6 Cheap MySQL Hosting Services in 2024

If you have landed on this page, it is understandable that you are already familiar with the MySQL database and only looking for some of the best but cheapest MySQL hosting services. However, we will discuss the MySQL database briefly for those who are new or beginners. Rest assured that you have precisely landed at the right place.

Are you looking for a database that is known for its ease of use, speed, stability, and provides the great benefit of being open-source? MySQL is definitely your go-to option. While there are many other databases, like MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, etc., that you can use, all the features discussed above make MySQL stand out among them.

Almost all web hosting services offer essential MySQL services included in their web hosting plans at no additional cost. This is because this database management server is known for its outstanding performance, security, optimal capability and has become one of the most popular database management servers available at the time.

This list of amazing features doesn’t end here; the MySQL database has a lot more benefits and features to offer and if you want to know more about what is MySQL and MySQL hosting services, let me assure you are precisely at the right place.

cheap MySQL hosting

Cheapest MySQL Hosting Options

#1. BlueHost – For Instant Customer Support and SSD Storage

#2. A2Hosting – For Exclusively Optimized low cost MySQL hosting Plans with 20X Speed

#3. Kamatera – For Cloud VPS MySQL database hosting (18 data centers, 99.95% uptime, and 300% faster CPU performance)

What is MySQL Database?

MySQL is basically an open-source database that is absolutely free to use on almost all popular webs, including Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Joomla, etc. This MySQL database server is licensed under GPL, owned by Oracle Corporation, and is available for free.

It is majorly used by WordPress and helps retrieve all the information that a WordPress blog contains. If explained in simple words, the MySQL hosting server serves as a digital filing system that is capable of storing and organizing all of the data available on your website.

Some of the significant features that make MySQL stand out as a database management server include scalability, which means it can efficiently work with small and large amounts of data and clusters of machines. Additionally, the open-source feature of this database indicates that anyone can download, use and modify it according to their requirements without any trouble.

It is very quick and reliable and is known for efficiently storing the data when the data is consistent and not unessential. It also allows quick access and manipulation of the stored data. 

When it comes to the feature of security, it comes with a very secure interface because it has a flexible password system that needs to be verified before allowing the user to access the database. Also, it supports many of the data types, including VARCHAR (variable character), CHAR (character), float, double, time, date, text, blob, etc. 

MySQL offers many benefits, including multi-version transaction support, secure and reliable data management system, exceptional scalability, flawless performance, 24×7 uptime, etc.

Use Cases of MySQL Database

Some of the most known use cases of MySQL include:


Many media and entertainment sites, including YouTube, use MySQL. This means any time you decide to watch a video on YouTube, and it receives the data from a blob store or relational database using the MySQL server.

e-Commerce Applications

For almost all e-commerce platforms, MySQL has proved to be one of the most common and popular transactional engines. The database is used along with a non-relational database for e-commerce applications in order to store non-product data and sync the order data effortlessly.

It is basically used on these sites to manage customers’ data, transactions, and all the product catalogs. Uber is one of the famous e-commerce applications that is using MySQL for its car transportation service.

Prevent Fraudulent Activities

It can help companies into transaction kinds of activities by analyzing claims and transactions bizarre behavior to prevent any type of fraudulent activities that may happen in the future. PayPal is one of the most popular sites that deal with transactions and has made its fraud detection system by taking help from MySQL.

Social Media

It is pretty crucial that social media activities, including likes, comments, shares, etc., contribute to the business, and you can use MySQL extensively for this purpose. Facebook is a significant example using MySQL, where almost petabytes of data are used to serve shares, likes, and comments.

Mapping Business

Websites or platforms with millions of subscribers have been using MySQL for billing purposes. Netflix is one of such platforms, and it uses MySQL database as the backbone of its billing activities. Compliance and migration in minimal downtime are two of the factors that Netflix needed, and both were achieved using this database.

11 Cheap MySQL Hosting Services in 2024

1. BlueHost – Best MySQL Web Hosting with SSDs


BlueHost has made it to the list of one of the best yet cheap MySQL hosting services because of all the fantastic features, guidelines, and tools it has in store for you. Its shared hosting helps you bring your website/database to life and offers the most effortless services and most economical packages under one roof.

You get to have the option of four different packages in BlueHost, including Basic, Plus, Choice Plus, and Pro. Depending on your preference and comfort, you can select all the packages in either 12 months of payment or 36 months. The number of websites and SSD storage is limited in the basic package for one website and 50 GB storage. However, you can get unlimited access to both these features for all three other packages.

With BlueHost shared MySQL hosting, you get to enjoy many benefits, and one of those significant advantages includes purchasing web hosting at a very affordable price. Additionally, their shared hosting is totally managed, so the users don’t have to worry about platform patches or server management at all. The SSL certificates, domain names, sub-domains, email addresses, and many other features are available with each plan.

