14 Cheap Object Storage Services in 2024

cheap object storage platforms

We will shed light on some of the most reliable object storage platforms, what it is, and its use cases in this thorough roundup.

As the name shows, a storage system that stores or manages data as objects is called “Object storage” – an excellent way to handle mass data with greater analytics, beyond-expectation scalability, and optimal resource utilization.

Such storage architecture helps manage massive unstructured data with robust durability, flexible scalability, instant on-demand availability for faster retrieval, and affordable pricing for small to large-scale projects.

Choosing a provider that offers S3 API compatibility further adds benefits to any storage service, so we will also review which company offers S3-compatible solutions.


Top Object Storage Providers

#1. Vultr – For a wide range of data centers, modern control panel, and 1-click installers

#2. Contabo – For massive storage with auto-scaling, DDoS protection, and ACL management

#3. DreamHost – For built-in development tools, DevOps features, and more.

Let’s discuss in detail!

What is Object Storage?

It is object-based storage that considers data as an individual unit known as an object. It stores data as distinct units, bundled with metadata and a unique identifier assigned to each object that anyone can use to locate and access each data unit. Each object is stored in the cloud, making them available from everywhere.


Metadata is a vital portion of object storage innovation. It is decided by the client and permits adaptable analysis and recovery of the information in a storage pool based on its characteristics and functions.

Object storage has a definite system to ensure data consistency, enabling automatic data replication, rolling updates, and no downtime.

This technology is an excellent choice for companies that offer object hosting because of the tremendous opportunities for data analytics and the capability to store an object anywhere within an allocated data pool. In addition, its flat address space allows the users to quickly scale it by adding more storage to the data pool.

Object-based storage utilizes a framework that has no built-in limits. Consequently, it can hold gigantic volumes of unstructured information such as sound, video, emails, well-being records, and reports.

Use Cases of Object Storage

  • It is ideal when dealing with extensive unstructured data such as videos, audio, emails, and other essential documents.
  • It allows the storage of a large amount of data in one place and helps to apply data analytics when needed.
  • It is a perfect choice for the data that needs a disaster recovery option. Since it is cloud-based storage, it stores data on multiple servers in different locations. Therefore, in case one location is inaccessible, the data will be available from another data center or location.
  • It is perfect for protecting your critical business applications and workloads because it automatically replicates data on multiple servers. As a result, you can readily recover your data in any unpleasant case.
  • Object storage offers high durability for the stored data. You can recover your data in its original form even after a long time.
  • Object-based storage was created with cost in mind, providing storage for large amounts of data at a lower price than file- and block-based systems.

Cheap Object Storage Platforms and Services 2024

1. Vultr (Top-Rated Choice)

vultr object storage s3 api

Vultr is an affordable cloud service provider that offers reliable and easily scalable object and block storage solutions at a reasonable price with an incredibly easy-to-use control panel.

The company’s hardware infrastructure is designed to keep stability and uptime as primary goals. It comprises enterprise-grade hardware to ensure stability and higher performance. In addition, Vultr utilizes redundant network architecture that automatically detects and routes around malicious activity to safeguard the blazing fast speed.

The provider offers flexible and scalable object storage servers to fulfill customer needs. The introductory price for object storage is $5 per month for 250GB disk space and 1TB data transfer. However, the customer can choose upto 1000GB disk space and 10 TB data transfer speed. Since the solutions are highly scalable, customers can quickly expand or shrink the storage by adding or removing objects at any time. Moreover, they charge $0.02 per GB and $10 for additional TB data transfer.

All plans support S3 API, which allows you to store, retrieve, encrypt and delete objects efficiently. Since S3 API is an object-level management protocol, it helps you to manage, hold and present your data in the best possible way. It also enables easy integration with S3-enabled applications and third party software.

Vultr uses the NVMe caching layer to provide superior performance and ensure that your frequent-accessed data is promptly available when needed. In addition, managing your media assets (such as images, videos, and audio) is easy with Vultr’s storage services.

All the data is cloned automatically three times to fulfill the company’s promise of availability all the time. Moreover, you can use S3 API or other popular control panels to create a backup of your data.

The company allows you to customize your solution with endless possibilities, such as creating CDN origin points, storing cloud-native application data, archiving large data sets, saving historical logs, setting up disaster recovery, and more.

