15 Best Cheap Python Hosting Providers 2024

In this article, we will be discussing cheap Python hosting services and everything concerning it in great depth so that you have a better understanding of your choices.

Hosting a website or application of your own is not as easy as it sounds. It involves plenty of complex decisions that have to be carefully trodden upon in order to make the right choices that prove to be great not only for the short term but have great utility for long-term use as well. The more you dig into the complexities of the operation, the more confused you tend to feel regarding your choices, particularly when it comes to web hosting.

Understanding the various types of hosting can make anyone’s head go spinning upon the first instance. However, gradually you get the hang of it and feel confident about your knowledge regarding hosting solutions, but this is followed by the sudden realization that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to learn and understand when it comes to web hosting. The more you learn, the more you know about customization in terms of web hosting.

cheap python web hosting

Cheap Python Hosts Recommendations

#1. Kamatera – Suitable for highly scalable cloud VPS servers at lower prices built with SSDs, multiple network connectivity, 99.99% uptime, Intel next generation processors, and choice of various data centers with a 30-day free Trial.

#2. A2Hosting (72% off Now) – Our runner-up option for users on tight budget, starting as low as $2.99 per month with 100GB SSD storage, 20x fastest servers, easy/free data migration, unlimited email accounts, and 24/7 customer support.

#3. BlueHost (Was $9.99/mo, Now $2.95/mo) – Good for Python shared hosting backed by solid state drives, free domain name, one-click installers, and 30-days money back guarantee.

15 Cheap Python Hosting Services and Platforms

Choosing a Python-based web hosting is not an easy task and finding the most suitable option among the multiple options, each claiming to be the best, is like looking for a needle in the haystack. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the top Python hosting companies along with the necessary details to make this arduous task easy for you.

Our selection is based on the provision of features that increase the utility of the web hosting services. Some of the features to look out for include full root access, which is also known as SSH root access which gives greater flexibility and control on your Python projects, and also offers access to a control panel without additional expenditure as it ensures that the setup takes a few minutes and a few clicks.

Furthermore, a reliable Python web host should provide a skilled and technical support team for the direct assistance of the users. Along with that, the uptime, security, and frameworks included in the Python hosting service should be reliable.

#1. Kamatera – Overall Best Cheap Python Hosting (Cloud/VPS Servers)

Kamatera Python Cloud Hosting

Kamatera is a renowned brand that is known for the provision of all-encompassing web hosting services. For over twenty years, it has remained committed and ensured the provision of consistent quality and reliable service. Its 18 global data centers are spaced out in four different continents.

Kamatera provides Python web hosting services through SSD VPS and cloud servers with a choice of an hourly or a monthly billing model. Choosing the hourly billing model as a novice makes it a highly affordable choice for Python hosting purposes. The provision of high-quality services at a nominal price is quite a steal. The pricing begins for as low as $4 per month (for both VPS and cloud servers) for the most basic package comprising 20 GB SSD storage, 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, and a bandwidth of 5TB.

It offers a simple and all-encompassing control to users to develop and deploy the Python framework of their choice and embark on the journey of learning and practicing and, in some cases developing Python web applications. It also gives a greater degree of freedom as far as scalability is concerned.

Kamatera Python Environment

Managed support is a rare feat when it comes to Python, but in its attempts of inclusivity and excellent support, Kamatera offers support via multiple channels. However, the hosting plans rely on the Webuzo license as there is no inclusion of any control panel.

A free trial or a refund offer from the provider not only reflects the faith of the provider in their services but also helps win the trust level of the user. A true reflection of this can be witnessed in the risk-free 30 days trial offered by Kamatera for all the users despite the nominal pricing.

All in all, if you are looking for highly reliable Python hosting services with affordable pricing, you may opt for Kamatera.

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#2. A2Hosting – Cheap Python Optimized Web Hosting Servers

A2Hosting Python Hosting

A2Hosting and its blazing fast speed are a well-known phenomenon for everyone and anyone who has ever dabbled their luck with hosting services. Not only are the services offered by the said providers super fast, but they also offer hosting services that are affordable and cater to the varying needs of each user in the industry. Perhaps this is why A2Hosting perpetually remains on top of the list of the best web hosts.

