Kamatera Review 2024

Kamatera is a global cloud service platform provider that has years of experience. Actually, it is the pioneer of all cloud hosting providers. OMC Computers, Kamatera’s parent company, was launched in 1995 while Kamatera itself came into being in 1996. The first servers of Kamatera were deployed in 2002. Since then Kamatera has come a long way and today they are one of the most reliable and well-known cloud hosting providers.

Kamatera has 17 high-end global data centers across 4 continents to provide premium quality service to its users. Cities like Santa Clara, Toronto, New York, Dallas, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Hong Kong, etc are graced with Kamatera center.

Their services are extremely scalable; plus they can be tailored by the users to suit their needs and preferences without any hassle. It has won various awards including 1st Best VPS 2020 under $40, 2nd Best VPS 2020 under $100, 3rd Best VPS 2020 under $25, 1st Best VPS February 2020, and 1st Best Value June 2020

Kamatera offers enterprise-grade infrastructure and various kinds of cloud servers that can be deployed very easily. They take pride in their blazing fast servers that are also stable. Kamatera constantly updates its hardware and server technology that is why their servers are known all over the world for their speed and performance.

They use SSD drives with at least 600Gbit bandwidth and SSD (Solid State Drive) along with Intel Platinum 8270 Processors which contributes to the high-end performance of this cloud hosting. Plus Kamatera also guarantees above-average Uptime and personalized customer support. I will discuss all these aspects in detail below so keep reading.

Kamatera Review

Kamatera Review 2024 – A Hub of Powerful Cloud Hosting Solutions with Ultimate Scalability

Advanced Hardware and Software Technology

Let’s start with the technical hardware and software technology of Kamatera. This cloud provider confidently boasts the fact that they constantly update their system to remain at the top of the industry.

Kamatera uses Intel Xeon Platinum Processors which allows the user to run the servers with 300% more power per CPU as compared to its competitors. The high-end hardware used by Kamatera allows the user to use up to 512 GB RAM and 104 vCPUs per server.

Plus, Kamatera only uses Solid-State Drive (SSD) storage which ensures that all your applications and products run smoothly without any lag. It also offers 40 Gbit/s per server which provides fast networking between private and public servers. Kamatera even provides guaranteed dedicated resources with tons of products and solutions to assist their users.

Cloud Solutions

Kamatera offers tons of infrastructure and server solutions to help professionals web developers and businesses. It facilitates its users with two types of Solutions i.e. Business Solutions and Managed Solution.

Business Solutions

Business Solutions are designed specially to meet the diverse requirements of big enterprises and business companies. This solution allows better management of multiple servers and infrastructures and provides better scaling.

Kamatera provides various advanced Business solutions including One Portal to Control all Servers, Start-Up Solutions, SaaS Provider Infrastructure, Web & App developers, Application Hosting, Mobile Application Solutions, Worldwide Infrastructure, and Diagonal Scaling, etc and many others.

Thanks to the impressive Scalability of Kamatera, you can try these solutions and drop them without any extra charges if they aren’t suitable for you. I will be briefing and discussing all of the business solutions.

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One Portal Control all Servers

Kamatera equips its users with one portal to control all of its servers. The users can also manage all the domains using this portal. This portal is designed to save people time and money.

Start-Up Solutions

This solution was specifically created to assist start-up businesses since Kamatera aims to give extra care to new businesses and rising entrepreneurs. The start-up solutions provide a classy infrastructure that gives premium performance and instant scalability.

Plus Start-Up solution also provides an extra personal level of customer support that is specially customized to meet the needs of the start-up business. Some management services appropriate for new businesses also come with this solution.

SaaS Provider Infrastructure

SaaS Provider Infrastructure is a reliable infrastructure that is specially designed to make businesses grow and expand.

Web & App Developer

Kamatera provides a plethora of computing resources and web development tools to help enterprises and professional web developers with their work. It especially takes care of the needs of developers since most of their clients are developers.

Application Hosting

Application Hosting is an excellent way to run and install a software application. This hosting also makes sure that the application does not affect the server. This hosting can install, setup, and maintain any application. It even maintains and optimizes the applications.

Mobile Application Solutions

This solution helps the user in smoothly running their mobile applications on all devices 24/7. You won’t need a mobile web server or O/S service packs if you buy this solution. IT teams of Kamatera will handle and manage the mobile web application so you can focus on your business without a worry.

