant scalability sooner than later, you will be provided with full root access and a control panel using which installing any particular software is dead simple.


When it comes to cloud computing, the endgame of the users is to look for an affordable service that can pack the biggest punch in terms of performance and optimized speed. Not all alternatives to Azure in the market are so ecstatically concerned about the welfare of small businesses and start-up websites like ToggleBox. ToggleBox brings its customers the luxury of SSD cloud servers resulting in fast speed at its best.

All of their machine’s hardware, along with every facet of the infrastructure, is just over the top. Plus, there is hardly any downtime given the optimized speed and influenced the approach of ToggleBox towards making their service even better every passing second.

ToggleBox is not an old player in the market (founded in 2017), but in that short amount of time, they managed to build two data in Dallas and Philadelphia. It offers scalable and promptly deployable cloud hosting servers, perfect for the users who are in search of high performing, highly customizable, and cost-effective cloud platform.

Not only all of this, but it also helps in terms of migrating from one web hosting towards another. Think of all the possibilities that you can avail using the customizability offered by ToggleBox; you can create your own personalized package and pay only for the resources that you are going to use. For transparent billing, they also provide both options; monthly and hourly.

However, it doesn’t support the integration of various third-party software or tools to control your cloud servers. Although all of their plans come with a variety of features like instant provisioning, high IOPS through SSD San storage, Linux and Windows OS support, free migration, and KVM virtualization.

Besides that, sudden traffic surges can be handled with load balancers, this feature works automatically to ensure ultimate availability. Rest assured, if you can’t contemplate with the ever-increasing traffic or loads of data that needs to be interpreted and parsed thoroughly, you can always rely on ToggleBox cloud hosting. Unlike Azure, you can contact the support team via live chat, email, and tickets.

CloudWays – Managed Cloud Microsoft Azure Alternative

Being in pursuit of the most effective and trustworthy cloud hosting platform can often end up in regret as the performance starts dropping consistently, urging you to choose another and on goes the cycle. With Cloudways, one thing is certain that after joining the platform, you won’t have to leave it until or unless there is some reason other than poor performance and lacking scalability. Cloudways provide excellent support when it comes to shifting your website from a particular hosting provider to their servers.

It works with various cloud providers and thus can take you in based on the specific requirements that you desire. Instead of offering own cloud servers to the customers, Cloudways works as a middle party, taking care of all your interests and deploying your website among the most trusted cloud companies provided by various other networks such as DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Vultr, AWS, Linode, etc.

If you don’t have a lot of experience in setting up your website on cloud hosting, you are going to deal with all the settings yourself. They only provide you with the infrastructure you have to make it work, if you seriously want to avoid it, then Cloudways can do the heavy lifting for you. It will migrate your site to a particular cloud server that resonates best with your requirements.

There can be a lot of problems with cloud machines, such as downtime, lagging speed, disarray in terms of optimized maintenance and whatnot if you feel like you are not ready to attend to all this, then step down and let Cloudways do all the work for you.

The main reason to use Cloudways than Microsoft Azure is that they offer everything managed. That said, no matter who you are, whether a developer or webmaster, you can make use of the world’s best cloud computing services with minimum hassle mentioned earlier. Cloudways handle everything for you regarding technical issues.

When it comes to usability, the company has one of the easiest control panels allowing all range of users (experienced and beginners) to deploy the desired server within a few clicks. All cloud plans support PHP-backed applications, utilize PHP 7, allow unlimited apps, and powered by CloudwaysCDN. In a nutshell, if you just want to focus on productivity, then it’s a great Azure substitute.

If their services are not enough to fulfill your cloud hosting needs, don’t forget to review these Cloudways alternatives.


One of the key advantages of working with Scaleway is that it works best for small businesses and websites, so if you are one of them, then you are definitely in for a treat. In the world of high competition, Scaleway brings incredible choices/options and some real savings on the money invested. Getting all of this out in the open, it offers incredible cloud computing services, just like Azure with high-end technology equipment but falls short of providing dedicated support.

This is a downpour; if you don’t have the skills or insight to manage web hosting from one platform to another, then it is clearly not for you as you will have to do everything on your own. It starts from configuring the virtual cloud VPS to the deployment or migration of your website to this particular cloud network.

The main reason is that it is exceptionally affordable and supposedly designed to work for small businesses and start-up projects, great for the developers or fellow associates that need a virtual network to test their software or the development of new apps and dedicated technologies.

