Cheap VPS List (15 Best Low Cost VPS Hosting Providers)

We’ve just crafted our cheap VPS list to get you dedicated resources, reliable VM servers, developer tools, and customer support at lower prices with all essential features.

Virtual private hosting servers can help you speed up digitally. However, you should go with the economical ones. Here, we have listed the most cost-effective options for you.

The digital world is ever-expanding. It is highly unlikely that you can make up for the digital requirements by changing your hardware paraphernalia. You need to explore other options – Virtual Private Hosting Server is a good option that brings you comfy resources in terms of RAM, CPU, bandwidth, and storage on a single page.

Having said that, while cherry-picking this cost-effective option, you should also consider the economical aspect too. Here, we will help you fetch the most viable product in terms of finances. Stay with us!

What is VPS hosting?

VPS hosting is a step up from shared hosting. It allows the user to utilize all the resources without getting an allocation of dedicated server service. VPS allows you to fetch at-par performance and similar capabilities.

VPS hosting services are almost suitable for managing costs and acquiring seamless data streaks. VPS hosting services are also helpful in managing data backups and ensuring data security with much ease.

If we consider the added benefits, the subscription costs are just an iota. Tech veterans always recommend taking shelter in the foolproof coverage of VPS hosting.

When should you cherry-pick VPS host over shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a perfect fit for small sites that do not get much traffic or require extensive resources. Shared hosting is okay for a novice entrepreneur. However, for a tech-geek who requires extensive resources, receives a plethora of traffic, or is concerned about security, then it’s the right time to hop on to VPS hosting. The price tag should also be considered before availing of the services.

What is the difference between managed and unmanaged VPS hosting?

Managed VPS hosting service is more expensive, but it is recommended for persons having a less technical background. For managed themes, the company takes care of the software as well as updates. On the flip side, an unmanaged VPS hosting service is only responsible for providing you with a virtual server. The configuration, upgrades, maintenance, or installations are incumbent upon the user.

2024’s Cheap VPS List Comparison

Name CPU Cores RAM DISK Transfer Support PRICE
Kamatera 1 1GB 20GB 1000GB Chat, Phone, Email $4/mo
InterServer 1 2GB 30GB 2TB Chat, Phone, Email $6/mo
A2Hosting 1 1GB 20GB NVMe 0.5TB Chat, Phone, Email, Ticket $2.99/mo
Time4VPS 1 x 2.6GHz 2GB 20GB 4TB Chat, Email, Community €1.99/mo
Vultr 1 0.5GB 10GB 0.5TB Support Tickets, Email $2.50/mo
Hostinger 1 1GB 20GB 1TB Chat, Ticket, Email $3.95/mo
HostWinds 1 1GB 30GB 1TB Chat, Ticket, Email $4.99/mo
InMotion 1 1GB 25GB 1TB Chat, Email, Phone $5/mo
Contabo 4 8GB 50GB NVMe 32TB Call, Email, Guides $6.99/mo
TurnKeyInternet 1 1GB 5GB Unmetered Chat, Phone $4.99/mo
Ionos 1 512MB 30GB Unlimited Phone, Chat $4/mo
RamNode 1 512MB 15GB 1000GB Ticket, Discord, IRC Chat $3/mo
VirMach 1 512MB 15GB 500GB Call, Ticket $2/mo
DigitalOcean 1 1GB 25GB 1000GB Ticket, Email $5/mo
Linode 1 1GB 25GB 1TB Phone, Email, IRC Chat $5/mo

The list of 15 cost-effective and cheap VPS hosting server providers are as follows:

Cheap VPS List – 15 Best VPS Hosting Providers of 2024

1. Kamatera


The first choice for cheap VPS hosting servers is Kamatera which has cutting-edge infrastructure. All of its services start from a free trial of 30 days without any compromise in the quality. So developers can try all the nitty-gritty before going for paid services.

You can deploy SSD VPS servers absolutely free through the intuitive control panel with easy navigation in under 60 seconds. Moreover, you can configure the enterprise-class virtual servers with ultimate scalability whenever needed.

Another good thing about Kamatera is its cloud-powered web hosting approach. All the work you execute is readily saved into the network of thousands of cloud servers with a single tap. There are no worries about data breaches or eavesdropping, thanks to robust security measures.

Kamatera services come up with multiple premium features such as 40 Gbit per second networking, flexible resources scaling, 100+ OS images, custom ISO, and guaranteed resources. Their custom console panel offers fantastic usability in terms of server management. In addition, the simple console and API access make the administration a bit easier for remote/automated actions.

