10 Best Cheap AngularJS Hosting Providers in 2024

We have compiled the list of best AngularJS hosting providers and reviewed their services for your ease regarding plans pricing, uptime, speed, reliability, and scalability. All reviewed web hosts are excellent for startups, businesses, individuals, and enterprises scale projects. So, Let’s get started.

In the present times, a web application is not just incredibly rewarding for businesses, but with the post-pandemic digital influx, it is also a necessity. A web application is a software designed to run on the web servers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. Unlike the local computer-based applications, it is only accessible through a web server with an active internet connection.

Web applications can be developed using a variety of web languages, including HTML, CSS, and JS, etc. There are a plethora of different frameworks available to assist you in the process of developing a web application. AngularJS is one of the most sought after web application development frameworks that enables users to create an intuitive web application.

Top AngularJS Web Hosting Providers:

Our #1 Pick: Kamatera for SSD based VPS and cloud servers

Our 2nd Pick: A2Hosting for highly optimized shared AngularJS web hosting servers

Runner-up Pick: BlueHost for excellent customer support and affordable plans

Also Worths a Try:  Vultr for the cheapest AngluarJS hosting through cloud infrastracture

Best AngularJS Hosting

2024’s Best AngularJS Hosting Services and Providers

Choosing a web hosting provider has never been easy, considering the perpetually growing number of hosting providers. Those who want to create a web application utilizing AngularJS have to ensure that the server meant for hosting is compatible with the AngularJS framework. This will be the first step as back-end support is mandatory for the AngularJS framework.

Formerly, Angular hosting options were scant. However, due to the massive hype of the AngularJS framework, many hosting providers have stepped in to bridge the gap. Presently, many hosting providers offer AngularJS hosting, making a choice more challenging.

We have compiled a list of the top AngularJS web hosting providers and reviewed their services for your facilitation. Without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Kamatera – Our Choice for the Best AngularJS Hosting with SSDs (VPS and Cloud Servers)


Kamatera is a popular name in the web hosting industry, and it has established a stronghold and a reliable reputation in the industry by consistently providing high-quality services. A highly dependable hosting provider that caters to varying customer requirements by delivering all-encompassing hosting solutions. It also powers AngularJS hosting plans with cloud and SSD VPS servers at the same prices (both starting from $4 per month).

Key Features

Kamatera facilitates deploying applications such as AngularJS, which operates as Node.js with a single click with no hassles of setup fee or long-term commitment. Thus, the ease of setup allows you to get started right away. Moreover, the cloud-based servers offer an incredibly accelerated loading speed which translates into a more significant traffic influx.

The AngularJS setup with Kamatera features the latest versions of all software and scripts, including PHP, MySQL, Python, PostgreSQL, PERL, and many more. The ease of setup and deployment and lucrative features make it a highly desirable and developer-friendly solution.

Reliable servers empower Kamatera with data centers in 18 global locations, along with a 99.95% reliable uptime. It also includes advanced security protocols, including Cloud Firewall and DDoS Protection. It also has up to 100 GB SSD storage with highly customizable features and ease of scaling up and down depending on the needs.

The lowest-priced package for an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript platform at Kamatera begins at a rate of $4 per month for 1GB of RAM, 1 vCPU, 20GB SSD storage, and 1000GB bandwidth. Furthermore, there is a 30-day free trial period for assessment. There are also no prerequisites for a long-term commitment. You only pay for what you use on a monthly or hourly basis.

Overall, Kamatera, with its Node.JS deployment and incredible features, is an excellent choice for developers with a keen interest in web application development and server-side scripting.

2. A2Hosting – Best AngularJS Hosting for Exclusively Optimized Servers

A2Hosting is not a new name for anyone interested in web hosting. A2Hosting has been a reliable provider offering all-encompassing web hosting solutions for more than a decade. They have comprehensively covered the web hosting needs and continue the uninterrupted provision of superior services at competitive pricing. Keeping in mind their all-encompassing and holistic solutions, A2Hosting stepped in to offer AngularJS web hosting to facilitate the ever-growing customer base.

Key Features

A2Hosting has dedicated an entire web page to AngularJS hosting, where the pricing and offered features are covered in elaborate detail. Moreover, the website also features several tutorials and tips for facilitating the development project.