As far as Python is concerned, A2Hosting caters to it and stands out by providing shared Python hosting, which significantly helps in cutting down the cost. The Python web hosting shared plans on A2Hosting begin at as low as $2.99 a month, which is terrific for the speed and services being offered. However, it comes at a cost.

Shared hosting servers deprive SSH access which means that the server cannot be fully configured, and therefore, several of the frameworks and libraries cannot be run. In short, affordability comes at the cost of root access, and if you plan on running frameworks like Django, then it is not the ideal choice for you. However, there are several other similar frameworks that can be efficiently run instead.

There are roughly four pricing options for Python-optimized hosting on A2Hosting, namely, Startup, Drive, Turbo Boost, and Turbo Max. The former two are rather affordable packages with the standard server, while the latter two are powered by the blazing-fast Turbo Servers.

The Turbo Python servers claim to offer a speed 20 times better than the standard server and therefore have higher pricing. Moreover, the Turbo servers also have an accelerated CPU performance, better traffic handling capabilities, and faster read/write speeds.

Other lucrative features include free HackScan Protection, free SSL certificate, reinforced DDoS protection, free migration, and up to 99.99% uptime.

A2Hosting has a reliable technical assistance team along with a resource-rich blog whereby several tutorials and guidelines are available for the guidance of the user. It is particularly helpful for troubleshooting purposes and maneuvering out of tricky situations.

Those who require resources bigger than the ones offered by the shared hosting can opt for the VPS servers. A2Hosting offers both managed and unmanaged VPS servers for Python. Perhaps the best of the features is a 30-day money-back guarantee which can be claimed anytime.

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#3. BlueHost – Cheap Shared Python Hosting Services


BlueHost is a renowned name in the hosting sector due to its comprehensive solutions and the ability to cater to the versatile demands of users, It has made a place for itself among the top players solely on the basis of service. No other factor has been able to help in this regard except for the commitment to strive for perfection and the provision of excellent services.

In order to remain true to its claim of being a one-stop solution for all web hosting requirements, BlueHost also offers shared Python hosting at insanely lower rates with a pre-installed version of Python. However, the version is not always the latest one which is why BlueHost also offers the flexibility of changing the Python version.

BlueHost gives greater liberty in terms of integrating and managing multiple hosting accounts in one place with a multi-server management tool. Along with that, to offer great flexibility to the developers, it is equipped with raw compute power and full root access to curate the server according to personal liking. A simple dashboard, unlimited bandwidth, lightning-fast performance due to the SSD drives, and unlimited bandwidth all make BlueHost an incredible choice.

It is known for its quality services at affordable pricing and dependable money-back guarantee. The support is accessible through calls and chats 24/7, and the resources and knowledge-rich online community and blog prove equally handy for assistance purposes.

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#4. FastComet – Cheapest Python Hosting on Shared Clouds


FastComet came into existence a little short of a decade ago, and since then, it has been one of the key players that have successfully catered to the growing needs and requirements of users. With its 11 global data centers, it has ensured the provision of quality and unrestricted services to customers.

FastComet understands the growing niche for Python web hosting and offers Python servers through a cloud environment. The solution is not only dependable but also enriched with features. Therefore the features, as well as the performance, make FastComet an excellent choice for Python users and programmers.

It offers free domain transfer while also slashing the domain renewal fee for up to a year. The speed is one of its key selling points as it is an SSD-only cloud that offers up to 300% accelerated access to files and databases. It also includes a free Cloudflare CDN and has a powered packed cPanel. Along with that, it values your data by ensuring daily and weekly backups of all the critical data. It also offers one-click installation of hundreds of applications.

By opting for FastComet for your Python hosting purposes, you also qualify for 24/7 priority support absolutely free of cost, free managed migrations, and a money guarantee valid for up to 45 days. The pricing is definitely not introductory and more on the premium side, but that is evident from the included features and can also be justified using the same means.

The control panel (cPanel for shared hosting accounts) offers 360-degree control over the server, which facilitates and eases deployment a great deal. Furthermore, the cloud has been optimized for top-notch services. The FastGuard security and its dual-level protection make your web application and data highly secure while also optimizing the performance indicators. The speed optimization by RocketBooster and resource monitoring through Observer Monitoring make it even more lucrative.

Keeping in mind the aforementioned factors, FastComet is an incredible choice for Python developments.