There is always 24/7 premium technical as well as human support available that steers you clear from all the issues. Kamateraa provides you with ample server customization, and you can scale up according to your requirements. Besides upgrading the server configurations, you can also perform server cloning through the control panel.

The VPS specifications through multiple pre-made plans and custom configurations are enticing to the core. Each package has immense potential to acknowledge all your VPS demands. Kamatera’s entry instance includes 1 vCPU that runs as fast as 2667 MHz, 1024MB Ram, and expandable 20GB SSD space. The internet traffic threshold is 5000 GB per month connected with a lightning speed of 40 Gbit/sec network.

The data centers are located in the safest places of northern America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, where all the data privacy laws are respected and recognized. You can work with utmost freedom without any fear of being watched. Kamatera offers 18 data centers across four continents.

Their cloud platform is built with one of the fastest processors by Intel on the planet – Intel Xeon Platinum @2.7 GHz+, which delivers 300% more power than previous generations. You can utilize any of its servers as remote desktop, development environment, databases, ERP solutions, VoIP, IoT devices, MongoDB, NGINX server, web hosting server, CRM, and emails.

All in all, Kamatera is one of the best inexpensive VPS hosting services with a distributed network of data centers, 99.95% uptime, SSDs, load balancers, firewalls, premium support, and instant deployment at one place with a 30-day free trial.


  • Ultimate 40 Gbit/s per server networking speed
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) runs databases and applications with no latency and no I/O bottlenecks
  • Upto 104 vCPUs and 512 GB RAM per instance
  • Modern cloud management console
  • Guaranteed resources with on sharing or overusing of system resources
  • Deploy your servers and clone in a jiffy


  • Requires billing information for the free trial (credit card)

2. InterServer – Best Cheap KVM VPS


Can you imagine a cloud virtual private server for just $6/month with SSDs and 99.99% uptime? If not, then you will have to. InterServer is providing a flexible hosting platform for all of your online ventures at this amazing cost.

There are multiple Linux (open source) templates to choose from. You can easily deploy online projects into this flexible hosting platform. The free Webuzo control panel allows one-click installation. A managed support is also available for you if you buy four slices or more.

Their customer support is really helpful, available 24/7, and can be approached through multiple channels such as ticket system, live chat, and by phone. Another exciting option for professionals is Windows VPS having a remote desktop.  It means you can log in from all over the globe.

To boot, the Cloud Remote Backup services bring peace of mind, your invaluable data is always secure enough. The supported scripts allow one-click installation that gives you the ultimate freedom to create professional-level websites sans any coding skills.

Through InterServer, you can access your data anytime, anywhere. InterServer does not put a kibosh on access to the databases, folders, and files. Moreover, InterServer provides root access, which means you can install the operating system and control panel without taking prior permission. The loading speed is also exemplary. While the peripheral resources such as memory, CPU cores, transfer, and storage can be customized on your own.

InterServer describes its hardware as self-healing. It might feel a bit odd, but, in essence, this credo is true. Whenever a glitch occurs in its hardware system, the deployed AI system redirects all the traffic to other nodes. Amazingly, this all happens within the blink of an eye. The data you put on at InterServer can be accessed through scattered locations. This proposition levels up the collaboration score.

Security is a never compromising feature of InterServer. It uses KVM, Virtuozzo, Hyper-V, and OpenVZ platforms that offer a prison-like secure environment. The workload cannot be accessible by virtual servers at the same node.

The uptime is 99.9% SLA which means your website will be up and available almost anytime. You can access your data 24/7. Nevertheless, there are no additional charges for incoming or outgoing transfers. InterServer is integrated with the Webuzo control panel that satisfies all the development requirements. Developers can cherry-pick from a plethora of image galleries, forums, portals, and blogs. Moreover, Breadbasket is also capable of being deployed with Perl, Java, Python, or PHP.

The VPS platform also allows multiple database types to ensure quick installation. The user can also deploy SQL hosting servers like SQLite, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, and whatever they crave for. The data redundancy is maintained through 10-level storage arrays. The redundancy ensures the management of critical workload.

This amazing inexpensive VPS hosting service does not come in isolation. It is embedded with 100s of preloaded web applications such as Drupal Prestashop, Joomla, WordPress, or Magento. Take your development goals to the next level with InterServer.