Apart from a well-experienced support team, they manage an extensive FAQ section to answer all possible queries.

Key Features

  • S3 API-supported solution enables easy integration with S3-enabled apps and third party tools
  • Flexible and easily scalable solutions
  • NVMe caching layer to provide higher performance and high availability of data
  • Automated backups through S3 API or other popular panels
  • Redundant network infrastructure to detect and route malicious activity
  • Transparent pricing module
  • 24/7 customer support

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2. Contabo – Runner-up Choice

contabo cheapest object storage plans

Contabo provides object storage solutions with unique features at a low price. You will be charged only for the disk space and can enjoy unlimited free data transfer with each plan.

The company uses state-of-the-art infrastructure to offer superior performance and the fastest speed compared to its competitors. In addition, network architecture is designed to offer lower latency to each customer to ensure that your website, data, or application is accessible as soon as possible.

The entry package is available at $2.99/mo and includes 250 GB storage while unlimited accessible data transfer. All servers come with built-in redundancy, which guarantees that your server won’t be affected by any network outage due to natural disasters or network failure because it will always have a backup network.

Contabo offers S3-compatible API object storage solutions. S3 API allows developers to manage their data with robust access, control, and flexible replication tools. It enhances data availability, security, and performance at less cost. With Contabo’s storage solution, you can enjoy popular features like versioning or locking.

Another good thing about Contabo is that you can use it with any server setup you currently have without any difficulty. In addition, you can migrate to Contabo by following a few simple steps. You’ll just need to follow S3’s well-established protocol.

The company makes managing data a dead simple task with its web interface. This interface allows the customers to manage their files and buckets via web browsers. It also helps share the links of stored data and manage public access to each file independently and securely. You can add or remove the user’s entrance from the web interface or API.

They also allow you to set the maximum limit of data growth to ensure that you won’t pay extra for additional resources, along with scaling up or down resources easily with a web interface. You can integrate your hosting plan with any leading backup service to secure your data. Furthermore, DDoS protection is also in place to secure data from malicious attacks/viruses.

Contabo manages a vast FAQ section that contains most of the required information about their service. However, you can also contact their support team in case of any technical help.

Key Feature

  • Free unlimited data transfer
  • Built-in redundancy that ensures no outage of services
  • DDoS protection to mitigate malicious activity
  • Drag-and-drop interface to manage data files and other essential aspects
  • Auto-scaling limit to avoid extra payment
  • Compatible with S3 API
  • 24/7 expert support team

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3. DreamHost – Cheap Cloud Object Storage Plans

dreamhost dreamobject features

DreamHost, besides providing traditional web hosting services, also offers secure cloud storage named DreamObjects at an affordable price with high durability. The company’s reliable, redundant servers are built on enterprise-level hardware that ensures you can experience superior speed, reliability, and 99.99% uptime.

Their internet infrastructure consists of multiple network tiers with a safety wall that automatically detects and mitigates unwanted activity. DreamHost provides one of the cheapest cloud plans for object storage that allows you to store and secure data, such as hosting files, videos, images, backups, and web app development.

DreamObject is an ideal solution for developers who need affordable object storage for their expanding web app development data. Developers can use it to increase their existing S3-compatible web space or replace the current one using S3 REST API without losing any data.

All DreamObject packages are S3 compatible, allowing you to integrate any S3-enabled applications. Moreover, you can install third-party tools to manage your object instances. In addition, you can use popular apps Retrospect, Cloudberry, etc., to store your personal and business data like images, videos, backups, etc.

Since all the storage solutions are powered by an open source framework, allowing the developers to inspect, modify and enhance the source code to achieve superior performance and the optimal user experience.

Dreamhost offers a connection plugin to create automated backups for your WordPress sites, upload images, and use shortcakes to display pictures.

You can choose any prepaid plan by clicking on the DreamObject tab from the control panel. It costs only $0.95 for 40 GB of storage initially. You will be charged as 2.5 cents per GB per month for any additional usage. Storage solutions are scalable, meaning you can scale up or down according to your needs and pay for the storage you use.

dreamhost dreamobject plans

The company offers a 60-day trial account, so you can test their service hassle-free before paying. They also manage an extensive knowledge base to answer any possible queries. Plus, you can contact their in-house experts using tickets or live chat 24/7.