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#5. InMotionHosting – Cheap SSD Python Hosting


InMotion Hosting recently celebrated its 20th year of services and has spent the last two decades providing excellent quality and all-encompassing hosting solutions. It has won many awards for its excellent quality services. The most recent and notable mentions include The Hosting Advice Award for the Top Hosting Provider in 2021 and the Best Shared Hosting of 2020 by TechRadar.

InMotion Hosting provides excellent Python hosting servers as it is compatible with most versions of Python. It comes with the highly lucrative cPanel control panel. To ease the perils of management, InMotion hosting includes a free softaculous application installer, free SSL, SSH access, and email included. The SSH access gives the user freedom to manage their control panel as they wish and as they like.

The use of cutting technology which results in high performance and increases reliability by offering a stable and dedicated uptime. The DDoS protection dedicated IP and server snapshots also enhance its dependability. It also has a one-click installation for several applications. Moreover, a free website builder makes it infinitely likable.

The pricing is nominal for the quality and level of services being offered. The price is as low as $5 per month and is also protected with a 90-day money-back guarantee, which is excellent and gives a lot more flexibility for testing and obtaining optimal satisfaction from the services. The support at InMotion is highly reliable, and the online library is rich with tutorials and helpful content that makes it considerably easy for even the absolute beginner to get the hang of things.

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#6. Hostinger – Cheapest Python VPS Hosting Plans with SSDs

Hostinger VPS

In barely a decade of its service, Hostinger has managed to make its name among the top players in the industry, including those that have been present in the industry for double the time. Hostinger has committed to the provision of excellent and efficient services and has lived up to all that is strived for. It has a wide variety of packages for all types of hosting to live up to the claims of being a one-stop solution.

All VPS servers include full root access, which gives a great deal of flexibility and thorough control over the server, dedicated IP, IPV4, and IPV6 support, along with 24/7/365 customer support. It also includes automated backups and manual snapshots. Each VPS also includes full-stack server protection and built-in advanced DDoS protection.

Hostinger offers Python web hosting in its VPS hosting services. There are several plans with different features and specifications. The cheapest plan begins for as low as $3.95 a month and includes one CPU core, 20 GB SSD storage, and up to 1 TB of bandwidth.

The higher-priced VPS includes more CPU cores, expansive storage, and bandwidth. The ultimate selection strikes a balance between your desired features and budget. Regardless of the plan you choose for your needs, each plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, your money is safe and protected.

To sum it up, Hostinger offers competitive packages with several lucrative features for a nominal price range. It also includes various pricing for user facilitation.

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#7. InterServer – Cheap Python VPS Hosting

Interserver cloud virtual private servers

With over twenty-two years of business experience in this hosting industry, a highly experienced and qualified support team, and insurmountable positive customer testimonials make InterServer a lucrative choice for any web hosting solution.

InterServer VPS solutions are compatible with Python projects. The standard VPS hosting, in particular, have been integrated for Python use. It comes with pre-installed Python in the breadbasket of scripts of the Webuzo control panel. It also gives you the flexibility to install the version of your choice manually without any hassle. It also possesses a user-friendly interface which makes interactive elements particularly easy.

Interserver VPS is a highly reliable option that allows a great deal of flexibility for customizing the servers for your needs. The server can be fully customized based on your choice and liking as complete root access allows control over everything, including the OS and the control panel. Even more lucrative is the fact that either DirectAdmin, Plesk, or cPanel can be installed as a choice of control panel free of cost.

The speed is one of InterServer VPS’s strongest forte as it offers lightning-fast speed due to the spaced-out global data centers and high-quality infrastructure use. SSD storage also plays a crucial role in enhancing speed. The guaranteed 99.99% uptime is a key indicator of reliability and top-notch services. Moreover, the infrastructure, in particular the hardware, possesses self-healing properties due to the use of high specification artificial intelligence systems.

The entry VPS begins for as low as $6 per month and is enriched with highly desirable features. The only downside is the absence of a trial and a money-back guarantee. However, the minimum commitment is for a month, and in case of dissatisfaction, one can easily unsubscribe.

