10 Cheap Storage VPS Hosting Services 2024

Do you need massive storage space for your data under budget? We put together some top-notch, cheapest storage VPS hosts that provide quality solutions without breaking your bank account.

The mere idea of running a website on the Internet requires you to go through the tedious process of choosing a hosting type and provider. Websites across the Internet are powered by servers. Several options are available for hosting websites based on the choice of servers. One can choose the hosting option that best suits their requirements and budget.

Every website powered by a server uses the server’s resources, including bandwidth and storage. While many websites begin their hosting journey with shared hosting, it isn’t suitable for their growing needs due to the sharing of limited resources. In such cases, VPS web hosting proves pivotal as there is no need to share resources. However, to compensate for the ever-growing needs of websites, even in the case of virtual private servers, storage VPS plays a critical role.

VPS hosting is a popular web hosting option as it provides virtual dedicated servers to multiple users on the same physical server by dedicating the resources. Many individuals believe VPS web hosting and storage VPS are interchangeable terms. However, that is far from the truth. Unlike VPS hosting, storage VPS is not meant for hosting websites. Rather than that, the Storage based VPS is meant for storing large volumes of data.

The storage VPS features regular VPS that have been optimized to serve storage functions. For this purpose, greater storage space and bandwidth are the key features of storage based VPS. Unlike VPS web hosting, it has fewer CPU cores and RAM. Often outdated hardware is employed for storage VPS. However, the similarities are that both of these are hosting plans and both make use of the same mechanism of virtualizing a physical server.

Top Picks for Cheapest Storage VPS Servers

#1 – InterServer (For KVM/Virtuozzo/OpenVZ Storage Servers) – Best Money-Value Choice

#2 – Contabo (High Server RAM and CPU Cores)

#3 – Kamatera (Affordable Cloud SSD Storage VPS)

#4 – A2Hosting (Massive Space and Instant Support)

In the following article, we shall be covering all that you need to know about private storage virtual servers, along with some of the best cheap storage VPS services at present.

What is Storage VPS?

The Storage Virtual Private Servers are quite similar to the traditional VPS in their nature. However, the features of storage VPS have been tweaked to store large volumes of data while ensuring the provision of sufficient bandwidth. Unlike the simple VPS, the storage VPS features fewer RAM and CPU cores allocation as mentioned earlier as well. In this manner, the storage servers adequately fulfill its primary purpose which is the provision of data storage services. Along with that, the storage VPS plans exclusively give access to the control panel through dedicated software.

Unlike the regular VPS, which requires keeping up with the latest hardware specifications to ensure high speed and performance, there is no such requirement for storage VPS. On the contrary, it employs rather dated hardware specifications in order to keep the pricing affordable. There is no downside of using these rather older hardware specifications as the resource allocation is up to date, only the performance may be affected. Thus, the storage VPS is a reliable resource provider.

Additionally, a storage server can also be connected to the VPS used to host your websites to boost the availability of resources. The best part is that there are no OS confinements and requirements for storage servers. It works great with all OS, whether you choose to opt for Windows OS or Linux.

The problems that cause website owners to give up on shared hosting and consider successful integration of a private storage server for your websites play a key role in enhancing the performance of the website due to superior resource allocation. There are several other benefits of using a storage VPS.

Storage VPS gives incredible ease for monitoring and keeping track of resources, so it is neither too technical nor too difficult. Websites have their distinct modes of operation functionality, there is no one formula that fits all. With storage-based VPS, you get the added benefit of the ability to customize bandwidth and storage for your websites and allocate customized resource application solutions.

Moreover, storage VPS is also referred to as cheap VPS due to the incredibly pocket-friendly rates. It is also a highly adaptable solution that offers resources that are scalable based on your requirements. Thus, you won’t have to make frequent switches to keep up with the growing requirements of your website.

The only downside, however is that most of the cheap VPS plans are mostly unmanaged and require you to work on them from scratch. However, most of the plans include a control panel to make management a lot easier.

cheapest storage vps hosting

10 Cheap Storage VPS Hosting Providers 2024

1. InterServer – Best Cheap HDD Storage VPS Plans


InterServer, with its strong network, has been providing quality services for the past twenty-two years. It is a one-stop solution for all web hosting woes.  The credibility of InterServer is evident from its highly dedicated and integrated network of some of the highly experienced and technically oriented individuals.

