Top 10 Cheap 10Gbps VPS Providers 2024

Are you a website owner and are looking for ways to run your website at lightning-fast speed? Well, look no more as we are here with the solution.

When you have finally built a website for your business or a web app, there is no denying that you must be looking for a fast yet stable connection. Additionally, having such high speeds available at affordable prices is definitely a dream come true.

This is where 10Gbps VPS comes to the rescue. There are various web hosting services that offer speeds up to 10 Gbps to meet all your bandwidth requirements along with providing excellent performance and results.

With hundreds of options available to choose from, don’t get overwhelmed yet as we have selected the best 10 Gbps VPS providers for you and mention their excellent features to make your choices precise and final decision easier.

What is 10Gbps VPS?

We all do remember the good old days of dial-up internet when the content to be loaded was relatively small, but it would take almost hours or days to load. How horrible does that sound?

Thankfully, gone are the days when we had to wait for hours or days for a page to load since various advancements in server connections have made this problem shoo away.

One of those advancements and innovations is the 10 Gbps network connection which is now available in many VPS hosting servers.

If you are wondering what actually is this 10 Gbps VPS hosting we will clear it all for you. If described in simple words, these servers come with a network card capable of transferring around 10 Gigabits every second, which is quite a considerable amount of data being transferred.

For all the businesses that require an outrageous amount of data transfer at lightning-fast speed, 10Gbps VPS servers are their go-to option.

Benefits of 10 Gbps VPS Servers

The benefits of 10 Gbps virtual private servers include:

  • Gives the sites fast loading times.
  • Helps maintain connectivity even during high-traffic times.
  • Allows you to share and download files at the fastest speeds possible.
  • Supports internet activities of all active users.
  • It guarantees low latency and high bandwidth.
  • It doesn’t make the site congested even when thousands of users are accessing the same content at once.

Cheap 10 Gbps VPS Hosting Providers 2024

1. Kamatera – Best Money-Value 10 Gbps VPS Servers

Kamatera SSD VPS 10 gbps

If you are looking for a platform that provides an ultimate data transfer capacity instead of 10 Gbps VPS at the lowest prices, then Kamatera is your go-to option. They offer VPS hosting solutions with a whopping 40 Gbit/sec internet backbone connectivity and SSD storage regardless of the package you choose.

Not only is this platform extremely affordable, but it is also very simple to use, even for beginners. Although the platform provides you the privilege of investing significantly less of your money yet, there is absolutely no compromise made on the performance and your required results. Kamatera allows you to create servers and that too within 60 seconds which is relatively fast compared to competitors.

They have thirteen data centers located on four continents, so you can expect outstanding reliability from this platform. The data centers are high-end and purpose-built and guarantee around 99.995% of up-time without a single point of failure. Additionally, using this platform, you are allowed scale out to almost hundreds of servers, and that too within seconds. Kamatera provides you with the fastest networking speed between the internet backbone and your servers.

You are free to either go with their pre-planned simple packages or customize one according to your demands and requirements when it comes to the prices. You can begin customizing with a small server and scale it up anytime you want to, or otherwise, they have three packages in store for you.

The cheapest 10Gbps VPS package starts at $4/mo and provides one vCPU, 1024MB RAM, 20GB SSD storage, and 5TB internet traffic. The second package starts at $6/mo for one vCPU, 2048MB RAM, 20GB space, and 5TB internet traffic.

The third package starts at $12/mo for two vCPU, 2048MB RAM, 30GB SSD Storage, and 5TB internet traffic. You can get the privilege of a 30-day free trial to check if the platform meets your expectations.

Key Features

  • Fastest Intel Xeon Processors
  • 40Gbit/s public and private networking
  • SSD storage for each VPS server
  • 512GB per server
  • Up to 104 vCPUs
  • Guaranteed dedicated resources
  • Deploy servers in seconds
  • Simple management console and API
  • Premium human support 24/7
  • Unlimited scale-up and scale-out

2. A2Hosting – Runner-up Cheap 10 Gbps VPS Provider


Massive bandwidth is definitely a dream for most website owners, and this is precisely what A2Hosting has in store for you. It is one of the very few platforms that offer huge data transfer/bandwidth at a very affordable and pocket-friendly price, starting as low as just $4.99 per month.

They have various 10Gbps server options for you, out of which you can select anyone depending on your needs. Their servers are backed by redundant networking, advanced hardware, updated software, and dedicated isolation with 10 Gbps port and 24/7 support.

