15+ Best Cheap KVM VPS Hosting Services 2024

KVM-based hosting services bring a great combination of security and management options, which makes it a great fit for advanced users. Besides, its low cost is what makes it under the reach of the most. So, we wrote this in-depth guide to help you find a trusted, sustainable, and well-featured vs price balanced cheap KVM VPS hosting that can deliver all those features like a charm.

However, since there’s a variety of web hosting companies, finding a suitable KVM virtual server provider becomes challenging for many as well as a hectic task.


Which KVM hosting is the best?

What is the cheapest option for KVM?

Does a KVM-based server come with easy scalability?

Above are some common questions people come up with when looking for a KVM VPS. If you’re here, no wonder you might be also one of them.

But don’t worry as this article is going to lay down the fifteen best cheap KVM hosting companies with in-depth reviews. So, you’ll get a complete overview of each one to make an informed decision. This way, finding out the most suitable one for you will be a piece of cake.

Ready? Let’s start…

To understand KVM web hosting, you first need to know about KVM:

KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine)

KVM is an open-source virtualization machine. It’s deployed in Linux and lets you turn the kernel (Linux) into the hypervisor. A hypervisor allows the hosting machine to run multiple and isolated virtual environments called virtual machines.

KVM is, in fact, a part of Linux. People with Linux 2.6.20 or higher get KVM for free. If you’re among them, your system is also backed by KVM virtualization. KVM technology was first introduced and released in 2006. Soon, within a year, it became a part of Linux devices.

Now that you have got an overview of KVM technology, let’s talk about KVM web hosting.

What is KVM Hosting

A web hosting service powered by KVM virtualization technology is simply termed KVM Hosting. Don’t know what “web hosting” or “hosting” is? Let me explain:

What is Web Hosting

Web hosting is a type of internet hosting service that lets people and companies make their websites accessible through the internet. Web Hosts or hosting providers are the web hosting services that let you deploy your website (or app) into their servers and provide all the necessary facilities (usually).

So, when a web hosting server is virtually managed and backed by KVM virtualization, we say it KVM hosting.

With that said, let’s come straight to the advantages of KVM web hosting.

Advantages of KVM Hosting

KVM web hosting is based on advanced technology which benefits users in numerous ways, such as:

  • Highly secure: With the combination of security-enhanced Linux and secure virtualization, you get a highly secure service environment.
  • No storage limitation: KVM is designed in a way to support any type of storage that Linux does.
  • Low latency: You get real-time extensions that allow KVM-based apps to run smoothly at low latency.
  • Easy memory management: Just as Linux, KVM features non-uniform memory access and same-page merging to save memory.
  • Complete resource control: It comes with the Linux scheduler, which gives you complete control over the hardware resources.
  • Live migration: It lets you move a running VM to another physical location (host) without any interruption in the service.

Popular Virtualization Technologies

Besides KVM, there is a variety of virtualization technologies compatible with different operating systems. Each comes with its own features, benefits, and downsides. However, below is a list of well-known virtualization technologies.

  • VMware vSphere (cloud computing virtualization platform)
  • XEN (type-1 hypervisor)
  • OpenVZ (operating-system-level virtualization technology for Linux)
  • Hyper-V (Windows virtualization platform)

Recommended Cheap KVM Hosting

InterServer – For quick support, lower prices, and more scalability

Vultr – For cheapest KVM VPS cloud servers

HostWinds – For managed/unmanaged KVM servers

Without further ado, let’s start!

15 Best Cheap KVM VPS Hosting Providers for 2024

1. InterServer – Affordable SSD KVM Hosting


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Various 1-click install apps
  • Complete server control with root access
  • Satisfactory performance with dedicated resources
  • Competitive starting price ($6/mo)


  • cPanel and Plesk cost an additional fee

InterServer is one of the oldest and most experienced web hosting services out there. Not just that, the provider is trusted by thousands of customers worldwide and growing. All their hosting services are powered by various extra features that qualify their existence. It was founded in 1999 by some tech-savvy school students.

InterServer specializes in providing numerous web hosting products. No matter whether you’re looking for shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, or reseller hosting, the provider features all these. Besides, you can also purchase storage or GPU dedicated servers.

best cheap KVM VPS hosting

Now, let’s dive right into the details of KVM VPS servers. All their VPS servers are cloud-powered. Meaning that you’re getting a higher level of reliability. First of all, I would like to talk about their pricing calculator. Yes, there’s a highly flexible pricing calculator that lets you choose the hardware resources according to your business needs.

These cloud-powered VPS servers start from $6/mo and go all the way up to $96/mo. The starter one comes with 1CPU core, 2GB Ram, 30GB SSD, and 1TB data transfer. Considering these hardware resources, InterServer is featuring the best price value so far.

On the other hand, the highest cloud VPS server costs $96/mo and features 16CPU cores, 32GB Ram, 480GB SSD storage, and 16TB bandwidth. Thankfully, InterServer offers a variety of scripts to choose from. These include WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and all the popular ones you could ask for.

