15+ Best Linode Alternatives and Similar Cloud Companies 2024

There are probably hundreds of Linode alternatives for cloud hosting servers; however, not all of them are worth your attention. So, in this guide, we will be sharing some of the best alternatives to Linode Cloud that are not only well-reputed but deliver ultimate performance. Cloud hosting is becoming popular among web developers, programmers, and enterprises due to cheap prices, on-the-go resource upgrades, high flexibility, and easy scalability.

Even cloud computing is rapidly overtaking traditional VPS (Virtual Private Server), dedicated hosting, and shared hosting when it comes to performance versus affordability. The thing is, you get more flexibility compared to other hosting types. It’s way quicker and hassle-free to upgrade cloud server resources than a shared or dedicated server. And even it doesn’t require data migration, you can just add more CPU cores, memory, or storage on the fly.

That’s enough about cloud hosting introductions and benefits. Let’s get to the point. We, here at AlterWebHost, gathered many Linode competitors, analyzed them against each other, especially with Linode, and crafted a hand-picked list of ultimate alternatives that can easily replace Linode services.

You can either choose the best Linode alternative for unmatched performance, uptime, speed, and customer support or pick a cheap solution to save money. However, going with a cheap cloud provider usually involves some handicaps or server efficiency issues. Select your cloud provider wisely. Don’t get trapped by lower prices and too good-to-true offers; these things are usually marketing tactics to attract buyers.

Why Linode Alternatives?

We’re not going to get into detail about why someone would like to find alternatives to Linode but sharing some key points:

  • Although they have incredible cloud services, their lack of live support could be a deal-breaker to some extent (not an issue for highly experienced users/geeks).
  • A very short money-back guarantee period of 7 days isn’t enough, it should be at least one month.
  • Linode’s cloud infrastructure is only suitable for Linux operating systems and their distributions.
  • It is not capable of running the Windows operating system, even though you can install Windows OS without any technical support from the company. In case of issues, you’ll have to figure out puzzles.
  • They only accept billing payments via credit cards, no PayPal or any other gateway
  • Linode was targeted by hackers many times, probably more than five times, which might be a red flag for security-concerned users. However, they radically improved the platform’s security measures.
  • It is not good for beginners who are learning as cloud management involves advanced experience

Something About Linode Cloud Services

Linode is a cloud hosting platform that claims to be one of the largest independent cloud providers in the industry. It offers developer-friendly computing solutions for an unmatched performance suitable for code writers, programmers, AI machine learning tasks, and application dubbing. With 11 global data centers in London, Frankfurt, Toronto, Newark, Fremont, Dallas, Mumbai, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney, users can launch cloud instances worldwide within minutes.

They also boast an excellent customer support service that is always on standby 24/7 to respond to any and all kinds of customer queries immediately. Linode offers various plans to meet different requirements of potential customers, aiming that each customer would almost certainly fall into one of the many plans on offer.

Linode claims to offer the best price-to-performance deals with freebies such as unfiltered API access, Kubernetes, and integration of third-party tools, and there are no extra charges for different regions. The plans are available for a long list of operating systems, so users won’t have to worry about the compatibility of their OS. The standard cloud server costs from $5/month and goes up to $80/month, while high memory plans begin at $60/month and go up to $960/month.

In addition, the cloud servers feature SSD storage, 40Gbit Network, and Intel E5 processors. Linode provides users with all the necessary tools to make optimum use of the cloud service, which boosts their overall performance. These include, among other tools, API, StackScripts, CLI, Backups, NodeBalancers, Longview, and Linode Managed, et cetera.

Also, uptime is extremely important when it comes to cloud computing. Linode promises an incredible 99.9% uptime to its users, so they have no fear of their websites/apps going offline while using Linode cloud services.

The vendor’s customer support would take care of the rest should users have to face problems of any kind in the course of hosting their websites or applications. Their technical support would ensure that their queries are resolved at the earliest time period, thanks to 24/7/365 available award-winning support gurus. However, lacking live chat support, no Windows OS compatibility, advanced experience, and limited billing channels are considerable cons.

Let’s move on to the best alternatives to Linode and similar cloud competitors.

15+ Best Linode Alternatives and Competitors for 2024

1. Kamatera

Our recommended Linode alternative is Kamatera. It’s a global cloud service provider similar to Linode, offering enterprising level cloud products to various types and sizes of businesses. The first thing that makes them unique is their years of experience, and the other two are their organized and experienced management team, who are super dedicated to their brand.

