6 Top CloudWays Alternatives of 2024

We have already discussed many web hosting alternatives to help all kinds of users. In this article, you’ll learn some of the best Cloudways alternatives for sustainable, reliable, and fast cloud hosting.

One thing we must say is that Cloudways is the right place for developers, webmasters, bloggers, and enterprises to avail of managed cloud servers backed by multiple reputed cloud platforms such as GoogleCloud, DigitalOcean, AWS Amazon, Linode, and Vultr, etc.

Although you can get cloud services directly from these providers, you might encounter issues with customer support and technical documentation.


Because almost all of them, especially AWS, impose customer support limitations and charge extra fees. On the other hand, Cloudways assists you round the clock regarding any technical problem that you might face and fixes it as soon as possible. Furthermore, their platform is built to let beginners launch cloud instances like a charm compared to AWS, which is complex to use.

If everything is good, then should someone look for an alternative?

Let’s find it out!

Why Cloudways Alternatives?

Chances are you could have different reasons than ours or someone else’s point of view as everyone perceives a product from different perspectives, right?

Let’s discuss step-by-step:

Their cloud plans’ pricing is on the expensive side even though they offer fully managed cloud hosting, but it’s still high. For instance, an entry plan of Vultr costs $11/month from Cloudways; however, it can be purchased directly from the official Vultr site for $5/ month. Keep in mind that Cloudways includes free add-ons, which you might miss with Vultr.

They rely on third party datacenters Amazon Web Services, Vultr, Google Cloud, and DigitalOcean are a few names to mention. That said, the company doesn’t own any data center, which might be an issue for some users.

We really appreciate Cloudways’ custom user panel, but some customers might complain about it because it’s way different from traditional panels like cPanel or Plesk. Plus, you won’t get email hosting, which means extra expenses for email storage service.

While comparing operating systems, you may be surprised to know that they don’t support Windows OS. So, if you’re a Windows developer/user, Cloudways isn’t for you.

Now, let’s dig deeper to review some closed Cloudways competitors and similar cloud hosting providers.

6 Cloudways Alternatives and Competitors of 2024

1. Kamatera – Editor’s Recommended

Kamatera managed cloudways alternatives

When it comes to world-class but affordable cloud hosting services that deliver ultimate uptime, high page loading speed, reliable hardware, and excellent service availability, Kamatera takes the first place. It takes a lot of factors to consider while deciding which company to choose for your website or application, such as selecting a suitable data center that happens to be near your target audience. How much disk space do you need to accommodate data, scalability, and availability of customer support? 

Sometimes, all of these factors are hard to come by in a single combination, but with Kamatera, you can achieve all these in one place. The company has more than two decades of experience in the business and specializes in cloud computing technology. Through an elegantly designed control panel, it takes only a few clicks to deploy a cloud server backed by robust security measures. 

Thanks to instant provisioning, you can launch a cloud infrastructure with the required resources in under 60 seconds or less. What makes Kamatera a powerful Cloudways competitor is the capability of instant resource upgrades and degrades, ensuring ultimate scalability. Users can increase or decrease system specs like CPU Cores, Disk space, or RAM anytime promptly.

Kamatera offers pre-made plans and custom server configurations to let users build the desired machine suitable for their projects. Similar to CloudWays, they also provide multiple data center locations across four continents. But, all cloud datacenters are owned by the company, giving them an edge over Cloudways. 

If pre-made plans don’t fulfill your requirements, then head over to the customized section. It allows the selection of server type, CPU cores, memory, space, public IPs, monthly bandwidth, and data center location.

Furthermore, you can also pick an operating system from dozens of options. Kamatera supports 100+ OS images (Windows, Linux, various Linux distros) and custom ISO too. Other features that also can be enabled within seconds are load balancers, firewalls, private cloud networks, and block storage. 

Kamatera’s cloud servers are capable of running WordPress CMS, email, ERP, CRM, IoT, or VoIP services. With Remote Dekstop, admins can also deploy centralized software to manage the whole team through a single software install.