Each VPS server brings you complete control over it. You get the freedom of choosing the operating system, installing a control panel, and making changes, etc. Performance-wise, InterServer scores pretty well. With the inclusion of dedicated resources and SSD disks, the provider has managed to deliver a blazing-fast server performance to help you satisfy your customers.

Another marvelous stand of the company is the next-level security. Thankfully, the provider features multiple security patches such as KVM, OpenVZ, Virtuozzo, and Hyper-v virtualization. Even though their prices are highly competitive, you’ll still get 99.99% server uptime for the basic plan – complete peace of mind.

2. Vultr – Cheapest KVM Hosting with SSDs


  • No long-term contracts, pay-as-you-go
  • Affordable cloud KVM servers to get started under budget
  • Free snapshots, backups, firewall, and 25 data center choices
  • A wide range of OS choices
  • Comprehensive 1-click apps setup
  • The Control panel is easy-to-use
  • Highly trustable company with 45,000,000 servers deployed


  • No instant customer support (like live chat)
  • Only 0.5 GB RAM with the starter plan

If you’re looking for a great combination of affordable pricing and high-end functionality, Vultr is the way to go. The provider has been around since 2014 and has been serving customers worldwide ever since. Vultr features a variety of cloud-based hosting services. For instance, you can opt-in for cloud computing, bare metal, dedicated cloud servers, and load balancers.

What we will be talking about, are their cloud compute servers (SSD compute instances) as they come with OS choice. Meaning you can easily choose Linux and get started with KVM virtualization in no time or hassle. Regardless of the cloud service you choose, Vultr provides a great price value. Their popularity can be estimated through the fact that 45,000,000 servers have been deployed on their floor.

Each of their cloud servers comes with a choice of data center location. Choosing the nearest one will result in low latency and better performance. Thankfully, their 21 data center locations are widespread and cover 4 continents of the world. Isn’t it incredible?

The company doesn’t just end here. In fact, their cloud servers come with 100% SSD installation. So, you get to enjoy a simultaneous performance along with a high level of reliability. Another marvelous stand of the company is NO yearly contracts. Unlike other web hosting providers, you’re allowed to pay month-to-month without having to pay extra fees.

Regardless of the OS you want to install, the company lets you choose from numerous operating systems. These include CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, and Ubuntu. You can either deploy a custom ISO for the installation of the OS. Moreover, you get a comprehensive choice of 1-click apps. These include all the popular ones like cPanel, Docker, Drupal, WordPress, Magento, etc.

Pricing-wise, Vultr stands out. In fact, it’s the most affordable KVM VPS option you can find in the market. Their cloud instances come with the support of KVM and start from $2.50/mo. This starter package comes with 10GB SSD storage, 512MB RAM, 0.50TB bandwidth, and 1 CPU core.

3. HostWinds – Cheap Linux KVM Hosting


  • 99.99% uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • Best price value to some extent
  • Different operating system choices
  • Multiple data center locations


  • UI needs improvement

While listing reliable KVM VPS services in the market, how could we forget HostWinds? If you’re looking for a great blend of pricing and satisfactory performance, HostWinds can be a potential solution. The provider has been in business since 2010 and is included in the best web hosting companies.

HostWinds is a great marketplace where you can purchase various hosting solutions. Whether you’re looking for shared hosting or VPS server dedicated solution, or domain or SSL, the company has all that managed. And do you know the best part about that? All these services come at an affordable rate – making web hosting under the reach of the most.

As today’s article is about VPS servers, let’s come straight to the point. HostWinds offers two types of VPS servers; managed and unmanaged. A managed server means that the company technicians are taking the responsibility of managing your server and looking after it. While in unmanaged service, you are free to set up the server however you want and make changes as well.

Both managed and unmanaged VPS servers come with KVM virtualization, meaning that you can choose either. However, what I recommend HostWinds for, is their unmanaged VPS servers, as they feature a great price value.

HostWinds managed VPS costs just $8.24 per month for 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM, 30 GB space, and 1 TB bandwidth, making it an economical choice for the managed KVM VPS category compared to its competitors in our list.

Their starter unmanaged VPS comes with 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 30GB SSD storage, and 1TB bandwidth at $4.99/month. These configurations might be enough for an entry-level project. Nevertheless, higher options are in place to suit all business needs. For instance, the highest one of their 10 unmanaged VPS plans comes with 16 CPU cores, 96GB RAM, 750GB storage, and 9TB bandwidth – enough to suit an enterprise-level business.

Their VPS servers have some common features like a 1GBps port, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, free website transfer, and much more. The freedom to choose the data center locations is another significant addition. Not to mention the additional services like snapshots and enterprise firewalls.