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#8. PythonAnyWhere – Free Python Hosting for One App


A hosting platform exclusively meant for the programming language Python sounds like a far-fetched idea, right? However, it isn’t. About a decade ago, PythonAnywhere LLP came into existence with the vision of catering to the growing niche of Python hosting. It is an online integrated development environment and a cloud-based hosting service centered on the programming language Python.

PythonAnywhere comes with a pre-installed complete Python environment that requires no protocols, installation, setup, configuration, or management of maintenance to get started with an integrated Python environment. Therefore, it quickly puts you in line with your hosting journey and makes your task easy by allowing you to delve into Python web hosting and relevant tasks on the go.

Not only does it relieve you from the hassle of installation, but it is also compatible with a variety of Python versions, including 2.7, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, and 3.8. It also features quick installers for frameworks including Django, web2py, Flask, and Bottle, along with several others. Other features include full SSH access, free SSL support (not certificate), and unrestricted access to Python, Bash, and MySQL consoles.

It might come as a surprise, but the entry-level plan for Python servers at PythonAnywhere is free of cost. It thoroughly works and is quite suitable for embarking on your journey of Python development. However, there are paid plans to cater to the requirements of those who want to host their own domain. There are three types of premium packages with an increasing range of features and complex tools, namely, the hacker plan, the web developer plan, and the startup plan.

The “Hacker” plan being the cheapest, costs a monthly rate of $5. If pre-made packages are not what you are looking for, PythonAnyWhere gives you the ability to customize your own plan between the range of $5 to $500 a month. Furthermore, you can also scale up and down the resources as per your requirements due to the immense ease of scalability.

Unlike other web-hosting providers, PythonAnyWhere does not require a long-term commitment. The minimum commitment time is that of a month which is great by all means. All subscriptions are protected with a guaranteed refund policy valid for 30 days.

The support team at PythonAnyWhere is composed of technical experts and developers who have a better understanding of all the issues encountered during the development process. Therefore, it is truly a solution for the developers, by the developers. It is also an excellent platform for educational purposes due to its features to facilitate the learning process.

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#9. HostGator


HostGator provides not only instant customer assistance through multiple channels but also reliable shared hosting for Python users at incredibly lower rates.

HostGator started its journey over two decades ago, and since then, it has hosted millions of websites and garnered many million positive reviews and testimonials singing its praises. It combines several essential elements, including technical expertise, user flexibility, freedom of customization, reliable uptime and services along with responsive support. All these elements equally contribute to making HostGator a successful web host in the world.

When it comes to Python, HostGator is a wise option. For the purpose of creating dynamic websites, HostGator facilitates the use of many programming languages, including PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, and ASP.net, as well as many other notable ones.

HostGator comes with several free features, including unmetered bandwidth, domain registration, SSL certification, one-click installation, website and domain transfers, dedicated IP,  MySQL transfer, and script transfer, along with over $250 worth of advertising credit. Moreover, it also has responsive and dependable customer support that is available round the clock. Apart from that, it also offers the option to access Knowledge Base and Hostgator blogs which are rich resources and can significantly help in the speedy resolution of queries.

The basic plan for Python hosting on HostGator is the Hatchling plan which is offered for as low as $2.75 per month, which is as nominal as it can get. The Baby and Business plans have better specifications and higher pricing.

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#10. SiteGround


If you are looking for a cheap Python hosting platform with excellent customer support throughout the day and night, then SiteGround is the perfect fit for you. Siteground is one of the rather less popular names on the list, but it is in no way any less competitive. It offers high-quality and innovative features for web solutions, and the team comprises experts, developers, and highly technologically oriented individuals.

The technical experts and developers have created an environment and services which are not only impeccable but also highly innovative and help them stand out among the rest of the web hosting providers. Furthermore, SiteGround is another addition to the list of environmentally conscious hosting providers and relies on 100% renewable energy.

Regarding Python, SiteGround has a variety of solutions in this regard. You can choose between affordable shared Python hosting and cloud Python hosting. However, the only downside is that it is only compatible for use with 2.4 and 2.7 versions of Python and deprives the developers of using the latest versions, which may be off-putting for many. The cloud version is equipped with softaculous, which allows the developers to install the version of their choice on the cloud and thus removing this restricting factor.

SiteGround offers a commendable speed due to the well-spaced and spread out global data centers, which promise to reduce latency and improve the uptime enough to ensure the provision of 99.99% uptime SLA. The interface is also user-friendly.