The entire platform is powered by the latest Intel processors, SSDs, multi-tier network connectivity, and no single point of failure, so the fastest response time is guaranteed. It also ensures zero latency rate, no service lag, and ultimate uptime. 

Prominent Features of Kamatera:

  • Easy-to-use management console
  • 18 Global data center locations
  • Ultimate scalability on the go
  • Various data center facilities across the world
  • Expert customer support is available in multiple ways
  • Under one-minute server deployment
  • Cutting-edge infrastructure to ensure maximum service availability
  • High read/write speed with the help of SSDs
  • Addons are also available for enhanced performance

Visit Kamatera Here

2. Vultr

Vultr cheapest cloudways alternative

Vultr is our runner-up choice as it not only provides affordable cloud servers but is also backed by cutting-edge infrastructure. If saving a significant budget is your primary concern, then Vultr should be your first choice. Apart from cost-effective plans, it also offers a multitude of cloud hosting options to begin with.

The company launched in 2014 and, up till now, has scored millions of customers operating/using the dedicated and other cloud server based options. One of the most abrupt and fundamental reasons for choosing Vultr over Cloudways is that you get solid state drives for data storage, and multiple data center locations. 

Just like the competition, firewall security is in place that can be enabled or disabled as per user request. Plus, a robust DDoS mitigation framework protects against layer 3 as well as layer 4 network attacks. You might know a poor security measure against DDoS can severely impact uptime and performance, so it’s an essential feature your cloud provider should have.

There are customized hosting options for users of all kinds, a variety of features you get, such as quick deployment, various OS options, a 1-click apps installer, and a custom ISO option. Vultr is an excellent alternative to Cloudways because it provides solutions for a range of users. Whether you need a cloud Compute machine, High-frequency machine, Bare Metal servers for high processing, Dedicated servers, Block storage, and Object storage, they have all of them in one place.

Similar to Cloudways, they do have an elegant central panel using which you can launch, modify, or upgrade your cloud in a few seconds. Besides different cloud types, users can make use of add-ons like snapshots, backups, private networks, and dynamic IP changes. All these add-ons allow performance enhancement when needed.

Furthermore, all data centers and servers are the sole property of the provider. Their in-house technicians maintain each machine, modify for optimal performance and maximum outcome. Each server is built with the latest generation Intel 3GHz+ processors, NVMe SSDs, and connected with a premium class network. Thus delivering consistent uptime and the fastest hosting through clouds. The technology being implemented by Cloudways is also not bad, but it is not definitely something that would promise a 99% uptime for your digital assets.

Compared to Cloudways, to ensure fast data rendering and server location diversity, Vultr also allows customers to choose from 32 locations worldwide, covering America, Asia, Europe, etc. There is no extra fee involved when connecting with a distant server, as you can easily choose the one which is geographically nearer to your current location. Both companies, Vultr and Cloudways, offer 24/7 customer support via multiple channels.

There is a considerable price difference between both, let’s compare. Cloudways charges $11 per month for 1GB Ram, 25GB space, 1 Core, and 1TB bandwidth, whereas the same specs from Vultr only cost $5 per month – twice lower than Cloudways.

Prominent Features of Vultr:

  • Blazingly fast cheaper cloud hosting packages
  • Utilizing all SSD servers for enhanced speed
  • 32 global data centers on 4 continents
  • Transparent pay-as-you-go billing system
  • A library full of dozens of OS, apps, and ISO
  • Intuitive yet user friendly control panel
  • Stability and performance guaranteed
  • Full root access for ultimate control
  • Quick deployment with robust API access

Visit Vultr Here

3. TurnKeyInternet (Cloud VPS)


The next Cloudways alternative in our list is Turnkey Internet, which provides web hosting services since 1999 to small and medium-ranged businesses. With the core aim of ensuring customer satisfaction, it’s an all-in-one place where you can get a variety of web hosting solutions, including shared web hosting, dedicated servers, cloud servers, colocation servers, 10G dedicated servers and Windows hosting. They also offer cPanel/WHM, Plesk, and Linux reseller services for users willing to start their own hosting company.