You can customize your server with various data center options, operating systems, control panels, etc. Additionally, you can also assign several IPs to a single server giving you the choice of selecting a number of IP addresses according to your needs.

The support provided by the A2Hosting team is incredible, and you can rely on this support anytime you have a query or some confusion regarding the platform. The team is available 24/7 to cater to your questions and sort out everything for you without asking for much of your efforts.

When it comes to prices, it entirely depends on the customization or you can just go with a pre-configured plan without any customization. The prices start from $4.99 per month with 1 Core CPU, 1GB memory, and 150GB SSD, and it goes up to around $74.99 per month with 8 CPU Cores, 32GB memory, and 480GB NVMe VPS storage.

The bandwidth capacity of each package also changes accordingly from 2TB to 8TB with a default 10 Gbps network uplink. If you are looking for affordable 1Gbps or 10Gbit servers, A2Hosting is an exceptional choice for great money-value packages.

Key Features

  • Premium networking
  • DDoS monitoring
  • Private LAN
  • Custom pricing
  • Managed support
  • Server monitoring
  • Verification process
  • Unmetered traffic

3. Vultr – Best 10Gbps VPS Plans for Ultimate Performance


Allowing you to develop locally and deploy globally, Vultr has its data centers spread all around the world in around 19 different locations. Vultr offers Bare Metal dedicated servers that provide you with 10 Gbps speed at the lowest prices.

Along with giving the excellent speed that you dream of, this platform allows you to stay in complete control of the environment using single-tenant dedicated servers with high performance.

Using Vultr, you are free to choose and install the OS of your choice with your favorite application in just one click. What makes it stand out among competitors is the fact that it provides direct access to your hardware and the servers are capable of powering even the most resource-intensive workloads. Each dedicated server by Vultr offers you high speed, and low latency since each of them includes a fantastic 10 Gbps network connection.

They have around twelve different packages with amazing features in store for you to select from. The first package starts at 120 USD/month with an Intel E3-1270v6 CPU and offers 2 x 240 GB SSD, 4 cores / 8 threads, 32GB memory, 5TB bandwidth, and a 10 Gbps network.

The tenth package starts at 14000 USD/month with 8 x NVIDIA A100 and offers 2 x 480 GB SSD, 4 x 3.84TB NVMe, 48 cores / 96 threads, 1024GB memory, 25TB bandwidth, and 25Gbps network.

Key Features

  • Direct access to hardware
  • Global deployment
  • High-speed networking
  • Low latency hence ultimate loading speed
  • Full server control
  • Reliable performance
  • Zero noisy neighbors
  • Deploy in seconds
  • Multiple OS and one-click apps

4. Akamai (Linode) – Cheap 10 Gbps Dedicated Servers


If you are looking for a cloud hosting option with a dedicated CPU, Akamai is here at your service. What makes it one of our favorites is the fact that you don’t have to share your processors with other instances, as all the CPU instances run on their own CPU cores.

The dedicated CPU by Akamai is basically a robust infrastructure for all CPU-intensive applications, including machine learning, video encoding, data analytics processing, and many more. Additionally, you have all the freedom to resize any existing Akamai instance into a dedicated CPU plan anytime you need to.

The platform’s consistent performance allows you to run workloads that require complete duty work without CPU contention. Just because the resources on Akamai are dedicated, you don’t need to worry about the noisy neighbors.

Having a private VLAN with around eleven data centers located all over the world, the platform guarantees to provide excellent reliability and up-time of approximately 99.99%. Bonus: If you are not sure about the forum, you get 100 USD of free credits initially to check if the platform meets your requirements or not.

Across all data centers, the pricing of this website is entirely predictable, which bundles CPU, transfer, storage, and RAM all into one package. There are nine dedicated CPU plans for you.

The first one starts at $30 per month and offers 4GB RAM, 2 CPUs, 80GB SSD Storage, 4TB transfer, 40Gbps Network-in, 4Gbps Network-out and it goes up to the ninth plan starting around $3840 per month that offers 512GB RAM, 64 CPUs, 7200GB SSD Storage, 12TB transfer, 40Gbps Network-in, and 12Gbps Network-out.

Instead of utilizing the 10Gbps networking, Akamai includes 40Gbps networking for all dedicated servers. There is a risk-free seven-day trial with a money-back guarantee that allows you to use the platform for seven days, and in case of dissatisfaction, you can have your money back.

