5 Cheap Bare Metal Server Providers

Picking a cheap bare metal server with the best features and all the bells and whistles is made dead simple through this detailed roundup as we have analyzed and compared many web hosting companies to get the most suitable options for you.

We have reviewed some of the top providers from where one can get the best bare metal server at affordable prices with professional customer support, enterprise-grade hardware, and modern software utilities to get the ultimate performance out of your server.

5 Cheap Bare Metal Servers Hosting 2024

1. InMotionHosting

InMotionHosting Cheapest Bare Metal Servers

InMotionHosting is a privately held company that offers cloud-based VPS solutions, web hosting, and managed services to individuals, enterprises, and organizations worldwide. Since 2001, open-source technology and continuous service from the web host have served as the firm’s cornerstones.

Beyond merely being a web hosting platform, their servers deliver a broad range of benefits. It allows you to build a server with whatever specific configuration you want, whether you need it to host gaming servers, run global content management systems, or even function as an enterprise-grade host for confidential information on your private network.

InMotion offers a range of high-end web hosting choices owing to these technologies, from dedicated servers for enterprises to shared hosting for smaller companies.

Edge and Core routing are both used by InMotion Hosting to boost performance and redundancy. It utilizes business routers across all of its data centers to protect against DDoS attacks that cause unanticipated server outages.

High-performance switches with many layers are used as well. Moreover, to guarantee that you stay online, these switches overlay several scripts and APIs for dynamically routing traffic inside the network based on demand. It employs two high-performance fiber optic cables from the ISP to the top of the company’s racks.

Lower latency and greater transfer rates are produced as a result, ensuring ultimate redundancy, speed, and service availability around the clock.

On every dedicated server, InMotionHosting offers lightning-fast 1Gbps (1000Mbps) Ethernet uplink connectivity. Their entry-level cheap bare metal server is available at $69.99/month with 16GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB SSD, 4 Core / 8 Thread, and 10TB/month of Bandwidth.

With more than 570,000 clients, InMotionHosting aims to make transformative online presence tools, exceptional customer care, and platforms accessible to everyone. They also offer several budget-friendly packages in the shared hosting category.

The servers’ efficiency and speed are likewise quite amazing. The company has almost 100 percent uptime and no significant outages, which is impressive for a scale business.

Last but not least, a web hosting web service that is so ancient for its sector is still catching up. The company provides a wide range of options, giving you a lot of versatility with your websites. Owing to their various agreements with e-commerce providers, you may receive sufficient e-commerce assistance and application integration when you are hosting with them, in addition to receiving outstanding Google App integration.

Plans Range and Specifications

  • CPU Cores: Intel Xeon Processors, 4 to 32 Cores, 8 to 64 Threads
  • RAM: 16 to 512 GB
  • Storage: 1 TB SSD to 2 x 3.2 TB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth: 15 TB at 1 Gbps unmetered bandwidth
  • Data Centers: 2 Locations (Washington and Los Angeles)
  • IP Address: 1 to 30 Dedicated IPs
  • Pricing: $69.99 to $699.99/month

2. Vultr

Vultr Bare Metal Servers

To support the most resource-intensive tasks of its customers, Vultr offers a dedicated, single-tenant environment. Without virtualization, it provides access to the virtual physical server, which is entirely the client’s and has no intrusive neighbors.

There aren’t any metered CPU and IOPS resource restrictions or shared resources. The real single-tenant environment of Vultr lacks the administration burden of conventional dedicated servers. The company was founded in 2014 to empower developers and companies by simplifying infrastructure deployment through its cutting-edge cloud platform.

With the latest Intel & AMD Processors, the server guarantees fast performance. It also offers complete “root” access and a dedicated IP address with every bare metal. Another attractive feature is its powerful API, which allows users to integrate with their API for a quick spin-up to destroy and control their instances.

Today, Vultr supports over 1.5 million clients and has more than 45 million instances deployed across 30 data centers situated across the globe. Vultr offers several services, including frictionless deployment of public clouds, single-tenant bare metal, storage servers, managed databases, object & block storage, cloud GPU, and managed Kubernetes.

Vultr’s primary objective is to provide a standardized, incredibly dependable high-speed cloud server computing environment in every city it services.

According to the users, the simplicity of Vultr is its main benefit. There is little learning needed. Its user interface is quite smartly created so that you can rapidly access the functions you require. Because Vultr is pay-as-you-go, users can invest a modest sum of money on a highly prestigious server for a single studying day.