We admire them for their advanced cloud infrastructure built with high-tech hardware, seamless cloud servers scalability, and feature-rich cloud solutions. The company is a piece of a worldwide IT-based expert co-op ramped up in 1995. For its 20 extensive periods of supremacy, it is at the front of distributed computing technology.

Compared to Linode’s 11 locations, Kamatera is serving its customers through 13 global data centers over four continents, with a massive number of servers across the world built with Intel CPUs, SSDs, and 40 Gbps network speed. Serving tons of customers including individual developers, startups, SaaS platforms, and application engineers.

The company has developed a scale of adaptable and versatile cloud hosting products such as block storage, multi-purpose cloud servers, load balancers, private cloud networks, completely managed services, and Firewalls. That’s only a small overview of their vast network and cloud computing services.

With over 20 years of experience, Kamatera offers its clients everything besides just cloud computing items. The prices are low with rich quality, and the features/servers are customizable; you can scale up resources on the go. Likewise, they provide an intensely intelligent administration, flexing into an essential piece of their customer group and assisting you in achieving your business goals with their competency, responsibility, and expertise.

If you are looking for a top-notch cloud hosting platform, you can trust the standard cloud hosting plans offered by Kamatera with rich and flexible computing resources. The company provides two options to its clients; 1. Fully managed cloud VPS service, and 2. Basic cloud VPS that can be rescaled promptly to meet your rising resource demands.

The WHM/cPanel enables you to disable and enable domains, configure web servers, import files with FTP, manage accounts, create and restore backups, deploy SSL certificates, and more. The Plesk control panel manages various operating systems and offers a built-in app installer, enabling you to manage your site.

With the Kamatera management console, users can buy a software product license at a low price for Kamatera’s status as a Microsoft-licensed partner. Kamatera cloud computing services allow you to enjoy automatic upgrades with fast installation time.

Kamatera’s pricing calculator enables clients to calculate their required resources before deploying their cloud servers. This way, you can select your OS (Ubuntu, Windows Server, Debian, CloudLinux, and CentOS) and choose your SSD storage (available from 30 to 1,000 GB). You can also choose the required memory, number of CPU cores, monthly bandwidth, and public IPs.

Kamatera’s managed cloud plans are an additional service in which they handle your cloud framework regarding technical issues, buying you more time for productivity. Lastly, a managed cloud server can be an emphatic reply to all the solutions, and you can count on Kamatera for mind-boggling cloud computing services.

Thirteen data centers spread worldwide, scalability to scale out multiple serves, and ease to run any Windows or Linux OS with no possibility of failure makes Kamatera an incredible Linode alternative. Interested in learning more about them? Read an in-depth Kamatera Cloud Review.

2. Vultr – Cheapest Linode Alternative

Vultr offers feature-rich, cheapest cloud hosting services that come with different plans to meet the needs of all kinds of users ranging from individual clients to enterprises. The company has one of the elegant cloud platforms built with high-end hardware and performance optimized system software.

In fact, Vultr is a cheap Linode alternative as its cloud packages start from as low as $2.5/mo to as high as $640/mo (SSD Cloud Instances). This range incorporates different packages designed to keep in view the distinct groups of cloud users.

The bandwidth for these packages ranges from 0.5TB to 15TB and the memory from 512MB to 96GB. The SSD storage space starts from 10GB SSD and goes to as high as 1600GB. Also, a minimum of one CPU and a maximum of 24 CPUs are what can be assigned to a server with these packages so users can decide accordingly which combination suits them best.

Also, Vultr bills its customers by the hour and monthly for all of its products and services alike. The company insists that it’s one of the best service providers in the industry as it has as many as 17 data centers that are strategically located the world over, while Linode has 11 data centers. It argues that the benefit of doing so is to bring the company closer to the world’s major city centers, which is beneficial for low latency and performance.

Also, the host ensures that all of its data centers scattered globally experience 100% network uptime and remain online throughout. In that way, you can launch the cheapest cloud VM worldwide in a fraction of a second.

Vultr also boasts an excellent and exhaustive customer support service that is available in multiple ways. It claims to answer about twenty-five thousand [25k] queries per month, which is more than 800 questions in a single day, on average. Anyway, this must be great news for those who always have lots of questions on their minds and want them all answered in a prompt fashion.