Many people do say that they haven’t heard much about Turnkey Internet while it exists and has been providing superior web services around. In fact, they have an extended portfolio of dedicated servers built for different purposes. Cloudways and Turnkey Internet can be compared head-on-head with many things.

Like Cloudways, they also utilize the latest technologies, KVM virtualization, automatic backups, Xeon processors, a low latency system, and dedicated IPs, making it a perfect alternative to Cloudways. 

You can set up a cloud instance with up to 56 CPU Cores and a monstrous RAM of up to 384GB for resource intensive tasks. There are more than 25 operating systems that can be deployed, or you can install a custom OS as well. It doesn’t stop right there as you also get a guarantee of 100% resources.

Cloudways don’t offer any money-back guarantee, whereas, Turnkey Internet has a 30-day refund policy. The provider owns all of its data centers while all are HIPPA compliant. However, they have only two locations and lack some features. 

The best part is by spending $4.99/month; your plan includes a free dedicated IP address, dozens of OS options, free backups, 5GB RAID-10 storage, 1 CPU, and 1GB memory. You can opt for add-ons to improve the performance of your cloud machine.

Turnkey Internet provides you with 24x7x365 live chat, call, and email support should you fall into any complications of setting up your server or any other maintenance-related issues. So, support agents are always there to fix your problems promptly. This would save you a lot of time, and your overall energy would be better conserved and could be brought into focus for other important things, such as maintaining your brand or business.

Prominent Features of TurnKeyInternet:

  • Economic cloud hosting servers with 50+ OS
  • Fastest hosting through RAID-10 disk systems
  • Free data backups, auto reboots, and OS reload
  • KVM-based virtualization with guaranteed resource allocation
  • Zero set-up fee
  • Up to 56 processing cores, 384GB RAM, and 32 dedicated IPs can be assigned to one server
  • All SSD servers (Samsung PRO Series drives)
  • Anytime instant client support
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Visit TurnKeyInternet Here

4. HostGator Cloud – Best for Bloggers and Webmasters

HostGator cheap cloudways alternative for websites

HostGator is the most cost-effective choice that might spring to mind when looking for affordable cloud hosting to setting up a website. Even though they do have shared hosting plans that comprise all essentials to build a smoothly running site, but you may have to compromise on performance, uptime, and speed. That’s where HostGator cloud plans come into the game for making a speedy loading site. 

Plus, cloud server hosting offered by the company delivers 4x resources and 2x faster load time. With the help of business-grade hardware, low latency servers, multi-layer caching, and optimal server optimization, your website loads rapidly even during traffic spikes. HostGator team built a custom caching mechanism integrated with all their cloud servers resulting in high speed page loading.

Furthermore, your account provides access to a feature-rich control panel using which you can analyze server statistics, website performance, and all other essential metrics. So, what makes HostGator a strong Cloudways alternative? A free domain name worth $12/year for the first year includes in all cloud packages offered by HostGator, while Cloudways doesn’t provide any domain (domain registration service is not part of their products, though). HG allows you to enable SSL certificates without any extra fee.

The very basic cloud package by Cloudways costs $11/month, which packs 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB space, free migration, free SSL, SSH, automated backups, and 1TB bandwidth. While HostGator’s basic cloud “Hatchling” costs $4.96/month, bringing 2GB RAM, 2 CPU Cores, unlimited storage and bandwidth, free SSL certificates, backups, cPanel access, and on-the-go scalability. Even Cloudflare CDN can be enabled free, whereas Cloudways sell CDN as an add-on.

HG cloud arrives with a variety of things that Cloudways doesn’t offer, and a bunch of them include free website transfer assistance and a money-back guarantee. Both of these options seem to be missing from the competitor. All packages bring 2x or 3x processing power along with many premium features such as Positive SSL, SEO tools, dedicated IP address, multiple CPU Cores, and unlimited domains hosting on a single account. 

To compete with Cloudways further, the HG control panel consists of a one-click installer which makes it simpler to install popular scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, etc. Apart from that, all facilities are the sole properties of the company, unlike Cloudways. Rest assured, if you’re seeking quality services for your spent money then HostGator is the way to go. That’s why we highly recommend HostGator cloud to bloggers and webmasters for setting up a website.