Their basic bare metal server can be availed for $120/month in the CPU Compute category with 240GB SSD storage, 4 cores/ 8 threads processor at 3.8GHz cloaking, 32GB of RAM, 10 Gbps networking, and 5TB bandwidth. There are a total of 9 CPU Compute and 4 GPU Compute plans available to choose from.

Vultr makes it simpler, less expensive, and simpler to get your dedicated bare metal with the capability of VNC. Their system will also accurately recognize public IP. Hence, it is excellent for exploring, testing, and deploying open-source apps.

Vultr is excellent for learning, developing, experimenting, and testing new ideas. The balance between the specifications and prices of Vultr is virtually perfect.

Plans Range and Specifications

  • CPU Cores: Intel 3.8 GHz to 4 GHz (4 to 8 Cores, 8 to 16 Threads), AMD (2 GHz to 2.85 GHz (24 to 128 Cores, 48 to 256 Threads)
  • RAM: 32 to 2048 GB
  • Storage: 2 x 240 GB SSD to 10 x 6.4 TB NVMe
  • Bandwidth: 5 to 25 TB bandwidth at 10 Gbps to 25 Gbps
  • Data Centers: 31 Global locations
  • IP Address: IPV6 included
  • Pricing: $120 to $5500/month

3. Contabo – Cheapest Bare Metal Servers with Nvidia and Tesla GPUs

Contabo powerful bare metal servers

Contabo provides web hosting at affordable prices and enticing bundles. It prioritizes exceeding customers’ expectations with first-class customer care and offering shared, dedicated, VPS, and colocation hosting services.

The company also offers colocation hosting, a continuation of Contabo’s development with a second data center.

Since its inception in 2003, Contabo has dedicated itself to offering German quality with a worldwide reach.

The company provides dedicated NVIDIA GeForce and Tesla GPUs to your bare metals if you want GPU computing for demanding tasks such as developing machine learning algorithms or mining cryptocurrency.

You may even run your own VM servers on Contabo’s bare metal servers. Furthermore, it provides AMD EPYCTM with simultaneous multithreading (SMT) for exceptional server virtualization efficiency and unique compatibility for most hypervisors.

Additionally, it includes virtualization tools like Proxmox VE and IPMI/iLO access to log in and manage your dedicated servers remotely.

The company emphasizes the dependability of the data centers, strict internal procedures, and the high caliber of customer service. The company is known for its costs.

For instance, when selecting hardware, the company considers the purchase price related to the power consumption and performance and the raw version. Contabo offers all of its computing features for just $68.99/month, equipped with VDS M – 8 AMD EPYC Physical Cores, 32 GB RAM, 240 GB NVMe, and 32 TB transfer.

To ensure the best possible experience, the company has established strict quality requirements for its support team, all of which contribute to its high positive ratings. Dedicated servers, VPS hosting plans, and colocation are just a few of the hosting options that Contabo provides.

The company offers Windows and Linux servers and has data centers in Germany.

You have a choice between three dedicated server choices from Contabo. Before placing an order, dedicated servers can be configured according to the minimal requirements mentioned on the order page.

RAID storage is accessible with both Linux and Windows operating systems as standard, and all users gain access to the root. Moreover, you may register a new domain name or even transfer an existing domain name to Contabo, as the firm serves as a domain name registrar.

At the moment, Contabo offers more than 300 domain name extensions. You can easily create and change your DNS records using the customer control panel with each registered domain. Contabo provides several security tools to keep your website secure and safe.

Contabo provides a backup add-on that enables users to store encrypted backups through FTP. Furthermore, 100% Auto Backup offers automated and recurring backups of a web hosting account’s contents. Monthly, weekly, and daily backups can be made using this add-on. Clients must request the files from support to get a backup.

Plans Range and Specifications

  • CPU Cores: Intel Xeon 2.20 GHz to 2.80 GHz (10 Cores) and AMD EPYC 2.80 GHz (8 to 32 Cores)
  • RAM: 64 to 256 GB
  • Storage: 1 TB SSD to 1.9 TB NVMe SSD
  • Bandwidth: 32 TB bandwidth at 1 Gbit/sec
  • Data Centers: 8 Locations
  • IP Address: 1 Free IPv4 and IPv6 IP
  • Pricing: $134.99 to $329.99/month

4. OVHCloud

OVHCloud Dedicateed Servers

The entry-level bare metal server configurations offered by OVHcloud are dedicated servers in the Rise line. They are built on robust Intel and AMD platforms, which provide performance and affordable costs. With a short range of optimum configurations, these systems are ideal for various independent server purposes.

Some of its common uses include hosting websites or forums, a Rise dedicated server for high load capacity and low latency, sharing files and multimedia, and deploying a business app on a server with dedicated resources for stable, reliable performance.