Worldwide Infrastructure

The Worldwide infrastructure of Kamatera contributes to high-end performance and efficient data recovery for enterprises and businesses. Kamatera has 18 data centers worldwide that maximize the performance of the server and benefit big businesses. The worldwide infrastructure of Kamatera guarantees that your business website or apps will never be down even during peak times.

Diagonal Resources Scaling

Kamatera offers Diagonal Scaling which is better than both Vertical and Horizontal Scaling. Diagonal scaling is a combination of vertical and horizontal scaling. It scales up a server with products and resources till a specific point and then replicates the server in its current configuration to continue the process.

It is one of the most efficient scaling systems and Kamatera is one of the fewest cloud hosting platforms that are equipped with it.

E-Commerce Cloud Hosting Services

Now, running an E-commerce business is not easy and Kamatera recognizes this. If your website is down and unavailable you’ll lose customers and revenue. You need fast computing infrastructure for blazing-fast performance and guaranteed 24/7 availability to run a successful E-commerce business and improve the online shopping experience of your clients.

That’s why Kamatera facilitates E-commerce businesses with special Infrastructure known as IaaS. This infrastructure takes over the responsibility of optimizing and maintaining the servers that run the E-commerce website so that the business can be run smoothly.

Managed Cloud Solutions

Kamatera gives its users the option to get Managed solutions. These solutions can help inexperienced users set up their servers and infrastructures. Even big companies and businessmen prefer buying Managed solutions so they can peacefully focus on expanding their business.

You will get a technical team of IT experts to manage your infrastructure and servers if you buy Managed Solutions of Kamatera. The technical IT professionals of Kamatera are trained to run Cloud infrastructures and server solutions so you can forget about the technicalities and focus on your business. Kamatera offers Fully Managed Cloud, Cloud migration, Cloud Consulting, Microsoft Cloud Solutions, and Disaster Recovery. You can buy the solution that suits your needs.

Kamatera Cloud Products Review

Kamatera provides tons of services and products along with solutions too. Kamatera offers Cloud Servers, Cloud Block Storage, Private Cloud Network, Cloud Load Balancer, Cloud Firewall and managed Cloud, etc.

Cloud Server

A cloud server works just like a physical server that launches a virtual cloud infrastructure. However, cloud infrastructure is cheaper and speedy. Plus it is more scalable and better when it comes to performance than a traditional server. The Cloud servers of Kamatera can be deployed and made to work in seconds. Kamatera confidently claims that their cloud server can be deployed within 60 seconds. The process of deploying servers is so easy that even beginners can easily launch them.

Moreover, cloud servers are charged based on the resources and products you utilize hence you’ll only pay for what you actually use. You can upgrade your server slowly and even replicate servers when required.

Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Block storage is basically the virtual hard disk that is available 24/7 and can be increased when required. It is required to run applications smoothly on cloud infrastructures. However, like all features, you can drop this anytime and you’ll not be charged for a second more than you have used Cloud Block Storage.

Kamatera uses SSD (Solid State Drives) to support Cloud Block Storage which results in little to no latency, speedy performance, and reliability. You can buy a small amount of block cloud storage initially and scale it up later. Kamatera charges for Cloud Block storage by the minute.

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Private Network Cloud

A Private Cloud Network is a computing model that provides users with exclusive access to their computing cloud. It reduces the security and privacy concerns to the minimum and also provides the benefits of a public cloud environment.

This product is mostly used by financial firms or enterprises that are obligated to protect the information of their clients. It allows the user to connect their database safely with the applications, firewalls, mail server, and file server.

Cloud Load Balancer

Cloud Load Balancer is a virtual scalable component that contributes to system stability and improves response time. It also distributes workloads to two or more servers to provide premium performance.

It is a necessary product as it accesses the availability and stability of a server and then sends traffic to those servers that are up and running. Hence with Cloud Load Balancer your application will be up and running even if one of your servers fails.

Cloud Firewall

Cloud Firewall works like anti-virus and protects your servers and infrastructure against hack attacks. Kamatera provides users with options to choose from various levels of security according to their requirements. It also offers a Remote SSL VPN to secure information channel. The facility of Site-To-Site VPN also comes with this solution. The Site-To-Site VPN secures information channels across various fixed locations.