When it comes to Storage Optimized Virtual Private Servers, InterServer offers some of the most affordable plans in the market. The hosting plans for Storage Optimized Virtual Private Servers at InterServer begin at a nominal rate of $6 per month. It offers sixteen different packages for the facilitation of the needs of different users.

The InterServer storage VPS packages are priced on the basis of storage, allowing you to choose between 1 to 16 TB storage as well as 1 to 16 CPU cores. Each increment is known as a slice. 1TB storage for $6, 2TB Storage for $12, 3TB storage for $18 per month all the way to 16TB storage for $96 per month.

InterServer plans price

The 1TB package comprises 1 CPU Core, 2048 MB of memory as well as 2TB transfers. On the other hand, the most expensive package with 16TB storage includes 16 CPU cores, 32768 MB of memory, and a whopping 32TB worth of transfer data.

The VPS performance offered by InterServer is incredible as the provider has a proven track record of 100% uptime and a minimum load speed of one second. Thus, InterServer has a reliable VPS performance overall.

The billing aspect is perhaps the most attractive aspect of InterServer packages as the bill is generated on a monthly basis. There are also no hidden or additional charges. Unlike several other competitors that employ spindle-type drives and offer slower Storage VPS plans, InterServer makes use of enterprise hard disk drives that ensure incredible speed as well as increase the number of resources available.

The InterServer Storage Optimized solutions are flexible, cloud-based Virtual Private Servers. Yet another noteworthy feature is that InterServer comes with root access. The root access ensures that the user can install any OS and control panel of their choice without seeking the hosting provider’s approval.

All the VPS packages at InterServer come with a free DirectAdmin control panel which allows one-click installation of over 400 applications and also helps manage the server space more efficiently. However, users may upgrade to Plesk or cPanel control panel if they wish for an additional cost of $10 and $15, respectively.

The VPS Storage hosting packages with InterServer are unmanaged which may be difficult for some users. However, purchasing four or more slices makes one eligible for managed support and thus the user gets an instant resolution of queries and problems through 24/7 assistance via phone, live chat, and ticket system.

Thus, the VPS Storage offered by InterServer is incredible with a number of lucrative features and full spectrum control.  The affordable monthly billing option is particularly lucrative.

2. Contabo – Best Value Cheapest Storage VPS with High RAM

Contabo is a well-known hosting provider committed to providing quality and global availability of hosting services since the past two decades. With low pricing and high-quality services, it has become a fast favorite and continues to retain its position as one of the top-tier hosting providers.

The Storage VPS hosting by Contabo has been configured and optimized for storage purposes. Moreover, these plans combine HDD with SSD storage. Resultantly, the users enjoy superior performance and lightning-fast speed. Consequently, with Storage VPS, users receive a lot of storage space for data and at the same time, the SSD boost ensures that VPS operating system works faster than on HDD alone.

Contabo VPS features

If you struggle with finding a VPS provider with the desired OS and Control Panel of your choice, Contabo is the ultimate choice for you. It gives you the liberty to choose from several popular OS and control panels. What’s more lucrative is that you also get to experiment with cPanel and Plesk. However, you need to pay an additional cost to avail either of the two. On the other hand, Webmin is available free of charge.

Storage VPS by Contabo is specially designed for applications that need to read and write a lot of data alongside performing computations.  Additionally, it doesn’t have high I/O requirements which makes it an excellent solution in this regard. The Storage servers by Contabo serve an excellent function as backups and mirrors for disaster recovery as the data backups are instant recovery points.  Unlike block storage, storage VPS hosting gives more control over data.

The pricing of Storage hosting by Contabo is stellar. The provider claims that keeping pricing low is deep in Contabo’s DNA and rightly so. It is extremely affordable yet includes a handful of attractive features.

The lowest price plan is worth $5.99 per month and includes 2 vCPU Cores, 4 GB RAM, 300 GB HDD, 100 Mbit/s Port, and 32 TB Traffic. There is also no extra fee for additional traffic. Thus, Contabo storage servers are fit for experts and developers. Moreover, if you customize your VPS plans, you only pay for the features you include.

