10 Fastest Web Hosting Providers for 2024

Finding the fastest web hosting is a bit difficult task nowadays as every web host claims to offer high-speed hosting and reliable solutions, but mostly they don’t. In fact, many companies failed to deliver the uptime guarantee as mentioned in their marketing tactics. But, in this post, we will share some fast web hosting services with 99.99% uptime.

A slow website can severely impact your online business and user experience, so your site should load within 2~3 seconds; otherwise, any extra second may decrease conversion rate and readership or hurt SEO ranking. In the Google algorithm, speed is one of the 200 ranking factors, so you must take it seriously.

It means that if two blogs have the same content and authority, then the fastest one will rank higher than the slower one. So, we recommend instead of saving a few bucks on a cheap and unstable host, spend a little bit more and pick a highly reliable hosting service.

There are a few cheap hosting services that offer incredible server performance and uptime guarantee. We’ve tested many companies in the past few years and here are the top fastest web hosting providers.

fastest web hosting services

2024’s Fastest Web Hosting Providers for Ultimate Speed

You can pick any of below mentioned fast web hosting companies as all of them are the most trusted, stable, and reliable service providers. If you need additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments section.

Avg. Load Time Price Storage Bandwidth
A2Hosting 1.59 s $2.99/mo Unlimited Unlimited
WPEngine 326 ms $29/mo 10 GB 25k visitors
BlueHost 1.36 s $3.95/mo 50 GB Unmetered
InMotion 630 ms $4.19/mo  Unlimited Unlimited
SiteGround 916 ms $6.99/mo 10 GB 10k visitors

Let’s start!

1. A2Hosting – 20x Fastest SSD Web Hosting Servers for Websites

Bloggers and webmasters looking for 20x fastest web hosting servers with SSDs storage must give a try to A2Hosting, and should host their website on A2Hosting at least once. All of their hosting packages are powered by solid state drives and an A2 optimizer to deliver incredible speed, which ultimately makes your websites much faster. You can host a single blog, multiple databases, and email accounts on the very basic plan along with free SSL certificates, which also include 30 days refund option.

So, how fast web hosting services do they provide? A2Hosting offers you 4 GB of virtual RAM, 0.5 GB of physical memory, and a 2.1 GHz CPU core which is enough to manage small and medium websites with moderate traffic. You can always upgrade to higher plans just by contacting support. The “Lite” and “Swift” packages include A2Optimizer software, and both are pre-tuned for major CMS such as WordPress, Prestashop, Drupal, etc. It works out of the box and you don’t have to do anything.

Turbo booster (20x faster than lower plans), Memcache, and OPcache features are only available in “Turbo” which is the highest plan in its category. It also has CloudFlare Plus, free Railgun, anycast DNS, HTTP/2, SPDY, unlimited add-on domains, WordPress Litespeed cache, Gzip compression, Woocomerce speed enhancer, and much more. The best part is you can also rewind server backups to recover your files in case of any incident.

They provide an industry-standard cPanel control panel to manage your account, which is one of the easiest and user friendly control panels. Using which the users can create subdomains, add add-on domains, create manual backups, view stats, email accounts, etc. In our testing, A2hosting really delivers what they claim.

We hosted a demo site and tested their server quality; the results were impressive and forced us to include them in this fast speed hosting providers list. Our tested site was able to load within 1 second (even milliseconds), and uptime was also incredible 99.99%. So, you can go with them confidently.

2. FastComet – Fastest Shared Cloud Web Hosting

Yet another fast web hosting service for small businesses and start-ups looking for over-the-top features at an affordable price. Many start-up businesses and venture digital brands look forward to shifting their complete workload to a highly stable and faster cloud hosting, that is where FastComet comes into play.

It offers free domain transfer, thus saving you some tedious time around tons of paperwork and transferring process. Plus, on the bright side, it also features daily and weekly backups so that your data stays secure and your domain up and running at all times. You can choose from up to 10 data centers separated strategically all around the globe. Furthermore, your site data is served through 170 Anycast CDN for ultimate performance.