Prominent Features of HostGator Cloud:

  • More resources at a comparatively lower price
  • Custom made central panel along with cPanel
  • 2x more speed compared to shared hosting
  • 1-click installer for WordPress – good for bloggers
  • Instant upgrades without data migration
  • Scaling up system specifications is dead simple
  • Friendly resources management dashboard

Visit HostGator Here

5. DreamHost


DreamHost is one of the oldest and well-known in the web hosting business, operating since 1996, a California based provider. A one-stop-shop where users can buy shared, managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. For high performance, they also serve reliable VPS and Dedicated servers as well as cloud computing servers. In addition to their products, they also provide domain registration services with free WHOIS guard.

PCMag, a prominent online magazine name, certifies DreamHost as a top host for all kinds of projects. For the last half-decade, they have got high ratings by PCMag’s editors. Now, you got an idea of how reliable and sustainable DreamHost’s services are. Their cloud services come in two categories; CloudCompute and DreamObjects. And both products are capable enough to compete with Cloudways in almost all manners which makes it the best Cloudways alternative. 

When we compare DreamHost and Cloudways, you’ll know that both DreamHost support multiple OS, apps, and ISO options. Plus, you can install the WordPress operating system and BSD too. Furthermore, you are allowed to work with MongoDB, Redis, Python, Ruby, Node.js, and much more. The entire cloud platform of DreamHost is constructed with Ceph and OpenStack to deliver unmatchable freedom.

The overall concept of cloud computing is providing users easy access to Linux, Windows, and Python oriented systems, which they require for the smooth sailing of their projects. Luckily, you can launch any of the mentioned OS in under 30 seconds. Moreover, there is something that puts Cloudways over DreamHost, and that is when having to choose a data center location as you can do it over Cloudways, but DreamHost doesn’t allow it in any possible way – a deal-breaker factor to some extent.

If you’re thinking about hosting a personal blog on a cloud server, then you won’t be able to find something more intriguing and ecstatic as DreamHost because it offers unlimited bandwidth, massive SSD storage, and free block storage for under five bucks.

The very basic plan provides the power of 1 Core and 512MB RAM, which is quite suitable for small as well as startup websites. It’s also good for setting up small apps and projects under a low budget. For more processing power, higher plans also available. 

No matter which cloud package you’re going to purchase, all are capable for running WordPress, developer tools, programming, coding, and setting up development environments. With high scalability and full root access, you can upgrade server resources within in no time. For developers, OpenStack compatible API, SSH access, and various operating systems are accessible.

DreamHost’s minimum plan offers 0.5GB RAM, 80GB solid state storage, and one CPU core for $4.50 per month. But if you want a more upfront system to work with, DreamHost should be a preferred choice because you can choose to pay per hour if you don’t need long term cloud services. This allows for upfront scalability for businesses, websites, and brands. If they like the services offered by the company, they can easily shift to a monthly-based package. 

One more thing that should lighten here is that DreamHost presents a money-back guarantee for the users, but Cloudways doesn’t.

Prominent Features of DreamHost:

  • Exceptional scalability allows on-the-go server resources upgrades/downgrades
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, and BSD
  • Under 30-second cloud deployment is really impressive
  • Full administrative control and root access
  • Powerful API for remote tasks
  • Next-gen processors and SSDs
  • Affordable cloud hosting plans with chat support
  • One month refund policy

Visit DreamHost Here

6. InterServer

interserver cloudways alternative for cloud vps

When we compare Interserver with Cloudways, one thing is crystal clear that it’s more affordable and budget-friendly than the competition. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, it is now one of the big names providing different kinds of hosting solutions to all range of customers. Whereas Cloudways only offer cloud hosting servers, dedicated servers, GPU servers, eCommerce, and cloud hosting. Furthermore, email storage, cPanel hosting, CMS, and website builder services also provided by the vendor.

It was started in 1999 with primary aims to deliver expert support, quality hosting, and customer satisfaction at economical prices. Though more than twenty years passed still, they are committed to core values. Regardless of the cloud plan you choose, all servers built in a way to protect against malware, ransomware, and viruses – thanks to cutting-edge security measures. 

