10 Best (Cheap) FreeBSD VPS Hosting Providers 2024

Being a large-scale service provider, there is no denying that you must be looking for an open-source server operating system that not only provides high-performance VPS packages but is also affordable.

When people look for an operating system for their business requirements, the most common ones that come to their mind are Windows and Linux. However, not anymore, since there is another OS that is gaining all the attention and popularity these days since its initial development, and that is FreeBSD.

The popularity is not surprising since this operating system offers almost all the benefits that Linux has in store for you and is open source and free. Additionally, it is a cost-effective operating system since FreeBSD has absolutely no licensing fee.

If you want to know more about what is FreeBSD VPS hosting and different FreeBSD servers, let me assure you that you are exactly at the right place.

Want to jump right to my top picks?

Best FreeBSD Hosts

#1- Kamatera – For seamless performance and high uptime under the lowest budget

#2- Contabo – For Highest RAM at affordable prices

#3- Vultr – For cloud based lightning-fast cloud FreeBSD VPS servers with 1-Click installer

What is FreeBSD?

FreeBSD is basically an operating system that is majorly concerned with three computing elements, including performance, stability, and functionality.

It is a descendant of the UNIX operating system and has resulted from various updates and modifications made on UNIX for years.

Due to many similarities between Linux and FreeBSD, both operating systems use most of the same applications and tools.

Use Cases of FreeBSD

The use cases of FreeBSD include:

  • You can use it for home media servers.
  • Suitable for dynamic DNS services.
  • Stores files for different extensions.
  • NAT firewall along with packet filtering.
  • It can also be used as a web server.
  • It can also be used as an embedded system.
  • It can be used as an Apache webserver.

Benefits of FreeBSD

Here are some of the major benefits that this Operating System has in store for you:

  • It is quite a predictable and clean operating system.
  • The primary interest of FreeBSD is security to provide the protection you look for in an OS.
  • The stability of this operating system goes beyond expectations.
  • Any new version of this OS can easily run on codes from previous versions.
  • It is very easy to use, even for beginners.
  • The operating system is very secure and powerful.
  • It is stable for internet servers, databases, client servers, etc.
  • It is an open-source OS, and you can use and develop it further for free.

10 Best Cheap FreeBSD VPS Hosting Services 2024

Here are the top FreeBSD VPS providers that you can look out for:

1. Kamatera – Best FreeBSD VPS Servers with SSDs and 40 Gbit/s Uplink

Kamatera VPS Cloud

A platform that lets you create SSD VPS for free and also lets you get started for free, yes, this is how good, and generous Kamatera is.

It is one of the fastest cloud services on this planet and offers the fastest Intel Xeon Platinum Processors. This means you can easily run your servers on the latest processors and offer around 300% more power per CPU than previous generations.

Along with that, there is an availability of 40Gbit public and private networking, which offers the fastest networking speed between the Internet backbone and your servers.

The platform lets you enjoy unlimited scale-in and scale-out, which means you can upgrade your degrade your resources according to your needs and demands. Additionally, the availability of premium support 24/7 makes sure none of your problems are unheard of if you face any regarding their platform’s technical issues.

You can not only select your server but also configure a custom FreeBSD VPS using Kamater Express since there are two options to choose from, including Simple and Customized.

When you select the Simple option, you get three plans to choose from. The first plan starts at $4 per month and offers one vCPU of Type A, 1024 MB RAM, 20GB SSD Storage, and 5TB internet traffic.

The second plan starts at $6 per month and offers one vCPU of Type A, 2GB RAM, 20GB SSD Storage, and 5TB internet traffic.

The third plan starts at $12 per month and offers two vCPU of Type A, 2048 MB RAM, 30GB SSD Storage, and 5TB internet traffic. You are only charged $0.01 per GB and $0.05 per GB for additional traffic or storage each month, respectively. There is also an option of going for hourly payment, which is billed by second.