The hosting provider facilitates AngularJS through shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. A2Hosting offers impeccable features, a high performance, top-notch security, and a simple setup with all plans. The plans are also loaded with plenty of high-utility tools that are included free of charge, among which free CDN and HackScan Protection are noteworthy. Moreover, the solutions are highly dependable as they are backed with reliable servers and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

Other lucrative features include a 1-Click AngularJS setup in Shared/VPS, which makes it incredibly developer-friendly, along with AMD EPYC Servers with NVMEe,100 GB SSD Storage, cost-free and hassle-free site migration, solid money-back guarantee, a highly dependable guru support crew that is available for assistance 24/7/365 and, up to 40% accelerated CPU performance.

Moreover, the pricing point is extremely nominal as the packages begin as low as $2.99 per month for a single server. However, there are higher and feature-dense packages to facilitate all the users.

A2Hosting is thus an incredible choice for AngularJS web hosting services.

3. BlueHost – Best AngularJS Shared Hosting Plans

BlueHost is yet another one of the popular web hosting providers that offer holistic solutions for all the hosting needs of users. Due to the hype and growing demands for AngularJS hosting, BlueHost has stepped up to fill the requirements by the provision of excellent and highly dependable solutions for AngularJS.

Key Features

The shared hosting plans at BlueHost support the AngularJS framework. The process is relatively straightforward and hassle-free. The deployment is super convenient with the single-click Softaculous auto-installer that speeds up the process. It is compatible with cPanel. Moreover, BlueHost uses the latest software versions, including the latest PHP versions, while allowing the creation of unlimited MySQL and PostgreSQL databases.

BlueHost, thus, gives greater flexibility and ease to test and deploy AngularJS applications. It is both developer and beginner-friendly. Several features make BlueHost an extremely reliable option for AngularJS. These features include 1-click AngularJS installation, unlimited bandwidth, up to 50 GB SSD storage with basic plans, and reliable uptime. Furthermore, the included free features make BlueHost an incredibly reliable choice which consists of a free SSL certificate, free domain and CDN, malware detection, and dedicated 24/7 customer support.

The pricing plans are nominally priced and what’s even more interesting is that all plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for buyer protection.

4. InterServer – Top AngularJS VPS Hosting Plans

InterServer is a tale as old as time when it comes to web hosting providers. InterServer is a pioneer hosting provider and includes plans for all hosting requirements. Its ability to keep up with the growing and changing dynamics of the hosting industry has been the primary reason why InterServer is still relevant.

Key Features

InterServer offers web hosting solutions optimized for AngularJS HTML for enhanced web applications. It provides shared, VPS, storage VPS, and dedicated hosting plans compatible with AngularJS and, at the same time, maintain high performance and support, controlling the price point a great deal.

The standard plan for AngularJS includes 1-Click installation for AngularJS application along with unlimited ultra SSD storage, over 450 cloud applications, unlimited email accounts, InterShield protection, free website migrations, and unlimited space and bandwidth. Furthermore, there is also highly dedicated and responsive customer service 24/7 to facilitate users and quick resolution of queries. 

InterServer also includes automatic updates, including up to 30 daily backups of AngularJS sites, auto-updates of core and plugins, and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. Moreover, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee valid for highly optimized AngularJS plans.

Despite the feature-rich plans, the highly optimized AngularJS plans by InterServer cost merely $5 per month. The pricing plan is highly nominal to the incredible services being offered.

5. Hostinger – Cheapest AngularJS Hosting

Hostinger has been a mainstay in the hosting industry since it first began to offer its services about two decades ago. Since then, it has remained a strong player in the hosting industry due to its impeccable features and services.

Key Features

Hostinger, in its attempts to provide a one-stop solution to the hosting requirements of users, offers AngularJS shared hosting services. Hostinger offers incredible angular plans with superior features and performance at competitive pricing.

The user interface provided by Hostinger is incredibly user-friendly and equally benefits the developers. Hostinger makes users of the latest versions of PHP for AngularJS development which not only aid in achieving superior performance but also offers more incredible options for testing and deployment of applications.

