15 Best Cheap Docker Hosting Providers and Platforms (2024)

In this article, we shall discuss what Docker and Docker hosting are and why it is of paramount importance. Along with that, we shall also review some of the top-rated cheap Docker hosting platforms to help you choose the best one for yourself.

The requirements of DevOps platforms are ever-changing and perpetually growing to accommodate the new challenges encountered on an everyday basis. Dockers are now becoming a necessity for cloud computing as well as hosting platforms.

Several surveys have highlighted its importance for developers as it consistently ranks as the most loved and most wanted platform for DevOps. In order to under the reason for its ranking and popularity, one has to understand the idea from the grassroots level.

Top Recommended Cheap Docker Hosts

Kamatera – For under budget Docker VPS with SSDs and 99.95% uptime

Vultr – For cloud based cheapest Docker hosting servers through 29 data centers

A2Hosting – For dedicated servers optimized with instant support

Docker – For exclusively optimized container hosting

Amazon AWS – For free Docker hosting servers (for experienced users)

What is Docker?

The rise of multi-cloud environments and cloud-native development has infinitely increased the need and dependency on containerization. Containerization refers to the phenomenon of dividing operating system and software components and their dependencies into isolated units called containers.

Each container has its dedicated resources and allocations despite being on the same kernel. It must be noted that it is pretty similar to the phenomenon of virtualization, yet it is a step ahead in terms of features and technological expertise.

Docker is a reliable open source containerization tool extensively used to ensure quick deployment and scalability of applications in any environment while conserving resources. Usually, in containerization, there are a plethora of clusters, including several containers, which can be pretty tricky to manage independently. Using Docker can add a great deal of ease to this phenomenon.

Containers and Docker are not interchangeable terms as containerization is the phenomenon while Dockers is a platform. However, due to the insurmountable popularity of Docker as a containerization platform, the words have become quite synonymous.

As a containerization tool, Docker benefits the developers and system administrators as it comes into play during the various stages of software development. Whether it is design, development, testing, or deployment, Docker has a utility in all phases. Furthermore, Dockers is supported by the Google Cloud Platform, including the Google Kubernetes Engine.

Docker was launched for the public in 2013 and is fully integrated for use with Linux and Windows-based operating systems. Moreover, Docker is highly integrable and compliant with various developer tools and operations. It uses the Open Container Initiative-compliant runtime, Docker Runtime Engine for containerization. Each of the runtime environments on Docker operates individually without dependency and reliance on external sources.

Other features include the Docker Swarm and Docker Disk Repository, a set of high utility tools for DevOps professionals. To keep it accessible for all segments, Docker offers both free and paid services.

Among the various benefits of Docker, the most noteworthy ones are the lightning-fast speed, portable yet high-performing applications, ease of scalability by auto-scale options, and the efficient use of resources that translates into an incredible performance. Thus, Docker is an excellent choice for deploying and developing web applications.

cheap docker hosting companies

What is Docker Hosting?

Docker web hosting is the best possible example of the container as a service, also referred to as CaaS. Docker has built-in resource management and isolation protocols. It is similar to the virtualization process but removes the hypervisor, making it highly resource-conserving and efficient. Perhaps the most lucrative aspect of Docker hosting is the inclusion of incredibly dependable management and orchestration tools.

The Docker hosting, also known as container web hosting, is often compared to Docker WWeb Hosing. They are similar in the sense that both make extensive use of virtualization. However, VPS features hardware-level virtualization while Docker is based on operating-system-level virtualization. While Dockers is a step ahead, many users combine the two to get the best of both worlds.

There are a plethora of benefits of choosing Docker web hosting. The phenomenon of consistent routine environments, application sandboxing, the small size on the disk, and low overhead make container hosting a lucrative choice.

Docker hosting gives a greater degree of isolation and thus makes it easier to cater to the different requirements and dependencies of each website and web application. With a greater degree of isolation comes the benefit of greater flexibility and more attention to the varying needs of websites and applications.