4. KnownHost – Cheap Unmanaged KVM Hosting


  • 99.99% guaranteed server uptime
  • 24/7 expert customer assistance
  • Free DDoS protection
  • Instant server provisioning
  • Free website migration and backup service
  • Fully managed service with 24/7 monitoring
  • DirectAdmin (control panel) included for free (managed plans)


  • No option to build a custom instance/plan

KnownHost is a competitive web hosting provider featuring cloud-powered servers backed by fully managed customer support and a 99.99% uptime guarantee. Plus, you will get a higher level of data center reliability, flexibility, power, and cutting-edge security with your server. The company was founded in 2005 and has been serving customers with its reliable hosting solution ever since.

Being a highly experienced web hosting company, KnownHost features an extensive catalog of web hosting products. You can opt-in for web hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, VPS servers, and dedicated servers. Furthermore, WordPress hosting, SSL certificate(s), and domain registration services are also in place.

As the article is about VPS servers, let’s specifically discuss them. KnownHost features cloud-powered VPS servers, all of which come with the support of KVM. Each VPS server can be deployed with either managed or unmanaged support. They offer all essential features like customer assistance, high uptime, DDoS protection, easy scalability, and resources management.

KnownHost is a pretty cheap KVM hosting provider for unmanaged servers for users on a tight budget. On the other hand, users who are looking for ultimate performance and don’t hesitate to spend a bit of extra can choose their managed KVM. KnownHost offers six unmanaged and four managed cloud KVM plans, starting from $8/mo and $50/month, respectively.

The entry-level server costs $8 per month and packs with 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 20 GB storage capacity, and 2 TB premium bandwidth. Besides, you get 2 IPv4 addresses along with their free inclusion of DDoS protection and instant deploying. In contrast, their managed VPS costs $50 per month for 2 vCPU Cores, 4 GB of RAM, 60 GB storage, 2 TB bandwidth, and 2 IPv4 addresses, along with a free DirectAdmin or optional cPanel (it costs additional bucks).

Each server comes with CloudLinux and Kernel-Care-take support. Since page loading speed has become an essential SEO factor, you need to have an amazing page load time to rank better. How do you achieve a great page loading speed? By choosing a faster web hosting company.

Concerning KnownHost, the company features unlimited VPS servers powered with efficient hardware resources to deliver a wonderful performance. Another crucial factor to consider when choosing web hosting is customer support. Whenever a problem arises or you need guidance, it’s the only way. Thankfully, Knownhost performs well in this aspect by managing dedicated 24/7 support.

As mentioned, all their KVM servers are managed. This means the company agents are taking the responsibility of looking after your server. So, you get complete peace of mind. Besides, the inclusion of features like free website migration and backups is another significant addition.

5. BlueHost


  • 24/7 expert customer support
  • Free domain included
  • Free dedicated IP address(es)
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Guaranteed serve resources


  • Renewal rates are higher

I won’t believe it if you haven’t already heard of BlueHost. BlueHost is a highly reliable, secure, and fast web hosting service featuring a great combination of budget-friendly pricing and incredible performance. The company got into business in 2003 and has been a top-rated web host ever since. It currently hosts over 3 million websites worldwide.

BlueHost is a large marketplace offering an extensive catalog of web hosting products. These include shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, WordPress hosting, and much more. Besides, you can also purchase domain names and SSL certificates at affordable rates through BlueHost.

Out of various web hosting plans, we will be considering VPS servers. All of them are managed, meaning that the company experts are taking the responsibility of managing and looking after your server.

In today’s modern age, all the competitive web hosting companies are offering customer support. It proves to be extremely useful whenever you come up with some issue. Thankfully, BlueHost has managed the remarkable feat of providing expert customer support 24/7. Plus, you can also make a phone call to get complete attention to your issue.

Another marvelous stand of the company – making it superior over its competitors is the inclusion of free domain for 1st year. If we compare it to other hosting companies, no VPS provider seems to be including the domain for free. That’s why BlueHost is known best for providing quality on a budget.

Furthermore, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee, a free SSL certificate(s), and an enhanced security suite. Not to mention the incredible performance BlueHost has managed for its customers. At the same time, additional features include multi-server management (at once), complete access control (on-demand), and easy file management.

On the other hand, there are some optional features you can optin for. These are additional hardware resources (like RAM, storage, etc), SiteLock security, and domain privacy and protection. BlueHost’s VPS costs are higher compared to InterServer, they have three plans that start from $19.99/mo as the discounted rate, which jumps to $29.99/mo as soon as the initial contract is over. Literally, Bluehost is not a cheap KVM service, but it’s quite a good option for high performance servers and round-the-clock instant support.

The starter VPS server features 2 CPU cores, 30GB SSD storage, 2GB RAM, and 1TB bandwidth. Not to mention the free dedicated IP address and a free cPanel/WHM. The hardware resources and dedicated IP addresses keep increasing as you choose a higher plan.

