Best DigitalOcean Alternatives 2024 (Pick the Reliable DigitalOcean Competitor)

Successful business owners acknowledge that cloud hosting helps save substantial resources in the IT department and bloggers know that they can scale resources anytime due to flexible scalability for handling sudden traffic surges. DigitalOcean is one of the top-notch cloud hosting provider and quite popular among webmasters and professional developers. But, top service doesn’t mean it can fit everyone’s need. So, for those looking for DigitalOcean alternatives can take benefit from this article.

DigitalOcean offers a cutting-edge cloud infrastructure for all ranging from individuals to giant businesses. They have out of the box tools and stat of the art architecture to deliver incredible performance and uptime.

Nevertheless, some pros can lead the users to look for other Digital Ocean competitors such as lack of instant support. Unavailability cannot be a deal breaker for skilled users, but beginners should consider it on first priority.

Top Alternatives to DigitalOcean [Our Recommendations]



Simple, modern control panel, fast and flexible plans

  • 100% solid state storage
  • Support popular OS and distros
  • One of the cheapest cloud providers
  • Allow custom ISO installation
  • Affordable block storage

Below mentioned cloud hosting providers employ the latest technologies, enabling better finance management without compromising on performance. They allow unlimited access to your instances from anywhere and in real time with efficiency and productivity just like DigitalOcean.

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Top 10 Best DigitalOcean Alternative Services for Reliable Cloud Hosting

1. Kamatera

Kamatera is a global cloud services platform that was established in 1995. Having 20 years of experience, Kamatera is known for providing enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure due to which it is at the top of cloud computing technology. Kamatera can give your business a boost with the help of its cloud-based servers. It is operating in 13 global data centers spread in different locations such as North America, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Kamatera offers a variety of features and a diverse range of cloud products to its clients. It provides the fastest Intel Platinum Processors capable of delivering 300% more processing power per server compared to previous processors family. It has the fasted networking speed that helps in sharing information between your servers and the user blazingly. You can get access to a whopping 40Gbits speed per server at the starting cost of just $4/mo.

You will also be able to run your databases and applications without any input or output bottlenecks through their superlative resources and SSD storage facility. Each cloud instance would have its resources that will protect from overselling or sharing of system resources. You can now create servers with their user-friendly web console within 60 seconds.

All of your projects hosted on Kamatera will be up and running 99.95% of the time, all because of the state of the art technologies and modern hardware backing the entire cloud infrastructure. So, you don’t have to worry about your servers going down, and your business will always be intact.

Kamatera offers a bunch of services through its cloud platform including cloud servers, private cloud network, Firewall, managed hosting, WordPress hosting, backups, and much more. That being said, users across the world can set up the desired cloud environment, whether it’s a website or app or production workplace without looking for multiple services. Kamatera has almost everything to run all kind of projects.

With the help of customized plan section, you can include your preferred features and components that would suit your business best. A few mouse clicks are all that is needed to modify your server’s configuration. There are also various premade plans available starting as low as $4/mo, making it one of the budget-friendly hosts too. Still skeptical? Don’t worry, make use of their 30-days free trial.

It’s recommended for developers, freelancers, webmasters, and international markets that have either small businesses, large enterprises or medium businesses. If you’ve any queries regarding the services offered by Kamatera, then you can call directly or contact via 24/7 live chat and email.

2. Vultr – Cheap DigitalOcean Alternative

Cloud computing has never been easier or more powerful than with Vultr. Starting at among the lowest rate, clients enjoy 100% SSD storage. The dedicated servers are fully automated, making a virtualization layer an unnecessary component (in the Bare Metal hosting packages). Block storage offers you fast SSD storage, for up to 10TB. Depending on your budgetary allocation, your rate of computing instances is variable.

As a global entity, Vultr prides itself on being at least 4 times faster than its closest competition. Customers feel at ease, with no long-term contracts being forced their way; you pay for the hours you use only just like Digital Ocean. They use the latest generation CPUs by Intel, guaranteeing the best health for your applications. A dedicated IP address handles all the complexities, making business transactions seamless and more harmonized.

Whether you are using Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, and more, uploading the ISO feature is easy and included for all plans. Using with multiple devices will be smooth, with access speed remaining consistently high. You can deploy the desired instances with just a single. They support a bunch of OS distributions and CMS such as WordPress to help you create a website within a matter of minutes.