  • Each server has its own resources.
  • Up to 18 global data centers to deploy your FreeBSD server – in seconds.
  • No overselling or sharing of CPU, RAM, or other resources.
  • User-friendly cloud management console.
  • A single click lets you scale up to the powerful bare-metal machine.
  • Zero latency and no I/O bottlenecks.
  • Unlimited 40 Gbits per server.
  • 300% more power per CPU.


  • Doesn’t force you to stick to a single plan.
  • A long free trial that lasts for thirty days.
  • Customer support service is excellent.
  • Offers 99.99% uptime.
  • Supportable and skilled staff.


  • The free trial requires your personal and payment details.

2. Contabo – Highly Affordable FreeBSD VPS with 8GB RAM (Only $6/mo)

Contabo SSD VPS

Contabo is one of the rarest VPS platforms that doesn’t only provide great services but also explains why their VPS services are worth buying. How cool is that? They have provided six reasons why you should buy VPS from their platform such as they provide german quality in all aspects of your businesses, have operating data centers in all key regions around the world, and keep their prices quite low and offer unbeatable prices.

Along with that, they focus highly on the security they provide and in case of any problem, you can have high-class support from their team. Lastly, they have been recognized and awarded for their uptime, data center efficiency, and customer support.

There is no denying that this platform is one of the most reliable, flexible, and fast platforms to provide you with powerful Cloud Instances. Using Contabo, you are allowed to rapidly scale up to VPS whenever needed and also benefit from their fast NVMe storage, more traffic, and modern infrastructure. They offer around four plans which have absolutely no fees in the US.

Cloud VPS S starts at 6 USD/mo and offers four vCPU cores, 8GB RAM, 50GB NVMe, one snapshot, and 32 TB traffic. Cloud VPS M starts at 11.99 USD/mo and offers six vCPU cores, 16GB RAM, 100GB NVMe, two snapshots, and 32 TB traffic.

Cloud VPS L starts at 19.99 USD/mo and offers eight vCPU cores, 30GB RAM, 200GB NVMe, three snapshots, and 32 TB traffic. Cloud VPS XL starts at 34.99 USD/mo and offers ten vCPU cores, 60GB RAM, 400GB NVMe, four snapshots, and 32 TB traffic. The most popular out of them is Cloud VPS M which is not only affordable but also provides great features at such a price.


  • Manage and automate cloud resources through API.
  • Deploy efficiently with cloud features.
  • Web interface to manage all your services.
  • Instant snapshots of running virtual machines.
  • Instant deployment in minutes.
  • Dedicated IPv4 and IPv6 server addresses.
  • Full DNS management via Contabo Control Panel.
  • DDoS protection to protect from popular attacks.
  • Phone and email support 365 days a year.


  • 100% availability of your servers.
  • Free SSL certificates are available in all plans.
  • Self-installable applications.
  • Online tutorials from cPanels.
  • The prices are quite competitive.


  • Technical support is available for limited hours.

3. Vultr – Cheapest FreeBSD VPS (Starting at $2.50/month)


How good would it be to deploy your FreeBSD servers in just seconds? This is a dream come true, and Vultr has it in store for you. They offer high-performance FreeBSD servers available in 32 different locations worldwide to make sure the latency time is the least or even negligible. When you choose FreeBSD service on Vultr and click deploy, the platform’s cloud orchestration takes over and spins up to the nearest or your desired data center.

Deploying FreeBSD servers requires simplicity and ease of use and Vultr acknowledges that. Therefore, they have a very easy-to-use control panel in-store and an easy API to ensure that you spend more time on your coding and less time managing your infrastructure. This is a standard platform known worldwide and offers some excellent features, including a Powerful API, 100% SLA guaranteed, 100% Intel Cores, Virtual Private Clouds, SSDs, Custom ISOs, and many more.

Using this platform, you are allowed to choose from a wide range of products since they have various plans to offer. The Optimized Cloud Compute starts from $28 per month and comes with a built-in NVMe SSD, along with making sure there are no noisy members on the powerful VMs.