BlueHost team caters to almost millions of websites throughout the year with its 24/7 client support. No matter at what time of the day you have got your query, you will be assisted by the expert team to help you build, grow or manage your WordPress website effectively.

They also offer guidance for website/DB migration that are not using BlueHost’s servers as their web host. It provides a migration service that securely transfers all your files and data without any trouble at some additional fee.

Key Features

All plans have various essential features, including Google My Business, which allows you to list your local business online, domain manager which helps you transfer, update, purchase and manage your domains without any difficulty. The resource protection feature protects your server performance just in case other websites/databases are consuming more resources on the same server.

Another worth mentioning perk includes SSL certificates for all the shared packages specially designed to keep all your personal and sensitive data like e-commerce transactions safeguarded through encrypted connections.

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2. A2Hosting – 20x Fastest MySQL Hosting Plans with Unlimited Databases

A2Hosting cheap mysql web hosting

A2Hosting is known for its fantastic web hosting services, and there is no exception when it comes to its shared web hosting service too. All of their plans are backed by top-of-the-line servers, and there is a limit to how many clients have to operate on each server so that the speed quality is not compromised at all.

A2 web hosting allows you to enjoy a powerful combination of limited occupancy, resources, and performance enhancements, which ensures a web-hosting service like no other. It has become industry-leading because it allows you to have 20 times faster page loading experiences and that too at a minimal and very affordable cost.

You can choose from four different packages for A2’s MySQL web hosting, including Runway 1, Runway 2, Runway 4, and Supersonic 8 whose prices start from $8.99, $14.99, $19.99, and $59.99, respectively.

All four packages have excellent discounts going on from 41% to 50%, and you can have access to various unique features at such a discounted price. All of this is applicable if you decide to pay for three years. The prices and discounts differ for 12 months and monthly accordingly.

They also provide MySQL compatible web hosting through its shared hosting servers that are even cheaper, starting as low as $2.99 per month for 100 FB SSD space, 1 domain, and 5 databases.

Key Features

What makes A2Hosting stand out is that it offers up to 20 times faster page loading, which helps in improving SEO rankings and provides higher conversion rates and lower bounce rates to a significant level. Also, if you have sites running on any other web hosting service and you want to migrate it to A2Hosting, you don’t have to worry about anything since the team moves your site for free in the majority of the cases.

It also allows almost nine times more traffic and three times faster read and writes speeds. Also, the feature of perpetual security makes sure that your accounts are in safe hands through their best protective services. With that, you get to have a 99.9% up-time and a 100% money-back guarantee in case of no satisfaction. Their team is available to assist with your needs 24/7/365.

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3. Kamatera – Cheap VPS MySQL Hosting Servers


Guaranteed dedicated resources, a maximum of 512 GB RAM per server, and takes seconds to deploy your own servers, you get it all under one roof. Along with being exceptionally reliable and scalable, Kamatera is probably one of the fastest clouds with the greatest use cases to provide.

To provide ultimate performance and availability, they have 18 data centers worldwide. The services are pretty reliable, and they are known for high-end data centers, no single point of failure or downtime, and guaranteeing around 99.9% of up-time to the users. Along with that, they can quickly scale out hundreds of servers within seconds and run any edition of Windows and Linux operating systems.

Some of its most popular use cases include a web hosting service that allows you to create single or multiple web services on top of the hosted web server, an app server that helps you build your application on a powerful virtual machine, a database server that deploys your database on a hosted virtual machine.

Additionally, it comes with a backup server that helps store your data professionally and securely. There are various other servers like Remote Desktop, WordPress, ERP, CRM, VolP, and IoT servers that do their job flawlessly and provide you with the services you are looking for.

Key Features

The key features of Kamatera include instant resources scalability, redundant networking, modern hardware, support for various operating systems, and the fastest clouds than many of its competitors.

Other features worth mentioning are the fastest Intel Xeon Processors that help run your servers on the latest processors and that too with 300 times more powerful as compared to previous generations for each CPU. Along with that, you get to enjoy 40Gbit/second network connectivity speed per server.

It doesn’t end here, as each cloud database server is allocated its own resources, and there is absolutely no sharing of CPU, RAM, or any other resource. It also includes a user-friendly cloud management console that helps deploy your servers within seconds.

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4. Hostinger – Cheapest MySQL Hosting Plans


Offering excellent features like webmail access, 24/7 customer support, powerful control panel, and many more at affordable prices, Hostinger is easily qualified to be ranked at the top position in our list of cheapest MySQL web hosting providers.

What makes it stand out among other competitors is the fact that you don’t need to be a pro to get started since it has a very easy-to-use control panel that allows you to launch your website within minutes.

This web hosting service has three different packages to offer, including single shared hosting, premium shared hosting, and business shared hosting. The prices of these packages are way too low, starting from 1.99 USD/month, 2.99 USD/month, and 4.99 USD/month, respectively. All these packages have amazing discounts going on, starting from 71% to 80%.