The shared hosting begins for as low as $3.99 a month, and all plans include unmetered traffic, free SSL, free CDN and email, unlimited databases, and enhanced security along with a money-back guarantee of 30 days validity. There are also zero fees on new site setup and site migration.

Their cloud web hosting packages are on the premium pricing side due to the inclusion of superior specifications and managed services. The cloud VPS for Python on SiteGround begins at $100 per month and goes up to $400 per month.

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#11. DreamHost – Cheap Managed Python VPS Hosting Plans


DreamHost is one of the key players in the hosting industry and has been around for as long as the idea of web hosting itself. It has years of experience and successful customer service to bank on. Hundreds and thousands of users have benefitted from the hosting solutions offered by DreamHost and have also expressed nothing but satisfaction in terms of products and services.

DreamHost offers Python hosting in Dream Compute, which is a cloud computing service and happens to be one of the oldest providers. It is integrated for use with Python, and here are several web frameworks of Python that are compatible for use on DreamHost. These include Django, Pylons, TurboGears, Web.py, and Flask.

DreamCompute is an incredible choice for Python web hosting as it offers an unmatched accelerated speed with cutting-edge architecture along with full root access with SSH, which allows a maximum degree of customization. It is also user-friendly and has plenty of features to increase its utility for the user, including access to DevOps and developer-friendly tools, one-click installation, and much more.

The pricing plans feature predictable, flexible, and affordable pricing. Despite running the cloud for as long as you wish, you are often only charged for up to 600 hours which roughly amounts to 25 days. Hence, it eliminates the need for complex mathematical calculations. The most affordable plan amounts to a monthly charge of $4.50 a month.

Unlike many other hosting providers where the billing cost doubles after the monthly cap have been achieved, DreamHost cloud compute does not charge for additional hours, and they are free of cost. All servers come with 100 GB of block storage and unrestricted bandwidth. All cloud servers are protected with a 97-day money-back guarantee (depending on the type of hosting you choose).

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more and looking for a managed Python VPS hosting server at a cheap price, then DreamHost’s VPS is a perfect choice. Their virtual servers are not only managed but come with a bundle of features such as compatibility with Perl, PHP, Python, and Node.js. Your VPS will be served with either Apache or Nginx server and automatic updates, 1-click installers, IPv4 & IPv6 support, OPache cache, SSH, and much more.

The customer service promises 24/7 availability. Moreover, the online community and the knowledge base are instrumental in maneuvering out of tricky situations even in case of absence or unavailability of support.

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#12. GreenGeeks – Eco-Friendly Python VPS Web Hosting

GreenGeeks Fully Managed VPS Hosting

Though GreenGeeks shared hosting plans support Python but if you are planning to host a framework like Django, you’ll need to opt-in for a VPS or dedicated server.

As humans, we are misled into believing that internet usage does not carry a significant carbon footprint. However, that is far from the truth. The Internet is one of the major contributors when it comes to environmental pollution.

In the present times, when the climate threat is more grave than ever, there is an urgent need to switch to a more sustainable and green solution for the sake of the environment. Amidst this, GreenGeeks, as the name suggests, are the most significant contributors when it comes to minimizing the carbon footprint of the Internet by the provision of eco-friendly services.

GreenGeeks VPS was established almost a decade and a half ago, and since then, the company has risen in popularity to become the world’s number one green energy web hosting provider. Not just that, GreenGeeks VPS provides one of the solid hosting platforms with an incredibly fast speed and the best control panel with cPanel. It really stands out from the rest of the competitors due to these factors and has an unarguable superiority over them.

Moreover, the latest hardware used has been powered by cutting-edge technology, which makes these an even better option when compared to the rest. Along with that, GreenGeeks offer great speed and reduced redundancy with the four global data centers. Their managed VPS hosting packages are compatible with Python and use the latest version of PHP and Python.

GreenGeeks VPS solutions are slightly high-end, but the cost can be justified by the inclusion of quality features and specifications. The many desirable features include limitless SSD storage, free SSL certificate, free website transfer, a softaculous license, along with free cPanel migrations, 99.99% uptime SLA, advanced security, dedicated IPs, lightning-fast SSD storage, and fully managed VPS plans that are also proactively monitored.