Key Features

  • Private Networks with VLAN
  • DDoS protection
  • Cloud Firewall Rules
  • DNS Management
  • Growing up in the marketplace
  • Robust server monitoring
  • Multiple deployment methods
  • IPv6 Support
  • 24/7/365 phone and email support
  • Generous transfer allowances
  • Worldwide availability

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5. TurnKeyInternet


Providing the servers with significantly fast performance, TurnKeyInternet VPS servers are built with purpose-driven hardware on top of the next-generation architecture. This platform’s PRO series offers the fastest cloud server with 10 Gbps unmetered bandwidth.

On their cloud servers, you get to enjoy a 30% off when configuring, and the price you will have to pay is quite pocket friendly. It only costs you around 54 USD per month for getting 6 CPU cores, 8GB memory, 100GB SSD, KVM Hypervisor, 10Gbps Network Uplink, Unmetered bandwidth, IPV4, and free IPv6, and Linux and Windows. Getting all of them at such a price is definitely a win-win situation.

Along with the PRO series cloud VPS, the TurnKey Internet also offers 10Gbps Dedicated servers, which are designed to feature a powerful control panel for providing you with remote management, fully automated, and cloud-like dedicated server provisioning.

The automated operating system installations give you the privilege of having all the familiar OS like Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows Server edition, along with their recovery tools available at a single click. You can get to enjoy the dedicated server absolutely free of cost for the first 30 days, and in case of dissatisfaction, the platform gives a money-back guarantee with absolutely no questions asked.

There are three plans for you when it comes to the pricing of dedicated servers and all of these include 10Gbps network uplink, and 100TB bandwidth.

The first plan starts at $202/mo and offers 2 CPUs, 24 cores, 240GB SSD, and 32GB RAM.

Their second plan starts at $270/mo and offers 2 CPUs, 32 cores, 240GB SSD, and 32GB RAM.

The third plan starts at $319/mo and offers 2 CPUs, 40 cores, 240GB SSD, and 32GB RAM.

Key Features

  • 50+ operating system templates
  • Automated reboots
  • Bandwidth and usage stats
  • VNC/KVM console access
  • Automated OS reloads
  • Password management
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No setup fees
  • No hidden costs

6. Contabo


Are you looking for a 10 Gbps hosting that provides you with bare metal servers at a lesser price? Look no more, as Contabo has got you covered. The Bare Metal dedicated servers by Contabo help you get high performance and give you full control over the powerful hardware.

Using this platform, you will have the privilege of having a wide variety of operating systems, applications, and control panels that too installed automatically. The data centers of Contabo are located globally while being available in nine different locations and six regions.

No other web hosting service gives you the reason for choosing their services except Contabo. They give you six solid reasons why you should go with their dedicated services, and the reasons may make you take your decision accordingly.

These reasons include the Contabo team being extremely serious about security, providing you with first-class support whenever you need it, being recognized and getting various awards for their customer support, data center availability and uptime, providing you with unbeatably low prices every day, data centers available all around the world and finally being focused on giving German quality.

They have four packages for you to select from. The first one starts at $149.99/mo and offers Intel Xeon CPU, 256GB REG ECC, 1 Gbit/s port up to 10 Gbit/s, and 32TB traffic. The second one starts at $199.99/mo and offers 2 Intel Xeon CPUs, 256GB REG ECC, 1 Gbit/s port up to 10 Gbit/s, and 32TB traffic.

The third one starts at $229.99/mo and offers AMD EPYC CPU, 256GB REG ECC, 1 Gbit/s port up to 10 Gbit/s, and 32TB traffic. The fourth one starts at $299.99/mo and offers 2 AMD EPYC CPUs, 256GB REG ECC, 1 Gbit/s port up to 10 Gbit/s, and 32TB traffic.

Key Features

  • Exclusive computing power
  • Custom storage configuration
  • Bespoke hardware configuration
  • Generous traffic
  • Remote management
  • Host virtual machines
  • Create private networks
  • Web interface
  • DDoS protection

7. Virmach


Virmach has made its name in the industry because of providing cloud computing with unique features and affordable prices. While Virmach is known for having highly budget-friendly virtual private servers, they are now also getting better because of having more data carriers and locations and, as a result providing better reliability to the users.

Similarly, the 10 Gbps servers by Virmach is also extremely affordable, and all of their servers are now available with 2 x 1 Gbit ports, or you can easily upgrade to 10 Gbps by investing low cost for specific locations.