Key Features

  • Redundant servers with higher speed, reliability, and durability
  • S3 suitable storage solutions
  • Unlimited API requests
  • Powered by open source
  • Automated backups
  • Fully scalable storage
  • 60-day free trial
  • 24/7 customer support

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4. DigitalOcean – Best Object Storage for Developers and Enterprises

digitalocean spaces

DigitalOcean offers S3-compatible object storage hosting with built-in CDN at lower rates. Built-in CDN makes data storage and delivery easy, reliable, and affordable.

The platform designs storage solutions with durability, efficiency, and security in mind. As a result, over one million developers trust DigitalOcean’s servers. They provide an S3-compatible API, which allows you to integrate it with S3-enabled applications, plugins, extensions, and tools to manage your spaces. It also allows you to manage and access your data with ease. With a few clicks, you can create an elegant and efficient design using API docs that are easy to understand.

You can build and run three static websites on object storage for free – yes, that’s right. With CDN enabled, you can speed up your end-user experience by caching assets at more than 25 global points.

It also reduces the latency when loading frequently accessed content by up to 70%, improving overall site performance. Moreover, you can use your subdomain with an SSL certificate to create a seamless, secure architecture.

CORS rules manager is another great feature built into cloud UI or API. It avoids complex configuration files and prevents cross-domain security alerts.

Each storage solution includes an accessible drag-and-drop interface that enhances the file browser, allowing you to upload multiple files and manage available data without difficulty.

DigitalOcean uses HTTPS security protocol to secure data transfer automatically. Moreover, you will get access to make your files public and private or create a quick share link for a short time.

The starting price for an object storage instance is $5/mo, which includes 250 GB of data storage with 1 TB of outbound and unlimited inbound transfer. Of course, you can upscale instance resources easily as your business grows.

They manage an extensive knowledge base consisting of tutorial videos, docs, and FAQs for customers’ queries, or you can contact the support team for any technical help or any questions.

Key Feature

  • Easy integration through S3-enabled tools or application
  • Built-in CDN to reduce loading time/latency
  • You can build and run 3 static websites for free
  • CORS rules manager to avoid complex configuration and prevent cross-domain alerts
  • Enhanced files manager to upload multiple files and manage data
  • HTTPS security protocol enabled secure data transfer
  • 24/7 customer support team

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5. HostWinds


Hostwinds offers affordable object storage solutions for users on a tight budget with all the bells and whistles. It operates with three data centers to ensure lower latency and disaster recovery options.

They offer fully S3-configurable solutions that allow developers to easily access and manage data stored in buckets. You need to integrate the company’s endpoints with your existing S3-enabled apps and other tools to start using their services.

S3 API is a widely tested access interface with a small risk of interoperability issues. Moreover, it is less costly compared to other interfaces.

Hostwinds offers the most reliable storage solution that ensures that you won’t lose data in any case because their storage system automatically clones the stored data 3 times on 3 different devices. It assures that your data will be available whenever you need it.

You can keep your data, like web app development, videos, files, images, etc., on their servers without fear of being stolen and lost. They take complete responsibility for securing your data from malicious hack attempts.

The pricing module is straightforward and transparent. Hostwinds charges on an hourly basis at the rate of $ 0.000042386 per GB per month. After each hour, the system automatically multiplies the hourly rate with the data used and stores it in records. At the end of the month, all these hourly rates add up to find a cumulative bill.

The customer support team is available 24/7 to help resolve the problems as soon as possible. You can contact them via live chat, open tickets, or email. Their sales/technical team is always ready to resolve customers’ problems in the best possible way.

Key Feature

  • Easily scalable storage services
  • S3-compatible storage to access and manage your data remotely
  • It can be attached to any S3-compatible server
  • A reliable storage system that automatically clones data on 3 different drives
  • Transparent pricing model
  • Expert customer support team available 24/7 to assist you

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6. OVHcloud

ovhcloud scalable object storage

OVHcloud is a French cloud computing company that offers low-cost object storage and block storage solutions. They use ISO\IEC 27001, 27017, 27701, and 27018 certified cloud infrastructure to provide high-performance, scalable, and secure storage space.

The object-based storage by OVH is S3-compatible, allowing you to combine it with S3-compatible servers using the REST API. In addition, the API will enable you to manage and maintain the static data, such as videos, images, personal files, etc., uploaded to storage space.

