Top 6 Best Domain Name Registrars 2024

With the availability of dozens of domain registrars, sometimes it becomes difficult to pick the best domain registrar. No matter if you’re a new user or experienced blogger, picking the right registrar requires a lot of research, and it sucks.

But, don’t worry, I thoroughly researched and came up with a roundup of top domain name registrars in 2024. Some of them I have used or currently using so it means you will get real information and real user experience to decide which one will be fit for you.

What Are Some of the Best Domain Name Registrars of 2024


Namecheap, who doesn’t know about them? They are one of the most famous and best domain registrars on the internet to buy TLD domains such as .com, .org, and .net. You also buy other extensions like .guru, .info, and hundreds of others as well at reasonable prices with a free privacy guard. Yep, you will get a free WHOIS guard for a lifetime at no extra fee.

Namecheap is one of the best places to buy domain names for your small, medium, or big projects along with cheap web hosting. If you’re also looking for low-cost hosting then you don’t have to look for not other than NameCheap because they have the cheapest hosting plans. The very first plan only costs you a few bucks at allow hosting two websites with a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

To be honest, I am currently using their hosting for the last one year and quite satisfied with them, Even at the lowest rates, you get an incredible uptime and site loading speed. There is always dedicated customer support available to get help whenever you face any problem regarding domains or web hosting.

NameCheap’s recently renovated control panel comes with user-friendly and easy to follow navigation help you change settings regarding domains or hosting. In the past, one of the biggest problems with them was their creepy looking panel and it was a deal breaker. But, now you get an awesome and nice dashboard where everything can be done within a few clicks like renewal, DNS changing, auto-renewal, and much more.

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Do you have a very limited budget for buying site name and in which you also need a hosting account? If so, then iPage is just for you. Why?

Because they offer cheapest domain registration fees for .com and other TLD’s. You can avail a .com extension just at $8.99/year with all the essential features. Their domain panel is simple to use, comes with user-friendly navigation, and minimalist looking.

The best part besides domains, you can grab a hosting plan as low as $1.99/month with the ability to host unlimited websites, unlimited storage and bandwidth. That’s insane, isn’t it?

Here keep in mind one thing, they don’t offer cPanel control panel but vDeck which is also the same as cPanel but needs some time to understand. Otherwise, everything is good. New customers get an exclusive discount that is why you can start a website within $35 for the whole year along with a FREE domain name.

If by chance you run into any problem, just contact iPage’s live customer care team to avail instant help anytime around the clock. They also have a knowledge base for self-help and DIY guides as well. All the above benefits and features come with a 30 days refund policy.

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BlueHost stands in the top 10 web hosting providers around the world and has gained massive respect from its customers. They are not solely a domain registrar but also offer web hosting solutions as well. They can get domains from them at very reasonable rates as charge industry-standard fees and renewals.

They have custom designed domain management panel to perform necessary changes including domain renewals, locking/unlocking, activating privacy, modifying dns records, etc. Along with this service, I insist you must check their hosting prices if you also need a quality host.

Wishing to get a FREE domain, well this is possible. When you buy a web hosting plan from BlueHost, they give a domain for one year at no cost, absolutely free. It’s a pure $15 saving which can be invested in hosting account. They allow storing massive data on 50 GB allowed space, unlimited monthly bandwidth, and free SSL certificates.

Moreover, you can contact the technical support via live chat, phone, or email all around the day 24/7. They respond within a few minutes and fix your problem in no time. Worried about if they are fit for you or not? No issue, you get 30 days money back guarantee to secure your money, that’s just awesome.

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With having more than sixty-three million domain names registered and fourteen million clients around the world makes Godaddy one of the giant domain name registrars. There are tons of different extensions available to choose from. They offer unbeatable prices for the first year ($0.99/year) and then standard renewals.

GoDaddy was founded back in 1997 as Jomax Technologies and then rebrand to GoDaddy & also the largest ICANN accreditated registrar. You can avail all the top TLDs at the cheapest prices; for instance, .com extension can be purchased just at 99 cents. And it’s one of the reasons how they managed to get millions of domain buyers via their platform.

Besides registration, they also provide almost all types of web hosting ranging from shared, VPS, dedicated, WordPress managed hosting and cloud web hosting as well. Like domains, their hosting plans are also competitive and comes with low rates such as the very basic plan starts at just $4.99 per month.

But keep in mind, there are some bad reviews by users who claim to have an unpleasant experience with their hosting services. So, before buying web hosting consider checking other Godaddy alternatives for reliable web hosting services. GoDaddy’s hosting packages packed with a bunch of great features like DDoS attack protection, one-click installer, one-click scalable functionality, easy to use control panel, and CMS script installers.

Regarding customer support, they have an award-winning sales support which is available 24/7 via different ways. The users can contact through live chat or phone call to get instant assistance. However, keeping in mind that they don’t offer 24-hour live chat and there are some specific hours in which it can be used which is only a major drawback.

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Just like Bluehost, HostGator is also the best place to get domains and I am also using them right now for web hosting need not for domains. They offer domain registration services at reasonable prices with anytime customer support. Their control panel is glitches-free and allows you to modify any setting that you want to change.

Apart from site name registration service, they also have affordable hosting plans with all the essential and important features that are required to run a smooth website. They can buy domain while purchasing a hosting plan at discounted prices. They are also one of the 20 most popular hosting services worldwide and right now handling more than 8 million sites.