With 10 Gbps port speed of Virmach, you can have multiple service options, which allows you to select from Windows or Linux and combine it with DDoS protection. On any package in New York, you can get 20Gbps of free protection, while it is 500Gbps in Los Angeles.

For Windows VPS, you can check out their line of plans and pick the best option, meeting all your requirements. The Linux VPS offers you the lowest prices for the 10 Gbps port servers so that you do not get worried about investing your arms and legs for their services.

There are four packages offered by Virmach for you to select the one that meets your needs the best. The SSD2G package starts at $10/month and offers 2GB memory, 2 CPU vCore, 40-75GB SSD, 2TB bandwidth, and 1+ dedicated IP. The SSD4G package starts at $20/month and offers 4GB memory, 3 CPU vCore, 75-100GB SSD, 4TB bandwidth, and 1+ dedicated IP.

The SSD8G package starts at $40/month and offers 8GB memory, 4 CPU vCore, 100GB SSD, 6TB bandwidth, and 1+ dedicated IP. The SSD16G package starts at $80/month and offers 16GB memory, 6 CPU vCore, 250GB SSD, 8TB bandwidth, and 1+ dedicated IP.

Key Features

  • 10 Gbps port speed
  • DDoS protection
  • Privacy and security
  • Pure SSD storage
  • Robust API for remote tasks
  • Instant setup
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Free backups
  • Excellent customer support

8. GTHost

GTHost 10gbps VPS

With no setup fees and instant services, the dedicated 10 Gbps servers by GTHost are going to win your heart with all the fantastic features they have stored for you. Using this platform, you can enjoy guaranteed and unmetered bandwidth starting from 300Mbps to 10 Gbps.

Once you are done with the payment on this platform, you will get your hands on their instant servers within 5 to 15 minutes. Yes, this is how fast this platform works. All you will need to do is to choose the best package for server location, bandwidth, and storage option and get done with the payment, and you can enjoy the services within minutes.

The low latency rates of this platform will improve your site experience like no other. Additionally, all of the maintenance tasks will not be your headache anymore since the GTHost team will look after them for you. Still, if you are stuck with any kind of technical issues using this platform, you can quickly get in touch with the experts who are available 24/7 to cater to your queries and provide you the solutions.

What makes it one of our favorites is the fact that GTHost offers you the option of short-term contracts. This means you can have the peace of mind of not investing all of your money at once since you can test the platform for a short period and decide if you want to change the package or start a long-term contract.

The platform has a wide variety of packages for you to select from. Mentioning the prices of all of them would not be possible, and for that, you will need to check GTHost’s website and choose the best one for yourself.

However, the packages include all 10Gbps servers and start from around 159 USD per month, offering 64GB DDR4 RAM, 2 x 480GB SSD storage, and 2Gbit unmetered bandwidth, and it goes up to about 2599 USD per month, offering 192GB DDR4 RAM, 2 x 480GB SSD storage, 32 x 18TB HDD storage, 2 x 7.68TB NVMe storage, and 5Gbit unmetered bandwidth.

Key Features

  • Private VLAN
  • Supermicros Chassis
  • Unmetered bandwidth only
  • Linux auto-deploy
  • Remote power control
  • Two power supplies
  • 1-10 Days trial period
  • 5-15 Minutes delivery
  • No setup fees
  • 100% Uptime SLA
  • 24/7 Customer support

9. JavaPipe


You can get to enjoy 10 Gbps port speed on JavaPipe through their DDoS-protected VPS and KVM VPS. The DDoS-protected VPS is basically located inside a data center or network and is safe from any kind of DDoS attacks. This requires having some special firewall hardware and massive bandwidth to make sure that malicious attacks are stopped before they can do any harm, and this is precisely what JavaPipe offers.

Through DDoS protection, JavaPipe uses three layers in order to mitigate attacks, and each layer has its own job to perform. This multi-layer protection makes sure that even the most dangerous and complex attacks are stopped that too within seconds.

The KVM VPS basically functions precisely as a physical server would work, which means you can enjoy all the functions of the VPS without needing hardware. The KVM VPS by JavaPipe makes sure that all your data is completely protected and isolated from outsiders and other users even when you are using the same more considerable servers.

This is because all the processes will run on your own VPS with its individual resources, including storage, RAM, bandwidth, and CPU. Complete control over your VPS server, premium bandwidth, exceptional customer support, flexibility, and premium hardware are some of the benefits KVM VPS by JavaPipe has in store.