All the AngularJS hosting plans with Hostinger include an easy 1-Click AngularJS installation, 30 GB SSD storage, free SSL certificate, 100 GB bandwidth, and Cloudflare protected nameservers.

The pricing plans for shared hosting begin for as low as $1.39 per month, which is quite literally nothing considering the impeccable features being offered. What makes it more lucrative is the 30-day money-back guarantee, which makes it a risk-free option.

6. FastComet

FastComet stands out as a hosting service provider due to its advanced features, reliability, and customization. FastComet offers all-encompassing solutions for computing needs. Keeping in mind the growing demand for modern web development tools and applications, FastComet provides support for the AngularJS framework.

The FastComet plans are powered by an up-to-date and highly optimized infrastructure that offers incredible speed and reliable performance. 

Key Features

All Angular plans at FastComet include a 1-Click AngularJS setup, 15GB SSD storage space, a highly optimized and customizable server setup, 2 CPU cores, including free site migration, and an unflinching 45-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, the lighting-fast load speed, cloud SSD storage, and 24/7 support further enhance the desirability of FastComet for angular hosting.

A peculiar feature of FastComet is the inclusion of many developer-friendly JavaScript tools, including Grunt, Gulp, Bower, Yarn, and PM2, to facilitate the development of web applications. The tools mentioned above are compatible with all shared hosting plans and can be used at any time based on user preferences.

Fastcomet hosting for the angular app on GitHub pages plans begins at a nominal rate of $2.95 per month. It is thus an incredibly cost-effective solution for SMEs and businesses with small budgets. Therefore, FastComet is a budget-friendly yet high-performing and dependable solution for angular applications.

7. Vultr – Cheap AngularJS Hosting Plans

Vultr is a well-known web hosting platform with over two decades of experience in the industry. A large bank of websites is hosted on Vultr due to its unparalleled reliability.  Due to its decades of experience in complex hosting environments, Vultr has vowed to simplify the cloud and continues to do so. Therefore, Vultr remains a top choice for developers and non-developers alike.

Key Features

Vultr facilitates users by allowing single-click installation, which results in an instant AngularJS setup. Vultr equips you to deploy anything within a matter of seconds. It will enable spinning up new instances with preferred OS and pre-installed applications in just seconds.

The inclusion of free automated backups, web-based firewall solutions, and DDoS protection offers maximum security protocols. Moreover, the user interface is straightforward and beginner-friendly in the true sense of the word. The enterprise-grade stability and performance ensure 100% SLA guaranteed. The SSD cloud instances offer unparalleled speed and performance. It is effortless to reach out to the support team in the cloud environment, and thus, the support team is available to resolve problems and queries around the clock.

Based on your preferences, the billing can be hourly or monthly. Either way, the pricing is exceptionally nominal, with monthly billing at the starting rate of $2.5 per month or an hourly bill of $0.004 per hour. Thus, the pricing is highly budget-friendly.

8. Linode

Linode has been a quality hosting provider for the past two decades and offers a broad spectrum of products pertaining to web hosting. It is a complete package for all your web hosting needs and has a plan and product for everyone. It has the leading price performance when compared to several Linode competitors.

Thus, the Linode cloud infrastructure has been extensively used by Linux developers to build and host their applications and data.

Key Features

Linode offers a wide range of full-stack JavaScript frameworks with MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node marketed as MEAN. The MEAN stack has one-click installation and deployment to build entire web applications on JavaScript, from client to server to database. Moreover, the use of single-language programming makes it easier to develop working applications more quickly without sacrificing functionality and features.

Apart from that, it also includes a handful of free bundle services that include DDoS protection, domain management with DNS manager, network security with Cloud firewalls, and private layer two networks with VLANs. It also contains free bundle transfers and site migration. The server performance is also highly reliable, with a 99.99% Compute Uptime SLA. The support team at Linode is also responsive and ensures the resolution of queries 24/7/365.

The pricing plans are generated hourly and monthly, depending on user preferences. The prices are highly market competitive and start from a cost as low as $5 per month. Moreover, there is also a 7-days money-back guarantee.

9. DigitalOcean – Best Unmanaged AngularJS Hosting Servers

DigitalOcean is a popular name in the hosting industry due to its highly innovative and practical solutions. Along with that, DigitalOcean has consistently delivered the best CPU performance per dollar when compared to other famous names.