It also allows greater freedom in terms of reciprocity and reproduction of the web application and environment, and thus, the dependencies are easier to upgrade. Moreover, the enhanced separation and isolation due to the phenomenon of containerization gives an impeccable sense of security to each container, thus making it a highly secure option.

By opting for Docker instead of VPS Hosting, one inadvertently makes more efficient use of the hardware technology. There is some complexity involved, but that can be easily tackled with the help of container orchestration tools included in the Docker hosting plans. Furthermore, the containers created through Docker are self-sufficient.

Docker has proven to be revolutionary, and thus, many hosting providers are now offering Docker hosting. However, choosing the right one is not easy, especially if it is your first time selecting the service. Not all hosting providers offer solutions that are compatible for use with Docker.

The web hosting providers truly compatible with Docker usually have it pre-installed and use VPS or dedicated services to allow full-spectrum use. Thus, we have reviewed some of the top Docker web hosting services available for your ease. An overview of the features will simplify this ordeal and help you choose the right hosting provider for your requirements.

15 Cheap Docker Hosting Providers of 2024

1. Kamatera – Best Cheap Docker Hosting Servers


Kamatera is a well-known name in the hosting industry and has made a name for itself by providing consistent quality for over twenty years. It offers a complete spectrum of web hosting services, including Docker hosting with a single click deployment.

Kamatera has 18 global data centers spread out on 4 four continents: Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America. In this manner, it allows greater flexibility to choose the closest data center to ensure consistent and quality performance in every corner of the world.

The Docker web hosting plans come docker-machine bash auto-complete installed and fully configured and integrated cloud platform with the docker-machine driver. Moreover, each plan also gives you the flexibility to choose your data center and Docker version. A cloud, as well as a VPS instance, can be deployed in 60 seconds both backed by SSD storage and easy scalability on the go.

The speed and performance offered are quite unprecedented due to the use of superior SSD storage and the latest generation Intel Xeon Platinum processors. Kamatear also offers an incomparable speed of 40 Gbit/s per server. Moreover, there are no worries of hardware maintenance involved when you host Docker with Kamatera. The technical support is highly dependable and accessible by phone and live chat.

Kamatera Docker VPS hosting

Kamatera is not only light on the pocket with plans beginning for as low as $4 per month for the cheapest Docker hosting VPS server, including 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD space, and 5 TB bandwidth. Deploying your server is incredibly convenient as your instance can be deployed in a matter of seconds and there is no setup or commitment fee involved.

The plans can also be canceled at any given instance. However, the pricing can go from $4 to $96 per month, depending on your choice of system resources. As per your convenience, you can opt for monthly or hourly billing cycles and only pays for the used services.

They also offer a 30 day free trial for setting up a Docker hosting server, which gives DevOps professionals high freedom in terms of experiencing it without spending a single dime.

From the budget perspective, Kamatera is an incredible choice and includes some of the most noteworthy features as far as Docker is concerned. You will need to provide a payment method for signing up for a trial account – it helps the company to ensure each signup is legit.

Why Choose Kamatera for Docker?

According to our research and years of experience, Kamatera is one of the best under-budget platforms for Docker containers as it provides pocket-friendly services backed by modern hardware infrastructure, SSDs, flexible scalability, multi-tier internet connectivity, 99.95% uptime, massive RAM/CPU Cores per server, and instant customer support – All these backed a 30-day free trial (Worth $100).

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2. Vultr – Cheapest Docker Hosting Plans


Vultr is a name not unknown to anyone who has even a remote idea about web services. It would not be wrong to say that Vultr is one of the top-rated cloud platforms and consistently remains among the top-tier providers. Vultr offers Docker hosting in an uncomplicated manner and allows deploying the Docker application in a matter of seconds, probably under 60 seconds.