One of the most astounding aspects of FastComet is they offer highly-speed optimized hosting even for all shared users. Many WordPress websites are convinced that if the loading time on their web page is reduced, then they can get a lot of traffic over their site and that is a valid assumption and true in action as well.

FastComet provides the users with SSD cloud plans which means all the data of the hosted website will be stored using high-end solid-state drives, thus increasing the uptime and reducing the loading time perpetually. You can increase the upcoming traffic to your site and have easy access to all the stored data within a matter of seconds which is a lot faster and convenient than HDD hosting providers.

As a customer, people always want more, so here it comes; they offer one of the most distinguished and powerful control panel known as the cPanel. cPanel provides the user with all the stats of their site, the performance based on clicks or incoming traffic, and easy domain management as well. Similar to SiteGround hosting, all of their packages are restricted to limited resources regarding monthly visits, bandwidth, storage, etc. For customer support, you can contact the support agents 24/7 through various channels, including live chat, call, and tickets.

3. InMotionHosting

InMotion is another great place to avail fast web hosting plans to make your website load within seconds. They offer you a cPanel web hosting account to create a website on any CM, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Magento. You can use their one-click installer to install any major CMS, as I mentioned. The best thing is they offer Max. speed zone feature, which enables you to enhance your blog speed dramatically.

Here also keep in mind to get Max. speed zones, you’ll have to buy a higher plan as it’s not available in the very basic one. But you can still get unbelievable speed which is suitable for small/medium sites. The basic plan allows you to host two domains, unlimited SSD storage, and SSL certificates which makes more sense to choose InMotionHosting over other hosts. Moreover, all packages included a FREE domain name – $14.99 pure saving 🙂

They help you migrate your existing website at no extra charges, whereas some host demands a hefty amount for this, such as BlueHost, where you have to pay $149.99 per transfer. One more reason to select InMotion is that they have been a certified host by CNET for 14 years due to outstanding performance and have a 3/3 star rating as well as A+ BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating.

Customer support is known as the backbone of any hosting company, so that is why InMotion has various channels to assist 24/7/365 via live chat, ticket, email, Skype, and phone. For DIY users, they have a giant knowledge base section where you can find easy to follow tutorials and solutions. It doesn’t end here, all the above features and benefits come with an unbelievable 90-day money-back guarantee. Don’t you think how much confidence they have in their services? There are rare companies that offer this longer refund period.

4. BlueHost – Cheap Best Fastest Web Hosting Plans

It is another most famous and WordPress.org’s recommended hosting provider but at comparatively lower prices than SiteGround. You may say both have almost similar rates but keep in mind that there is no monthly visitors cap on BlueHost, and they also offer more than double storage capacity. They also rely on solid state drives to store data which works way faster than old mechanical drives (HDDs).

Regarding hosting performance, you get standard server performance and cPanel built-in Cloudflare CDN integration that can be enabled within a minute. Like SiteGround, they also have exclusive tools to boost loading speed. Their server provides outstanding and lowest website load time. If you’ve planned to use WordPress, then a cache plugin (W3 Total Cache) can also dramatically decrease the loading time.

BlueHost is very famous, especially for starters and bloggers who usually create a blog to make money online. Bloggers mainly depend on organic traffic, and Google is one of the top search engines which empowers more than 78% of searches worldwide. Google loves to rank higher HTTPS-enabled websites than non-HTTPS, so for that, BlueHost offers you free SSL certificates for all of your blogs hosted on their server to make your site HTTPS enabled.

You get a custom cPanel dashboard to manage web hosting accounts and all other stuff like creating the email account, FTP users, checking statistics, SSH access, and related stuff. It is easy to use as everything is carefully designed for better usability. You can also manage your domain name settings right from the cPanel dashboard. All Bluehost hosting plans come with 24/7 live support and 30 days money-back guarantee. They also have a large self-learning knowledge base section where you can find solutions for general problems regarding hosting.