The Cloud Compute is a very easy-to-use and affordable VM and is suitable to be used for many workloads at just $2.5 per month. Bare Metal is a fully automated dedicated server that has zero virtualization layer, and it starts from $120 per month. The final product is the Managed Kubernetes which are specially designed for small businesses and start from $10 per month.


  • Enterprise-grade performance and stability.
  • API to destroy, control and spin up instances quickly.
  • Consistent performance through Intel CPUs.
  • Blazing fast read/write speeds.
  • Isolated regional VPCs for applications.
  • Full root access for all VM servers.
  • The dedicated IP address for all VMs.


  • It offers around 100% network uptime.
  • The range of cloud products is quite wide to choose from.
  • Offer quite flexible pricing.
  • The platform is constantly improving its security setup.


  • The platform is not beginner-friendly.

4. Linode – Best Cloud FreeBSD VPS Hosting

Akamai Linode

You will always need a balanced performance for any kind of workload, and this is exactly what this platform has to offer you. Various affordable shared CPU plans are excellent for providing generous amounts of free bundled transfer and are also ideal for any kind of general workload. The shared CPU feature of this platform is perfect for most workloads, including game servers, websites, container clusters, etc.

The platform also guarantees a leading price performance which includes CPU benchmarking. Many users have found that Linode offers the best performance per dollar compared to many other known platforms, including AWS, DigitalOCean, Alibaba, GCP, Azure, etc. Ten shared CPU plans offer excellent features at affordable prices that you can choose to pay either hourly or monthly.

The first plan starts at 5 USD/month, offering 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB SSD Storage, 1TB transfer, 40Gbps network-in, and 1Gbps Network out. The features increase with the increasing prices and go up to the tenth plan starting at 960USD/month and offering 192GB RAM, 32 CPU, 3840GB SSD Storage, 20TB transfer, 40Gbps network-in and 12Gbps Network out.

You can also get to pay hourly if required, and the prices start from 0.0075USD/hour for the first plan and go up to 1.44USD/hour for the tenth one.


  • Shared CPUs for most workloads.
  • Tailor the configuration to meet your requirements.
  • Right performance and right prices with ten configurations.
  • Deploy container clusters.
  • Domain management with DNS manager.
  • Data protection with backup services.
  • Custom images feature to create reusable images.


  • They offer a lot of plans to choose from.
  • Cloud computing offers very high performance.
  • Offers premium consulting and integration services.
  • There is a free trial available.


  • Linode backup routines should be made simpler to understand.

5. DigitalOcean – Cheap FreeBSD VPS Servers with 1-Click Installation

DigitalOcean Droplets

DigitalOcean has its own virtual machines, which are called droplets, and you can get up-time with their 99.999% SLA, predictable monthly pricing, and simple security tools through them. When it comes to FreeBSD services by DigitalOcean, it is just a one-click install, and you can easily deploy to an SSD cloud within 55 seconds. Additionally, creating a FreeBSD droplet using this platform is an option, which definitely makes it stand out.

DigitalOcean allows you to easily manage and deploy your droplets and interact with them according to how you want. Managing the virtual machines is quite easy through their intuitive API, UI, CLI and Terraform Provider. You can easily scale your droplet according to your demands and requirements since the platform is simple enough to be used for beginners and powerful enough to use for fast-growing businesses.

There is an option to choose basic or premium droplets according to your choice and their features. Most of the users decide to go for Premium droplets because of the advanced features it offers like AMD processors, faster performing Intel, NVMe SSDs, etc. For your business, the platform offers 200% DOI and 50% cost savings to make your experience with them smoother and more convenient.


  • UI, CLI, API and Terraform Provider.
  • 1TB per month of outbound data transfer.
  • Free monitoring and firewalls with every droplet.
  • Resizing the droplet or scaling horizontally.
  • Team management and backups.
  • Snapshots feature.
  • Secure and scalable SSD-based block storage.