Vultr has data centers in twenty-three global locations, which is quite unprecedented and helps in ensuring impeccable performance and consistent availability. Moreover, within minutes of deploying the Docker application with Vultr, the cloud orchestration takes over and spins up the instance in the data center of the user’s choice.

Vultr helps you deploy your Docker instance while giving you the option to choose from a wide range of products, including Cloud Compute, Bare Metal, Dedicated Cloud, and Kubernetes. The cheapest Docker web hosting package at Vultr starts from as low as $2.5 per month.

All the Docker plans with Vultr are equipped with an easy-to-use control panel and API. It essentially means there is unprecedented freedom to choose between coding and infrastructure management. Therefore, one can emphasize coding without fretting over the time wasted on infrastructure management.

Vultr offers several highly lucrative features, including the ability to customize your operating system, one-click deployment, 100% guaranteed uptime SLA, full root access, server monitoring metrics, as well as a complete spectrum control over management and configuration while allowing you inbuilt monitoring metrics to give you an overview of the performance. It also offers managed servers.

Why Choose Vultr for Docker?

Overall, Vultr is an incredible choice as far as cheap Docker hosting services are concerned.

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3. Jelastic

Jelastic docker containers hosting

Jelastic is a multi-cloud web hosting provider that has been making waves in the web hosting industry due to its feature of combining the best of both worlds as far as Docker containers are concerned. Jelastic has over 100 data centers in over 38 countries across the globe. It combines the platform as a service model with the container as a service model to yield excellent results.

Jelastic also offers an intuitive user interface, and features such as ease of deploying, running, and managing Docker containers which make it an incredible choice for Docker-based projects.

Jelastic is an affordable Docker hosting platform and a great alternative to the other insanely expensive providers. The pricing is highly flexible and operates on the pay-as-you-go model, where you are only charged for what you consume.

Jelastic is a user-friendly service that is a top-rated and highly desirable choice for hosting Docker containers due to its handful of benefits. The benefits include automated horizontal and vertical scaling, flexible management with a friendly user interface along with ssh access, and zero downtime. Moreover, it comes with pre-configured dockerized solutions that can easily access with a single click. Other desirable features include access control and Docker collaboration tools.

Why Choose Jelastic for Docker?

In conclusion, Jelastic is a high yet straightforward utility platform for Docker web hosting and suits everyone well, including those trying their luck with it for the first time.

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4. A2Hosting – Cheap Dedicated Server Docker Hosting

A2Hosting Dedicated Server Docker Hosting

Only those living under a rock are unaware of A2Hosing and its super-fast Turbo servers. A2Hosting has been a permanent player in the web hosting industry for the past two decades and has consistently ranked among the top-tier service providers due to its impeccable and high utility plans.

In their quest to remain the top-rated web hosting provider, A2Hosting offers plans for all types of users and is particularly popular for their WordPress plans as well as shared hosting. A2Hosting is less well-known regarding Docker container hosting, but it offers comprehensive programs for managing Docker containers.

The Docker hosting plans on A2Hosting are powered by the latest Intel CPU specifications. Whether you opt for the blazing fast SwiftServer or the ultra-fast Turbo Servers, the speed is A2Hosting’s strong forte. The high-performance, ultra-reliable, and developer-friendly Docker web hosting solution offered by A2Hosting makes it a top-rated choice for most individuals.

Due to the high-end service and premium specifications, A2Hosting plans, particularly those powered by Turbo Servers, are pretty expensive. However, A2Hosting allows customization of plans by selecting the resources you require and desire and paying only for what you choose. It inadvertently helps a great deal in saving money.

Other than that, A2Hosting offers a full money-back guarantee so you can experiment with the services without putting your hard-earned money at stake. It gives full root access ability to customize PHP and OS. Along with that, all plans come with a guaranteed 99.9% uptime, perpetual security, and troubleshooting with the best Guru support crew available 24/7. Thus, A2Hosting proves to be an incredibly developer-friendly solution.