  • Both West (Los Angeles, CA) and East (Secaucus, NJ) options are available to reduce latency
  • 20x faster SATA drives use sophisticated SSD storage
  • Deploy MySQL server in seconds with the potential to manage secure remote connections
  • The pricing model is straightforward without any hidden fee
  • Guaranteed 99.9% uptime


  • Prepaying does not offer any discounts on monthly fees
  • There is no trial period

3. A2Hosting

A2Hosting Unmanaged VPS

Founded in 2001, It is one of the best web hosting companies for reliable virtual private servers that give you ample room among the clients vying for already scarce resources. A2Hosting lets you install the scripts/applications of your choice with unmanaged as well as managed VPS hosting, both in a cost-effective manner. Managed VPS hosting is for those who are not tech-savvy and just want to focus on the bigger rosy picture.

For managed VPS, you need not hire the upper management layer. While for unmanaged hosting, you get myriad options of pre-loaded packages to pick what suits you best. Moreover, their 24/7 customer support is really strong, it does not leave you high and dry at the time of distress.

There is a “Turbo” plan offered by A2Hosting that provides you 20x fast servers. A2Hosting is the best fit for business enterprises, you get ample time to focus on sales, promotions, marketing, customer services, and business growth.

Full root access by A2Hosting gives you room to tailor your needs. You can trench the technical, management, and administration staff. If the traffic flow rises, you can go for scalability. All in all, the faster CPU performance is available in four runaway and three turbo packages in a pure economical way.


  • 24/7 guru support that doesn’t leave you high and dry
  • Free SSL certifications for optimal authenticity
  • Gratis website migrations to hop on viable platforms
  • Incessant security updates
  • Firm boundaries between server hardware and occupants


  • Manual adjustments to plan according to needs
  • Caching limitations to drive
  • Configuration requires a higher degree of technological know-how

4. Time4VPS – Cheap VPS for Linux and Windows


Time4VPS provides cheap Linux VPS servers start from 1.99 euros/month and goes up to 128.99 euros/month according to your requirements. Time4VPS provides you the ultimate freedom to develop with VPS Linux. Moreover, KVM virtualization provides near-physical configuration and management support.

The hypervisor optimally integrates into the server and gives maximum power to the hardware. The HP Proliant DL360 servers are powered by multi-core (28 threads/14 cores) Intel Xeon 6142 processors. While each node is packed with 768 GB RAM into four Gbps connections. The uptime is amazingly 99.98%, making this VPS server accessible round-the-clock.

The servers are maintained from the heart of Europe (Lithuania) and the hub “Uptime Institute” is certified as a tier-3 data center. The data center is equipped with onsite security staff, digital surveillance, an uninterruptible power supply, and maximum reliability.

There is always a step-by-step mentorship to guide you through the intricate procedures of a Linux VPS server. The hosting is bolstered with a RAID-enabled storage array, you need not worry about losing important files. Resource management is now simply money-efficient with Time4VPS.


  • Extensive support knowledge base through community fora, tutorials, guides, and explanations
  • Quick access to the team of competent support engineers without hassle
  • In case of cancellation of service within 30 days, get a full refund
  • Upscale VPS Linux with no downtime
  • Pre-install Init Scripts for premium installations


  • Discounts are only available for the first order, you cannot avail of renewal periods
  • VAT is applied on every purchase
  • The Linux kernel is difficult to operate in the beginning

5. Vultr – Cheapest Linux VPS Servers


Vultr is an excellent VPS provider for Linux based servers from the secure cloud infrastructure. The provider is truly cloud-based and offers SSD/NVMe storage all over the globe without any hassle. The SSD cloud storage brings you a comfy avenue to store whatever you crave.

Amazingly, the packages start at the meager price bracket of s. The basic package provides you with dedicated servers with no virtualization layers.

Another package that starts at $10/month provides you with an amazing option to develop your cloud server from 25 server locations. The development can then be deployed globally in a jiffy.

To boot, Vultr also has a $60/month package sponsored for Kubernetes. Kubernetes is the best fit for small enterprises and businesses.

For ultimate leverage of features, the package starts at $120/month. The $120 includes all the previous features with the inclusion of prime cloud computing. 

The powerful APIs and Control Panel brings a sigh of relief and peace of mind for the dedicated developer. You need not spend much energy managing infrastructure. You have ample time to spend on coding.

The deployment is just a single click away. You just need to command by a single tap, and the cloud orchestration takes a spin on its own. You can also pick up your desired data center that suits your requirements. Management is so easy, thanks to the powerful API.

The success of Vultr is deafeningly loud, over 50 million clients trust its deployment. You can spur a prototype to production within seconds. Vultr is highly cost and time-efficient.