5. GreenGeeks

With a mission of transforming the process of web hosting, GreenGeeks provide users with fully automated and easily manageable fast hosting servers backed by SSDs for high-speed processing. It doesn’t matter what your hosting requirements are because with the help of GreenGeek’s ultra-legendary hosting platform, you can handle multiple projects simultaneously.

The company is intended to provide a quality controlled environment along with efficient products and services that will help in the betterment of the overall shared hosting. Not only GreenGeeks offer scalability but also a chance for the users of WordPress to stay in constant connection with the latest technological updates for no extra charge.

Reliability and fast content delivery to the users are always of the essence and keeping that in mind, they present SSD based fast web hosting servers. This way, your website will load more quickly and help you drive more traffic. GreenGeeks offer free CDN (content delivery network) for instant web page loading along with programming in various supported syntaxes such as Java, PHP, etc.

Rest assured all your personal and user data will be safe from any lingering threats and the customized security system looks forward to eradicating any threats or anomalies during regular scans and checkups. You can say goodbye to the complicated VPS (virtual private server) packages and just use an all-in-one GreenGeeks special for all your computing needs.

Each web hosting plan has an easy-to-use built-in control panel for hassle-free management of your domains, site data, and email accounts. Along with a custom plan, you also get access to a cPanel control panel which is totally free. Upgrading to higher resources is dead simple, thanks to modern technologies and easy scalability. With free site transfer by experts, free CDN integration, and unlimited space & bandwidth, your money is protected by a 30-day refund policy as well.

6. WPEngine – Fastest WordPress Hosting Provider

If money doesn’t matter and all you want is blazingly fast, secure, and expert hosting staff for technical help, then WPEngine would be a great choice. They are one of the fastest web hosting providers for managing WordPress websites and all of the WPEngine servers optimized for optimum WordPress performance. The biggest advantage with them is their staff helps you improve the site loading speed, whereas most of the hosts just force you to upgrade to the higher plans.

After using WP Engine for testing purposes, we found that it takes under 1 second to load your newly installed website. However, taking further steps can help boost the speed for old or existing sites as well. They have a page and content performance checker tool to analyze which part of your site consumes too much time and also suggest tips to fix them. To help non-techy users, they have shared easy in following tutorials in text and video format.

Apart from expensiveness, you get killing features including daily backups, global CDN, free SSL certificates, free migration via the one-click plugin, WordPress staging, PHP 7.0+, Geotarget enabling, and much more. But the basic plan comes with limited features like CDN integration is available for all packages except the basic one (named as Personal). If you already have bought an SSL certificate from other providers then don’t choose the “Personal” plan as it doesn’t allow that, but you can always enable an automated SSL certificate which is totally FREE.

WPEngine takes care of their customers and acts as soon as possible when you contact them regarding any issue no matter if it’s technical or sales related. The staff is very gentle, user friendly, and try their best to answer your queries or fix problems you may have. They are available 24/7 through live chat, phone, and ticket system but for phone support, you’ve to choose higher plans. All in all, you get the exceptionally fastest managed WordPress hosting with a huge 60 day money-back guarantee. WPEngine should be your first priority for the most secure, reliable, and fast web hosting servers.

7. SiteGround

SiteGround is one of the best high speed hosting providers out there for blazingly fast, reliable, and affordable website hosting. All of the plans are powered by SSD drives to boost website loading speed as well as a pleasing user experience. They have SuperCacher on the server-ends to make your websites’ cache and thus improve loading time. You can enable it within a few clicks, and there is no technical skill required. Just install their WordPress plugin and activate it, that’s it.

Further, there is also a multi-level cache mechanism option available which helps you enable the extra layer of cache hence ensures the fastest hosting servers. But, it’s not all about cache mechanism which delivers maximum speed, their in-house built custom NGINX reverse proxy module helps them achieve this. On top of that, integrating built-in CDN can further enhance performance. Free SSL certificates, website migration, daily backup, and 4 data center locations also included in all plans.