Hence the Cloud Firewall and the extensive features that come with it protect the networking infrastructure from hackers and prevent unauthorized access to your servers.

Managed Cloud Hosting

Managed Cloud is another service that gives the user the option to leave the technicalities of cloud infrastructure to a team of IT professionals. So that the user can enjoy cloud computing without bothering about technical matters related to cloud servers. It’s great for those users who want to focus on developing their business instead of focusing on building a classy infrastructure.

Kamatera provides a tailored and customized experience to those users who opt for Managed Clouds. The IT team maintains and monitors the managed servers 24/7 through NOC (Network Operation Center) and acts swiftly in case any problem arises. Plus the IT professionals overview everything from Operating systems to Cloud servers, databases, load balancers, firewalls, and applications, etc to provide optimum performance.

Speedy Performance

It is necessary for website to launch instantly or else the customers are likely to abandon your site. In today’s day and age, no one has time to wait for a slow website to load when there are so many alternative options available. That is why Kamatera gives priority to maximizing the performance and loading the websites at the speed of light.

On average Kamatera servers take about 261s which is excellent. The loading can also be improved if you buy some of their load-distributing services and optimization tools.

Built-in Applications

Kamatera also equips its user with various applications that can be deployed in seconds. There is a long-range of applications from which the users can choose the one they want to deploy. Most importantly Kamatera charges no extra fee for setting these applications; so you can deploy an application with no fee and if you don’t find it suitable for your needs you can cancel it anytime.

Users can deploy CPanel, Joomla, DokuWiki, Magento, Drupal, Mattermost, Jenkins, Moodle, Plesk, MediaWiki, NextCloud, Vesta. Zentyal, PureFTPd, WordPress, phpBB, Docker, FreeNAS, LAMP, phpMyAdmin, Elasticsearch, and many other useful applications with few clicks for free.

How Kamatera Platform Can Help in Real Life?

Here, I’ll be listing the most utilized Servers and Resources of Kamatera. These servers are obviously used most because they come with numerous advantages and provide top-notch performance.

Web Hosting Server

This server allows the users to launch a single website or multiple websites on a single hosted web server. The user can customize the RAM, CPU, and bandwidth to match their budget and requirements.

App Server

App server helps the users in launching their application in an environment where they can provide optimal performance hence it is a very sought-after server in the market.

Development Server

Development Servers help the user in handling and developing multiple projects with consistent configuration and resources. They are time-saving and user-friendly.

Database Server

This supports all kinds of applications and optimizes them daily for optimal performance. These are preferred by clients because these servers are stable and reliable.

Remote Desktop Server

The remote Desktop server offers centralized software management for all the applications, websites, and resources. Plus it makes the infrastructure available to multiple clients on remote desktops without any hassle.

WordPress Cloud Server

This is one of the most famous servers available on Kamatera. It is a pre-installed WordPress server that is very user-friendly and scalable. Most businesses and entrepreneurs prefer to launch their websites on WordPress hence it comes as no surprise that people buy this server more as compared to others.

Email Cloud Server

This server improves mail security and privacy. It filters out content to provide efficient email delivery. Email Server also protects the communication channels of emails.

ERP Server on Clouds

ERP server is installed by those businesses that intend to save money by buying only those resources that are needed. This server reduces the money spent on resources by adapting resources to actual user needs. Plus it also contributes to improving cloud security with its advanced solutions.

CRM Servers on Clouds

CRM server ensures that everything is running smoothly and enhances the productivity of the website. It runs various solutions to make sure all the operations are running as they are supposed to.

Backup Cloud Server

It stores your data on a digital remote backup server. So you can always backup your information from the remote backup in case you lose it as a result of hacking or some other issue.

VoIP Cloud Hosting Server

This is an advanced server usually utilized by Enterprises to handle high-end tasks like clustering and telephony services etc.

IoT Cloud Virtual Machines

This server is responsible for supporting IoT devices and server availability. It also supports visualization tools and overviews data collection.

These servers are very famous among clients of Kamatera and they are bought by people because of the various solutions and optimization tools that come with them. These servers ensure everything under them is running efficiently to maximize the performance of your website and applications.

However, you don’t need to buy them all, and neither it is necessary to buy most of these servers. You can just buy the server you need and upgrade it with time. You can also drop them very easily without bothering about extra charges because there are none.