For the money value, Scaleway does a great job of keeping your website up and running. It has an uptime of about 99.99%. They also claim that in the case of downtime or problems with the server, the users will be effectively compensated; however, the specific terms are not listed anywhere. It also provides the user with multiple side features such as users can create a backup for their entire website, so their data stays secure or clone the entire website to be used over a different platform.

Scaleway offers virtual instances, GPU instances, Object storage, load balancers, container registry, and database cloud services. For intense operations, choosing a GPU cloud would be a perfect fit as each instance is built with Intel Xeon Gold CPUs, Tesla 16GB P100 Nvidia chipset, NVMe SSD, and 45GB Ram. Such configuration can handle video encoding, image rendering, AI processing, deep learning apps, and heavy data processing like a charm.

We recommend their “Virtual Instances” plans for small to medium projects because these are affordable yet compatible for running common apps as well as operating systems.

A2Hosting – Best Alternative to Azure for Websites/Blogs

A2Hosting Cloud has made speed and optimized services their top priority, they have turned their humble infrastructure of cloud hosting into a high-performing and highly optimized cloud infrastructure. Using the most advanced technologies backed by the latest equipment, A2Hosting Cloud promises almost 300% faster I/O speed to all of their cloud VPS services and guarantees a whopping 99.9% uptime.

Given the initiative that A2Hosting consistently embarks on the mission of increasing their overall speed, these provide with the Turbo Servers that account for almost 20X faster page loading and smooth access to all the contents of a particular website. Some of the most cherished features include the availability of SSD storage, highly efficient data transfer, unlimited bandwidth as well as absolutely free site migration for all cloud users.

On the bright side, the virtual cloud VPS server provided by A2 comes laced with the brightest of options, such as CloudFlare CDN for faster site loading, 24/7 customer support, and most importantly backups.

One of the most prestigious features of this humble platform is that regardless of your current package, you will have instant access to all the developer tools and software as soon as they are made available. This is a huge appreciation towards the customers, which A2Hosting doesn’t feel hesitant to show at all.

Even if, with all such advanced metrics, your dedicated hosting cloud server fails to make it up to you, then you can claim your full money back without further inquiries, no pressure. Although it is highly unlikely for a user once it has registered itself on A2Hosting to look for an alternative, Yes, it is that good.

Here keep in mind, if you’re a blogger or webmaster who is looking for cloud-powered web hosting then, A2Hosting is a good choice. Otherwise, for developers and programmers, we suggest other cloud services such as Kamatera, Vultr, DigitalOcean, etc. Those hosts come with high scalability, developer features, and advanced access to execute advanced operations.

Though A2Hosting provides instant 24*7*365 customer support round the clock with a friendly console panel, there are still some rooms that need further improvement. With a starting price of only $5 per month, you get a cloud server running on 1 CPU Core, 512MB memory, 20GB SSD space, and full root access with 2TB monthly data transfer. Each cloud plan yields admin level access, Webuzo 1-click software, and various Linux distros. There are four data center choices also available to store your site/app data near to the target audience.

Linode – Best Azure Alternative for Linux Users

One of the extreme qualities of Linode is that it is perfect for Linux users; it comes laced with a Linux based operating system which makes it easier for Linux users to attend to all kinds of tools and options they have at their disposal.

Whether you choose a standard cloud, dedicated CPU, or GPU cloud instance, you will have access to all the developer-based Linux commands. What makes it better than Azure is the choice of one-click apps, and support for Drupal, Lamp, GitLab, MERN, Minecraft, and StackScripts.

In StackScripts, you can deploy a cloud server with cPanel, Minecraft, Shadowsocks, Squid Proxy, etc., a few names. Linode allows installing a broad range of Linux based distros like Debian, Fedora, CoreOS, Gentoo, CentOS, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, etc. Compared to Azure services, Linode only supports Linux OS, so only suitable for such users.

If you are looking for a Windows based cloud platform, look for other alternatives mentioned in this list. The “Standard Linodes” start from $10 per month with 2GB of Ram, 1Core CPU, 50GB space on SSDs, and 2TB bandwidth. The vendor has 10 data centers around the world that are connected with reliable networking to reduce latency, thus, fast rendering. Your virtual server will be capable of delivering up to 40Gbps network in and 2000MB network out capacity.

If you need assistance with setting up your project data over Linode’s cloud network, you will get access to all sorts of professional help that you may require. If you happen to be a casual blogger or somewhat dealing with a sophisticated website that supports WordPress, then you won’t have to experience any downtime at all.