As a newbie, you can buy smaller plans and when your sites start growing, HostGator’s flexibility environment gives you the ability to upgrade to higher plans without migration site content to a new server. That is what you should look for any hosting provider.

Regarding HostGator customer support, 24/7/365 live chat, email, phone calls are the primary ways to contact them. Note that, they take a little bit higher time to reply than many other domain registrars listed here. 45 days money-back guarantee is another great feature.

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When it comes to cheap domain names? How can I forget to mention NameSilo? It is the only place for buying domains when I don’t want to spend an extra 2 to 4 dollars per each .com extension. In fact, their .org, and .net prices are also reasonable and demand less money than other registrars that claim to provide low prices.

You can get a .com extension as low as $8.99 per year along with a lifetime FREE Whois guard which is a great deal and real $4 to $10/year saving. You may know that companies charge $15+ per year for hiding your personal information from public accessing. And the best part is WHOIS guard is FREE as long as you use NameSilo for your domains. To save you further pennies, they also don’t charge any ICANN fee.

It doesn’t end here, NameSilo also provides a user-friendly, easy to navigate, and minimalist control panel to manage your domain names. You can easily change DNS records, renew domains, redirect, or modify any necessary information. You can enable privacy protection, park and sell domains, apply DNS template, and lock domains as well within a few clicks.

There is also an option to create a branded email address that you can forward to the desired email address as well. So, you don’t have to buy email hosting separately to manage your branded email account for sending and receiving emails. You can configure a maximum five email addresses for a single branded email address. All of these features and benefits come with the cheapest price tag along with 24/7 customer support via live chat and email.

They reply quite fast and take only a few minutes or hours to get connected. However, their live chat is available for specific hours/day which I think is the major deal breaker for users how need the support service often. Overall, it worth considering while looking for the best domain name registrar of 2024 that offers the cheapest and affordable domain name registration prices.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing the Right Registrar

Prices: Before buying or choosing any domain registrar, it is highly recommended that you should compare the prices of registrars to find which one costs you less money but provide more benefits. Without comparing you might end up spending an extra $5 to $8 per domain because some companies offer registration just at $9/year and some at $15/year with the same features and benefits.

Renewal: Domain registrar companies often give a huge discount to new customers using which they can register a domain name at the lowest available prices, but at the time of renewal they demand too much. Something like $15/year whereas some providers have the same renewal rates. So, it is also a considerable thing while looking for the top domain registrars.

Customer Support: When we talk about digital products, customer support known as the essential thing and one of the crucial factors to consider. It also can play a vital role in your online business journey. Every good company helps you anytime via different means such as live chat, email, call, and support tickets. Some even go beyond the traditional ways and help you through SKYPE and Twitter as well. All the domain name registrars I listed here offer 24/7 customer and technical support.

User Interface: So what you do if a company has low rates but creepy control panel. It can make things difficult for you and take too much time to enable/disable a single option like enabling or disabling the WHOIS feature. All the domain hosts that consider user experience as the primary goal always try to develop user friendly, easy to follow, and error-free user interface. Optin for domain name registrar that has a clean and easy to navigate dashboard to manage your domains.

Transfer Fees: Usually transferring a domain from one registrar to another is free but few of them charge a fee which is not a good business practice at all. Before buying, I suggest check their transfer policy or directly contact customer support to get instant help as it can also save you time.

A legit company won’t ask for any additional fees but also help you complete the transfer process. Shady companies try their best to avoid transfer by offering low prices for renewals or other discounts.

Payment Methods: Having a broad range of payment methods is always a good thing. You might have funds in your PayPal account but not in the credit card but need money to renew your domain or hosting account. In that case, if a provider has multiple payment gateways, you can make the payment from your PayPal or credit card or vice versa.

Luckily, all companies listed in this best domain registrar roundup allow various payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, Bitcoin, Visa card, and more.

Auto-Renewal: This is another feature that you must check, or a registrar must have to automatically your domain from being expired. It can be a lifesaver if you forget to renew your services and prevent any service disruption.

Real User Experience: It is probably the best way to check the legitimacy of any online company. There are forums and websites where real users share their experience and leave reviews about the companies they use. You can easily find the reviews of any well-known online registrar to check if it worths your money.

User reviews not only help you select the right one but also reveal what the pros and cons of using that specific company are. So, if you feel confused then read online reviews.

Email and Domain Forwarding: Occasionally, you might buy domain names for future projects or need branded email accounts, in that scenario, having the forwarding feature comes handy. You can forward your domain and email account to another address with it.

Branded Email Address: Is the company you want to choose for purchasing the domain name allow creating the branded email account? If so then it’s another PLUS and green signal to pick it.

So, Which One is the Right Domain Registrar?

So, these are some of the best domain registrars that can be used for domain registration at reasonable prices along with a bunch of useful features. If buying domains is your primary concern, then choose Namecheap but if need cheap web hosting with a free domain name then pick iPage.

iPage gives you a free domain on the purchase of any shared web hosting account for one year and allows hosting countless websites on a single account. Also, they claimed to offer unlimited storage and bandwidth which is not a bad deal under a $1.99/month price tag.

iPage is an awesome place for money-conscious users, bloggers, and webmasters to create websites. But, if you can afford a little bit higher prices then choose BlueHost as it is the most popular and highly recommended hosting provider and WordPress also recommends it. They also offer the same stuff just like iPage but at a couple of extra dollars per month. Still, it’s not an expensive host and known as one of the inexpensive WordPress hosting services.

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