The company believes that it should offer high-quality cloud hosting services to customers while lowering their storage costs. They incorporated the latest Skylake processor architecture into all product lines to deliver a 50% performance boost. That said, each customer gets top-notch cloud servers powered by a reliable infrastructure with a stable uptime guarantee at affordable prices.

3. CloudWays – Best Managed Cloud Linode Alternative

CloudWays is the best yet cheap managed cloud hosting provider that offers a very convenient platform for all its users to use cloud computing power available from third party platforms. The company focuses on simplicity to keep things clear and easy for all its users so they can avoid being confused by the various packages on offer and get hold of the best for all of their needs combined.

The host readily supports all kinds of PHP apps, so users need not worry when running a PHP app.

The control panel is also very innovative such that it allows for ease of control of the hosting platform, with a sense of creativity and modernity.

In terms of support, CloudWays must offer 24/7 managed expert support to users, which, by definition, means that experts will handle their complaints and queries so they can be solved speedily and effectively.

Next, the managed backups and security are part and parcel of the cloud hosting service allowing the protection of data stored over them. The company focuses on the performance stats that give an indication of how well the cloud server may be rated. For this purpose, it focuses on advanced caching and optimized stack.

In addition, the PHP 7-ready servers and CloudWaysCDN act as performance multipliers for an excellent and satisfying user experience that speaks of hard work and investment on the part of the provider. CloudWays always tries to minimize clients’ worry level and give them more freedom so that they can do better business courtesy of its cloud platform.

4. CloudSigma

CloudSigma is another well-known alternative to Linode, which offers cloud servers for users looking for stable computing solutions since 2009. The company contributes the following services free of charge with all cloud machines:

  • Free 24/7 customer support
  • Free Firewall
  • Free IOPS
  • Free API Calls

To build a custom server, you can choose from different options such as CPU cores, RAM, storage, magnetic storage, monthly bandwidth, IPs, and VLANs. Furthermore, you are allowed to select storage for data backups and the number of migrations per VM. Users can configure a cloud machine with up to 40 processing cores and 128GB of memory.

When we compare both providers, CloudSigma uses a different approach for plans pricing. They don’t have any pre-made plans like Linode; instead, you will be asked to choose each and every aspect of your cloud individually thus ensuring ultimate freedom. Both CloudSigma and Linode have seven days money-back guarantee in place as well.

CloudSigma also allows its users to calculate their custom cloud infrastructure to appraise the company’s specific unique needs and get a quote from it. The goal of CloudSigma is to give features that help to optimize the computing power for handling incoming traffic, sudden spikes, or fulfilling your production environment needs.

The company’s cloud infrastructure is certified by ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018. This should assure its users that all of their data is safe and sound. All of the crucial and necessary security protocols are in place to avoid data breaches. All CloudSigma servers utilize 10GigE networking, which lets users run heavy videos, big data processing, or AI machine learning tasks at high speeds without bottlenecks.

Customers who spend more than $10 per month would get an extra 1GB of Ram, 50GB of SSD space, and 5TB bandwidth as extras. No matter which type of cloud server you are going to launch with them, you’ll get access to their elegant API, dedicated resource allocation, and integration with Apache jclouds, OpenStack heat plugin, Ubuntu and CloudInit, CoreOS, Apache Libcloud, fog.io, and Ansible.

The hardware used by the company is modern and cutting-edge, offering high scalability for customizing CPU cores, memory, storage, and other resources like a charm. With 15 cloud data center locations, 100% SLA uptime, and under 26 seconds sever deployment, CloudSigma is a worthy Linode competitor.

5. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean, a rapidly growing Lindoe alternative, delivers high quality cloud hosting backed by advanced hardware but at affordable rates. That said, users can easily bear the monthly cost of cloud services yet benefit from all the company’s advanced features to host their blogs and apps.

The service’s per month cost starts at $5/mo, it includes 25 GB SSD storage, and if you need additional space, an extra $0.02/GB will be charged. Also, there is an allowance of 1 TB of outbound data transferred per month. Likewise, if outbound data is transferred more than 1 TB, then additional charges of $0.01/GB are levied.