  • Helps avoid even a single point of failure.
  • You are allowed to distribute the incoming traffic across the group of droplets.
  • Store and deliver vast amounts of content.
  • The New FreeBSD server starts running in a maximum of 55 seconds.


  • There is no free trial.

6. JavaPipe

JavaPipe FreeBSD VPS Servers KVM

Looking for FreeBSD VPS hosting plans that are DDoS protected and KVM based? JavaPipe has it in store for you. The platform offers various reliable FreeBSD server solutions, and its cloud computing infrastructure delivers VPS hosting that matches dedicated servers and surpasses traditional VPS. Through the cloud servers provided by JavaPipe, you are free and allowed to run your FreeBSD OS with full root access. This level of freedom and access lets you completely customize your VPS servers so that they can serve you the same way dedicated servers would.

If reliable hosting is one of your major demands for FreeBSD hosting, they have the best infrastructure to deliver for your satisfaction. This is because they only use the best hardware products to ensure that your website is performing consistently and gives you the optimal performance you look for. What makes them stand out among competitors is the fact that they use advanced hardware like NVME SSD Drives, DDR3 RAM, the latest Intel Xeon CPUs, etc. The platform can also meet all your unique needs through its instant scaling resources.

There are four packages that they offer named VPS1, VPS2, VPS3, and VPS4.

The VPS1 starts at $6 per month and includes 1GB RAM, 15GB SSD, 1 CPU Core, and a 10Gbps shared port for managed and unmanaged VPS.

Their VPS2 costs $12 per month and includes 2GB RAM, 25GB SSD, 2 CPU Core, and 10Gbps shared port for managed and unmanaged VPS.

The VPS3 starts at $18 per month and includes 4GB RAM, 40GB SSD, 4 CPU Core, and 10Gbps shared port for managed and unmanaged VPS.

The VPS4 costs $24 per month for 8GB RAM, 60GB SSD, 8 CPU Core, and 10Gbps shared ports for managed and unmanaged VPS.


  • DDoS migration for protection against cyber attacks.
  • Strong and latest hardware.
  • Advanced VPS control panel.
  • Easy and seamless upgrades between plans.
  • Multi-homed premium blend.
  • Knowledgeable support.


  • Security and technical staff are available 24/7.
  • Optimal up-time and fast download times.
  • Consistent delivery of unmetered bandwidth at affordable prices.
  • 24/7 customer service for quick assistance.


  • There is no free trial.

7. Cloudzy – Best FreeBSD VPS Provider with NVMe SSD Hosting

Cloudzy cheap FreeBSD VPS Hosting

Having more than fifteen locations all over the world, you are free to choose any location nearest to the place you reside and suit your business the best to get the best out of this platform and remove latency. Through the FreeBSD VPS solutions that Cloudzy has in store for you, you can easily go beyond the limits of conventional hosting.

You can enjoy extensive peering for minimal latency, KVM hosting for fast processing, NVME-driven SSD storage, and zero resource contention for stable and reliable performance. Bonus, all of this is available at excellent and super low prices.

You can choose FreeBSD VPS servers from Cloudzy for reasons like when you want to host a website, hosting a web app, setting up your own VPN, developing cross-platform apps, setting up a file server, and learning the ups and downs of the operating system. Bonus, you don’t have to stick to one payment method as you can pay with ease on this platform using PerfectMoney, Bitcoin, PayPal, and many more such methods.

The setup on this platform is absolutely free, and there are no such requirements for going through a contract. When you go for Economic FreeBSD hosting, you get to have four plans to choose from. The first one starts at $4.95/mo offering one vCPU, 1GB memory, 12GB SSD storage, 1TB bandwidth, and 1Gbps connection. The second one starts at $7.95/mo offering two vCPU, 2GB memory, 30GB SSD storage, 3TB bandwidth, and 1Gbps connection.