You will be charged according to the space you use, you don’t have to be worried about over-charge as your business grows and require more space for the data. OVHcloud is a perfect place if you are looking for performance-intensive data storage. It can easily manage a large amount of data without creating complexity because all the servers are based on an innovative SDS system that optimizes the data processing at every stage (storage, transfer, and deletion).

Each storage plan comes up with a tagging feature that helps you to create different categories of your objects or buckets. Each storage space can use upto 100 buckets. OVHcloud uses a trusted platform to ensure that your data is stored confidential and that no one else can access it.

The access control list (ACL) management lets you configure specific access permissions for objects and containers by the user and access method. It also helps you create temporary URLs to provide read or write access to an object for a short time. Once the time is over, the URL will no longer be valid.

S3 API authorizes configuring a tool by generating credentials that are specific to this use. You must change the endpoints in the application using these credentials to get this compatibility.

As your business develops, you must consistently access your collaborative devices. OVHcloud gives you collaborative arrangements based on a devoted and versatile framework, checked by experts 24/7.

The object storage is charged according to the storage used at $0.01/GB/mo. It includes unlimited incoming traffic.

The provider offers a knowledge base that consists of FAQs, technical guides, tutorials, and documentation. It almost covers each question that may arise in the customer’s mind. Furthermore, you can also contact customer support via live chat, call, or email.

Key Feature

  • Perfect for performance-intensive data storing
  • Software-defined storage (SDS) optimizes the data processing at each stage
  • Tagging feature to categorize your data in buckets
  • Access control list (ACL) management helps configure specific access permissions for objects and containers
  • Allow temporary URL for a short time to give access to a particular file or container
  • 24/7 customer support

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7. Linode


Linode also provides high-availability object storage that can store data across a cluster of servers for high availability and durability. The platform operates with 11 data centers worldwide to deliver lower latency and faster speed.

Linode’s storage costs $5 per month and includes 250GB of storage, free inbound, and 1TB outbound transfer. You can start with a smaller plan and upscale it to a higher one as your business grows and requires more storage or outbound transfer. You can store up to 50TB of data on Linode clusters.

Since the storage solutions are optimized for high availability and speed, they help you maintain the same performance even if your business grows or increases large amounts of unstructured data.

S3 compatibility makes it simple and more reasonable to oversee unstructured information, such as substance resources, as well as advanced and data-intensive capacity challenges around manufactured insights and machine learning.

The company’s top-class infrastructure ensures ultimate SLA uptime and durability. In addition, data is cloned across different servers, making sure that it is accessible even if one of their servers is unavailable.

Linode’s storage is also an ideal choice if you are looking to host static websites. You can deploy a static website and manage it easily without maintaining your own infrastructure. Furthermore, it is best to store backups, images, videos, personal files, and huge data sets.

Each storage cluster comes up with Linode’s CLI, which lets you manage your object’s data and buckets more efficiently. The ACL interface allows the creation of temporary short links for specific objects or containers to allow short-period access for others. After the time is over, the URL will expire automatically.

Like any other company, Lindoe also offers extensive knowledgebase for self help. It comprises docs, guides, blogs, and a brief FAQ section. Apart from that, an expert technical support team is also available to assist you, which can be reached out through live chat, call, tickets, or email.

Key Features

  • Support for S3 API access
  • Unlimited inbound data transfer
  • You can deploy static websites easily
  • Linode’s CLI is in place to manage object data and buckets
  • ACL feature allows you to create short access links
  • Expert support team

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8. Upcloud

upcloud s3 compatible object space

UpCloud is a European cloud hosting platform that offers scalable and secure object storage for small to enterprise-range businesses. It operates with 12 global data centers to ensure lower latency and extraordinary reliability to keep your critical data safe and sound.

Upcloud’s object space is designed to redundantly store your data on multiple storage devices to make it secure and available even if one device is out of order. Moreover, the storage solution uses HTTPS internet security protocol to encrypt data and secure it from hacking attempts.

This platform also offers S3 API support and a programmable interface that can be utilized for configuring any existing tools using specific credentials. Plus, it enables integration of your object storage with S3-enabled applications and devices.