  • The secure servers of Poland fully comply with antitrust laws
  • The performance is spurred by the CPUs of a household name – “Intel”
  • 24/7/365 world-class support is truly helpful
  • Uptime ticks at a foolproof threshold of 100%
  • Upload your very own ISO to unlock the infinite possibilities


  • There is no customized management, you will have to stick to the pre-installed options
  • Datacenter connection requires 60 seconds for each connectivity
  • The Control panel requires basic digital literacy

6. Contabo – Cheapest VPS Hosting with 8GB RAM

Contabo Cloud VPS

Contabo is a well-known hosting service that provides a variety of web services according to your requirements at economical prices. The basic plan starts from just $6.99/month and can be upgraded to $34.99/month. The difference between plans is the capacity of RAM, NVMe, SSD, snapshot, and Traffic.

The full root access and compute power are unparalleled. Contabo VPS is a great instance of independent computing at an unmatched price bracket. Customization is right at your fingertips. You can go with a fast NVMe storage with over 1,000,000 IOPS. It’s amazing at par with a  large SSD drive.

Each Contabo VPS comes up with 32 TB of outgoing and unlimited incoming traffic. The connection speed hovers between 200 Mbit/s to 1 Gbit/s.  In practical terms, this threshold is unlimited for 99.9% of customers. Amazingly, there are no hidden additional charges.

This VPS is protected by DDoS protection embedded with a single IPv4 and IPv6 protocol. The Snapshot Technology includes comfy ways to retrieve data in case of any untoward situation. The OS can be rebooted or reinstalled through the available web interface. The DNS management and One-click upgrades can also be accessed in the same way.

Moreover, Uptime monitoring is available round-the-clock. The user needs not to worry about security issues. The SSL certificates are also available for optimum security. Contabo gives a variety of additional IPs to run programs.

Contabo’s inexpensive VPS hosting comes up with the new generation NVMe drive at no additional price. The NVMe performance is ten times higher than the ordinary VPS. Contabo has a 20-year of experience under its belt. This experience helps it develop sophisticated paraphernalia.

Contabo takes inspiration from Proxmax and KVM, that’s why it optimizes the utilization of each host system. The load is optimally monitored and clustered together by taking leverage of usage patterns.

The first-class support of Contabo is corroborated by the accolades received from 210,000+ customers from 180 countries. In sum, Contabo could be the best choice among the fastest VPSs.


  • Contabo operates Data Centers in all the key regions, ensuring global availability
  • The orchestration of virtualization is the thing that makes a difference in Contabo’s performance
  • For foolproof connectivity, Contabo uses only branded components from companies like Samsung, AMD, or Intel
  • No extra fees for enhanced traffic
  • Independent Virtual Servers with Super-Fast Generation Four NVMe Drives


  • If you want additional storage, you will have to pay extra for the NVMe capacity extension
  • The average time of provision is 20 minutes
  • Basic plans lack some key features

7. Hostinger

Hostinger KVM VPS Hosting

Just like their highly affordable shared web hosting plans, Hostinger also offers low-cost Linux VPS servers with the highest performance and reliability. The economical packages are also laden with an exciting 30-day money-back guarantee. The top-notch servers are loaded with cutting-edge Intel Xeon processors.

The standard 100Mb/s speed is admirable and the best for online business activities. Their cheapest Linux servers are also packed with IPv4 and IPv6 internet protocols. The given access is full root, which means you do not need much technical knowledge for easy access to the server. Moreover, the IPv6 internet protocol pushes scripts to work as fast as possible.

If you are not satisfied with the Hostinger services, you can claim a full refund without any hassle. You can breathe new life into your dedicated website with a small puff of Hostinger. The usability of the VPS Control Panel is extremely high as you reach virtual servers simply with a few clicks.

The 24/7/365 helping hands know all the inside-outs of professional help. You get live guidance for configuration troubles. Double RAID technology ensures that the data will never be lost. There is an engineer-optimized installation container that does all the hard work on your behalf. You can install the Linux operating system without add-ons in a jiffy.

All plans come up with the highest specifications, fully packed with IPv4 and IPv6 protocols. There is no problem regarding scripting.

Guaranteed resources are Hostinger’s credo. All the servers are loaded with SSD disk space and loaded Intel CPUs that guarantee blazing computing power. The shared web hosting is 30 times faster. Hostinger also provides chances to build on your way. You can access a wide range of operating systems with a single click.