Key Features

The AngularJS framework with DigitalOcean helps skip the installation and configuration part and get straight to deploying with a single-click installation.

The use of enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors improves network performance and security while the use of enterprise-grade solid-state disks (SSDs) increases storage performance. Digital Ocean promises to provide a 99.99% uptime SLA. If, in any case, the uptime experiences dip and DigitalOcean fails to deliver, the users are credited for the amount of time that service was unavailable.

For security, DigitalOcean includes free cloud firewalls. Moreover, affordable and easy-to-use automated backups are built into the Droplet interface for user ease and facilitation. As far as Digital Ocean is concerned, all code and working AngularJS applications, with asynchronous languages loading, can be found in GitHub. The DigitalOcean blog also features several tutorials and articles to facilitate the learning process for AngularJS.

DigitalOcean has predictable and straightforward pricing with a pay-as-you-go model. The lowest-priced package begins at $5 per month. Furthermore, the bandwidth costs of Digital Ocean are meager, with generous transfer quotas and outbound overage at just $.01/GB.

DigitalOcean is the perfect solution for developers because it incorporates high-tech features with a user-friendly interface.

10. DreamHost

DreamHost is a web hosting provider with a history that goes back as far as 1996. What has helped DreamHost survive and grow in this highly competitive web hosting industry is the commitment and provision of competitive and excellent service. DreamHost is the one-stop solution for all web hosting requirements and continues to broaden its scope of services to facilitate and serve the growing needs of users.

Key Features

In its quest to provide all-encompassing solutions, DreamHost offers support for the AngularJS framework. The shared hosting plans are optimized to easily host AngularJS applications as the interface is straightforward and beginner-friendly.

With the AngularJS compatible starter plan, users can host one website with an included free domain for the first year. Moreover, the unlimited bandwidth and storage are highly lucrative additions to the package and ensure an accelerated page load even with a heavy traffic influx. Along with that, the free automated backups are also an incredible feature.

DreamHost facilitates users by allowing single-click AngularJS installation, which results in an instant AngularJS setup. A complimentary SSL security certificate with additional privacy protection makes the operation incredibly secure and reliable. Moreover, a reliable server uptime of almost 100% indicates its reliability. The free site migration and unlimited inodes are also incredible features in the angular plans.

The pricing for the basic AngularJS hosting plan, which is also referred to as the Shared Starter, begins at $2.59 per month and is extremely nominal. Moreover, there is a 90-day money-back guarantee to ensure buyer protection and satisfaction.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a Model View Controller (MVC) framework of JavaScript. It emphasizes CRUD operations and AJAX-style development. The framework is the brainchild of Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery. Factually stating, AngularJS is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework. It is primarily used for making simple web applications and has gained immense popularity due to the feature-dense and highly dependable applications developed on the AngularJS framework.

It is rather interesting to note that the AngularJS framework has been created and developed by the web developers of Google. What further increases the credibility and appeal of AngularJS is the fact that it is widely used by several popular websites, including NBC, Intel, Walgreens, and Wolfram Alpha, to name a few.

AngularJS focuses and stresses a great deal on the quality and testability status of the code. Due to ease of use, interactive interface, and various included features, a lot of energy and resources are conserved that would be otherwise used in employing third-party applications and resources. AngularJs is quite literally the HTML of web applications.

AngularJS is a front-end framework. It makes use of HTML as the template language and builds upon the syntax of HTML for optimal expression of all components of the web application, ensuring superior performance. In simpler terms, it bridges the gap between document-centric HTML through directives which are also known as HTML constructs. Moreover, it is also popular among developers as it saves from the much-dreaded hassle of composing long codes yet allows the creation of custom interfaces by means of JavaScript.

Advantages of AngularJS Framework

AngularJS Framework has gained considerable popularity and continues to pick up steam due to the ease of accessibility and rich features offered. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of the AngularJS framework to understand the reasons behind this insurmountable popularity.

Some of the key advantages of AngularJS Framework include:

Ease of Usage

It is fairly easy to learn how to use AngularJS due to the extremely easy user interface. However, it is common for the rather new user to struggle with usage protocols and for that matter, hundreds of tutorials are widely available across the internet to facilitate the learning process.