Their modern control panel empowers users to manage stored data quickly and effortlessly. The control panel features creating temporary short links of any particular object of buckets for a specific period and sharing it via API. After the period is over, the link will become invalid. Moreover, you can enable public HTTPS access for some particular objects using it.

You can start with the basic instance and then easily scale up when your business expands or require more storage and outgoing data transfer. Each storage server can hold upto 1TB of data. However, you can add multiple instances to store more.

The company offers three subscriptions under the object space category. The basic one starts at $5/month, including 250GB storage, free incoming transfer, and 500GB outgoing transfer. You will be charged $0.01/GB if the outgoing transfer limit exceeds.

Data migration is free of cost for all users along with the Rclone program to copy all data from one S3-compatible storage to another quickly and easily.

You can get general information about the company and products from the knowledge base, which comprises FAQs, videos, and documentation. For any technical help, one can contact the customer support team via live chat through the control panel.

Key Feature

  • Rclone makes data migration easy and quick
  • Highly scalable storage
  • Intuitive control panel
  • HTTPS internet protocol for data encryption
  • 3-day free trial
  • 24/7 support team
  • Various data centers worldwide

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9. AWS Amazon – Object Storage Services for Enterprises/Businesses

amazon s3

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers cutting-edge object storage with industry-leading durability, data availability, and higher performance.

Amazon offers multiple tiers of object space that include a variety of features. For general storage purposes, the standard level is the best, which costs only $0.023/Gb for the first 50 TB/month.

Amazon S3 is an excellent choice for small or large-scale businesses. AWS provides cost-effective object hosting with easy-to-use management options, which help you optimize costs, organize data, and configure fine-tuned access controls to meet specific business requirements. In addition, you can use it for data-extensive and high-performance computing applications to unlock data insights.

Amazon S3 includes robust replication functionality that helps backup and restore critical data using meet recovery time objectives (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO).

It also offers access points feature that simplifies data access for any AWS service or customer application that stores data in S3. With this, customers can create unique access control for each access point to easily maintain access to shared datasets. Furthermore, users with shared data sets can quickly scale access for hundreds of applications by creating individualized access points with names and customized permissions for each application.

For data management, Amazon provides the S3 Batch Operations option. It lets you manage billions of objects at scale with just a few clicks via the management console or a single API request. This feature can change object metadata and properties or perform other storage management tasks.

AWS object space solutions also come with a block public access feature that allows you to secure your data by blocking unauthorized access. You can block public ingress to all of your objects at the bucket or the account level.

Each Amazon S3 server includes multi-region access points, accelerating performance by up to 60% when ingressing replicated data sets across multiple regions. In addition, it dynamically routes your requests over the AWS network for the lowest latency. Through this automatic routing, you can take advantage of the global infrastructure of AWS.

Amazon manages an extensive knowledge base consisting of FAQs and other valuable documentation to quickly understand the basic hosting terms. Plus, its customer support team comprises experts who are always ready to assist its customers, but at a price.

Key Feature

  • One of the best platforms for S3-optimized storage
  • Robust replication feature to create backups and restore critical data
  • S3 access points allow the creation of individualized ingress points for objects/buckets
  • S3 Batch operations allow manage and scale large amounts of objects
  • You can block public access to secure your data from unauthorized use
  • Multi-region points
  • 24/7 support team

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10. Scaleway

scaleway cheapest s3 storage

Scaleway is another European cloud infrastructure that provides multi-AZ redundant object hosting solutions at low prices with higher availability. All its cloud products are designed and built to work together, offering you a seamless, world-class cloud experience.

Scaleway ensures high data availability with multi-AZ replication, which automatically clones data on three different zones. In case of any disaster in one data zone, the other data zone will automatically keep data online. Multi-AZ replication offers enhanced durability, increased availability, protection of your database performance, and automatic failover.

Scaleway object storage is S3-friendly and powered by an open-source system that grants you access to modify the source code to enhance performance and get the best possible efficiency. Furthermore, since the storage is S3-compatible, you can migrate your data from any S3-powered operator free of cost and without any difficulty.

The company’s API is compatible with 14 popular features like the S3 Multipart upload feature, S3 lifecycle management features, Bucket versioning, Object tagging, and ACLs, allowing you to work more easily between different operators.

S3 API allows the developers to create temporary short links and grant access to a particular file for a short period. Moreover, it helps categorize data through object tagging. You can store a large amount of unstructured data here.