The real advantage of Hostinger VPS hosting is unparalleled stability. The stability and swift power are attained cost-effectively. Anyone can get the fruits of this dedicated VPS service, the list of features includes databases, game servers, web apps, coders, and intensive websites. The computing power is truly immense. You can also install your preferred OS and take leverage of the root access.

Hostinger’s inexpensive VPS hosting is unmanaged, but the dedicated customer support team makes it a cakewalk. Variety is the spice of life! Hostinger adds on this spice every time by picking up a dozen Linux-based OSs to meet with needs.

Amazingly, there is no requirement for certain software with this VPS. Common modules, services, and applications run by default. Order now and run your VPS hosting across the five secure destinations of Lithuania, the Netherlands, The United States, The United Kingdom, and Singapore.


  • VPS backup is provided every week free of cost
  • 24/7 customer support gives ultimate support regarding customer control panels and VPS hosting
  • Connect your preferred OS by managing toot access
  • All Hostinger servers are secured by advanced DDoS protection
  • Six different plans can be upgraded at any time


  • Prices are listed without VAT
  • In case of exceeding the monthly bandwidth limit, the network speed is limited to 5Mbps
  • Automated snapshots and backups cannot be downloaded directly

8. HostWinds


HostWinds is an all-in-one shop that also serves its customers for VPS services with managed as well as unmanaged virtual servers for business and casual users.  The glittering aspects of Hostwinds are solid-state drives, 99.9% uptime, free-of-cost web transfers, customized ISOs, firewalls, and multiple locations.

HostWinds service provides you incremental tier-wise scalability to meet up the rising demands of the cutting-edge era. Every action is provided with a supreme backup that ensures optimal security. There is another exciting option of Snapshots that makes quick backups without any downtime. You can also deploy the same snapshots as a template to launch new servers.

All the services of HostWinds come up at the lowest possible price. The low prices are in contrast with the in-vogue, costly plans for Linux VPS. Hostwinds VPS is always up and ready owing to its mission-critical agenda. All the hosting servers are actively monitored. While the queries can be solicited through the support ticket system.

HostWinds uses the advanced and latest hardware to meet cutting-edge challenges. Moreover, a plethora of additional tools are added for ultimate convenience.

Another benefit of this inexpensive VPS hosting service is improved security. The security is guaranteed by preventing a completely isolated environment that also avoids the impact of “noisy neighbors”.  While the 99.9% network uptime is amazing. The additional perks include virus scans, balancing load problems, OS updates, troubleshooting for network-related issues, assistance to failed boots, managing hardware failures, package installations, and much more.

As of cPanel/WHM license, HostWinds provides various application templates for pre-configuration. You can also select from an extensive library of Linux versions. Furthermore, there are several one-click applications in the built-in cloud portal. The Cloud portal is also convenient to manage the servers in need.

The highlights of the cost-effective cloud server are Cloud DNS, Firewall management, Volume storage, Load balancing, Snapshot creation, IP management, Object storage, server management, proactive API, serial console, and VNC connection. All in all, HostWinds hosting service hosts you in extremely comfy ways, you have never experienced before.


  • 24/7/365 assistance is always at your doorstep
  • Use snapshots as a backup to recover specific points from serves in case of any catastrophic failure
  • Networking configuration automatically gets configured from the very first boot
  • You can create your own Linux-based ISO to deploy or reinstall your server
  • Predefined packages can be upgraded at any time


  • For backups, the user needs to pay an extra $1/month + $0.03/GB
  • RAM, Bandwidth, or CPU cores cannot be upgraded individually
  • Unmanaged servers do not come up with any technical or administrative support

9. InMotionHosting – Cheap Cloud VPS Servers


InMotionHosting is a legendary name in the list of cheap VPS services. It provides you complete root access to the choice of your favorite Linux Operating System. You can choose between Devian, Ubuntu, or CentOS. Moreover, the Corero DDoS protection provides your extensive IP addresses to steer clear of cyber threats.

Another nice feature of InMotion is built-in redundancy that ensures maximum uptime. Almost all plans offer a quick deployment with varying features. The redundant hardware clusters are available 24/7 to reach your destination by the shortest possible means. Other exciting features are schedule snapshots and live-state. Both features are highly helpful in creating real-time server images for quick rollbacks.

The strongest point of InMotion Hosting is its data centers. The data centers are located near the prime IXP locations that are being fed with enterprise-grade fiber optics. The bare-metal servers are scalable on demand. It simply means you can expand as long as you want.

InMotion deploys its servers by taking leverage of an open-source automation framework – Ansible. Ansible helps set up the cloud server within a few minutes without incurring extra costs.