The third one starts at $14.95/mo offering two vCPU, 4GB memory, 60GB SSD storage, 5TB bandwidth, and 1Gbps connection. The fourth one starts at $29.95/mo offering four vCPU, 8GB memory, 140GB SSD storage, 7TB bandwidth, and 1Gbps connection. The plans and prices change for Premium FreeBSD VPS, and you also get an option of customizing your own package.


  • Guaranteed up-time of around five nines.
  • Servers on top-tier infrastructure.
  • Ultimate hosting isolation.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • 7-days money-back guarantee.
  • Workload processing smoothly on time.


  • You get a money-back guarantee in case you don’t like the services.
  • The connectivity is quite reliable and stable.
  • You are allowed to deploy your favorite web server.


  • No cons known.

8. CloudSigma


Having 15 cloud locations and allowing you to create new servers in just 26 seconds, CloudSigma is known for providing the best hosting services to its users. The platform offers powerful, unique, and highly customizable performance at an unbeatable price, which is definitely a dream for most users. There are absolutely no restrictions on how users decide to deploy their computing resources which is a win-win situation.

What makes this platform unique is the fact that, unlike traditional VPS hosting servers, CloudSigma makes sure to run a fully isolated FreeBSD cloud server and provides you full root access. Additionally, you are allowed to fully customize your cloud structure and benefit from their completely open software and networking layers. This freedom gives you a security guarantee, better performance, deeper configuring, stronger isolation, and a wider choice of server types.

The best part is that you can easily claim a free trial for seven days without having to add your credit card information.

For the billing part, the platform’s billing system checks your usage, including RAM, CPU, etc., every five minutes and compares the amount you have subscribed to your current usage. Any usage that goes above your subscription is then automatically costed on a five-minute rolling basis.

Additionally, if your needs increase with time, you don’t need to subscribe for a plan all over again as there is an option for availing layer up subscriptions so you can buy one on top of the ones you already own.


  • Mix and match SSD and magnetic storage.
  • Modern hardware.
  • CPU customization options are available.
  • Stream multiple gigabit speeds from cloud servers.
  • Various resources are available without delay.
  • Easy to use API with 100% feature coverage.
  • Free resources with a wide range.


  • No network bottlenecks on video streams or big data nets.
  • Instant provision of various resources like private networks, drives, IPs, etc.
  • You are allowed to size your SSD drives up to 5TB.


  • Lack of different native language support.

9. Hetzner

Hetzner best FreeBSD VPS

Do you want to get started with your FreeBSD hosting without waiting? Hetzner is your go-to option. Using the Hetzner cloud, you will just need to invest a little money to access various clouds to let your projects get handled with ease. Through their interface, you are allowed to manage and navigate your Hetzner cloud easily and quickly. This is because it is quite speedy and easy to use so that you don’t get to suffer from long loading times.

Their volumes are flexible and scalable, so if you ever want to expand the storage on their cloud services, you can easily add additional SSD storage according to your needs and requirements. The range of volumes they provide is quite suitable for all memory-intensive applications, and up to 10Tb to 16 volumes per cloud server is available. You can also expand your cloud instance with high-availability SSD block storage.

Hetzner offers ten different plans, all available with the newest generation of CPU-optimized servers and second-generation processors. The plan CX11 costs 4.15 USD/mo and offers one vCPU, 2GB RAM, 20GB disk space, and 20TB traffic, while CPX11 costs 5.09 USD/mo and offers two vCPU, 2GB RAM, 40 GB disk space, and 20TB traffic.

The second cheapest FreeBSD VPS CX21 costs 6.25 USD/mo and offers two vCPU, 4GB RAM, 40GB disk space, and 20TB traffic, while CPX21 costs 8.80 USD/mo and offers three vCPU, 4GB RAM, 80GB disk space, and 20TB traffic.