The very first plan starts at just $2.50/month and allows 20GB SSD storage, 1 CPU, 512MB Ram, and 500GB bandwidth/mo makes it the cheapest cloud hosting provider. However, high-end packages also priced reasonably. When it comes to customer support, the company represents it via email which is quite fast compared to its competitors.

3. CloudSigma

This pure-cloud IaaS hosting provider is fused with advanced hybrid solutions, priceless in the age of digital economies. The enterprise-class servers in use are highly flexible and available, making business management intricately easy!

Across APAC, U.S, and Europe, CloudSigma offers customized solutions to clients. Unlike in other platforms, there are virtually no restrictions governing the deployment of computer resources. Users have unlimited control, with the option of automating repetitive tasks.

Upon subscription to this alternative to DigitalOcean service, developers and bloggers can provision networks, processing, storage, and much more. It is readily compatible with all operating systems including Windows and Linux makes it the most suitable service when it comes to reliable cloud hosting. By advancing IaaS, CloudSigma has grown into a force to reckon with. They have bagged many awards after being lauded by satisfied customers.

CloudSigma does not share system resources with other users to improve performance dramatically. They offer you all these niceties at a highly subsidized rate. For the most favorable price, you too can get incredible cloud solutions. There are no fixed or bundled plans available as you are allowed to craft the appropriate one as per your needs. The best part is you get 24/7 live customer support via chat along with all other standard channels.

4. Host1Plus

As a name to reckon while looking for best DigitalOcean alternative, Host1Plus offers a money-back guarantee to all clients. Should the service fail to meet your needs, you have 14 days to effect this guarantee. They provide a fully scalable environment to accommodate your growing business needs! In line with your business growth demands, Host1Plus offers higher plans and upgrades as cost-effective solutions. With this level of flexibility, users attain their goals much sooner.

To serve you diligently wherever you are, this cloud hosting platform has invested heavily regarding servers distribution. From South Africa to Germany, the reach keeps on growing. It seemingly lacks servers in greater Europe; clients still receive impeccable services. They have 4 data centers placed strategically around the world empowered by IPv6, IPv4, 10G network, Auto Backups, KVM virtualization, and API support.

Monitoring applications process statistics in real time is the best proactive approach for getting maximum out of your server thus save money. It helps you utilize cloud machine precisely according to your application or site need and avoid paying for unused resources. As the company offers unlimited scalability, so the users can quickly scale anything they want right from the client area.

The experienced support team is there to answer all cloud management questions clients may have. Communication channels remain open all year round, leaving you more time for other engagements. Host1Plus has a base of thousands of customers and partners worldwide, transforming small and medium businesses at a record pace.

5. CloudWays – Best DigitalOcean Competitor for Managed Cloud Servers

If you yearn for performance, CloudWays delivers in a stellar fashion. The potent combination of cache technologies is exceptionally fast in managed cloud hosting. With the right application, page load-time can be increased wholly which is best for bloggers and content based websites to achieve high rankings in search engines. ThunderStack, in collaboration with other features, makes the CloudWays API one of the most enviable. Integrating independent user applications with CloudWays platform makes business more accessible to conduct!

Your biggest worry when using the cloud is probably security breaches, understandably so. As a cloud platform under constant management, engineers work round the clock to outmaneuver bugs and other threats thus deliver iron-clad security. The server periodically receives firmware and OS patch upgrades, keeping up to date with the latest industry developments. All applications hosted in the cloud are safe from malicious hackers, helping secure all your business interests.

When compared to DigitalOcean in term of price, they are a little bit pricey probably due to live chat support (our assumptions). Besides, their infrastructure is suitable for both individual bloggers and programmers due to support of SSL certificates, CMS, HTTP/2, PHP, Varnish Cache, and API access. Installing an SSL certificate is dead simple. It only requires a few clicks to activate it, no technical skills needed.

The customer representative team is highly responsive, available through the Ticketing System, Live Chat, and call 24/7/365. So, you can contact them instantly regarding any issues for quick solutions. And this is where CloudWays has another edge over DigitalOcean. There is also an extensive knowledge section to get DIY tutorials and learning guides.