Uptime matters and it’s a crucial factor while choosing a web hosting service, SiteGround monitors servers all around the clock to minimize downtimes. Also, they have cutting-edge LXC technology and custom made software to detect future problems that may happen, so in this way, the SiteGround team fixes them before execution. Moreover, they are one of the hosts which WordPress officially recommends.

Customer support is the most prominent advantage if you choose Siteground for your website hosting as they offer 24/7 instant support via multiple ways such as live chat, phone, and ticket system. It takes less than 2 minutes to get in touch, and they are very generous in it. The staff is friendly and helps you fix any issue as soon as possible. Your investment is also secured by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

8. Kinsta – Best Fastest Managed WordPress Hosting Platform

Kinsta can help you stand out from the competition by offering you support in terms of all the digital tools from day to day to cover your WordPress hosting needs. As stated earlier, Kinsta is all about WordPress, which is willing to provide you with the right digital ammunition that can help you kick-start your domain over the most secure and fastest WordPress hosting channels.

There is something unique and artistic about this fastest web hosting platform: all the UI (user interface) was designed while keeping beginners in mind, and all the settings are very easy and convenient to find and execute. It has a dedicated control panel that can help you manage your site more profoundly while attending to even the minutest details and web analytics. You can add a number of domains/sites onto Kinsta for managed WordPress hosting and get all your products rolling at the same time.

Kinsta is derived from providing the most amazing and tech-worthy services to the customers such as the availability of cutting edge technology for effective management of the websites for hosting and the SSD compatible technologies for faster data processing and convenient browsing for the user.

All of their plans are fully managed for the WordPress platform, optimized for ultimate loading speed, backed by the ultra-reliable infrastructure (Google Cloud) to keep the downtime to a value of zero and keep your website up and running all the time. This can help you to scale towards success and build a stronger vision for the future of your business.

Though Kinsta plans are expensive just like WPEngine, but each caters to daily backups, free migration, peace of mind hosting, powerful panel, and guru technical support. Right from the dashboard, also known as “MyKinsta”, you can check server resources, hosted sites, data transfer, and unique visitors for a quick overview.

A dedicated support team for maintenance and migration (data/domain) is always there for you. If you choose a yearly package, you’ll get 2 months of free hosting as a bonus which is not a bad deal at all. Keep in mind that all of these perks are also backed by a one-month money-back guarantee.

9. HostGator Cloud

If you are in search of a highly affordable yet fastest web hosting platform, then look no further than the Hostgator cloud. It is convenient, technologically stable, and more promptly highly optimizable. In fact, we’ve used it for over 3 years and found them really nice in terms of uptime and page load speed. Though their support team needs some improvement.

If it is one thing that is provided on the spot to all the hosted domains over the HostGator cloud, then it is the availability of the premium hardware and affordability. Let’s get one thing right over the HostGator technologies you will not experience any lag time whatsoever because the service is designed to optimize everything to ensure the loading time can be reduced to an effective limit.

With the availability of 4x system resources the dream of high speed hosting comes true, you can have easy access to all the content over your website and have a lightning speed connection over top of that. The shared cloud hosting coming with 2GB Ram and 2 Core CPU is way faster (2x) compared to their regular shared hosting.

HostGator is willing to deliver the customers what it takes to make the web hosting experience worthwhile, and that is where scalability is. You won’t have to experience any downtimes and where you do the customer support will get you out of it.

Every section of the web hosting is fully optimized with a smart built-in control panel and where the system identifies a problem, it automatically optimizes the settings to get that problem out of the way. When you have a highly effective infrastructure and an optimized website, you can significantly grow your audience and not worry about any technical issues at all. You can lend as many resources as you need to make sure that all your needs are properly attended over a budget.