There is no fee charged for uploads to spaces, as they are absolutely free of charge for all users. What’s more? All of this is free for two months, so users can experience it and make up their minds if they’re really up for it. DigitalOcean services can be used in combination with other services offered by the company, and there is no hassle in doing so for anyone.

The security level for the data stored over DigitalOcean clouds is high so users can easily store data online without any worries of having it compromised in any way whatsoever. The latest security protocols are in place to ensure that such an occurrence is not probable to occur anytime soon. So far, they are one of the cheap cloud providers compared to many others like Vultr.

The user interface compared to Linode is also straightforward; all it involves a few mice clicks to execute needed actions, it’s user-friendly and expected to strike a chord with users. Users can also easily deploy, manage, maintain, and destroy cloud droplets or store their logs for analysis later on with this intuitive dashboard.

Besides, all the files, websites, apps, media, and databases can be stored as backups with a low-cost and robust security circle around it. Likewise, archives and app data can all be handled with ease over the DigitalOcean platform.

6. A2Hosting

When compared to Linode, A2Hosting is quite a different host but can replace Linode as they also have cloud services. It is a traditional web hosting service like BlueHost that promises its users that it would offer them the very best of cloud computing instances which are as much as 20X faster hosting than any regular hosting provider.

A2Hosting is generous enough to include additional benefits for almost all plans regardless of the hosting type. One is that there is practically unlimited disk space for all plans except entry-level (shared hosting, though). So shared users do not have to worry about storage space at all. They can rest assured that they will not face a shortage of space for their data for all practical purposes.

Cloud hosting comes with free Webuzo 1-click software installer, admin level root access, and an option to boost server speed by 20x turbo feature. Plus, the inclusion of 150GB SSD space for the very first package is also generous, you’re not going to get such huge storage space with any other provider. Linode charges $5 per month for 1GB Ram, 1 CPU Core, 25GB SSD space, and 1TB bandwidth. On the other hand, A2Hosting basic cloud costs $4.99 per month for 1GB Ram, 1 CPU, 150GB SSD, and 2TB transfer – almost double resources at the same price.

Moreover, the company ensures cloud compatibility with various Linux distributions. So users should not be worried about facing any kind of glitches while working with Linux OS. Any cloud server can be used for deploying CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo, and Slackware with choices of different versions. In addition to that, the 1-click script Installer is absolutely free, allowing you to set up a WordPress website or any popular CMS software within a few clicks.

Like Linode storage, A2hosting also offers solid state drives [SSD] which ensures higher read and writer speed with the lowest latency. The other thing is that A2Hosting guarantees its customers a 99.9% uptime commitment, which means the highest possible availability of services and their work would not be delayed because of a low uptime. This is because downtime would undoubtedly upset their work routine that they have set themselves.

You can purchase a cloud VPS server just at $4.99/month (Runway 1) which is one of the most affordable and cheapest cloud instances one can deploy with 1 CPU Core, 150GB SSD space, 2TB bandwidth, and 1GB of RAM. It also includes root access and anytime money-back guarantee (pro-rated). The upgraded plan “Runway 2” costs $7.99 per month packs the power of 6 Cores, 16GB memory, 250GB SSD space, and 3 TB data transfer – all plans include full root access.

If any of the customers are still unhappy with the level of service they are getting, they are eligible for a refund. You are protected with 30 days money-back guarantee along with pro-rated returns. A2Hosting has another biggest edge over Linode as they assist clients through instant chat. Plus, 24*7*365 days customer support is made available, so you’ll get timely and appropriate answers to all questions. Their live chat agents are always there to serve customers in a timely manner.

7. InterServer

InterServer, just like Hostgator or Bluehost, is a traditional host that caters almost all range of web hosting solutions. The company is owned and operated privately and has been running for the past 19 years in Secaucus, NJ. Their cloud VPS service makes it an alternative to Lindoe and can compete fairly.

It is serving the customers for shared hosting, reseller, email storage, WordPress hosting, cloud VPS, standard dedicated servers, GPU dedicated servers, storage servers cPanel, ASP.net hosting, and ecommerce hosting – an all in one stop for hosting seekers. However, we are going to talk about their cloud VPS and compare it with Linode. All other types are irrelevant.