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6. DreamHost – Massive SSD Cloud Storage

Running on the next-gen processors, servers are promptly ready for SSH in under 30 seconds! Smart architecture is at the core of making this and other tools quickly deployable. As the cloud administrator, you have influence over programming libraries and much more. DreamHost allows granting users full control over servers and OS choices, the platform takes a lot on board. You’re free to bring own customized OS in addition to the pre-loaded Linux distributions.

As your business grows, so does the need for cloud server resources. This cloud hosting provider is flexible and conforms to arising needs, with publicly accessible architecture overlying the open-source code. When the business attains this status, DreamHost gladly helps in migrating the workloads to your private cloud.

Through DreamObjects, customers get to store all their valuable data and projects inexpensively. Developing your next product or storing backups is feasible and easily achievable. They have SSD-built servers and the latest hardware along with Node.js MongoDB, Redis, Windows, Linux, Python, and OpenStack support. The API in DreamHost allows for many other functions such as web app development. From this single platform, clients change the entire look of their sites!

Currently, DreamHost offers three different plans where the first one starts at $4.50/month allowing 80GB SSD space, 1 vCPU, 512MB Ram, unlimited bandwidth, and a massive 100GB free block storage. All of their cloud packages are covered by a 30-day money guarantee. Regarding customer support, you can contact customer service through chat, phone, and email. Keep in mind, call support costs extra fees. So, make use of chat and email to save a few bucks.

7. InterServer

On the basis of excellent customer service and technical expertise, InterServer rose to its present-day prominence. This independent and refreshing cloud hosting provider is assembled on modern infrastructure, with numerous enticing packages to go and deliver sustainable solutions than DigitalOcean. Primed with features familiar with high-tier providers, clients enjoy unlimited SSL certificates, bandwidth, email, and storage. While these many features might seem a bit overkill, they help both small and large corporations succeed in hosting.

As your business and website grow, cloud hosting options become more affordable! The mass market is yet to conform to the price and quality on offer, leave alone the amazingly quick response to customer queries. Unless you upgrade or add other services, InterServer strictly adheres to the price-lock guarantee! Many other providers may hike rates hidden in their long contractual agreements. The independent ownership over data centers translates to more security guarantee.

InterServer provides both Windows and Linux based cloud plans with a variety of benefits including 100+ apps deployment, root access, backups, easy to use dashboard, instant provisioning, 20x faster performance than traditional drives as they use SSD’s, and 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can also choose from other distributions like CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, or Suse, etc. as per your production requirement. The lowest package only costs $6/mo for Linux and $10/mo for Windows cloud VPS. It packed with 1 Core, 1GB Ram, 25GB SSD space, and 1TB data transfer.

There are various ways clients can reach out directly when in need of assistance; novice users learn how to manage the cloud in no time. Also, they have a help desk where users can find helpful tutorials for self-learning. Hosting your website or app is very affordable with InterServer same as Digital Ocean. So, you must give them a try at least once as they also offer 1 penny account for the first month which is JUST awesome for a test drive.

8. 1and1 IONOS

Using hybrid technology, 1and1 promises to inject high performance into your business projects, blogs, and apps. This is enabled through multiple features such as scalability, geo-redundancy, web space recovery, and development kits. 1and1 Ionos monitor your cloud instances proactively and keep an eye to detect upcoming problems that may occur in the near future. In that way, they fix them before time arises.

Web space and servers, having been merged on this prime platform, benefits your projects in immense ways. There are several features provided by 1and1 for performance enhancement, full API access, Plesk, and choice of data center location are a few names. They utilized firewall protection to pass all traffic through the encrypted control center. It ensures security and helps in defending DDoS attacks. You can even modify Firewall options accordingly. Performance can be further enhanced with the help of load balancer with a few clicks.

For you to keep working under all circumstances, an advanced geo-redundant infrastructure ensures that separate data centers handle parallel tasks. As a guard against cybercrime, DDoS is in place to shield your valuable data. Ranked as having arguably the most secure data center in the U.S, clients don’t have to worry about losing their precious data. However, routine backups also are taken for an added layer of security.

The company has a very transparent billing system and allow you to choose from monthly or hourly plans. You can select a pre-made package or create a custom one by choosing required resources (Ram, Space, and CPU cores) while the starter plan costs $9.99/mo with 1 vCore Xeon processor, 1GB RAM, 50GB volume, and unlimited bandwidth. Concerning technical support, you can get in touch via 24/7 live chat, email, and phone call for quick assistance.