6. JavaPipe


  • 24/7 customer support backed by experts (checked)
  • Free DDoS protection included
  • Full KVM virtualization along with the support of various OS
  • Rated 4.7 out of 5 on Trustspot


  • Renewal rates are a bit higher

Though not a household name like Vultr and some others on our list, JavaPipe is a quality oriented cloud hosting company featuring a wide range of hosting services. JavaPipe is a highly proficient company with more than 2 decades of experience in the industry.

As mentioned, the provider offers a variety of hosting services. These include simple cloud hosting, PHP hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS servers, dedicated hosting, and much more. Besides, you can also purchase quality SSLs and domains at affordable rates.

What we will discuss are obviously their KVM hosting plans. There are 4 of them at JavaPipe. Each comes with various extra features such as DDoS protection to keep you away from hackers, full KVM virtualization, and a variety of operating systems.

Being a competitive hosting provider, JavaPipe promises to use a top-notch infrastructure in their state-of-the-art data centers. All their hosting servers are backed by powerful hardware along with various security patches to ensure that your server is always safe & secure. Additionally, each of the KVM VPS servers brings complete control – a bonus for advanced users and developers.

Another marvelous stand of the company is instant scalability. Yes, the provider commits to letting you scale up to a higher plan as soon as you ask them to.

If you’re experienced in web hosting companies or already run a website, you might know how important customer support is. Whenever an event of server downtime occurs, or something similar happens, the nearest possible solution is customer support. You contact the company experts and ask them how you can solve your problem. But not all web hosting services provide this bonus. However, JavaPipe does – making it a competitive option.

Pricing-wise, the company performs well. Their KVM VPS plans start from just $6/mo. This starter plan comes with all the above features and includes 1GB Ram, 15GB storage, 1CPU core, 10GB shared port, and up to 750GB anti-DDoS. Besides, you get to choose whether you want a managed service or unmanaged.

7. TMDHosting


  • 24/7 premium support
  • 99% server uptime guarantee
  • Free server setup
  • Multiple data center locations
  • Highly secure hosting company
  • Affordable pricing
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Renewal rates are high

TMDHosting is yet another KVM VPS provider where one can avail of cutting-edge virtual servers at pocket-friendly prices. It’s a competitive web hosting company offering quality-oriented VPS servers with the support of KVM virtualization technology. The company excels in almost all the important aspects of web hosting and delivers amazing quality worth every penny you pay. The company got into operating in 2007 and has been a shared, VPS, dedicated, and reseller hosting provider ever since.

The best part about TMDHosting is the top-notch infrastructure. Yes, all their VPS servers come backed with powerful internals along with enterprise-level internet connections to feature an incredible overall performance. To further boost the performance, SSD disks, OpenStack, and virtualization technologies are in place. So, you get to enjoy a flawless loading speed.

As mentioned, TMDhosting offers various web hosting services. And we will consider their VPS servers, all of which are managed. Regardless of the VPS server you choose, each comes provisioned in an isolated and highly secure environment and gets you a dedicated channel for better connectivity.

Security-wise, TMD Hosting stands out. Each plan gets you various security patches that ensure that your website is always up, running, and safe from hackers. To make it possible, there’s an enterprise-level firewall that blocks web attacks.

Further aiding the company’s versatility is its highly scalable plans. In other words, scaling up to a higher plan as your business grows isn’t going to be a problem. Instead, with instant scalability, you can immediately scale up your server configurations.

Moreover, each plan comes with free daily backups, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and a choice of data center location. Not to mention that all their servers are cloud-based for optimized performance. Being an open-source hosting, the company lets you choose from a variety of CMS apps, including WordPress.

Now, let’s come straight to the pricing. There are 5 VPS servers. The pricing varies on the data center location you choose. However, the starter server costs $19.97/mo when chosen to deploy in the USA data center. This starter KVM VPS server features 40GB SSD storage, 3TB bandwidth, 2CPU cores, and 2GB Ram.

8. Hostens



  • Pocket-friendly KVM solutions
  • Massive resources at reasonable rates
  • Raid-10 backed storage redundancy
  • Next-gen Intel CPUs and network connectivity
  • 4 Gbps per node speed
  • 30-Days money back guarantee


  • Only European data center

Founded in 2012, with over ten years of experience in managing web hosting infrastructures, Hostens is one of the most reliable KVM VPS providers in our roundup. They have a team of experienced technicals who work round the clock to deliver highly optimized, scalable, and affordable KVM hosting powered by enterprise-grade hardware and the latest generation technologies.

Not only that, it has a Tier III Uptime Institute certified data center with N+1 redundancy, five global transit providersDDoS protection, and 100 Gbps bandwidth capacity. The entire KVM servers utilize high performance DDR4 RAM with 786GB memory size per node, and Intel Xeon Gold processors with 56 Cores. Each server offers RAID-10 enabled SSD storage that ensures data protection and keeps your server up and running – it’s way better than traditional storage.