Contabo Storage VPS Prices

From the security perspective, Contabo has DDoS Protection included as well as domains and SSL Certificates available.

Thus, the Contabo Storage VPS is perfect for use by experts and those who require a greater deal of precision and customization.

3. Kamatera – Cheapest Cloud Storage VPS with Powerful CPUs


Kamatera is one of the pioneer web hosting providers as the network was first developed more than two decades ago in 1995. However, it has kept up with the changing technology and has readily adopted all cutting-edge technology to stay relevant. Presently Kamatera is known for its high-performance servers, wide range of products, flexible and adaptable cloud servers as well as readily available support.

Cloud servers make use of block storage much like the VPS, Kamatera offers Cloud Block Storage which is its data storage system. Cloud Block Storage can be used to enhance the server disk capacity, expand databases, move servers and store bulks of information and data in all forms. It is primarily a virtual hard disk that is perpetually available and can be scalable if the need arises.

The Cloud Block Storage is powered by an enterprise-grade, fully redundant system, using high-performance SSD-accelerated disk drives. It is a highly dependable solution with highly reliable, centralized storage with no single point of failure and is suitable in cases where fast information processing is required.

KamateraExpress Cloud Block Storage

The pricing system of Kamatera Cloud Storage is simple and fuss-free. The charges are generated on the basis of usage and the bill is generated by minutes and displayed monthly. The rate is 0.05$ per GB per month which essentially means that storing up to 100 GB of data would cost no more than $5 per month. More storage can be allocated in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, there are no additional costs.

Kamatera Cloud Storage is a highly dependable solution and incredibly easy on the pocket with its lowest per GB rates for storage.

4. A2Hosting – Affordable Storage VPS for Linux Users


A2Hosting is quite a popular name in the hosting industry. The 20x faster turbo servers offered by A2Hosting along with its flexible and customizable plans and attractive features are the primary reason for its popularity. All the VPS plans on A2Hosting are run on SwiftServers which are powered by SSD and thus offer an incredible VPS performance.

The host also offers the highly flexible and super-fast Turbo Boost VPS for those looking for speed and performance. However, that is not significant enough when opting for Storage VPS. However, A2Hosting is the primary choice for many due to the highly flexible and customizable packages that give users complete control over the resources. Therefore, A2Hosting suits the needs of everyone from novices to professional developers.

A2Hosting offers six pricing plans for unmanaged VPS hosting which includes three standard plans and three premium or Turbo plans. The cheapest plan is Runway 1 costs $4.99 per month and includes 1 CPU core, 1GB RAM, 150 GB SSD storage, and 2TB bandwidth. All the VPS plans give root access which is necessary for customizing the OS and control panel based on user preferences. The root access opens gates to administrative controls and gives freedom to configure servers as you consider them fit.

The extremely generous SSD storage offered by A2Hosting’s unmanaged VPS hosting makes it extremely fit for Storage VPS.

Although the VPS hosting plans with A2Hosting is designed to be managed with the command line, cPanel can be easily integrated for an additional payment of $8.99 per month. In addition to that, once cPanel is installed you also get the option to add Softaculous which allows single-click installation of all popular software.

However, those who cannot afford to pay for cPanel can use Webuzo which comes for free with the VPS plans at A2Hosting. Webuzo serves a great deal in ensuring a single-click installation of all popular applications. Thus it proves to be monumental from an ease and accessibility point of view, especially for beginners. The use of SolusVM by hosting providers makes it, even more, easier for beginners.

As if the customization already offered wasn’t enough, A2Hosting also allows customizing the data center based on your preferences. It proves pivotal in reducing the latency of the servers as the location is customized.

Just because you chose a plan initially does not mean who has to stick to it for life. The VPS plans at A2Hosting are also scalable to keep up with the changing needs of your website. Moreover, the resources can be scaled by simply reaching out to the support team.

When it comes to VPS performance, rarely anyone offer performance like A2Hosting. It is highly efficient and reliable with its 99.8% uptime and a loading speed of 253ms. Thus, by choosing VPS hosting through A2Hosting you could benefit from some of the fastest servers in the industry.