Why Choose A2Hosting for Docker?

In conclusion, A2Hosting claims to be the fastest, easiest, and most reliable dedicated Docker hosting solution and thoroughly lives up to all the claims mentioned earlier.

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5. Render


Render is a unified cloud platform meant for hosting all the websites and a broad spectrum of applications. It is less widely known than several other options mentioned on the list, but it’s equally competitive, if not more.

Lately, Docker has become the ultimate choice for an application delivery mechanism for a wide variety of applications. What sets Render apart from other options on the list is its ability to offer native support for running Docker along with all the relevant orchestration tools.

The Docker hosting plans on Render include automated builds and deploys in all Git repositories, along with parallelized multi-stage builds and an incomparable level of customization, caching, and support for all Docker paths.

It also gives complete control over the OS, including the ability to change it as preferred. Moreover, there are regular automated updates to ensure top-notch services. Render offers easy monitoring analytics and metrics to keep track of the performance.

Why Choose Render for Docker?

Render is an excellent choice for affordable Docker hosting services for beginners and seasoned container users for full control over the server, high customization, and Git repositories support.

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6. DigitalOcean – Cheap Docker Hosting for Developers

DigitalOcean cloud docker hosting servers

DigitalOcean is one of the most revered cloud hosting providers due to its history of providing quality services for decades. It has simplified the task of cloud servers a great deal, to which users across the world highly recommend DigitalOcean.

Moreover, it has always been a highly recommended choice by developers, DevOps professionals, and beginners due to its multi-spectrum features. Thus, DigitalOcean offers Docker web hosting to maintain its position as a highly revered choice.

DigitalOcean offers a highly curated Docker cloud hosting that offers incredible ease, particularly when we talk about the management and deployment of containers. It offers pre-installed Docker containers that simplify the ordeals like none other.

The platform also offers incredible ease in scaling Docker containers that can also be automated as far as configuration is concerned. The control panel and user interface are also intuitive yet customizable.

The community support at DigitalOcean comes with a plethora of Docker tutorials to facilitate new and seasoned users alike. Moreover, the technical support is also highly responsive and readily assists you in troubleshooting and management.

There is a guaranteed 99.9% SLA uptime, which increases websites and applications’ appeal, ranking, and performance. Their cloud plans start at as low as $5 per month for a handful of resources to host Docker.

Why Choose DigitalOcean for Docker?

In conclusion, DigitalOcean is an incredible choice for developers due to high tech features. However, it is also an excellent choice for beginners as deployment, management, and configuration are elementary and automated.

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7. Dokku

Dokku PaaS

Dokku is marketed as the smallest product as a service platform that helps build and manage the application. It also has a high utility in the development and deployment of containers. It is powered by Docker and can be installed on any hardware.

The platform also comes Git hub integration and offers incredible ease and customization as far as container hosting is concerned.

Dokku is an incredible choice because it is a free platform that is also open source and, hence, helps a great deal save the money required for production purposes. It is also highly customizable and can be used for dynamic purposes.

Dokku Pro Features

Apart from being feature-rich, it is also highly integrable and user-friendly. With Docker Pro, costing $650 for life, you will get email support, free upgrades, 1 development server, 2 pre-production servers, full Web UI access, JSON API, and Git Push support.

Why Choose Dokku for Docker?

Don’t want to pay fees every month? Go with Dokku as it provides a lifetime subscription at $650 with all essential features to manage your Docker-based applications with JSON REST API, Web UI, easy scaling, long tailing, and environment variables through a simple user interface.

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8. HostPresto

HostPresto managed docker hosting

While most companies are based in North America, a handful operate from Europe. HostPresto stands out as a hosting company based in the United Kingdom in the heart of London. Consequently, it also stands out as the sole hosting service offering Docker in the UK.

Furthermore, all plans on HostPresto include a free Cloudflare CDN, which makes it a lucrative choice for hosting your Docker containers. Want more incentives for opting for HostPresto? Well, say no more. With HostPresto, there is no bandwidth limit. It is also equipped with several attractive features and is incredibly configurable.