Hostens has up to three premium plans starting as low as $1.80 per month to $7.20 per month, depending on the server specs. If we say it provides the most money-value plans, that won’t be wrong because you get 2GB RAM even with the entry subscription at under $2. Their basic package comes with 2GB of RAM, 1 CPU @2.6 GHz, 20GB space, and a massive 4TB bandwidth. You can set up backups on a daily and weekly basis or enhance resources anytime.

Other worth mentioning features include 99.98% uptime24/7 customer assistancefull root access, add-ons, customizable kernel, IPv6 & IPv4 support, and different versions of Linux distributions. In addition, there is a broad range of operating systems and control panels that can be installed easily. Still not convinced? Keep in mind that Hostens also allows a 30-day full refund.

9. AccuWebHosting


  • 99% server uptime guaranteed
  • Exemplary 24/7 customer support
  • Fully managed service
  • Choice of data center location
  • Allocation for hosting unlimited websites
  • Support for cPanel, DirectAdmin, and Plesk
  • Guaranteed hardware resources
  • A strong option for KVM servers


  • Discounts come with long-term contracts only
  • Higher renewal rates

AccuWebHosting is another popular name in the web hosting industry. Just like others on the list, AccuWebHosting offers various web hosting products. These include all the basic ones like shared hosting, VPS server, dedicated server, WordPress hosting, etc. So no matter what you’re looking for, the company has you covered.

The provider holds more than 18 years of industry experience and specializes in providing amazing performance. All their KVM VPS servers come with speed-boosting server hardware, which consists of SSD disks and Intel CPUs. Besides, the company is highly reliable and promises to use Raid-6 technology in its data centers. Raid-6 is an advanced technology that makes your website keep running even when components of the server misbehave.

Fortunately, there’s a variety of data center locations you can choose from. These locations are widespread and cover all the important places around the world. So, you’ll never be too away from your server. Regarding the control panel, users get multiple options. You get to choose from DirectAdmin, Plesk, and cPanel.

Each of their VPS servers comes with 1 IP address, weekly backups, a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and hassle-free cancellation. Besides, users get guaranteed hardware resources along with the allocation for hosting unlimited websites. Another marvelous stand of the company is the inclusion of extensive support. For instance, you can use Perl, Python, SSH access, and PHP. Not to mention the MySQL database included in all VPS servers.

Are you conscious of the pricing? If you’re looking for a KVM server, then go for unmanaged virtual servers that start at $5 per month. A managed KVM server costs a bit higher at $12/mo (1-year contract). On the other hand, if you choose to pay month-to-month, the pricing jumps to $15/mo. The starter managed VPS (SSD Mercury VPS) comes with 1GB RAM, 20GB storage, 2 CPU cores, and 250GB bandwidth. Furthermore, higher VPS plans are also in place.

Start using AccuWebHosting with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

10. ScalaHosting – Managed KVM Hosting Plans


  • Fully managed KVM servers
  • Blazing-fast performance
  • Advanced security and protection with SShield
  • Free domain, daily backups, and snapshots
  • Free website migration
  • Low pricing


  • Renewal rates are high

If you’re looking for managed KVM VPS, Scalahosting cannot be neglected. All their hosting plans and servers come with a wide range of extra features you might love. And for a low starting price. It becomes a great deal of comfort. Founded in 2010, the provider holds more than a decade of experience in this field.

There are various types of cloud servers you can purchase at ScalaHosting. These include managed cloud VPS and self-managed cloud VPS. Plus, you can also look out for hosting services such as web hosting and WordPress hosting. Considering today’s topics, we will get into the details of managed cloud VPS.

Each of their cloud VPS plans comes with various exciting features that aid the company’s versatility. If you have already run a website and want to migrate it to their server, ScalaHosting is ready to do it for free. Yes, unlike many other companies, ScalaHosting is promising to safely migrate your website to their servers without any fees.

In today’s fast age, having customer assistance has become crucial. Businesses cannot even bear the loss of being unavailable for minutes. They need their websites to be online 24/7. So, whenever some problem arises, the best way to solve that is by contacting your hosting company. Thankfully, Scalahositng has managed the remarkable feat of providing 24/7 expert support to help you drive efficiencies.

ScalaHosting lets you deploy your server in different data centers, their own data centers and in the datacenters of DigitalOcean. Either way, pricing remains the same. The plans start from $9.95/mo and go all the way up to $63.95/mo. The entry package packs 1 CPU core, 2GB RAM, and 20GB SSD storage. Moreover, you can also create your own plan.

All plans include a free domain, 1-click installer, free snapshots, HTTP/3 support, guaranteed resources, and a dedicated IP address. Furthermore, you get daily backups, SShoield security protection, and the Spanel control panel.

Deploy your next KVM VPS server on ScalaHosting with instant server setup.