The migration of your site is also made easy, plus you won’t have to maintain or deal with multiple errors or glitches from time to time. Everything will be taken care of by professionals at the top of their game.

Linode also takes backups in a timely manner, so you don’t lose any potential data and can revive your website at any particular time when it glitches or becomes unresponsive at times. Don’t be afraid to go into uncharted waters with the help of Linode as a powerful vessel with tons of scalability and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. The users can get pretty much any task done and propel at an incredible speed through the competition as well.

For complex tasks such as AI processing, deep learning, and machine learning tasks, they also serve dedicated and GPU-optimized cloud plans backed by NVIDIA Quadro RTX 6000. However, such GPU servers are way expensive compared to standard ones. You can try Linode cloud services for a whole week without paying a single penny as they offer a 7-days money-back guarantee.


Some of your apps, blogs, websites, and development projects may can’t even afford a minute of downtime at all, given their reputation is on the line, they have to choose the most reliable cloud hosting provider out there to make sure that doesn’t happen. Unlike any other host, Atlantic.net provides the customers with 100% uptime at all times.

It is possibly the only platform that delivers on the promise of 100% uptime rather than any of its competition. You get free migration of the domain systems onto Atlantic.net without any difficulty; all the technicalities will be overseen and monitored by professionals by Atlantic.net.

It supports the two different operating systems and thus is a relief to multiple customers, including Linux and Windows as well. It doesn’t only cater to the distinguished requests of the users but also is sophisticated enough to ask the payment only for the resources that were being used by the clients.

With an ultimate uptime guarantee, they also take day-to-day backup of all accounts data. So you don’t ever come about losing even a shred of time and can revive your data if it glitches and essentially if you chose to part with this service and are going to work with another one.

The incredible technical support team working 24/7 makes the lives of customers easy by providing on-time guidance, installation, maintenance, and support when needed. The chances for a subtle increase in the scalability of your business are subtle, and with the negligible downtime, you get the right throttle to accelerate your ship towards victory. Also, you get a decent control panel that works best with Windows and Linux alike and can install various customized tools for effective optimization of the cloud machines.

The use of cutting edge cloud architecture with unbeatable speed, zero downtime, and 24/7 email/phone support to deal with any problems will help you or your team focus on productivity rather than fixing technical issues. Plus, Atlantic has up to 7 data center locations (London, New York, Toronto, Dallas, Orlando, San Francisco, and Ashburn) to deploy your cloud instance with Linux, Windows, or FreeBSD OS.

All servers are backed by RAID-10 SSD storage, elegant API, on-the-go flexible scalability, and anytime support services. The general purpose “G2.1B” plan brings the power of 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40GB SSD space, 3TB data transfer at the cost of $8/mo for Linux and $14.5/mo for Windows OS. Atlantic also serves packages for intensive tasks which are named Storage Optimize and Compute Optimize.

Furthermore, it also presents HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting for WordPress, managed services, dedicated hosting, disaster recovery, and data centers. Compared to Microsoft Azure, Atlantic also offer block storage, private cloud, fully managed cloud services, load balancing, firewall service, and network edge protection as well. One thing to keep in mind is that they charge 20% of your server’s fee for backups. Other than that, this one has all the bells and whistles to fulfill all of your cloud hosting needs.

5 High-End Alternatives to Azure for Enterprises and Large Projects

AWS by Amazon

AWS is one of the biggest competitors to Azure when we compare the functionalities of both providers. In fact, Amazon AWS has more market shares than the competition, and many giant brands use them, such as Samsung, Nokia, Slack, Adobe, NASA, Netflix, etc.

Just like Azure services, they also offer a broad range of products, which include block storage, CloudFront CDN, EC2, RDS, Elastic Beanstalk, SNS, VNC, and S3 cloud storage for the highest availability with zero latency.

Elasticache (compatible with Memcache and Redis) and auto-scaling are also one of their products. However, Amazon Web Services are not that easy, you must have the expertise to handle your virtual machine. It requires deep experience as well as knowledge to manage your server.


RackSpace is another top-of-the-line Azure alternative that can be used as a replacement for Microsoft Azure. It serves Public, Private, Multi-cloud, and Hybrid cloud computing solutions. In fact, they self claim it is the number one managed cloud provider.

With decades of industry presence, it’s a Windcrest, Texas-based managed cloud computing company that became private in 2016 though it was public in 2008.