Rise dedicated servers are made to meet the needs of commercial applications, streaming, and website hosting. Additionally, you receive 500 Mbit/s of bandwidth, which is intended specifically for these needs.

To guarantee you receive the best protection, all OVHcloud servers come standard with its anti-DDoS solution. You, therefore, receive a setup with the optimum quality-price ratio and focused resources. The Rise line is offered in several locations worldwide, allowing it to be near where you conduct Business.

Consequently, your end users’ latency (loading speed) is optimized. There are several benefits of a Rise server that its users enjoy. For instance, certain features are standard on all OVHcloud dedicated servers for businesses, including bandwidth with unlimited data, anti-DDoS defense, and complimentary continuous technical support.

Using the OVHcloud Control Panel, you can pick from over 30 pre-installed operating systems, and your server is configured with the operating system of your choice in a matter of clicks.

You can also streamline the deployment and maintenance of a website, database, or email server, with management interfaces such as cPanel and Plesk. Backups are regularly provided; owing to them is essential to maintaining the viability of your organization at all times.

The 500GB of external storage with Rise servers is intended to hold backup copies of your configuration files and data. You may share this safe, cost-free backup space across your servers.

Each server has a range of IPv6 addresses and a public IPv4 address. It allows your server to set a minimum bandwidth by default with no restriction to the amount of free incoming traffic. The SLA for each server in the range is 99.90 percent, offering you the maximum level of application availability.

All OVHcloud dedicated servers come with an anti-DDoS solution to ensure your infrastructure’s highest level of protection.

5. Hivelocity (Heficed)

Hivelocity Cheap Bare Metal Server with 1Gbps Port Speed

Hivelocity provides distinctive, enterprise-grade dedicated servers with capabilities designed to advance your company. High-performance dedicated servers with comprehensive customization are designed for adaptability and total control.

Thus, you can reach customers all around the world at top-notch data centers with ISO certification. Along with sites in Europe and North America, Hivelocity provides distinctive locations in Sao Paulo and Johannesburg too.

The company allows you to expand your business by giving a single server access to almost 4096 IP addresses. Your network wouldn’t experience any congestion owing to its scalable infrastructure.

Hence, you can enjoy a stable environment with high uptime. Hivelocity promises minimal downtime or none to avoid any issues you might have to face otherwise.

Its packages range from a minimum of $55/month with Intel Xeon E3-1230 v6, 4 Cores 3.50 GHz, 16 GB RAM DDR4, 480 GB SSD, and 1 Gbps port speed to a maximum of $795/month with AMD EPYC 7413 2.65 GHz, 24 Cores / 48 Threads, 256 GB RAM, 480 GB primary storage, 1TB NVMe second drive, 2TB NVMe third storage drive, and 1 Gbps port speed with 10 TB bandwidth.

The dedicated servers from Hivelocity provide low latency, so you can experience the quickest bare metal networks and have faith in the durability and dependability of its IP transit.

You have total control thanks to its API access and support. Moreover, you can access the materials and management tools you require without any restrictions for your company.

All well-known Linux operating systems are compatible with Hivelocity’s dedicated servers. The auto-provisioning function of Hivelocity ensures that you may provision immediately and without any delays. Therefore, you can start utilizing the services you need right away.

You do not have to share resources when you have a dedicated server, ensuring speedy access to your popular websites. Every element of your server is under your complete control.

You can utilize Hivelocity’s dedicated servers with unlimited root access and administer your environment without limitations. With full root and API access included with its dedicated server hosting, you can be confident that you are setting the policies that will make your company grow.

There aren’t any limitations with dedicated server hosting; you can modify your server however you want. You’ll be paying only for what you’re using.

Plans Range and Specifications

  • CPU Cores: Intel and AMD (4 to 24 Cores, 8 to 48 Threads)
  • RAM: 16 to 128 GB
  • Storage: 480 GB SSD to 2 TB NVMe
  • Bandwidth: 20 to 100 TB bandwidth at 1 to 10 Gbps
  • Data Centers: 13 Colocations
  • IP Address: 1 Free IP, $2.50/month for additional IPs
  • Pricing: $55 to $1199/month

What Is A Bare Metal Server?

The hardware designated for a single client, also known as a “tenant,” is typically referred to as “bare metal.” It is entirely dedicated to the tenant, and the tenant only uses its resources.

The important word here is “dedicated” since basic metal server and dedicated server definitions frequently overlap. Although they are different in a few minor ways, overall, they are fairly similar, and everything discussed in this article applies to bare metal and dedicated servers.