The best part, however, is that when you choose A2Hosting you won’t be at risk of losing your hard-earned money. All plans with A2Hosting are protected with a money-back guarantee.

All in all, A2Hosting is an incredible option if you want Storage VPS at a nominal price without compromising on features. It is particularly incredible for beginners and for those who want a greater level of flexibility and customization.

5. Vultr – Cheap Cloud Storage VPS Servers for Linux/Windows

Vultr Cloud Storage VPS

Vultr is a popular name in the hosting business with over twenty years of experience in dealing in complex hosting environments. Since its inception in 2014, Vultr has had a mission to empower developers and businesses by simplifying the deployment of infrastructure via its advanced cloud platform.

The Vultr Object Storage offers inexpensive, reliable, and highly secure yet scalable storage resources for your data. It is powered by the latest cutting-edge technology and employs fast NVMe caching. Due to this feature, high performance is achieved and frequently accessed data is highly accessible.

It supports the latest S3 API which enables easy integration with S3-enabled applications and third-party tools. Moreover, files can be transferred to Vultr Object Storage directly from Vultr instances by using an S3-compatible tool or SDK.

Apart from S3 compatibility, Vultr Object Storage also offers high redundancy, data durability through the automatic backups feature. The servers can also be deployed in just a few seconds due to the 17 global server locations.

The operation of Vultr Object Storage is different from that of block storage. The block storage provides a disk volume that can be mounted on a Vultr instance. On the contrary, object storage provides an internet-accessible (HTTPS) endpoint where files can be stored and retrieved. However, this in no way means that the privacy of the files is compromised in any manner. All files are private and secure, a secret key is required to access the files.

With Vultr, there is no limit to customization and there are endless possibilities for everything. By Vultr Object Storage, users can create CDN origin points, store cloud-native application data, archive large data sets, save historical logs, set up disaster recovery, and many more.

Furthermore, Vultr Object Storage automatically clones data thrice to ensure high availability and data durability as well as reduce the chances of data loss

Vultr Object Storage comes at simple and predictable pricing. You only pay for the service you avail and it is easily scalable by addition and removal of the storage objects. The basic package begins for as low as $5 per month and includes features like 250GB storage with 1TB of bandwidth to a maximum of 1TB of storage with 10TB bandwidth. The storage and bandwidth can be scaled to 1000GB and 10 TB respectively. However, due to the high scalability, one can seamlessly increase the storage and bandwidth as the needs grow.

Deploy object storage to provide inexpensive, reliable, and hugely scalable storage for your data through Vultr Object Storage now.

6. NexusBytes – Cheapest KVM Storage VPS

NexusBytes Storage KVM VPS

NexusBytes is not as popular as many other options on the list but is quite a credible hosting provider serving customers since 2016. It is fairly new when compared to several others on the list but it has made a place among the top-notch service providers. With eight global servers dispersed across the world, Nexus Bytes gives low latency connectivity despite the location.

If you are tired of storing backups of your never-ending data files, NexusBytes is here to fix all your woes. It provides VPS storage servers powered by a KVM hosting environment at an incredibly affordable price for ease of storing bulk data.

Opting for NexusBytes for your Storage VPS can be an incredible choice as it combines best-cutting-edge processors with dedicated compute hyper-threads, impeccable memory, impressive and high-tech HDD storage, along with high-speed data transfer rate.

NexusBytes Storage VPSs provide a reliable offsite solution to safely back up important data in secure facilities with an uninterrupted power supply. This ensures quick data retrieval if the need arises as no matter when you need your backup, it is ready to be retrieved.

The Storage packages by Nexus Bytes are more affordable than any other similar hosting provider. There are six pricing plans primarily based on storage and bandwidth. The cheapest package has 500 GB SSD Storage with a 2500 GB bandwidth while the highest-priced plans include 5000 GB HDD Storage and a 25000 GB bandwidth.

The cheapest Storage VPS package by Nexus Bytes is STOR-0.5T and begins at an affordable rate of $3.2 per month. It includes 2 vCPU cores, 0.5 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD Storage, and 2500 GB Bandwidth. The package is of high value for the included services.

However, NexusBytes plans are all incredibly scalable which essentially means you can allocate more resources as your storage needs grow.