Their Public cloud can be used for a number of purposes such as WordPress, Joomla, CMS, websites, app servers, disaster recovery, databases, network applications, streaming, in-memory analytics, and dev environments. One can also utilize it for Cache (Redis, Memcache), mobile apps, NoSQL, MongoDB, and batch processing.

Their Private cloud is suitable for enhanced security, better control, and top-notch performance. It can be utilized when you’re going to perform critical business applications, tasks that require high performance, IT-as-a-service, disaster recovery, addressing compliance regulations, and data center consolidation, etc.

Hybrid, as the name shows, it’s a combination of both Public and Private environments to deliver unbeatable performance through a single-tenant dedicated system. You can choose from AWS, Microsoft, OpenStack, VMWare, and Google Cloud Platform and combine them for ultimate power.

Google Cloud

Tell us, who doesn’t know Google? Probably everyone having little knowledge about the internet knows about it. They are one of the 4 most prominent companies in the world. Google Cloud is one of their products built with cutting-edge hardware and start of the art technologies to deliver lighting fast speed across the globe.

They have servers in more than 200 countries and territories, 61 zones, 20 regions, and 134 network locations as of today, and more are coming soon. No matter what, Google Cloud comes with everything for almost all range of users.

For websites, it offers cloud web hosting and a content delivery network. To address developers’ needs, it provides Compute Engines, GPU servers, hybrid multi-cloud machines, and serverless computing solutions. Plus, intensive data processing and BigQuery services are also available.


You’d agree with us when we say handling unmanaged cloud service is not an easy task, right? As we already mentioned earlier that Azure and AWS are both complex to deal with. Both demand a solid grip to control, maintain and run their cloud platform. If you want to enjoy industry-best cloud services without spending hours maintaining your server, then here is MediaTemple.

MediaTemple provides fully managed cloud hosting through AWS servers. They take care of everything from optimization to monitoring, deploying to building and let you focus on your business. With a fast response time of under 15 minutes, they promptly resolve issues you face making it the best AWS alternative for managed services.

SoftLayer | IBM Cloud

Formerly known as SoftLayers, IMB cloud is the new name of them. It was founded in 2005 by Lane Crosby and then acquired by IBM in 2013. Compared to Azure, IBM offers 170 products powered by its cloud platform, which are capable of executing IoT, Blockchain, AI, containers, and data management tasks.

The cloud compute solutions by the vendor comes in handy for deploying high performance Bare metal servers, virtual servers, mass storage, auto-scaling solutions, Java apps, WebSphere, SAP applications, self-healing Kubernetes service, and Red Hat OpenShift.

Moreover, developers can also launch a cloud polyglot FaaS (function-as-a-service) server based on Apache OpenWhisk. In the Network and Storage category, IBM provides domain name services, load balancer, CDN, network applications and security, virtual private cloud, and a broad range of storage solutions. IBM is a full fledged cloud computing company that is highly suitable for large enterprises.

Which is the Best Alternative to Azure?

We have shared a bunch of cloud computing companies that offer solutions for all levels of consumers. Whether you’re a business owner, startup, individual, small business, or large enterprise, you can choose any provider reviewed above. All of them are capable of running small to intensive processing, deep learning, video encoding, and heavy graphics rendering; however, picking the right cloud host does matter.

For example, if one decides to choose an entry-level cloud server plan and expects smooth operations of AI learning processing, deep learning, or graphical rendering, then it’s not going to happen. For such tasks, you’d need to go for a GPU-powered server. In simple words, you should avail a server backed by a high-end GPU processor, memory, and multicore CPUs.

If you are planning to host a small or lightweight project like starting a new website or migrating a website getting mediocre traffic or small application development, we recommend Kamatera and Vultr. Both providers are best for money-conscious customers as they offer industry cheap plans under $4 per month.

Want to host your WordPress-powered site on cloud hosting servers? In that scenario, you can buy hosting from DreamHost. They ensure 99.99% uptime, have award-winning customer support through various channels, support different OS and development features, as well as give you 100GB of free block storage on SSDs.

Enterprises and big brands can pick Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the highest availability, lowest latency, and ultimate scalability on the go. Many internet giant names also use them, such as Samsung, Netflix, NASA, etc.

We hope these Azure alternatives will help you find the right cloud provider for your projects, no matter what kind of resources you’ll need. We’ve included a wide range of companies to address all users’ needs.

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