Developers with prior knowledge of programming languages, including CSS, HTML and JavaScript, find it incredibly easy to get the hang of using AngularJS. Once the developers get the hang of AngularJS, it opens several new areas, particularly web application development.

Google Supported Platform

As formerly mentioned, AngularJS has been created and developed by the web developers of Google. The Google team and an active community ensure uninterrupted support and regular updates for the AngularJS framework. A rather interesting fact is that Google also makes use of the AngularJS framework for its applications.

The Google-powered frameworks have enhanced the credibility of AngularJS a great deal. Furthermore, it also gives interactive access to several developers with similar interests, which opens arenas for discussion and propagation of ideas.

Less Coding Protocols Required

There are a few things developers hate as much as writing and developing extensive codes. AngularJS does an incredible job at saving developers from the ordeal of writing long codes as this framework is designed for less coding. It is partly achieved by registering callbacks.

Dependable Solutions

The AngularJS framework has gained immense popularity due to its dependable solutions and robust framework.

The inclusion of many versatile features, including MVC pattern, directives, and dependency injection, make it an extremely lucrative option for developers. Thus, it makes AngularJS incredible for accelerated yet reliable front-end development.

The MVC framework, in particular, is highly dependable as it merges the model, view, and control components. Each component has a different designated role. The model component maintains the database, and the view component allows viewing the data by displaying it to the user. The control aspect manages the relationship between model and view components. In other frameworks, the developer has to merge these components manually.

Declarative User Interface

AngularJS makes use of a declarative user interface instead of an imperative one. It is achieved through the use of HTML in the template. The declarative interface is highly beneficial for the user as it allows a great deal of innovation and emphasizes solutions without making the user go through the ordeal of getting caught up in the process.

Two-Way Data Binding

The two-way data binding in the AngularJS platform refers to the high degree of synchronization between the component and the template. It refers to the fact that changes in either will be reflected in the other. It is an incredibly desirable feature as it saves time and concurrently simplifies the presentation layer of the web application. It also means that the developer is free from the shackles of low-level DOM manipulation tasks.

Real-Time Testing

All applications powered by Javascript require testing as it is dynamic and understood yet not compiled, making it mandatory to test the application. The AngularJS framework allows thorough testing of your web applications for end-to-end as well as unit testing. Moreover, the testing process is automated.

Several highly desirable features are integrated into the testing framework of AngularJS, which includes understanding the mechanism of generation of the different components to resolve dependencies and remove errors for an optimal functioning web application. Moreover, the phenomenon of decoupling DOM manipulation from app logic also serves to enhance its testability a great deal.

Quicker Deployment of Web Applications

Coding is time-consuming, and writing the code can be mentally taxing. Only the initialization code can take several weeks to be written. However, AngularJS saves the hassle of compiling long codes and thus ensures a quick deployment of web applications.

Reuse HTML Components

AngularJS allows the creation of reusable elements in an application, which also has a role in reducing the required code and thus ends up saving a lot of time.

Allows Monitoring the Web Application

The Retrace APM tool that comes with AngularJS is braced with several desirable features to assess and then improve the performance of your web application.

It is hard to find the perfect framework for web applications as everything has a few downsides. However, the AngularJS framework, due to its unmatched benefits, proves to be an outstanding choice compared to other frameworks.

Top Recommendations:

Our #1 Pick: Kamatera for SSD based VPS and cloud servers

Our 2nd Pick: A2Hosting for highly optimized shared AngularJS web hosting servers

Runner-up Pick: BlueHost for excellent customer support and affordable plans

Also Worths a Try:  Vultr for the cheapest AngluarJS hosting through cloud infrastracture


AngularJS Hosting has struck the web hosting industry by storm and continues to gain insurmountable popularity every passing day. Thus, it is of utmost importance to keep up with the latest trends. Furthermore, it is also essential to be aware of the ins and outs of each to decide in a better manner.

With this, we conclude our article on the top best AngularJS hosting providers. We hope it shall prove to be monumental in understanding the concept of AngularJS along with its benefits and then deciding upon which provider truly caters to your requirements.