The pricing module is transparent and one can easily calculate the cost of consumed data. There are no hidden charges.

They don’t offer any prepaid plan. You will be charged according to the storage uses at €0.0127 per GB per month. It included free unlimited ongoing data transfer and 75 GB of free outgoing transfer each month. Once the limit is reached, you will be charged €0.01/GB. Scaleway console helps you monitor your data storage and outgoing transfer to estimate your consumption.

Scaleway has a FAQ section to answer all possible user queries. You can also contact the customer support team via live chat for any technical help.

Key Feature

  • Allows modify source code for the best efficiency
  • Free data migration
  • Multi-AZ replication to clone your data on multiple zones
  • Enhance durability and availability
  • S3 API is compatible with 14 unique and popular features
  • You can create unlimited temporary URLs
  • Transparent pricing model
  • 24/7/365 customer support

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Ionos cloud storage

IONOS is an ISO-27001 certified web hosting company that provides traditional shared hosting, database hosting, network services, managed Kubernetes hosting, private cloud, VPS, dedicated servers, monitoring services, and much more, along with S3 storage solutions with high performance and compatibility.

IONOS storage is designed to handle extensive unstructured data, videos, audio, images, backups, and business files with high durability and security. As mentioned before, it is optimized for S3 integration, which implies that you can easily configure it with your application and third party tools. Your object storage server can be integrated easily into automated processes or conveniently accessed via HTTP(s) using the REST API or third-party SDKs. 

IONOS Cloud’s multidimensional security ensures that only you/authorized users can access stored objects. It also guarantees the highest level of reliability. You can securely store your data or critical business files using S3 object lock. Moreover, the web host uses the world’s most robust privacy policies for data protection.

S3 API will help manage your data more flexibly and efficiently. It also enables users to set up access permission for particular objects ensuring further data security. You can also create temporary URLs for a short period; after that, the URLs will be invalid.

They charge according to storage or resource usage. You will be charged $0.018/GB per month for upto 50 TB of storage. After that limit exceeds, the price drops to $0.017/GB. You will get free API access or usage with each plan and no extra data storage and retrieval fees.

Similarly, you must pay $0.036/GB for the first 10 TB of data transfer for outgoing data transfer. After that, the company will lower the price. Incoming data transfer is free of cost.

Ionos Cloud offers a 30-day free trial of its services. You can test all of their services before paying anything. The control panel can easily upgrade a trial account to a paid version.

You can contact the customer support team for any query anytime. A fully featured FAQ section to answer your queries is also in place.

Key Feature

  • Free incoming data transfer
  • Multidimensional security ensures data safety
  • S3 object lock to secure critical business files
  • Allow temporary URLs
  • Robust European data centers
  • On-demand scalability
  • REST API and third party SDKs configurable solutions
  • Expert support team available 24/7
  • 30-day free trial with $500 credits


12. ServerSpace


Serverspace provides its object storage services through 4 data centers across the globe with the lowest possible latency and faster speed. It offers S3 API-compatible storage, which means you can integrate it with other applications and third-party tools.

Their REST API is also helpful for taking benefits from popular features to customize your object space in the best possible way. ServerSpace assigns a different URL for the object you upload, making it an ideal choice if you live stream. You can store videos, audio, personal files, docs, pictures, etc.

If you have a large amount of unstructured data, ServerSpace offers various object storage plans that can handle such tasks seamlessly. Moreover, neural networks can empower customized data analytics based on the meta-information of objects.

The provider guarantees that your data is safe and secure. For this purpose, they use a triple replication feature that automatically creates three clone copies of the data and stores it on different devices. You can also set up automatic backups of your objects for an extra layer of protection.

There are no prepaid plans available for object hosting from the company. They will calculate your monthly payment depending on data usage. For storage, you will be charged €0.02/GB/month and €0.14/GB/month for outgoing bandwidth. After the consumption of 1TB, the price will be less than the initial costs.

ServerSpace manages a tutorial section where users can find dozens of instructions to use their products. In addition, there is a glossary section that includes details of some important terms used in object-based storage. The customer support team is also available 24/7 to assist you in any unpleasant situation.