9. VPSDime

Readily compatible with both Linux and Windows operating systems, VPSDime also takes on other systems popularly used make it one of the top DigialOcean alternative services available today. You get unlimited root access through SSH protocol and utilize all the well-known Linux distributions including Fedora, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse, etc. with ease. From the client area, one can view statistical graphs and make the necessary adjustments. They use KM virtualization technology to isolate server resources for better performance.

Are you going to host I/O intensive applications or websites? Well, in that case, the 10Gbit network, fast SSD, and dedicated CPU will never let down your server. In light of the many poor service providers online, VPSDime offers new clients a money-back guarantee as a way of building trust. Upon subscription, clients have 72 hours within which they can contact and request for their cash back, should the cloud hosting fail to suffice.

VPSDime also offers solutions for enterprise-level businesses where they can avail 16 VPS per node for steady and seamless performance. Regular nightly backups retained for 3 days, Raid-10, and latest hardware by top-notch companies like HP and WD empower all of their cloud servers. However, three days looks insufficient but it’s free and what you can expect for the price they demand. Should you run out of bandwidth, VPSDime support staff suspends the cloud server and notifies you, avoiding unexpected charges.

Let’s move to cloud hosting plans and server locations they offer; there are five geographical locations and three different plans to choose from. Linux VPS comes at $6/mo with 6GB of Ram, 4 vCPU, 30GB SSD storage, 2 TB massive traffic, and 10Gbps network connectivity. On the other hand, their “Premium VPS” package cost more money and starts at $20/mo. Regarding Windows cloud, they redirect you to a partner site. Since there are no contractual agreements, clients are free to cancel whenever they wish.

10. Atlantic Cloud is another alternative to Digital Ocean which also provide reliable, simple, and fast cloud hosting since 1994. They deliver customized hosting solutions compliant with HIPPA, HITECH, and SOC for all customers. And one more thing, this platform certified and audited by 3rd party independent auditors to meet compliance standards. This PCI ready hosting boasts of fortified protection against malicious hackers. So you can rely on with zero doubt and start using right away.

The private cloud infrastructure is well protected through intrusion detection, managed firewall, DDoS protection, and Two Factor Authentication. Their servers can be used for running VPS with FreeBSD, Linux, and Windows operating systems. This cloud hosting provider comes with Guaranteed Resources and capable enough to host any level of projects ranging from small to giant ones. In a mere 30 seconds, your instance will be up and running from any location in the world! The restful API leaves ample room for other tasks (development), helping you attain success faster.

The enterprise-grade SSDs in use power the cloud machines, recording blazing fast performances and sustainability even in high loads. They have multiple data centers located strategically around the globe (Toronto, London, New York, Orlando, Dallas, San Francisco, etc.), enhancing accessibility and the rate of processing. The 100% up-time will give you the peace of mind you’ve been yearning for.

Their plans are bit costly than other competitors, as the G2.1GB priced at $15/mo includes 1 vCPU, 1GB Ram, 3TB bandwidth, and 40GB SSD web storage. You can pick from storage optimized, memory optimized, and compute optimized packages as well. You also have choices to pay on year basis or on-the-go billing structure. When it comes to supporting channels, you get more than DigitalOcean as the host representatives are available round the clock via live chat, email, and phone call.

Bottom Line – Which Digital Ocean Alternative is the “BEST”?

More than ever before, cut-throat competition amongst businesses calls for the implementation of the right strategies if you wish to remain relevant. Cloud hosting takes a load of work off your back, leaving your team with ample time to improve other revenue streams!

Our review highlights the best DigitalOcean alternatives, worth every buck you spend. By demystifying the complexities associated with web hosting, we look forward to guiding even more business owners. In this digital and information age, making the most out of big data requires sharp cloud hosting acumen.

We recommend Kamatera Cloud (Top Choice), Vultr (Runner-up), and CloudSigma (Third option). However, we wouldn’t bypass the first two options as both are excellent cloud platforms to replace DigitalOcean.

For low monthly costs, you too can enjoy the high control levels of your website or applications by choosing any host from above mentioned DigitalOcean alternative for reliable, quality, and flexible cloud hosting. We look forward to engaging with you further. Cheers!