There are various platforms like KVM, Openvz, Hyper-v virtualization, and Virtuozzo work collectively to achieve optimum security as well as performance. This also results in an unbelievable 99.99% service uptime and reliability even under high traffic spikes. Besides that, you get a broad range of OS options such as Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, SUSE, Fedora, Open SUSE, Slackware, etc. 

InterServer owns all of its data centers located in Los Angeles and Secaucus, unlike Cloudways. Though there are only fewer locations to choose from to host your data. That’s a major con of choosing InterServer over Cloudways, but keep in mind the competitor host utilizes third party cloud infrastructures. You get full root access to your cloud machine hence instantly deployment of any OS of your choice.

As many bloggers and professional developers have to work with WordPress as well as certain apps to begin with, that is why Interserver has placed one click WordPress installer and offers almost 450+ apps for developers. An easy to use control panel developed by the company developers included featuring essential functionalities and diversified needs of the users. Moreover, you can use cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin web panel as a matter of fact at only elongating your package with a small overall charge.

For any problems or general queries, you would get 24/7 customer care support via call, chat, and email to eradicate any issues you are currently facing. Auto-healing, quick provisioning, managed support, fast I/O through SSDs, remote backups, and dedicated resources are a few features that should be mentioned.

The basic cloud package costs $6 per month, offering 1 Core, 2GB Ram, 30GB SSD storage, and 1TB data bandwidth while the same resources cost way higher from Cloudways. You can scale up to a whopping 32GB Ram, 16 Cores, 480GB Space, and 16TB bandwidth for intensive tasks like data processing. A Windows Cloud VPS “Slice 1” priced at $10 per month packed with 1 Core, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD, and 2TB bandwidth. There are up to 16 Slices available to choose from.

Prominent Features of InterServer:

  • Self-healing hardware ensures maximum availability
  • Dedicated resources allocation
  • Multiple control panels to utilize
  • High uptime and speed via SSD
  • Quick deployment of PHP, Python, Java, Perl with Bread Basket Script
  • Support SQLite, MongoDB, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL
  • 100+ apps to deploy
  • Managed client support if you purchase 4 slices or more.

Visit InterServer Here

Final Thoughts – What is the Right Cloudways Alternative?

We have put together some reliable brands to help you get reliable, scalable, secure, and performance optimized cloud hosting. Almost all the above-reviewed cloud providers pack everything to launch your desired server, capable of handling all kinds of tasks. Whether it’s an app, development environment, production, or website, they’ve got you covered.

What we recommend to all users is Kamatera – an excellent alternative to Cloudways for all (almost) purposes.


Their data centers utilize the fastest SSDs, next-gen Intel processors, 40 Gbit/sec networking, and coverage across 4 continents in 13 locations, making it possible to host your data near the target audience. Plus, it guarantees maximum service availability, performance, and uptime of 99.95%.

More than 100 OS templates are available to install (Linux, Windows, etc.), so you can pick between dozens of options or deploy a custom OS. Webmasters or bloggers can install WordPress as well, in a few clicks. The cloud management panel is super simple to use, concedes easy scalability when needed, and is well-designed. With all these features, you also get premium 24/7 support via chat, email, or call. On top of that, you can get started with a 30-day free trial account.

Vultr is our runner-up choice: it offers affordable cloud solutions backed by 17 global locations, under 60-second cloud instance deployment with one click, robust API, and dev tools. They use SSDs to store data and Intel processors to deliver unmatchable performance no matter where your visitors are.

If you’re looking for cloud hosting with cPanel for creating a website, then we highly recommend HostGator Cloud for a couple of reasons. HostGator brings the power of cloud technology with cPanel resulting in 2x page loading speed and higher uptime. We independently tested their cloud plans and were impressed by the output. Furthermore, each cloud plan features free SSL certificates, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited space, advanced caching, free domain registration for the first year, quick scalability, and an insightful statistics dashboard.

That’s clear enough, right? We hope you’ll now be able to pick the most suitable Cloudways alternative for your needs.

If you need further help, let us know.