There are packages for DDoS VPS protection by JavaPipe, including SSD VPS1, SSD VPS2, SSD VPS3, and SSD VPS4 — all plans include shared 10Gbps port.

The SSD VPS1 starts at $6.12/month and offers 1GB RAM, 15GB SSD Disk Space, 1 CPU core, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS. The SSD VPS2 starts at $12.30/month and offers 2GB RAM, 25GB SSD Disk Space, 2 CPU cores, 10 Gbps shared port, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS.

The SSD VPS3 starts at $18.48/month and offers 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD Disk Space, 4 CPU cores, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS. The SSD VPS4 starts at $24.66/month and offers 8GB RAM, 60GB SSD Disk Space, 8 CPU cores, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS.

The KVM VPS hosting by JavaPipe also has four packages for you to choose the one that suits your needs the best. The VPS1 starts at $7/month and offers 1GB RAM, 15GB SSD Disk Space, 1 CPU core, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS. The VPS2 starts at $13/month and offers 2GB RAM, 25GB SSD Disk Space, 2 CPU cores, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS.

The VPS3 starts at $20/month and offers 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD Disk Space, 4 CPU cores, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS. The VPS4 starts at $26/month and offers 8GB RAM, 60GB SSD Disk Space, 8 CPU cores, and up to 750 Gbps Anti-DDoS.

Key Features

  • Powerful hardware utilization
  • DDoS attacks mitigation
  • Easy upgrades and downgrades
  • Full control and user friendly control panel
  • Knowledgeable support
  • Reliable network carriers
  • Premium bandwidth to handle massive traffic

10. ZetServers


Providing you with unmetered dedicated servers 5Gbps, 10Gbps, and 20Gbps guaranteed bandwidth, ZetServers has made it to our list of cheap 10 Gbps servers. ZetServers is known for offering 10 Gbps streaming dedicated servers with 1Gbps of unmetered VPS and unmetered bandwidth as well.

You can use the dedicated servers with instant activation along with 24/7 technical support and 2Tbps of DDoS protection. What makes them stand out among competitors is the fact that they operate their own MPLS core backbone network and have a global network presence in around six different locations.

To date, ZetServers has hosted around ten different servers and has a customer retention rate of more than 80%. The daily data delivered to all the corners of the world by this platform is around a hundred petabytes which tells a lot about their services and customers’ trust in this platform.

The professional-client service provides you with instant support anytime you need it. The technical staff is always online to ensure that none of your queries or confusions regarding the platform go unnoticed. The technical team of ZetServers is talented and knowledgeable enough to solve any kind of unexpected situation with the best possible solutions.

All VPS packages by ZetServers include free DDoS protection up to 2Tbps, SSDs, and unmetered bandwidth. They offer six different plans for you to select the best one from.

The very first and the cheapest 10 Gbps VPS costs $20.32 per month with one vCPU core, 2GB memory, and 60GB storage.

The second plan starts at $37.43 per month and offers two vCPU cores, 4GB RAM, 120GB storage, and 10 Gbps unmetered bandwidth with Linux/Windows OS.

The third plan starts at $69.522 per month for four vCPU cores, 8GB RAM, and 240GB SSD space while the 4th package costs $105.8/month for 8 vCPU cores, 16GB RAM, 480GB storage, and unmetered bandwidth.

The fifth plan starts at $191.45 a month with 12 vCPU cores, 32GB RAM, and 960GB space. If you need an ultimate high RAM VPS with massive memory, then at $373.28 per month, you will get 16 vCPU cores, 64GB of memory, and 1.8TB storage.

Key Features

  • Global network
  • 2Tbps DDoS protection
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Self-managed
  • Fast activation
  • 2 x 10 Gbps ports


When you are looking for a VPS hosting service to host your website, the features are not the only thing that you need to look for since fast speed also plays an important role. Various advancements have been made in server connections in recent times, and 10 Gbps speed is one of them.

We Recommend:

  • Kamatera – For a higher network uplink speed of 40Gbps at lower prices and the best performance
  • A2Hosting – For runner-up choice to get unmanaged 10 Gbps VPS at the cheapest prices with massive SSD storage

10 Gbps servers are extremely fast, and they can carry out tasks quite quickly for all businesses whose top priority is fast website speeds.

This article has covered cheap 10Gbps VPS along with their key features so that it becomes pretty easy for you to select which one to go for.