11. NameCheap


  • Complete root access
  • SSD-based hosting servers
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Top-level security
  • Higher hardware resources (great price value)
  • You can choose from various OSes


  • cPanel costs extra
  • Discounts come with long-term plans only

While NameCheap is primarily defined for providing domain names at low rates, it doesn’t mean the company has nothing to feature here. In fact, NameCheap is also a competitive web hosting provider offering a variety of web hosting products. NameCheap is a trusted and highly proficient web hosting company that has been around since 2000 – 20+ years of experience! Isn’t it impressive?

As mentioned, NameCheap specializes in featuring numerous web hosting solutions. These include shared, WordPress, reseller hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Furthermore, you can also look out for professional email and domain names at NameCheap. Nevertheless, we will get into the details of their VPS servers.

You can purchase an unmanaged KVM server from NameCheap with full access, which means complete server control to deploy your desired application as well as operating system as per your demand. So, you’re free to set it up however you want and make changes according to your will. However, there are only two VPS servers. Both come with KVM virtualization technology for a better experience.

These VPS servers start at $7.88/mo and $13.88/mo, respectively. This is the yearly pricing of these packages. If you choose to pay month-to-month, it might jump a bit. However, The starter packs with 2CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 40GB SSD storage, and 1TB bandwidth. With the latter one, you get 4CPU cores, 6GG RAM, 120GB Raid SSD storage, and 3TB bandwidth.

Both the mentioned KVM VPS servers feature full root access and come with a choice of operating systems. Besides, there’s a free migration service allowing you to transfer your existing website (if any) to NameCheap without any additional fees. For the management of your hosting account, there are two choices for control panels; InterWorx and cPanel, starting at $12/mo and $8.88/mo, respectively.

Thankfully, each server comes with high standards of security. You get various security patches to ensure that your server and project (website or app) are always safe from hackers and web attacks. Another marvelous stand of the company is the inclusion of free customer support. Yes, NameCheap features 24/7 customer assistance driven by experts having years of experience managing web hosting machines.

Start using NameCheap fearlessly with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

12. HostPapa


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 99% serve uptime guarantee
  • SSD powered servers
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Instant scalability
  • Free website migration
  • Fully managed service with 24/7 monitoring


  • Price isn’t very competitive

HostPapa, founded in 2006, is another popular brand known best for offering services to small businesses under budget. All their web hosting services come at affordable prices and that’s what makes a great choice among people. With decades of experience, HostPapa specializes in various web hosting solutions.

Whether you’re looking for shared, WordPress, VPS server, or dedicated hosting, HostPapa features it all. Not just that, professional (business) email, reseller hosting, and domain names are also available for purchase. However, we will be considering their powerful VPS servers.

Infrastructure-wise, HostPapa stands out. All their servers come backed with powerful internals (including Intel Xeon processors) along with a blazing-fast network to ensure a lightning-fast speed. The company isn’t just ended here. All their VPS packages come with various extra bonuses you might love.

Root access, 2 IP addresses, money-back guarantee, and free VPS migration are some extraordinary features included with each KVM hosting plan. Not to mention the free SSL certificate(s), allow unlimited websites, and enhanced SSD drives to ensure amazing server performance. Since Google has started paying attention to page loading speed for SEO rankings, a hosting service like HostPapa is a good choice for better load speeds.

Furthermore, there are 400+ cloud apps ready to deploy through the 1-click install wizard on your virtual KVM machine. Additionally, each VPS server comes with 24/7 real-time server monitoring to ensure that your server is always up and running. Another marvelous stand of the company is the control panel, users get to use cPanel for managing their web hosting accounts and performing relative tasks.

There are 5 KVM VPS plans offered by HostPapa, starting at just $19.99/mo. This starter plan comes with 4CPU cores, 2GB Ram, 60GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth. But do you know what sets HostPapa apart from the others? It’s their price-lock policy. In other words, you pay the same price at renewal as you pay initially.

13. HostMonster


  • Cloud-powered hosting
  • 24/7 support via multiple channels, including phone call
  • Instant provisioning
  • Guaranteed server resources
  • cPanel included for free
  • Managed service
  • Access to the server (root access)


  • Discounts come with long-term plans only

Though not a household name, HostMonster is a proficient option for KVM hosting. HostMonster carries lots of reasons which compelled us to include it in the list. It got into business in 1996 and got merged with EIG in 2015, which makes a total of 24 year+ of industry experience.

Just like BlueHost, HostMonster is a huge marketplace offering a variety of web hosting solutions to suit business needs of all kinds. You can purchase shared hosting, VPS servers, and dedicated servers. Each hosting plan comes with unique features that qualify the company’s existence.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the details of HostMonster’s KVM servers. First things first. The company understands the rapidness of this age, and accordingly, features instant provisioning. This means that the server personalized according to your desire gets ready within a minute or two. So, you can get started right away.

As virtual dedicated servers, each comes with dedicated resources to ensure that you get a smooth performance regardless of the noisy neighbors. Out of the 4 VPS servers, the starter one demands $19.99/mo while featuring 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 30GB storage space, and 1TB bandwidth per month. Not to mention the free domain name, free IP address, and CentOS 6.5.