7. Time4VPS – Cheapest Storage VPS Hosting Servers


TimeVPS is a premier hosting provider that came into being in 2003 and grew to become the largest hosting provider in Europe in a brief span of time. Despite many other hosting services competing to acquire the top rank, Time4VPS continues to remain the top choice for many. Time4VPS combines affordable, scalable hosting plans with enterprise-level technology. Thus, their popularity continues to multiply.

Time4VPS offers Storage servers to store a massive amount of data and ensure that none of it is lost to mishaps and accidents. The Storage VPS is also suitable for allocating resources to your simple. It is pivotal to choose the right provider for this purpose.

Time4VPS servers are designed for users looking for a functional and reliable yet resilient platform. The plans are not only great value for money but also allow incorporating the desired amount of storage, RAM, and data transfer. The best deal is the option to pay only for all that you utilize.

It is powered by OpenVZ virtualization that enables on-spot upgrades and lesser resource consumption. Moreover, all plans are easily scalable. There are also no downtimes and reboots so it is fast and easy.

The unmanaged plans are highly developer-friendly but may assist both beginners and enterprise-level users. The reliability offered by Time4VPS is unmatched as they operate their own data center. Furthermore, all the tools that you love have been incorporated by Time4VPS.

Who wouldn’t want a free DNS manager? Your wish is Time4VPS’s command and here you have it. Along with that, you can get reverse DNS, hostname management, as well emergency access console. To make things further easier, OS installation and server reboot are also free. Therefore, server management is extremely simple and easy.

If you fear for the security of your data and files on Storage VPS by Time4VPS fret not! It has been designed keeping in mind the necessity of security and protection. Thus, the enterprise-level server hardware has verified data security. Thus, the data under the RAID-enabled storage array is under no security threats.

With full root access that comes with all Time4VPS Storage plans, you have the freedom to manage it all as you wish. Everything is done on the basis of preferences through the Container VPS.

The extremely affordable and nominally priced packages begin for as low as $1.77 per month. All 8 plans are extremely affordable and often have a price slash. The basic package includes 256 GB SSD storage, 0.5GB RAM, 1 Core CPU, and 2TB Bandwidth along with ongoing security and 24/7 technical support

Time4VPS is thus a noteworthy option for Storage VPS due to its high specification, reliability, and pocket-friendly pricing.

8. AlphaVPS

AlphaVPS cheap storage vps

AlphaVPS may not be as popular worldwide but it has a strong foothold in Europe. Founded in 2013, AlphaVPS is a brand of DA International Group Ltd. It was created with the vision of redefining the hosting experience as well as offering a solid product for fellow developers and website owners and providing services that are simple, intuitive, and accessible to everyone.

Presently, AlphaVPS is a leading cloud VPS and server provider in Europe, offering powerful and reliable services from five global locations. AlphaVPS offers VPS and dedicated hosting services over the world but primarily in Europe. AlphaVPS also offers affordable Storage VPS for storing a hefty amount of data.

AlphaVPS uses the latest hardware and technology to power VPS. It utilizes hardware RAID and builds the storage node with RAID60 arrays. The premium network consists of Multiple Tier-1 providers, coupled with a ton of local peering.

Alphavps storage vps features

The web host offers private storage virtual servers that are powered by KVM virtualization. Thus, it offers several features and allows running your kernel, installing a custom OS, or encrypting your disk. Moreover, All AlphaVPS plans come with full and unrestricted root access.

Often Storage VPS providers do not pay much heed to the security aspect but that is not the case with AlphaVPS. All the KVM servers support FDE (disk encryption) to ensure that only the relevant user can access the data. Along with that, all VPS plans include a fully-featured and intuitive control panel.

With packages starting as low as €15 per year, the feature enriched AlphaVPS is affordable and perfect for those who want to expand their storage despite being on a tight budget. However, their most popular package comes at a price of  €5 per month and includes remarkable features like 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 1TB storage, and 3TB bandwidth.

The support at AlphaVPS is highly responsive and thus ready to assist users 24/7/365. Deploy AlphaVPS StorageVPS today for storing backups and data files, and benefit from the fast worldwide connectivity and amazing support. Along with that enjoy Full Root Access, Instant Setup, Easy Control Panel, hardware node maintenance to backups, and many more lucrative features.