GreenGeeks VPS is the ultimate choice of Python VPS hosting for environmental enthusiasts as it makes thorough use of green energy in the form of 300% renewable energy, reduces the contribution to environmental degradation, and even plants a tree every time you purchase a managed monthly plan. Along with that, the features offered are too good to be missed.

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#13. HostWinds – Cheap Unmanaged Python VPS Hosting Plans


HostWinds has been a major platform for stable hosting services for over two decades now and has managed to bag several positive reviews, client testimonials, and awards for its consistent, quality, and customer-centric services. Every stage of development, deployment, and building is facilitated by the team at HostWinds. Its philosophy is centered on the idea of ownership for all its products, reduction in redundancy, and efficient and quality service provision. In over two decades of its services, HostWinds has rightly delivered all that it promised.

The features included in the HostWinds VPS will lure you into opting for it as they are incredibly lucrative and noteworthy. The features included are SSD storage, 99.99% uptime, free site migration and transfers, snapshots, custom ISO, and enterprise firewalls. There is also a real-time monitoring service, instant scalability, and regular nightly backups included in each.

It offers cloud-based VPS hosting for a variety of programming languages, such as Python. Whether you are a hard-core developer or a website owner, HostWinds is a reliable solution for all your needs. It offers high flexibility in terms of application configuration, as is the case with most Python programs.

HostWinds offers flexible pricing for added user convenience. There is also a choice between hourly or monthly billing so that users may choose whatever seems fit for their needs. The most affordable monthly plan for unmanaged Python VPS begins at as low as $4.99 a month. The services are easy to scale and include upgrades in terms of choice of a premium control panel, backups, and access to managed services.

The web host also serves Python solutions through its cloud, dedicated servers, and managed VPS hosting – However, it costs higher compared to unmanaged virtual private servers.

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#14. LiquidWeb – Best Managed Python Hosting on Cloud VPS/Dedicated Servers


LiquidWeb is as exclusive as it can get with premium pricing and features that justify the pricing. To live up to the claims of providing only premium services, LiquidWeb only offers Python hosting through dedicated, cloud, and VPS servers. There is no shared hosting at all. Therefore, it is definitely not on the affordable side if you are on a tight budget.

The most affordable Python plan on VPS hosting is offered for $25 a month and includes features such as 2 CPU cores, 40 GB SSD storage, 10 TB bandwidth, and also a backup plan of over 100GB. Not just that, LiquidWeb VPS truly lives up to its claims of premium services by offering a premium control panel of choice among InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel Admin, with each account.

The features included in each VPS server include 100% uptime SLA, super-fast SSD storage, 27/7 customer support service, free multi-level DDoS protection, default proactive monitoring, and off-server backup along with easy scalability, a full spectrum root access, integrated firewall, and Cloudflare CDN.

The high specification and high-performance VPS configurations are suitable for the needs of businesses that require an unflinching and reliable uptime. Moreover, all VPSes come with managed support which includes a highly dependable and responsive support team for a speedy resolution of queries. The support does not stop here but is also extended by means of a resource-rich knowledge base that is full of guiding articles, instruction, and tutorials regarding a variety of tasks.

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#15. ChemiCloud


Chemicloud strives for the mission of simplifying hosting for everyone and enriching the lives of web developers and small to medium businesses with immense ease. Compared to the other names on the list, it is a fairly new name to the world of web hosting providers that emerged in 2016.

Chemicloud has pretty quickly made it to the list of cheap Python hosting services due to its excellent reliability and product features. The team is consistently striving for perfection, which is the sole reason why it keeps getting better with every passing day.

In its quest to be a one-stop solution for all hosting-related needs, Chemicloud offers cheap Python hosting servers that are compatible with the 2.7.x, 3.3.x, 3.4.x, 3.5.x, 3.6.x, 3.7.x. and 3.8 versions of Python. Their packages begin for as low as $4.45 a month and are protected with a worry-free money-back guarantee valid for up to 45 days.

Chemicloud is particularly suitable for those looking for hassle-free hosting services as it allows a single-click installation for Python. Each plan comes with free domain registration, free website transfer, free SSL certificate, malware scan and removal, immediate setup, and one-click installation. Furthermore, it offers security and reliability in terms of offering a guaranteed uptime of 99.99%, SSD storage, web application firewall, and network firewall, including consistent and proactive server monitoring.