Kamatera Cloud Hosting Features

Remarkable scalability

As said earlier Kamatera offers unlimited scalability. You can employ its servers within seconds and duplicate it to scale out to hundreds of servers. Users can deploy any application and add load balancers, firewalls, and block storage according to their needs.

Usually, beginners are advised to start with a simple server and then upgrade it by adding applications and more resources. The scalability is a major plus point of Kamatera and so far no other cloud hosting platform provider has been able to match it when it comes to Scalability.

Impressive Up-time

Kamatera guarantees 99. 95% up-time under all situations. If the Up-time of your site goes below 99.95%, you will be compensated with free resources or in some other way.

99.95% guaranteed Up-time means that your website will always be up and running which is a major advantage. Various studies have shown that on average businesses lose most of their customers because their websites are down and unreachable. However, with Kamatera you will not face this issue because your website won’t go down and will be working 99.95% of the time.

Cloud Web Management System

Cloud Web Management System is the best server management portal. It has a user-friendly interface and provides easy access to all the resources available. Cloud Web Management System also allows the user to handle the technical administration efficiently and enables them to keep an eye on all the essential operations and information.

Furthermore, Cloud Web Management System lets the user overview all the cloud servers with few clicks. Essential information like server configuration, RAM, operating systems, processors, and disk allocation is available on this portal readily.

Plus additional information about software and hardware items like web hosting panel, IP addresses, private networks, and billing information, etc can also be easily accessed. Even hardware configuration can be easily changed and removed with Cloud Web Management System.

Customer Support

Kamatera provides tailored customer support to its clients. The customer support representatives are available 24/7 365 days a year to answer queries. Furthermore, the representatives are known to be friendly and welcoming. They are also trained and groomed to handle even technical queries.

The customer support of Kamatera has also received tons of awards over the years. The Support Representative can be accessed through email, telephone, and even through live chat.

30 Day Free Trial

If you are new to the world of cloud hosting and have no idea if Kamatera will suit you or not; you don’t need to worry. Kamatera offers a 30-Day free trial to all of its users. Hence you can try Kamatera for free and decide for yourself if it suits you or not. Plus almost all of the products and servers tools can be utilized for free during the free trial. You will not be charged a penny for any of the services.

Before the free trial ends you can drop the services you don’t want to be charged for or you can drop Kamatera hosting altogether if you don’t find their services suitable but that is not likely to happen.

Kamatera Cloud Pricing Review

Kamatera is one of the most affordable cloud hostings in the market. The starting price of a Kamatera server is about 4$. In 4 dollars per month, you’ll get a server with 20 GB storage, 5TB Bandwidth, 1 vCPU (2667 MHz), 1000 GB internet traffic, 1 Public IPs, and about 1GB RAM. This package is cost-effective as the user gets tons of resources in just $4.

Plus even more incredible is the fact that Kamatera gives its user the option to customize a hosting plan according to their needs. The price will increase as the user scales up or adds more servers. For Example, if you keep every resource the same as mentioned above but increase the RAM to 2 GB, then the plan will cost about $6 and if you increase storage to 30 GB and add another vCPU then the plan will cost about $12. Hence you can set the resources and services according to your requirement and pay only for what you use.


Overall Kamatera is a global cloud hosting provider with years of experience and consistent performance to its credit. However, like every brand, it also has some drawbacks.

Critics have time again pointed out that as compared to Kamatera more user-friendly hosting providers for beginners are available in the market. Beginners might get confused by the wide range of products and server types offered by Kamatera. Hence it is better for them to buy hosting plans from a simpler cloud hosting provider.


So now you know everything about Kamatera and their hosting environment. Kamatera is a great choice for seasoned E-commerce businessmen and professional developers. With its long-range of products and solutions; Kamatera leaves all its competitors behind.

Also, the fast speed, exceptional performance, and remarkable scalability make Kamatera one of the top cloud hosting providers. Most importantly it is cost-effective so you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get a fast computing server with reliable infrastructure.

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However, if you are new to the world of cloud hosting; you might want to go for a simpler and more user-friendly cloud hosting platform. Or you can try the 30-day free trial of Kamatera and see if you find it suitable. You can use most of their services, servers, and solutions for free during the free trial. 30 days should be enough for beginners to decide if Kamatera is suitable for them or not so go and sign up today with Kamatera.

We hope you’d find this Kamatera review helpful and it’ll surely guide you in making the right decision.