9. Linode


Linode is a privately owned hosting company and its presence in the hosting sphere is a tale as old as time. Over the past two decades, Linode has enabled developers and businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications more easily and cost-effectively in the cloud.

The storage VPS by Linode is referred to as Linode Object Storage and is reliable for backing up loads and loads of data. The data is stored across a cluster of servers through Linode Object Storage for high availability and durability.

Linode Object Storage is compatible with several types of data, including unstructured data such as content assets, as well as sophisticated and data-intensive data pertaining to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Thus, it is highly adaptable and compatible. Linode Object storage is compatible and the perfect option for data that doesn’t change frequently. It enables storing backup files, database dumps, logs, and massive data sets and ensures quick accessibility over the Internet via a URL.

Linode offers 250GB to 50TB object storage clusters built to store vast amounts of data and the clusters are scalable, so you can easily allocate more resources if your business requirements grow.

Linode Object Storage comes with built-in CDN integration. It means that your assets around the globe are cached to ensure faster download speed for your users. It also relieves you from the worry of maintaining hard drives and RAID arrays.

By opting for the S3-compatible Linode Object Storage you are able to manage all your content online while ensuring its offline accessibility. Moreover, it is a great and affordable solution for users. Unlike the other hosting providers that bill you on the basis of allocated services, Linode only generates bills for the actual storage in use.

The pricing for Linode Object Storage clusters begins at $5 per month To make it even more lucrative, Linode does not charge any transfer fee on inbound transfers up to 1 TB. Additionally, it comes with plenty of freebies including DDoS Protection, domain management with DNS manager and deployment scripts with StackScripts, and many more features.

10. Hostimul


Hostimul is one of the popular cloud VPS providers. It is a toddler in the web hosting industry when considering all other web hosting providers. It came into existence in 2017 and has barely completed half a decade of service yet it is incredibly popular in the web hosting sphere. Hostimul is a high-powered web hosting solution and it is a perfect solution for all web hosting requirements.

Hostimul offers storage solutions that are perfect to store large bulks of data without compromising on performance and reliability. Hostimul claims that Storage VPS works best in the case of data backups and compressed data archives. Hostimul is powered by servers that are powered by multi-core (14 cores / 28 threads) processors. A minimum of 256 GB RAM is added to each node along with a dedicated 4 Gbps network connection.

All Storage VPS plans on Hostimul are powered by OpenVZ virtualization software which gives a greater degree of control and also allows better management of resources. Moreover, all plans come with a control panel where you can manage your VPS server and allocate resources as required.

The resource-rich packages by Hostimul are nominally priced and for the facilitation of users with different needs, Hostimul has launched eight Storage VPS pricing plans ranging from 1 to 16 CPU cores and a bandwidth ranging from 1TB to 64TB. Depending on the choice of resources, the pricing varies between $3.99 per month to $149.99 a month. The cheapest package begins at $3.99 per month and includes features like 1 CPU core, 256 GB disk space, 256MB RAM, 2TB bandwidth, and many more lucrative features.

The highly dependable customer support team is also always available for assistance. Composed of technical experts, the team assists in the smooth resolution of issues 24/7/365.

Thus, Hostimul may not be a popular option on the list but the impeccable features, high technology features, and technology features make it a great choice for cheapest storage VPS.


Storage VPS is an incredible solution for businesses and individuals dealing with large volumes of data as it is an easy way of storing bulk data safely. It is also a highly dependable solution and aids in keeping up with the ever-changing requirements of websites. It is also a highly adjustable and dependable solution due to its versatile features and reliability.

At the present time, the IT industry and online businesses are growing at an unprecedented rate which also means that the need for bulk storage space is also growing. With a storage VPS, a high volume storage space is available to accommodate the data needs while boosting the performance and operations of the website.

In our feeble attempts to help the growing needs of businesses and other websites, we have compiled a list of ten hosting service providers that offer the cheapest storage VPS hosting servers. Moreover, these Storage VPS companies are the best providers and excel at what they do. Therefore, we are hopeful that this compilation will prove to be monumental for your hosting requirements.