A physical server devoted to a single tenant is bare metal. The tenant of the server can modify the server to meet its performance, reliability, and security requirements. A hypervisor server, which allows several users to share a virtual server’s storage, computation, and other resources, is a substitute for a bare metal server.

Single-tenant physical servers managed by dedicated servers and bare metal servers are different names for these devices. Basic bare metals have no layers and greater speed since the operating system is put on the server directly.

A company can run dedicated servers in its own data center, in a colocation facility, or by renting them from a managed service provider on the basis of a monthly or hourly subscription.

As long as every user is a member of the group that rents the server (tenant), a bare-metal server may accommodate numerous users.

In addition to its benefits over virtual machines or containers, bare metal instances have certain features. The advantages of employing bare metal are expected to drive its market’s predicted 26.1 billion USD growth by 2025.

Benefits of Bare Metal Servers

Due to their exact price and scalability, bare metals are an excellent choice for small and medium-sized businesses. They are most appealing to clients because of how easy and effective they are to use.

According to several experts, these servers are becoming less popular than alternative hosting solutions. Nevertheless, this kind of server is still a very well-liked choice, particularly across numerous sectors.

The platform’s distinctive features enable unprecedented performance, security, and power. The following are some of the several benefits of bare metal servers:

  • Performance that is consistent and predictable, perfect for handling massive volumes of data. A dedicated server may handle more data than a virtual one.
  • The extra layer of software known as a hypervisor is not necessary for bare metals. Better performance is achieved in workload and speed while using less software.
  • In terms of setting up requirements, bare metal hosting provides a wide range of options. You may choose what is required for the server beforehand depending on your workload and anticipated usage, in addition to good performance.
  • Direct access to the hardware architecture of the server.
  • Flexibility with the operating system and bare metal hypervisor that the tenant can choose as he has total control over the basic metal server.
  • Security is another significant benefit, as physical seclusion provides additional defense. Without contacting the web host, the user can implement their desired security protocol.
  • It avoids the “noisy neighbor” effect, which occurs when a user affects other users’ ability to perform on that server. Due to the physical isolation, the servers are entirely immune to this effect.
  • Direct billing since you pay a certain monthly sum. The amount of bandwidth you require may also be readily monitored.
  • When it comes to invoicing, elastic metal is a far better alternative. You may choose between hourly and monthly pricing, which includes the finest features of both options.

Major Use Cases of Bare Metal Servers

Bare metal has been seen to be a crucial component in almost all hybrid, basic metal cloud, and hardware-based infrastructures.

However, some use cases are provided as follows to help you see if it fit your business and the demanding requirements of its workload:

Multiplayer Game Server Hosting

Whatever the gaming app, whether it is 3-D rendering or just raw computation, bare metal merges the strength and adaptability required. With a team of technical professionals available around-the-clock for optimizing your atmosphere, bare metals provide minimal downtime for companies seeking to take advantage of better performance and low latency connectivity.

By keeping your players active, you could keep your gaming solution improving.

High-performance computing (HPC)

When executing HPC workloads, bare metal servers with a GPU setup can outperform a regular CPU by up to 10 times for use cases that demand a lot of processing power with properly chosen and optimized hardware components for encouraging optimal performance.

This makes it possible to create cutting-edge technologies that fuel machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, accurately anticipate patient diagnoses, and estimate financial sector risk, among many other use cases.

Data Processing and Analytics

Like high-performance computing, real-time data processing for big data demands a significant amount of raw computation, storage, and security, making bare metal systems the best option.

Adtech and Fintech

In order to produce important data on user assets and profiles, bare metal offers the required efficiency, speed, and resources.

A security clearance is also maintained, which would make it the best choice for AdTech and Fintech apps for protecting personally identifiable information and sensitive data.

Remote video editing and graphical computing

Your video projects can benefit most from a dedicated bare-metal server’s high computing capacity.

You may save huge funding during productive times by having a dedicated machine, for instance, in case you have an editor team of editors who analyze the film and put their portions into their individual projects.

Dedicated computing environments

Bare metal is the trusted option, giving you total control over your hardware, network, and server architecture for security-oriented apps that need a specialized computing environment owing to company policy, legislation, or compliance.


Bare metal servers are gaining popularity for all the right reasons but cost more compared to traditional servers.

They are ideal to use for medium to large-sized businesses where high processing, AI workloads, websites with massive websites, or deep learning are involved.

So, we compared and analyzed various companies to get you the best prices and cheap bare metal servers with excellent money-value services. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to your requirements and affordability to choose the provider that suits all your needs under budget.