If you are using any other hosting service and you want to switch to Hostinger, the team will do it all for you without charging you even a penny. Additionally, they will take care of the entire process without bothering you, and you can quickly pay more attention to the stuff that needs your time.

If WordPress is your expertise, this web hosting service is definitely worth all the money since you will get everything you need to let your WordPress website do wonders. You get to enjoy custom-built WordPress optimization tools and at Lite-Speed powered servers.

Key Features

All three packages include the feature of free SSL of around 11.95 USD, managed WordPress, WordPress acceleration, GIT access, and 30 days money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the services.

Using hosting web service, you will enjoy various unique features: a 99.9% up-time guarantee, powerful control panel, DNS management, Webmail access, 24/7/365 support file manager, weekly backups, PHP configuration, and multiple PHP versions, remote MySQL, 1-click installer, and much more.

The security of your web service is Hostinger’s top priority. Along with that, you can also have access to WordPress production site staging. This feature allows you to easily make a copy of your website, test all the changes that you want on it and then publish only when you are satisfied with the final outcome.

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5. InMotionHosting – Best Cheap SSD MySQL Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth


Do you own a small business and want to host your website with 24/7/365 human support, InMotion is your go-to option. This web hosting service uses an industry-leading control panel to manage your websites with 20 times more incredible speed, and all of these offers will definitely fit your budget.

It offers four different packages, namely Core, Launch, Power, and Pro, with the cheapest MySQL hosting plan starting from $2.29/month, while higher plans cost $4.99/month, $4.99/month (promotional price), and $12.99/month, respectively.

For the Core package, you get to have free SSL, two hosted sites, and 100GB SSD space, while for all other three packages, you can enjoy unlimited free SSL, storage, and hosted domains.

The packages include unique features like one-click installation of 400+ applications, free website builder, hack and malware protection, backup manager, google workspace, spam experts, 24/7 human support, etc.

Not only does this web hosting service offers zero downtime, which guarantees that your business will run smoothly without any stoppage, but it also saves your time and energy since every process is entirely hassle-free for all sites and emails.

Key Features

One of the significant features that InMotion hosting has to offer is the ease of use that allows you to quickly grow and manage your websites with one-click installs of all the popular apps and cPanel. Additionally, their security definitely stands out as the hosting service can protect your data from hacking, provide malware protection, includes SSL, and prevents DDoS.

Along with that, you can get a super-easy start to WordPress using InMotion Hosting services and create email inboxes to keep in touch with your customers. You are also allowed to host multiple websites on a single host, so that is definitely a win-win situation.

SSL certificates, unlimited bandwidth, and e-commerce tools are a few other features that you get to enjoy using this hosting service, and just in case you are not satisfied, you will get hosting fees returned back in the first 90 days.

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6. InterServer

InterServer affordable mysql hosting

Starting at just 2.50 USD/month with a whopping discount of 65%, InterServer service is definitely for you if you are tight on budget and want to enjoy some exceptional features. You can easily use it for putting your business online or blogging about the latest memes or even the happenings around the world.

What makes this MySQL hosting service stand out is the fact that they offer guaranteed email delivery which means your mails will not be transferred directly from the web hosting server but will first be processed through a gateway server. This means that the web hosting service ensures that your messages are always delivered and not left in spam.

Bonus, their InterShield security layer is added for free to ensure extra protection against server attacks. They can easily detect attacks and scan viruses automatically, providing a house malware database and some protection rules that stop attacks even before they start.

Key Features

The InterServer has some unique key features for you: an easy-to-navigate control panel DirectAdmin that successfully provides some essential and easy-to-use tools for resellers and admins to manage and control their website using a web browser.

Along with that, they also offer a free migration service, so you don’t have to worry about migrating your website hosted on any other web hosting company to InterServer. You also get to enjoy affordable e-commerce solutions so that you have the freedom to create your e-commerce store on any platform you want to.

Some other features include an Easy WordPress installer, automatic updates, spam filtering, SSL encryption, unlimited email accounts, unlimited data transfer, unlimited storage space, unlimited FTP accounts, Lite-speed ultra-fast web server, weekly backups, webmail access, and much more.

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Choosing the suitable database hosting for your projects, websites, and business entirely depends on your needs, how much storage you might need, processing power, amount of users, and the size of your DB. So, wisely make a decision by keeping in mind your requirements.

We have reviewed some of the most popular and affordable MySQL hosting providers that offer high uptime, speed, scalability, and customer support round the clock. It is your turn to pick the right web host, however, we recommend the following companies for ultimate performance.

#1. BlueHost – For Instant Customer Support and SSD Storage

#2. A2Hosting – For Exclusively Optimized low cost MySQL hosting Plans with 20X Speed

#3. Kamatera – For Cloud VPS MySQL database hosting (18 data centers, 99.95% uptime, and 300% faster CPU performance)

On the other hand, you can also check out other cheap MySQL hosting services we have reviewed as all of them are excellent web hosts in one way or another.