Their servers are powered by Litespeed cache, which uses the latest caching technology yielding better results when compared to Apache and NGINX web servers. The accelerated cache engine ensures a lightning-fast website load speed with low latency.

All in all, Chemicloud is a noteworthy mention on the list and one of the incredibly reliable cheap Python hosting services under budget.

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What is Python?

The first image that pops in your head upon mentioning Python is definitely that of a snake. Yes, you are absolutely correct in this regard. Python is a family of snakes, but that is not what we are talking about. The Python in question here is not the snake but a computer programming or coding language.

The snake family has not inspired the name Python, but in the year 1989, the founder of Python, Guido Van Rossum, named his passion project after a popular British comedy troupe called Monty Python. Thus, this is how one of the most popular programming languages in the world got its name.

Along with C and Java, Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. If it keeps rising to popularity and extensive use as is presently being witnessed, there is a fair chance that it will become the most frequently used programming language worldwide.

It is a general-purpose language which means that it can be extensively used for various applications and purposes. It is not only high-utility but also incredibly easy to learn and devise, which is why its popularity has risen a great deal in the recent past. Another rather intriguing fact about Python is that it is not only widely employed by professional developers but also extensively put into practice by hobbyist developers and non-developers.

Learning programming languages and coding is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is not only incredibly difficult but also requires professional-level proficiency. However, Python stands out from all the programming languages due to its simplicity and ease of learning. Plenty of developers have focused their careers on Python, and at the same time, plenty of non-developers are also jumping on the bandwagon of Python-centric development.

Python is an open-source code programming language with readable code. It is a high-level, expressive and interpreted language that is quite simple and easy to use. In this manner, the programming language simplifies the process and improves the working speed and efficiency.

It is also compatible with all known operating systems. Due to its wide range of applications, it is extensively used. However, that is not the only reason for its popularity. It has several benefits for the user. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.

Python is incredibly time saving when it comes to code development and deployment. Object-oriented programming, when coupled with the modular approach, yields quick code development. Moreover, the interpreter feature allows executing code soon after it is penned down and proves incredible for time saving purposes.

Unlike other programming languages that are restricted for use by developers due to their complex nature, Python is widely used by non-developers as well due to the simple syntax that closely mimics the English language. Hence, writing, understanding, and deploying codes is a much simpler process and offers an accelerated working speed due to this feature.

Furthermore, Python is extremely accessible as it is open source which means it is available for free and beginner-friendly, which encourages more and more people to indulge in learning Python. The built-in data structures also facilitate the learning curve.

The existence of third-party modules for Python allows linking and integrating it to various platforms and pairs with a multitude of programming languages. Moreover, it comprises several modules, tools, and libraries that allow manipulating the code and do not require the user to begin the code development process from scratch. Thus, there is more functionality and less code writing involved in the case of Python.

Python has resource-rich community support with an expansive and learned group of Python experts readily available to assist in case you run into any problem. It can be instrumental for the beginner coders and the non-developers as well as the developers. It makes up for the lack of technical support by the official platform.

What is Python Hosting?

Python hosting, as the name suggests, is a web application development platform that is based upon the Python programming language with a language enriched server or virtual server. It is either based on VPS or dedicated hosting. You can choose one based on your budget and requirements. Luckily, there are also some web hosting providers that also offer shared Python web hosting services for small or startup projects.

Python web hosting is a great way if you intend to use it for dynamic web applications and in a versatile manner. The support for MIME and HTTP ensures quick setup and deployment of codes penned in Python. Furthermore, this type of web hosting also allows integration with other popular hosting languages and increases the utility. The tens and hundreds of free and pre-made templates in the form of libraries and frameworks make Python hosting ideal as it offers easy-to-develop applications.

All the advantages of Python as a programming language are applicable in the case of web hosting as well. Therefore, it is a wise choice if you intend to use it in a versatile fashion and for cross-platform integration purposes.

Use Cases of Python

The popularity of Python has witnessed an insurmountable increase, and so has its uses. It would not be incorrect to term Python as the programming language of the future. The applications of python range from machine learning to web development and data science.