In the end, considering the economical price bracket of InMotion, it is a recommended VPS hosting service. The deployment is faster, service is high-quality, and scalability is far and wide. The premium quality services leave no roadblocks in your virtual private servers. The user gets the ultimate freedom to code rather than wrangling with cloud infrastructure.


  • Virtual machines can be deployed within minutes
  • Configure all the cutting-edge software and tools like Git, Node.js, Java, and Ruby
  • The help from Cloud VPS and Bare Metal experts is always open to consideration
  • Control your critical business decisions, apps, and websites on a dedicated server configuration
  • Tier-1 network performance is optimally fast


  • Basic plans miss some vital features
  • InMotion hosting requires an independent open-source framework for optimal performance

10. TurnKeyInternet


TurnKeyInternet provides almost all kinds of web hosting solutions under one roof with great features at reasonable prices. The standard cloud VPS starts at $4.99 with a single CPU core, 1 GB RAM, and 5 GB SSD storage. The package can be enhanced to $34.99/month.

TurnKeyInternet delivers a perfect balance of performance, ease of use, and value. This VPS has a perfect up-time of 100%. Moreover, security has a full and final say with TurnKeyInternet, it has a variety of exciting protections such as hands-on system administration, back-ups, intrusion detection, and advanced firewalls.

It doesn’t matter whether you are using the Linux or Windows Operating System; the control panel software is always here to guide you. Apart from by default software of Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin, you can also add other powerful software like softaculous and more.

All the resources are 100% guaranteed, along with KVM-based virtualization. The RAID-10 model has extra fast disk systems in place. Moreover, for automated remote backups, there are up to 32 dedicated IPs.

To boot, TurnKeyInternet also provides automated OS reloads and reboots with foolproof KVM/VNC console access. Their servers are managed from the trusted location of the New York data center. The USA complies with data protection and antitrust laws, so you need not worth about this aspect.

TurnKeyInternet claims to be the fastest in this range of money. The high-speed VOS nodes have 100,000 IOPS per drive. While the RAID-10 with high-end LSI cards performs the fastest configuration ever. The disk speed of TurnKeyInternet is 500% times faster than the similarly configured hosted servers elsewhere.

Another secret behind the low prices of TurnKeyInternet is that it accesses directly to the source rather than relying on the infrastructure or product servers elsewhere. TurnKeyInternet builds, designs, and owns.

TurnKeyInternet is also corroborated by the UnixBench. UnixBench is a standard industry-based tool for Linux and Unix-based systems. It is also certified by SSAE 18 for security-related features. While, on the energy consumption front, TurnKeyInternet gets approval from Energy Star certification. To boot, it is shopper approved by Better Business Bureau (BBB).

These certifications or corroborations are listed for your satisfaction otherwise TurnKeyInternet’s proof is in the pudding. Have a bite, please!


  • TurnKeyInternet automatically includes a native IPv6 subnet along with IPv4 to make your server faster than ever
  • Free Migration includes up to two hours of assistance in transferring data, managing sites, and soliciting services from any competitor
  • 30 days of money back for ultimate freedom
  • No setup costs or hidden fees
  • round-the-clock phone and online support


  • The basic package does not provide complete features
  • Disk speed boost requires the LINUX command line
  • Free contract buyout service is available on annual payments only



IONOS’ dedicated resources can cater to a plethora of unlimited traffic and fully virtualization. The SSD storage is made with full root access and API features. The basic features start at the meager price range of $5/month.

They believe in instant care, this is why 24/7 customer support is always available for local customers. While the data centers are located in secure places in the USA, the UK, and Europe. All the places are covered by data privacy and antitrust laws. To boot, the data centers are certified and backed up with ISO 27001. The international certification depicts the maximum uptime.

The uptime is 99.99%, preventing your project from the menace of outages. The virtualization servers are unique on their own. They provide more security, autonomy, and virtualization. Moreover, the SSD SAN storage system can be connected to up to 400 Mbit/s.

IONOS provides ultimate security thanks to backup solutions, firewall rules, and redundant storage. The security certification for IONOS is SSL encryption. While the DDoS protection provides scrubbing security against high-bandwidth attacks. For additional security, toy can backup the data to an industry-leading solution, Acronis with a nominal additional fee.

IONOS cheap VPS can cater to full virtualization and in limited traffic. Through the root server, you can also power this virtual private server to online stores. Games and business ends can also be catered through the same server. IONOS web server is also a great avenue to test the new web apps in an isolated environment.