Key Feature

  • Compatible with all S3 applications
  • A great choice for large unstructured data handling
  • REST API helps you get benefits from many popular features like ACLs, object tagging, etc.
  • Triple replication of data makes it durable and secure
  • Automatic data backup
  • 24/7 customer support

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13. Alibaba Cloud

alibaba cloud storage service

Alibaba is another giant brand, just like Amazon AWS, that offers scalable, secure, cost-effective cloud hosting infrastructure and object hosting. It is specially designed for 99.99% durability, enhanced scalability, and higher performance. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for smaller and large-scale businesses.

Alibaba’s highly scalable storage is designed to provide 99.99% uptime with multi-layer redundancy and end-to-end data verification design. The multi-layer redundancy ensures that your data is highly secure and reliable.

Enterprise-ready security ensures that the data is secure in storage and during access. You can encrypt data and save it in the cloud to protect it from others. No one else can read it without the key. Moreover, Write-Once-Ready-Many (WORM) feature prevents malicious or accidental data deletion. Their sensitive data protection feature will automatically detect and protect your sensitive data from being stolen.

Data migration is an easy task with the Alibaba Cloud. You don’t have to use multiple tools to make it happen. Instead, you can use an online migration service that provides a free managed migration engine to transfer objects from various data sources, such as Amazon S3, Azure Blob, Google Cloud, etc.

The object storage by Alibaba provides a built-in media processing option that simplifies the developer experience. It can process image objects stored in OSS by adding Image Processing (IMG) parameters to GetObject requests. In addition, you can add watermarks, change the format, and much more.

The company manages an extensive knowledge base comprising FAQs and guides to answer all possible questions. Apart from that, the customer support team is also available and ready to assist its users at any time.

Key Feature

  • Multi-layer redundancy
  • Increased data durability and reliability
  • You can use data encryption keys to encrypt data for security purposes
  • WORM features protect your data from malicious activity and accidental deletion
  • Free and easy data migration
  • Built-in media processing feature
  • Customer support team to assist you 24/7

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14. Bunny

bunny storage

Bunny operates with 14 data centers located strategically around the world to deliver lower latency and better performance. It claims that their availability and data durability never drop below 99.9999%, thanks to enterprise-grade hardware the platform utilized to fulfill your storage needs with infinite scalability at a comparatively lower price.

You can supercharge your data with Bunny CDN to take advantage of sub 28 ms average global latency, ensuring your data will be retrievable within microseconds from the users.

Bunny delivers 5x faster download speed than many object storage services. Like others, It automatically replicates your data on all requested regions. The company’s global replication system will keep your data secure and online even if any natural disaster occurs or a whole region is unavailable.

Bunny has a flexible billing system; you can easily calculate the storage price you use through their site’s calculator. There is no hidden fee. Furthermore, the provider offers a 14-day free trial to test their services hassle free.

The company has two-tier storage plans backed by HDDs and SSDs. Each tier includes free traffic to Bunny CDN, no API fees, and free API egress. You can also store upto 50TB of monthly data in each tier.

The standard tier uses HDD storage drives which are comparatively slower than SSDs. In this tier, you have to pay $0.01/GB per storage region for up to two regions. After that, you have to pay $0.005/GB per region for any additional region. You can request upto 8 storage regions with this tier.

The other is the edge tier, which uses SSD storage drives. It costs you $0.02/GB per storage region and you can request upto 14 regions for this tier.

The support team is always there to answer clients’ queries and assist if they are stuck in any unpleasant situation.

Key Feature

  • 5x faster content delivery
  • 99.99% uptime and durability with automatic region failover
  • Free incoming and outgoing data transfer
  • Bunny CDN to supercharge your data for the fastest access
  • A 14-day free trial
  • Transparent billing
  • 24/7 customer support team

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Top Object Storage Platforms

#1. Vultr – For a wide range of data centers, modern control panel, and 1-click installers

#2. Contabo – For massive storage with auto-scaling, DDoS protection, and ACL management

#3. DreamHost – For built-in development tools, DevOps features, and more.


Object storage is undoubtedly an incredible way to store, handle, and analyze large data sets within the budget. So, it is equally important to pick the right provider for such purposes to get the best user experience; otherwise, you might face severe consequences like data loss.

We researched tirelessly and put together cheap object storage solutions for you to get the most reliable services – so pick any from the above list that suits your needs.