On the other hand, the highest VPS server starts from$59.99 and packs with 2 CPU cores, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage, and 3TB bandwidth. All their KVM servers come with cloud technology for higher reliability and better performance. Moreover, you get an enhanced version of cPanel for comfortably managing your account, etc.

Another great feature is the inclusion of complete root access. Yes, users get complete control with access to your server. You get the freedom of setting it up however you want. With multi-account management, you can manage multiple accounts via a single login, instead of having to log in to each account.

14. DigitalOcean – Unmanaged KVM Hosting on Cloud Droplets


  • The comprehensive choice for operating systems
  • Lots of additional features
  • A variety of 1-click apps
  • Instant server setup (under 45 seconds)
  • Multiple data center locations around the globe


  • No instant customer support

DigitalOcean is a highly recommended and competitive cloud hosting service featuring affordable KVM hosting solutions. In fact. DigitalOcean is a proficient marketplace offering an extensive range of cloud computing solutions under one roof. No matter if you’re hunting for cloud droplets, KubernetesVPN servers, web hosting solutions, or SaaS development, DigitalOcean has you covered.

DigialOcean was founded in 2011, which makes it over 10 years old. Not just that, the company succeeded at producing a great reputation in a short time. Today, it’s included in top-notch cloud platforms featuring state-of-the-art data centers.

Without wasting any more time, let’s come straight to their droplets – KVM VPS servers. The best part about DigitalOcean’s VPS servers (droplets) is that you’re allowed to choose the hardware resources and the price is calculated accordingly.

However, the starter server, featuring 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25GB storage space, and 1TB bandwidth, demands $5/mo. In comparison with other popular cloud platforms like AWS and Google Cloud, its pricing is significantly lower.

To suit the business needs of all kinds, the provider has redundant resources available. For instance, you can choose up to 32 CPU cores, 192GB RAM, 3840GB storage, and 12TB bandwidth. Furthermore, you can choose additional bandwidth and storage space according to your business requirements.

Another marvelous stand of the providers is you can easily choose different kinds of droplets such as CPU-optimized, memory-optimized, storage-optimized, etc, to smoothly manage your workload. Plus, with instant scalability, you can scale up the hardware resources whenever you want without having to get permission from the company.

Moreover, there’s an instant deployment feature allowing you to immediately get started with your next project. Plus, each server comes with a data center choice. This means that you are free to choose the data center location you want, covering 8 different regions worldwide.

Thankfully, there’s a comprehensive choice of operating systems. You get to choose between Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora, and much more. Not to mention, a variety of 1-click apps are in place. These include WordPress, MongoDB, and all the essential ones. Moreover, each virtual server features cloud firewalls to set up rules and keep your business away from hackers and web threats.

15. VPSServer


  • 99.9% SLA guaranteed
  • 24/7 dedicated customer assistance
  • Incredible page load time
  • Plans start as low as $2.99/mo
  • Trusted by over 50,000 servers
  • NVMe SSD disks for better performance
  • DDoS protection


  • Short 7-days for trials

VPSServer got started back in 2015 and has been serving customers with reliable VPS servers ever since. Currently, the company holds over 50,000 delighted customers worldwide. The official customer reviews of VPSServer are also glowing.

Data center location has a great effect on the page loading speed of your website or app. A nearer data center location equals faster page load and vice versa. This means you should be looking for a server location that is nearest to your target audience. But not all web hosting providers allow you to choose your desired location. Concerning VPSServer, you get to choose from over 15 worldwide server locations. A great opportunity for boosting your loading speed!

Each KVM server comes with fast page loading times through guaranteed hardware resources and complete privacy with control over digital assets, files, etc. Furthermore, the easy scalability option lets you effortlessly scale up your hardware resources as your business grows and starts getting more visitors.

Another marvelous stand of the company is the inclusion of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for better networking, for free. For speed boost, there’s a great blend of NVMe SSD drives with elite-level Intel processors available on cloud technology. Furthermore, the control panel brings various extra features. For instance, you can view your console, reboot, your server, and get full root access to your server. Furthermore, changing OS and managing firewall is easier than ever.

Thankfully, the company offers a comprehensive range of operating system options. Over 100 templates, including Ubuntu, Debian, Arch Linux, CentOS 7, and more.

To assist users with issues and help them drive efficiencies, the company has managed exemplary customer assistance available 24/7. Besides, VPSServer promises maximum security from viruses and web attacks, etc. With DDoS protection, you’ll remain safe from web attacks. Not to mention the anti-spam server monitoring.

Start using VPSServer fearlessly with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.