They allow you to control your WordPress content through maximum flexibility and optimal accessibility. The administration of Linux and Windows is also easier with this VPS.

The maximum VPS power is ensured by the cutting-edge cloud hardware – including Intel® Xeon® processors and  SSD storage. You can trust its efficiency blindly.


  • Full virtualization and redundant storage guarantee optimal availability
  • Change any file type, install server-wide apps, and customize through root access
  • 24/7 expert support provides a sigh of relief
  • Virtual firewalls protect from cyber attacks
  • Wildcard SSL certificate is added with VPS


  • State and local taxes of the USA will apply
  • Change of data center consumes up to 55 minutes
  • The minimum contract duration is one month

12. RamNode


Ramnode is a cloud VPS platform that provides economical solutions for your Linux VPS hosting needs. You can craft, deploy, and grow your business needs on a simplified OpenStack cloud platform. There are three versions for Ramnode.

The first one is Standard KVM VPS. KVM VPS is a fully virtualized SSD computing instance. The memory CPU SSD 512 MB comes up for $0.0045/hour. The bandwidth price is just 1000GB $3/month. The same package can be upgraded to 8 GB, 4 Cores, and 180 GB for just $0.06/hour.

The second version is Premium KVM VPS. The glittering aspect of premium KVM VPS is high-speed NVMe. NVMe computes instances with faster CPUs. The package starts at the specifications of 2GB memory, 1 Core, 50 GB CPU, 3000 GB NVMe, and charges at $0.018/hour. The same package under Premium caption can be extended to 16GB memory, 4 Cores, 400 GB CPU, 6000 GB NVMe, and charges at $0.144/hour.

Thirdly and lastly comes the Massive KVM VPS; this premium package starts at 512GB memory, 1 Core, 160 GB CPU, 2000 GB NVMe, and charges at $0.0045/hour. The final limit of the Massive package ticks in at the cost of $0.09/hour. The glittering aspects of this package include tons of spinning bandwidth and disk space. This package is perfect for backups and extensive data storage.

Ramnode came into existence back in 2012 with the sole purpose of providing affordable virtual servers with powerful features. There are no shareholders in between. It means that Ramnode only considers its customers first and foremost. This is why the provided hosting always meets and exceeds expectations.

The OpenStack public cloud offered by RamNode is suitable for a wide range of applications. Amazingly, it can be deployed without much effort. The tier-1 networking spurs sophisticated hardware to bring in maximum flexibility.

To make the VPS experience more amazing, Ramnode has also embedded the feature-filled control panel, customized firewalls, snapshots, startup scripts, and much more. While concluding the RamNode review, we tell you another not-so-known feature of customized OS deployment. Deploy whatever suits your requirements best.


  • The 24/7 dedicated support team is what sets Ramnode apart.
  • You can also pay through virtual currency.
  • Cherry-pick your desired data centers from Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta, New York City, and The Netherlands.
  • Upload your OS anytime.
  • Get 25% cloud credit on first sign-up.


  • Multiple packages make the selection a bit too complicated.
  • SSH security is unavailable.
  • The data center locations are not revealed by Ramnode.

13. VirMach


VirMach is an affordable choice for virtual servers with the potential to cater to the ever-growing needs of the 21st century. Their service is highly affordable and comes up at extremely low prices.

Having said that, there is no compromise on quality. The features are at par with any top-ranking and high-end VPS. The security is nice, as 200Gbps of data is protected automatically in New York. While the user can also pick up for additional protection of 500Gbps in Los Angeles.

There are multiple data centers, and the user can pick according to the choice. Moreover, additional locations can also be added to the Premium KVM plan. However, the customer support of VirchMach is semi-managed, it is still quite helpful.

The cheapest package is Value+LTE which provides container virtualization, pure SSD, and a flavor of Linux. The fee for a subscription is just $2/month or $24/year, making it the cheapest yearly VPS host.

The second upgraded package is Elite+LTE which comes at the price tag of only $3.50/month. Moreover, the third Pro+LTE requires an investment of $6.  The ultimate version is Premium which requires an investment of only $20. For shoestring budget holders, VirMach has an amazing trick In its hat, it’s a Micro+ package with some limited features.

VirMach allows the fair use of disk space with zero fuss. There are no unnecessary ISO mounts. The port speed is higher with optimal IO/CPU options.  It does not matter whatever package you select, VirMach is comfy enough to match up your requirements threshold. Have a try!