The plan CX31 starts from 11.35 USD/mo and offers two vCPU, 8GB RAM, 80GB disk space, and 20TB traffic, while CPX31 costs 15.83 USD/mo and offers four vCPU, 8GB RAM, 160GB disk space, and 20TB traffic. The CX41 costs 20.29 USD/mo and offers four vCPU, 16GB RAM, 160GB disk space, and 20TB traffic, while the CPX41 costs 29.22 USD/mo and offers eight vCPU, 16GB RAM, 240GB disk space, and 20TB traffic.

Finally, CX51 costs 38.15 USD/mo and offers eight vCPU, 32GB RAM, 240GB space, and 20TB traffic, while CPX51 costs 63.67 USD/mo and offers 16 vCPU, 32GB RAM, 360GB space, and 20TB traffic.


  • Easily scaling of application through load balancers.
  • Server communication through a private network.
  • No additional costs for stateful firewalls.
  • Highly available and reliable SSD storage.
  • High-performance hardware.
  • Rest-API and CLI tools.
  • Snapshots for manual backups.


  • It provides data protection to a significant level.
  • The platform uses the latest hardware appliances for safeguarding your cloud.
  • Loads of bandwidth are available for your projects.
  • There is a wide variety of operating systems to choose from.


  • Only three data centers and all of them are in Europe.

10. Atlantic

Atlantic VPS Cloud Hosting

A secure, scalable, and easy-to-use best FreeBSD VPS hosting, this is everything that Atlantic.net has in store for you. The VPS hosting on this platform is specifically designed in a way to provide you with the freedom to either create or get to deploy one or even more virtual servers and that too, just in seconds. It helps improve the performance of your virtual private server by offering reliability, simplicity, security, and reduction in costs. You are in complete control of your Cloud VPS through this platform because the control panel and API are quite easy to use.

For almost 25 years, the platform has provided top-notch VPS hosting services. Therefore, trust this platform with your FreeBSD VPS requirements since it can fulfill almost everything. What makes them stand out among competitors is the fact that their plans and packages depend completely on your growing requirements, and you can easily scale them up whenever you want to.

Their managed services are available for all customers, and you can get access to 24x7x365 technical support from their team of experts.

The pricing on this platform can vary according to on-demand requirements, one year term or three-year term. There are four options, namely General Purpose, Storage Optimized, Memory Optimized, and Compute Optimized, and all of these come with a different number of plans for you to choose from.

For general purposes, the first plan starts from $4/mo for Linux offering 1GB RAM, one vCPU, 25GB SSD, and 2TB Transfer.

The Storage Optimized first plan starts from $150/mo for Linux and $155/mo for Windows offering 16GB RAM, two vCPU, 500GB SSD, and 10TB Transfer. Memory-optimized plans start from $52/mo for Linux and $98/mo for Windows and offer 16GB RAM, two vCPU, 40GB SSD, and 10TB Transfer.

Finally, the Compute Optimized plans start from $67/mo Linux and $93/mo Windows and offer 8GB RAM, four vCPU, 40GB SSD, and 10TB Transfer. The prices increase with the increasing features in all the plans.


  • Migration specialists for smooth migration of your website.
  • Multi-factor Authentication authenticates and verifies your users’ identities.
  • Secure block storage volume in just a few clicks.
  • Dedicated bandwidth CPU power, memory, storage IO, etc.
  • 100% uptime SLA.
  • Daily or more frequent automated backups.


  • You will only get to pay for the resources that you need.
  • All critical infrastructures will be available for you 100% of the time.
  • 24/7/36 support for any technical issue coming your way.
  • Fast, cost-effective, and easy-to-use VPS.
  • Offloads a large portion of the workload on an edge service.


  • A bit challenging to use for beginners.

Wrapping It Up

We recommend the following best FreeBSD VPS hosting providers and services for ultimate performance and affordable plans:

#1- Kamatera – For seamless performance and high uptime under the lowest budget

#2- Contabo – For Highest RAM at affordable prices

#3- Vultr – For cloud based lightning-fast cloud FreeBSD VPS servers with 1-Click installer

You can also consider checking other reviewed web hosts on our list if any of them fit your needs.