They offer up to 16 cloud slices or you can name it packages, while an entry cloud server costs $6 a month. It includes 2GB Ram, 1 processing core, 30GB space, and 1TB bandwidth. You can go as high as 16 CPU Cores, 32GB of Ram, 480GB SSD, and 16TB monthly bandwidth at the price of $96 per month. All virtual cloud servers consist of easy to operate control panel, speed optimized, support dozens of scripts, full access, and free data migration.

Linode only suitable for Linux based applications, whereas InterServer can handle both Windows and Linux OS. The best part is their Windows plans are also affordable, starting from $10/month with 2 Gig of Memory, 1Core CPU, 30GB SSD, and 2TB bandwidth. You can install Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 or 2019 depending on your needs. Besides that, all cloud machines are compatible with a host of different operating systems, control panels for direct admin access by users, and instant activation.

Additional benefits accrued to customers include a 99.9% uptime, guaranteed system resources isolation, remote backups, server self-healing, free Webuzo panel, and multiple database types support. Where Linode allows seven days for refunds, InterServer doesn’t offer any refund or trial account, and that’s a major hindrance. They should have either a refund option or a trial account feature, as both of these show how confident the company is.

When we talk about the number of data centers, you only get 2 choices to choose from, both located in the USA. In contrast, the competition host (Linode) has 11 global locations. To add to that, you cannot configure immensely powerful cloud environments; their offerings are limited. Linode provides more computing power than InterServer.

Though InterServer has more affordable cloud hosting in comparison to Linode but is not suitable for highly intensive processing. You might miss other services like block storage, object storage, load balancers, system alerts, memory optimized servers, GPU optimized servers, etc. with them.

InterServer serves around the clock client support which takes all kinds of questions and complaints through various communication channels, most prominently live chat and call. The users can also open a support ticket to ask for solutions to their problems. They also maintain a knowledge base where users can find helpful articles for self-help.

8. IONOS 1and1

IONOS is yet another excellent Linode alternative serving the customers for over 30 years. They are managing a massive client base of more than 8 million and a whopping 12 million domains from their US, UK, and European data centers. With a total of 10 data centers containing 90k servers located in 5 countries, it can easily replace Linode cloud solutions. IONOS also maintains shared, VPS, ASP.net, dedicated, and WordPress hosting besides cloud services.

The entire cloud infrastructure is ISO 27001 certified, utilizing the power of next-generation Intel Xeon processors combined with lightning fast SSDs, VMware virtualization, and modern Ram modules. This ultimate blend of hardware and software results in screaming fast performance, flexible scalability, robust isolation, and solid security. Security further enhanced with the central firewall defense system, modern SIEM, and IDS/IPS (Intrusion Detection Systems and Intrusion Prevention Systems) technologies.

Each cloud account packs a VMware backed control panel, which is user friendly, allowing users to add more resources on demand. The users can upgrade or downgrade their cloud servers anytime right from the cloud panel or third party apps by integrating Ionos API. You can deploy a server with Linux, Plesk Onyx, Windows, or Plesk Obsidian version, plus all popular database systems. 

Ionos is a great alternative to Linode if you’re a Windows OS user as it’s compatible with various Windows versions. You can also install third party applications or custom ISO images as well. A Cloud Server XS starts at $5/month with Intel Xeon 1 vCore, 512MB Ram, and 30GB SSD storage. There is no bandwidth cap regardless of the plan you choose; all yields unlimited data transfer.

You can activate cloud backups at an additional $5 per month or 0.65 cents per GB with a capacity of 50GB. All backup data will be stored in physically discrete machines with encryption to ensure maximum protection. A one month free $100 credit enables users to do away with their doubts and insecurities in their minds. Ionos will try and make sure that the users get the very best of cloud computing.

9. ToggleBox

In contrast with Linode prices and features, ToggleBox is quite an expensive alternative that offers its services based on scalability. The company claims that it can scale to any project’s unique needs and demands, no matter its size. Courtesy of instant scalability, as the size of space that a project required increases exponentially over time, so does the servers’ size to keep the project up and running with the same speed and agility.

Since every project is based on scalability, therefore, there are no fixed pricing plans made available. You can configure one according to your project requirements by selecting Ram, processor cores, storage, IPs, bandwidth, and backup storage. An online calculator can be used to estimate server costs, which would be charged, instead of the same plan for everyone.

There are also arrangements made in the event of a hardware failure, in which case, your cloud server will be automatically coupled with another node to avoid service interruption. That’s the beauty of cloud hosting. Multiple cloud servers work synchronously so to prevent service downtime. Your data will be rendered through another standby node, hence ensuring high availability.