10. Hostinger – Cheapest Fastest Web Hosting for Small Business and Blogs

If you have a very limited budget but cannot compromise on performance, then look no further than the Hostinger. They have the industry’s cheapest SSD hosting, starting from as low as $0.99 per month. The primary goal of the host is affordability with cutting-edge hosting regardless of the nature of your project, whether it is a simple online project, a blog, or a business site powered by WordPress. Everything can be hosted on Hostinger servers.

When it comes to the company infrastructure, they only aim for the best of the best. Hostinger utilizes the latest hardware, updated software, and bullet-proof security measures to ensure stable hosting and upgrade all system resources on a constant basis so that you don’t miss out on any of those technical updates. All the data is secured and encrypted to ensure that you never sustain a data loss and daily data backup also helps in this crusade of keeping your data safe and secure.

Driving more and more traffic to your website is the ultimate goal of every site owner out there but in order to make sure that, you need blazing fast web hosting speed, and Hostinger is all about that efficiency and consistency when it comes to speed. With the help of solid state drives storage, they make sure that your visitors get easy and fast access to your website. This also helps in getting top rankings in Google because speed is a ranking factor in Google algorithms.

We recommend Hostinger “Premium shared hosting” as it allows up to 100 domains, optimized for WordPress, unlimited bandwidth & SSD space, and is two times more system powered than the entry plan. It also concedes unlimited FTP accounts, a one-click script installer, and weekly data backups. Instead of a traditional cPanel, you get access to Hpanel, which is relatively easy to use, just like cPanel.

11. WPX – Cheap Fastest WordPress Hosting with Managed Support

Managed WordPress hosting is not as cheap as shared hosting, right? What if we tell you that there is a host offering not only cheaper managed fastest hosting for WordPress sites but also guarantees excellent uptime? Yes, here comes WPX, which also claims to respond to your queries in under 32 seconds. They have world-class support gurus capable of resolving any issue on your WordPress site. Plus, WPX also earned the #1 spot on third party reviews platforms G2Crowd and Trustpilot.

The world of technology is changing and becoming more tech-friendly and user assistive and keeping that in mind, WPX provides the ultimate user support every step of the way, whether it is the installation or shifting of the domain or any other technical difficulty you are facing.

All you need to do is let them know. They will help you move your site to their servers, and there you can host it as per your requirements. You only pay for the services you use, there is nothing extra in the invoice that can put your whole budget in jeopardy.

All the data is protected behind secured encryption, and there are regular backups to ensure you never lose your data and have backups more frequently to keep track of all the information. Furthermore, WPX also helps in the removal of fatal errors and malware if encountered over the shared domain.

With the help of WordPress-optimized storage, your site content loads in under a few seconds, probably 2 to 3 seconds, making it one of the fastest WordPress hosts. What further enhances the performance is their WPX Cloud which increases the speed up to 3x, and absolutely FREE. You also get unlimited free SSL certificates that can be installed with a single click. They take backups on a daily and weekly basis too. Domain names with free WHOIS forever also can be registered with WPX.


We have thoroughly analyzed all the fastest web hosting companies regarding uptime, loading speed, and how many visitors they can handle simultaneously via LoadImpact. This list is compiled with real data stats and actual tests rather than collecting information from other websites. You can also check out our guide on Litespeed hosting providers if page load speed is your primary concern. Keep in mind that the Litespeed web server delivers way faster performance than Apache and NGINX hosting servers.

We tested each web host multiple times before sharing it here. So, you can pick any host from the above fastest hosting services confidently. Otherwise, you can always have the option to ask for a refund as different users have different needs. But we hope our listed providers will fulfill your requirements.

We confidently recommend InMotionHosting (67% off) and FastComet (65% off NOW) for users with a low budget but who want to buy exceptionally fast web hosting servers with 99.99% uptime and superior customer support. If money doesn’t matter to you, then pick WPEngine as they are one of the top managed WordPress hosts out there with outstanding features. Now, it depends on you which fastest web hosting provider you would like to choose from both.