16. DedicatedCore


  • Powerful server hardware
  • Premium Raid SSD drives
  • 24/7 customer assistance by experts
  • Multiple channels for support
  • Youtube videos and Knowledgebase are also available for guidance
  • Tie-3 data centers


  • The price-performance value isn’t very great
  • They need infrastructure improvements

Though not a household name, DedicatedCore is a huge marketplace for VPS servers. It lets you purchase a variety of VPS servers, including standard VPS, KVM VPS, SSD VPSWindows VPS hosting, and much more. Furthermore, you can also opt-in for reseller VPS and start your business. Anyway, let’s come straight to the KVM servers.

Infrastructure-wise, DedicatedCore performs pretty well. The company promises to provide all speed-boosting features with KVM hosting to help your business be ahead of its competitors. With a great blend of KVM technology and SSD drives, you get incredible performance to rank better on Google as well as to satisfy your customers.

Furthermore, the company promises to use highly reliable hardware components like Intel Xeon processors (specially built for 24/7 operation). Not to mention the enterprise-level 4Gbps network connection for a stable connection.

To help you with issues, there’s exemplary 24/7 customer assistance. No matter if it’s a weekend or holiday, DigitalCore’s team is always available to help the customers. Another great stand of the provider is getting available on Youtube. The provider features hundreds of YouTube videos to guide every aspect of VPS servers.

Furthermore, there’s a comprehensive knowledge base consisting of detailed articles on VPS servers. Thankfully, the provider features an instant provisioning system that gets your server ready in no time. So you can start using them right away. Each VPS plan comes with free data transfer, migration for cPanel, WHM, and DirectAdmin.

Conscious about pricing? Let’s come to that point. Their KVM servers start from $7.17/mo. The starter server features 1 powerful CPU core, 2GB RAM, 20GB Raid SSD, and nearly 2TB bandwidth. Point to clear: Raid-based SSD means that there won’t be any data loss even if the storage device misbehaves.

Out of these 4 KVM plans, the highest one features 4CPU cores, 16GB RAM, 160GB SSD storage, and almost 16TB bandwidth. Meaning you won’t run out of resources even if your business grows by leaps and bounds.

17. Linode


  • 99% uptime commitment
  • 24/7 customer assistance
  • User-friendly cloud manager
  • Various 1-click apps
  • Free DDoS protection
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • IPv6 support
  • Free cloud migration


  • Lacks live customer support via chat and phone, only ticket system available

A great substitute to other cloud hosting providers, Linode is a widely popular name in the cloud hosting industry. The reason behind their success lies in the aim of providing quality-oriented services without charging big bucks. Linode has been in the business since 2003 and got started to make cloud computing within reach of everyone.

Being an experienced cloud hosting provider, Linode offers a broad spectrum of cloud servers. Whether you’re looking for simple cloud servers, cloud storage, load balancers, GPU dedicated servers, or cloud firewall, Linode offers it all. Not to mention the other advanced networking products like DDoS protection.

Another marvelous stand of the company is featuring incredible customer support. Their support team is proficient, fast, and friendly. Above all, the support is available 24/7 through multiple channels, including live chat and phone calls.

Being accessible round-the-clock is crucial for any business’s existence. How many sales could a large business lose by being down for a single minute? So many. And what causes a website to go down? It’s the hosting company serving you. But when it comes to Linode, you get a fantastic server uptime. To get you complete peace of mind, there’s a 99.99% uptime guarantee to ensure the highest service availability.

Pricing-wise, Linode offers quite affordable KVM servers, starting as low as $5/mo and going all the way up to $960/mo. The starter one features 1GB RAM, 1 CPU core, 25GB storage, and 1TB bandwidth. The highest one, on the other hand, offers 32GB RAM, 192CPU cores, 3840GB storage, and 20TB bandwidth. So no matter what kind of business you run, the company has you covered.

Furthermore, users get the option of adding more storage and bandwidth. Each server comes with API & CLI, 1-click apps for instant deployment, multiple data center locations, and IPv6 support for better networking. Not to mention, the user-friendly cloud manager allows instant scaling up and settings.


KVM is a hugely popular virtualization technology that comes with Linux-powered hosting services. With the intense competition in the world of web hosting, it becomes challenging to choose a suitable host.

In this article, we tried our best to present the most popular KVM VPS providers that feature great price value.

But we won’t leave you on your own to decide between these options. Instead, let us further help you.

  • For those, instant customer support and affordability are important, we recommend InterServer (Our #1 Choice). They have everything to get started quickly, thanks to instant server provisioning, a bunch of choices for operating systems, a one-click installer, and flexible scalability.
  • If you’re looking for cloud-powered unmanaged KVM instances, Vultr can be a great option. With a starting price of $2.50/mo and the inclusion of various extra features, Vultr is an excellent choice for affordable KVM hosting for almost all ranges of projects.
  • Looking for a managed KVM hosting service? BlueHost is the way to go. Their servers come at an affordable rate along with a free domain, SSL, and all essential features you could ask for.

I know that it feels very confusing to make a decision when choosing a cheap KVM VPS, but these shortlisted companies are highly trusted and won’t disappoint you.