HostPresto includes a Docker Container Framework that has not only been pre-installed but has also been optimized for use for the ease of the users. It is a cloud-based service that offers rapid development, deployment, and management of Docker containers.

It also facilitates the users by allowing accelerated and one-click scaling and autoscaling options depending on your preferences. Developers, DevOps professionals, and system administrators equally benefit from the use of HostPresto.

With one-click installations and several pre-installed features, HostPresto is an incredible choice, particularly for beginners who are not well versed in terms of technical docker tasks. The Docker Hub or GitHub has several applications pre-installed which can be launched with a single click.

The technical support at HostPresto is highly responsive and immediately responds to queries posted through tickets. The swift and responsive technical support team have earned the praises of several customers, particularly in the UK. Moreover, the pricing of the offered services is highly affordable.

There are three packages, namely Nano, Centi, and Deca, with the cheapest Docker hosting plan beginning from $3.5 per month. HostPresto also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee so you can cancel your subscription if you are not pleased with the services in a matter of a month and there is zero loss of money involved.

Why Choose HostPresto for Docker?

For low cost web hosting solutions, developer-oriented tools, single click scaling, and pre-installed features covered by a one month refund policy, HostPresto is a good choice.

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9. Sloppy.io

Sloppy fast cheap docker hosting

Sloppy is a simple, fast and secure way to steer away from the complex Docker web hosting services. Despite being named Sloppy, there is absolutely nothing sloppy about this web host. It is a highly integrated platform for cheap Docker docker hosting containers.

Sloppy has been designed to provide all-encompassing services that assist in every stage of Docker, including development, deployment, maintenance, and monitoring. Moreover, deploying a docker container with Sloppy is a matter of no more than a few seconds.

If security is a primary concern for you, it is the best choice for you as the data center is based in Frankfurt, Germany. Hence, the data is guarded by the strict European security laws that offer security and protection like none other.

Several ordeals are simplified by opting for Sloppy.io servers for your Docker container-based hosting, particularly those requiring dealing with complex user interfaces and technical jargon. The docker containers are hosted on the cutting-edge technology-powered latest hardware, which means zero downtime and consistent provision of services.

The pricing plans offered by sloppy.io are flexible to accommodate the widely contrasting user requirements. It offers four different pricing plans. Even though the plans are pricier than most of its Docker hosting competitors, you always have to pay a bit higher when premium services are concerned. So is the matter in this case. However, all plans come with a 14-day free trial, which allows you to experiment before committing to any plans.

The support at Sloppy.io directly connects you to the technical staff. Furthermore, the blog is rich with updates and tutorials on docker web hosting. All packages come with free health checks and in-depth analytics of performance which aids a great deal in keeping track. The download speed of about 100Mb+/sec is a testament to the high performance offered by Sloppy.

Why Choose Sloppy.io for Docker?

A fully managed service that provides solutions for individuals, developers, and professionals to host containers for a fast and secure development experience with web UI, CLI, CI/CD, and active network monitoring.

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10. Amazon AWS – Best Docker Web Hosting for Enterprises

Amazon ECS cloud docker hosting

The Amazon Elastic Container Service is a highly revered container web hosting solution known for its incredible quality services and feature. It is a joint venture by Docker, Amazon ECS, and AWS Fargate. It is one of the most recommended, highly revered, and stable Docker hosting platforms. What more could indicate its reliability than the fact that major brands and services rely on Amazon AWS container services for their Docker requirements.

It includes several rich features, including auto-scaling power to meet the needs of the website and application services and better traffic distribution with elastic load balancing services. It is enriched with several other high utility developers and beginner-friendly tools that make it a desirable option for all types of users.

The high utility and premium tools set you free from the petty hassle and allow you to focus on the more intensive parts. It also includes features like monitoring and logging. Moreover, it is also highly compatible and integrable with various application architectures.