According to statistical data, Python is presently the fourth most commonly used programming language, with over 40% of developers working with it to develop a wide range of applications and relevant web programs. An even more astonishing revelation is the fact that in over 80% of the web development protocols, Python is employed as the primary programming language.

Moreover, another revelation that might come as a shock is that the python developers have outnumbered the JAVAScript based developers by about half a million. Along with that, some of the top companies of the web world extensively use Python for various purposes. The list of these companies is quite exhaustive, but some of the famous names on the list include Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, Netflix, and many more.

Web Development

Python is extensively used for web application development. Flask, Django, and Pyramid are some of the immensely popular Python frameworks that are frequently deployed for back-end and server-side deployment of web applications. Using either of these frameworks takes the burden of starting from scratch off your shoulders and adds a great deal of convenience to your life.

By relying on Python, the web applications are rapidly developed and deployed without compromising security and scalability of the web applications. With less time-intensive development protocols, Python allows the developers to focus on other critical aspects. Perhaps this is why several tech giants rely on it for their complex web development protocols. The extensive use of Python in the web infrastructure of Google and Youtube is a testament to its efficiency.

Software Development

Python is arguably one of the best programming languages when it comes to software development, and rightly so. As an open-source software development language, it is extensively used across a wide variety of industries. Even the most complex operations in software development can be swiftly dealt with using Python.

That being said, it is not only beneficial for complex operations but comes in equally handy for the simpler ones. Furthermore, it can handle complex numeric and scientific operations with excellent efficiency. Apart from being highly efficient and effective in its protocols, it is also extremely simple to learn, read and write. It also comes loaded with tools and features to save a great deal of time.

For the aforementioned reasons, industries and sectors with complexly interlinked pathways, numerical data, and multiplex operations prefer Python as the programming language when it comes to software development. Apart from technology giants, the big players in the financial technology sector have an increasing reliance on it. The use of Python in the development of Venmo testifies to it.

Game Development

The gaming industry is multiplying by the day, and the need to build and deploy games efficiently and quickly is the vision that many developers strive for. Python is widely used for developing games based on the principle of reciprocity, three-dimensional view, and games comprising multiple levels. There is a wide array of tools and libraries available for game development purposes that ease the ordeals of the developer by a significant fraction.

PyGame and PySoy are some of the renowned libraries of the programming language Python that are extensively used for the purpose of game development. However, the use of Python for game building is not a new concept, and neither is it a scant one.

Python has been repeatedly used for the course of over two decades to build and deploy several two-dimensional and three-dimensional, interactive, multiplayer, and multi-level games. Some of the notable games that have been developed using Python as the programming language include Sims 4, Battlefield 2, and World of the Tanks, among many more.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence and machine learning is not only new and integral but also essential if you want to keep up with the growing technology-oriented world. The use of artificial intelligence alone has witnessed a tenfold increase in a span of eight years, and all future predictions indicate an insurmountable rise in the use and application of AI such that it will transform the world in all dimensions.

Python is a programming language extremely suitable and adaptable for complex, multi-computing applications. This makes it particularly suitable for machine learning and artificial intelligence. Python’s stable and secure outlook makes it even more lucrative for these applications.

Several Python libraries, including Scikit-Learn, SciPy, Keras, Pandas, and TensorFlow, make tasks related to machine learning and artificial intelligence effortless and time-saving.

Data Science

Dealing with vast volumes of structured and unstructured data is not easy, and perhaps that is why it is one of the most lucrative fields in the present times when there is a widespread notion that data is money. However, employing the right programming language can simplify the tedious task and assist you without fail on every tiny step.

More than half the Python developers presently using it are employing it in the field of data science. Therefore, it is crucial for data scientists to be well versed in Python as it is a high-yield programming language, particularly in their case.

Ranging from data extraction and visualization to data processing and manipulation to data analysis, it is valuable for each task. Moreover, several data-centric libraries, including Pandas, NumPy as well as Matplotlib, and Seaborn, assist in various stages and tasks of dealing with data.

Web scraping is also relevant to the field of data sciences and involves extracting and accessing large volumes of data to put into use for several purposes. Selenium, PythonRequest, and MechanicalSoup are Python-based tools extensively used for the aforementioned purpose and are pretty efficient at the intended task. Thus, in this manner, Python is indispensable for data scientists.

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