  • You can purchase additional disk space as well as IP addresses.
  • Bring your OS as you can upload your very own ISO, up to 2GB, free of cost.
  • Extensive servers are available any time, which means you can fetch the site you desire.
  • All of the servers have four or more Solid State Drives (SSDs) in RAID 10.
  • Pick up to 10Gbps network speed, and get 50Gbps of DDoS free in NYC.


  • For extra security, more than 50 Gbps, you need to spend bucks.
  • The protection levels vary from the location change.
  • Customer support is semi-managed.

14. DigitalOcean


Yet another popular name on the list of cheap VPS is DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean is fast, flexible, and easy. You can select the server of your desired destination within 55 seconds. Moreover, the exciting features of CPU optimization, memory configuration, and flexibility to build apps provide ultimate support to your picked choices.

To boot, DigitalOcean can be deployed in seconds. The flexibility is amazing to the core. You can skip the hassle of configuration and installation and directly heed to the deployment of code.

Their packages offer a mix of shared vCPUs and memory. These dedicated hyper-threads are the best in the Intel processor class. You can choose the class according to your requirements. The package starts at the initial cost of just $5/month.

The fast-performing intel processors are also laden with NVMe SSDs. You can easily cater to high or low traffic apps such as CMS, blogs, discussion forums, databases, microservices, repository hosting, and dev/test servers. It can also cater to high-traffic web servers, large databases, e-commerce sites, as well as  Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprises.

Now, you can delegate RAM-intensive tasks to high-end databases, in-memory caches, and real-time data processing. The 100% dedicated vCPU is handy for exciting the delicate task of data transferring. You can deploy DigitalOcean VPS for many distributions such as Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, CoreOS, Fedora, or FreeBSD.

The cloud VPS offered by DigitalOcean is also scalable and can be expanded as the demand grows. The elegant API programmatically manages thousands of resources.

If DigitalOcean fails to deliver 99.99% uptime, it will reimburse the amount for the botched services. Moreover, the DNS archive makes a log for every digital activity. Nonetheless, the log is 100% secure.

The data centers are located all over the globe, and you need not run from pillar to post for redundancy and connectivity. The customized scripts can be added for initiating the setup.


  • Spin your low-cost VPS servers within 55 seconds.
  • Enterprise-grade SSDs are used for increased storage performance.
  • You can also vertically scale up or down the resources according to your usage.
  • Deploy multiple VPSs by a few clicks at the control panel or via API or from the command panel.
  • Transfer the ownership of a snapshot through mutual sharing to any DigitalOcean user.


  • DigitalOcean’s premium packages are a bit more costly than their counterparts.
  • Secure Shell Security is not provided.
  • Maximum customization has a toll on in-default processing.

15. Linode

Akamai Linode

Linode, an independent cloud infrastructure for cheap VPS servers that are recommended for a balanced workload. You can run a variety of cloud applications to handle private projects aptly.

The plan starts from 1 vCPU, 25 GB SSD, 1 TB Transfer, and 1 GB RAM. However, you can scale up to 32 vCPUs and 192 GB RAM, 3840 GB SSD, and 20 TB Transfer to meet your workload requirements. Linode works in container cluster formation for ultimate orchestration.

The other exciting features include full root access, direct console, multi-queue NIC, and free bundled services. Moreover, DDoS protection is invited to wrap up against the menace of cyber threats.

Moreover, data protection is available with extreme Backup services. Medium to low traffic websites can easily be handled through Linode virtualization schemes.

The initial package starts as low as $5/month. Linode can be integrated with StackScript. The entire team can deploy base identical systems. All in all, Linode is a cost-effective VPS that caters to all the growing needs fruitfully.


  • StackScripts provides Linode with the ability to configure during the boot phase.
  • Choices of more than 10 configurations.
  • Full root access provides the user with ease of configuration.
  • Economical Shared CPU plans are best for general workloads.
  • The price tags are amazingly low for all plans.


  • Security aspect found suspicious.
  • The upper edge of the cost spectrum is a bit high.


We have in-depth analyzed all the cheapest VPS hosting providers. We are sure that the readers must have known the nitty-gritty of need analysis as well as the right service considering your dynamics. The emphasis during the research was cheap prices with quality services.

We have also made sure that the low costs do not have a say on the quality aspect. No matter how much the cost is low. If it starts impacting the quality, then there is no place for that product in our recommended list of cheap VPS providers.

VPS hosting services bring ultimate peace of mind and scale down costs to new limits. If you are using a managed service, then it is just like driving in an autopilot car. The network gets adjusted to all the wear and tear on its own.