Contrary to popular belief, Amazon AWS is not exorbitantly priced. In fact, on the contrary, it is pretty nominally priced due to the pay-as-you-go pricing model. Thus, you only pay for the resources you consume rather than paying a fixed amount for services you did not even avail. However, the access to support is ticketed instead of the much-desired live support.

Why Choose Amazon AWS for Docker?

If you are on a quest for a reliable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich free Docker hosting provider (free for 12 months), look no further than Amazon AWS as it is a comprehensive solution to all your woes. Moreover, it also provides a gateway to several of the lucrative AWS services.

Visit Amazon AWS

11. Quay.io

Quay Red Hat Container Hosting

Quay is a container hosting solution by Red Hat Inc, which is a top-rated software company. It is a lucrative provider for cheap hosting Docker containers.

Have you ever heard of a docker hosting platform that automatically builds containers from your code? Well, Quay is here to surprise you by offering this incredible feature. With Quay, all your containers are stored safely and securely, and the access solely rests with you. Building and deploying new containers is a hassle-free and quick process with Quay.

Moreover, it also allows automating the container builds and integrating it with the much revered GitHub and Bitbucket. There is also an enhanced sense of security as it gives the automatic security scanning feature to scan and eliminate any viruses and vulnerabilities. All the servers are equipped with auditing and logging features.

Quay dashboard

Quay is a Docker web hosting platform for somewhat professional users, including the developers, and the same is reflected in their pricing plan. Even the cheapest Docker hosting plan is priced at $15 per month.

The pricing plans are not exactly flexible and are higher in terms of pricing when compared to other similar packages. However, the pricing can be justified compared to the highly lucrative features and the 24/7 accessible support through the phone. All plan on Quay.io is protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Why Choose Quay for Docker?

If you can pay some extra bucks and looking for a platform for Docker that is backed by a popular brand (like Red Hat), it is a perfect choice and allows quick deployment with your required container tool.

Visit Quay.io

12. Docker

Docker homepage

Docker is the company that gave rise to the concept of containerization and is behind the idea of Docker and, subsequently, Docker web hosting. It is the container hosting plan by the originator and developer of Docker.

It was initially called dotCloud. Another testament to its authenticity and credibility are the various big enterprises and names that rely on Docker for their container hosting requirements.

It includes four pricing plans, of which the elementary plan is free of cost yet contains all the high utility Docker tools. The free package includes tools like Docker Engine, Docker CLI, and Docker Compose, along with access to public and private repositories and GitHub integration, as well as Bitbucket integration.

The other plans include Pro, Team, and Large plans, which are differently priced based on the features and specifications. The paid plans include several other high-volume features, including data transfers and support.

From the pricing perspective, the plans are incredibly affordable and cater to a diverse audience. It is well suited for the growing needs of web developers and system administrators, and large teams working on containerized applications.

Along with that, there is technical support and peer-to-peer support at Docker, whereby the community assists each other. Hosting containers on Docker is also incredibly safer and faster, and the several famous web application customers featured on the website are a testament to the high efficiency of Docker.

Why Choose it for Docker?

Looking for a free Docker hosting service, then choose them for 200 images pull per 60 minutes, unlimited scoped tokens, CLI, Kubernetes, webhooks, and premium support.

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13. GiantSwarm


Trusting the newbies in the world of web hosting is a tricky task primarily because they can either be a hit or a miss. It’s excellent in case of a hit, but there is a lot at stake if it is a miss because the website and application performance and analytic metrics suffer a considerable blow. However, not all newbies are unreliable.

Giant Swarm is a new name in the cloud hosting industry yet incredibly reliable. Thus, Giant Swarm takes a prominent position on the top-rated charts when web hosting is concerned.