The provider offers highly efficient hardware at a reasonable cost, if not cheap, but some users might find it costly. There is a noticeable cost increase for high-end computing specifications compared to Linode. If we neglect the starter plan, high processing computes will also cost more. For example, Linode demands $80/month for 16GB memory, 6 CPU Cores, 320GB storage, and 8TB data transfer, whereas ToggleBox demands $98.25/month for the same resources, but your get 2TB extra data transfer.

Togglebox made available choices from a large number of Windows and Linux-based templates. Their cloud platform is both highly scalable as well as customizable for the good benefit of all users concerned. ToggleBox is a top Linode alternative for other advantages, which includes the use of SSD SANs storage for speedy IOPS, free migration, admin=level support, and instant provisioning.

10. Hivelocity

When looking for affordable cloud services with the best money-value resources and a number of data center choices, Hivelocity could be a potential option for many users. It offers cheap virtual cloud servers, IP addresses, Bare Metal servers, and web hosting solutions for resellers and VPN providers. The vendor also caters to cybersecurity users. Hivelocity self claims that it provides all its customers with state-of-the-art hardware from Dell, Supermicro, Intel, and Toshiba.

It ensures that the users do not have to face any technical glitches, should they occur, and that it is Hivelocity that takes care of them immediately with the help of its extended SLAs. In addition to that, Hivelocity focuses on helping users save their costs with the help of cloud computing through standardized processes, improved provisioning, high utilization, and a reduction in error detection and troubleshooting time.

Additional features include a robust API with full access that lets users access the web control panel and benefit from the networking options remotely. They can maintain their cloud computes without interacting with the web panel regarding maintenance, rebooting, shutdown, or destruction. Also, pre-installed templates along with custom ISO are another perk that helps users mount the project-required OS much more easily.

Next, rDNS self-management allows easy creation of domain zones and record editing, which saves a lot of time. Auto backups are not free; Hivelocity offers them as an add-on similar to Linode. They provide backup slots at a price of $0.0055 per slot. You can pick backup slots when configuring a server. The Rescue mode lets customers perform system recovery and disk management if they suspect that the primary filesystem has been corrupted.

Each cloud instance includes Live Stats, SSH Keys, Custom ISO, run’s control and IP Geolocation, IPv6 Enabled, VNC Console, 10G Network, IP Assignment, Multiple IPv4 Addresses, and more at the starting price of $5/month. No doubt, they are not as cheap as Linode, but each of your pennies is worth it. Before purchasing a cloud server from Hivelocity, keep in mind that it’s not suitable for everyone. You should have indepth knowledge and experience of command lines as well as server management.

More Cheap Linode Alternatives

  • InMotion Cloud VPS – $5/month for 1CPU, 1GB Memory, 25GB SSD space, 1TB bandwidth
  • DreamHost – $4.50/month for 1vCPU, 512MB RAM, 80GB SSD disk, 100GB Block storage, free bandwidth
  • Hostwinds Cloud – $4.99/month for 1CPU, 1GB RAM, 30GB storage, 1TB bandwidth
  • Kinsta – Best for WordPress hosting Linode alternative – $30/month for 1 Site, 25000 monthly visits, 10GB disk space, free SSL, and free CDN
  • Upcloud – $5/month for 1CPU, 1GB RAM, 25GB disk, 1TB data transfer
  • Hostinger Cloud – $9.99/month for 2CPUs, 3GB RAM, 100GB SSD, Unlimited bandwidth
  • Amazon LightSail – $3.50/month for 1Core CPU, 512MB RAM, 20GB SSD disk, 1TB transfer (requires thorough knowledge)
  • Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure – Free Linode alternative for the first 12 months

All of the above alternatives to Linode are affordable, best, and worth trying options to avail highly sustainable cloud VM machines for all users at good prices. It is best to know how much resources you need before paying for any plan.

However, many hosts reviewed here provide pre-made and custom cloud plans where you can choose your required RAM, processor cores, storage, and monthly bandwidth. That way, you’ll be paying for used resources only rather than useless or unused features.

We hope you’ll be able to find the best Linode alternative from our thoroughly researched roundup of Linode competitors easily. Let us know which one you think is the perfect cloud hosting provider to replace Linode services.