Despite being on the top rating charts, Giant Swarm is perpetually in a quest to improve and redefine its services by providing better upgrades, updates, and services. It is a managed cloud-native service that sets it apart from several other options on the list while making it incredibly lucrative.

Giant Swarm makes use of high-rated technological tools and services. As the website claims, “the tool by the developers for the developers.” It is highly secure and configurable.

The pricing isn’t of GiantSwarm are evident as the pricing is customized based on the services each user opts for, and hence the pricing plan is customized based on that. Thus, the plans are also devoid of any money-back guarantee. However, the presence of big names in the industry as the Giant Swarm clients indicates that the money is safe as the company is reliable and credible.

The premium services by Giant Swarm also come with premium support whereby a technical expert is assigned to each customer, and their services can be availed from time to time. Moreover, there are also live chat and phone support.

Why Choose GiantSwarm for Docker?

The exceptional performance, security, and support features offered by GiantSwarm set it apart from all other options on the list and make it a pretty good choice for Docker developers.

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14. AppFleet


AppFleet is a well-known name as far as affordable cloud hosting is concerned, but it also offers dependable solutions for Docker hosting. It has a global cloud network that allows easy deployment of container-based hosting solutions in multiple global regions.

Moreover, it supports code deployment in any language, framework, or technology. Therefore, it helps in maintaining an unflinching and dedicated uptime without any outages and, at the same time, enhances the performance as well.

AppFleet is a complete container hosting solution with several powerful and generous features. It comes equipped with GitHub integration, global load balancers, traffic routers, and Global Redis Cache. The development, deployment, and management of Docker containers are all straightforward with App Fleet.

Furthermore, it has several other tools of incredible utility, including custom health checks, better performance, public and private repositories, console access, and logging and monitoring access.

The deployment and management are a matter of a single click and thus incredibly easy even for the novices. The cluster monitoring and API access are particularly noteworthy.

There are different plans to accommodate all customers’ needs. Starting as low as $10 a month for 1GB RAM, 1 vCPU, and 20GB storage with several add-ons. The support is also reliable and responsive. Thus, AppFleet is an incredible choice for cheap Docker hosting servers.

Why Choose AppFleet for Docker?

With multiple packages, 99.99% SLA uptime, 10 seats, expert support, SSO, and live chat, API access, SSL certificates, and custom health check, users also get $10 free credits when signup.

Visit AppFleet

15. StackPath


StackPath is a cloud-based web hosting provider that is somewhat more popular for CDN services. However, not many know that StackPath offers Docker web hosting. The StackPath has data centers in over 22 global locations. Not just that, it also facilitates deploying containers in a manner that they are in close geographical proximity to the end-user. In this manner, StackPath reduces the phenomenon of latency a great deal.

The ultra-low latency is one of the critical reasons for the popularity of Stacpath among developers and system administrators. Not just that, but there is a drastic improvement in the response time of websites and applications using StackPath. Moreover, the bandwidth is also conserved while the speed and performance achieved are unprecedented.

In this manner, StackPath has become a multi-cloud support platform with ultra-low latency, bandwidth optimization, and control and cost-effectiveness like never before. Compared to the speed offered by other providers, StackPath emerges superior to several of its well-known competitors. When coupled with the enterprise-level SSD storage, it further enhances the speed and performance. Thus, making it ideal for all other competitors.

The pricing offered by StackPath is extremely nominal as the pricing is based on the pay-per-second model, which ensures that you are only charged for the services that you avail. The deployment is hassle-free and can be summoned in a matter of a few seconds and at a mere single click.

The auto-scaling feature that accommodates vertical and horizontal scaling is relatively seamless. Moreover, RESTful APIs automate the workload for maximizing efficiency.

Why Choose StackPath for Docker?

StackPath, all in all, proves to be an excellent choice for cheap Docker web hosting as far as the features are considered. It is also a perfect choice for those looking for greater customization for their containers.

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We have reviewed some of the most popular as well as cheap Docker hosting platforms to help you choose the best one for your projects.