15 Best LiteSpeed Hosting Providers 2024

Want to jump straight to our top recommendations? The best Litespeed hosting that offers great services are: A2Hosting (First Choice), Hostinger (Runner-Up Choice), and GreenGeeks (Also Good).

Having the fastest web hosting service ensures the highest possible page loading speed as well as high rankings in search pages. You can increase your website’s load speed by choosing the best Litespeed hosting because it delivers way better performance than Apache and NGINX-based servers.

In this guide, we will share what Litespeed web hosting is and what are the best Litespeed web hosts.

So, let’s begin without further ado!

What is LiteSpeed?

Litespeed is a relatively new web server gaining popularity as a drop-in replacement for Apache. In simpler terms, a web server hosts websites on its resources, such as CPU and other hardware.

As soon as a site visitor clicks on a site’s webpage, it is the web server that delivers the content to the visitor.

A website’s performance, speed, and caching capabilities depend on the web server it is hosted on. This makes the overall output and load-management abilities of a web server incredibly important.

The most popular and widely used Web server is Apache. It is a free web server that allows both multiple and dynamic requests made by a site’s visitor.

Apache is the standard web server used by most hosting platforms. While it is highly familiar and stable, its speed and load-management capabilities do not hold up to today’s search engine’s standards of high uptimes and page loading speeds.

LiteSpeed delivers higher speeds and unlimited concurrent connections at any single time. What this means is it can tend to as many dynamic requests as needed. LiteSpeed features an event-driven architecture and can, therefore, deliver faster responses with lower memory usage.

Its event-driven architecture allows it to serve all the current connections with only a few resources, bringing the overall hardware and memory usage down. For higher-traffic websites, this provides a quicker reaction to new visitor requests as they pop up. In contrast, Apache uses older, process-based handling, which creates a new process for every new request the site gets. This makes the serving speed slower while consuming higher memory.

For webmasters, this means as you get newer visitors, your website will slow down, ultimately leading to a frustratingly low page loading speed.

Litespeed’s event-based architecture eliminates this problem and helps you maintain a minimum bounce rate.

Website caching plays an important role in the speed of content delivery as it influences how far data comes from. Edge Side Includes (ESI) is a computer language that runs on edge nodes of a Content Delivery Network.

It helps with quicker data delivery by shortening the path the data on a website has to move through. With ESI, Litespeed delivers blazing-fast speed by allowing for more responsive cache utilization.

best litespeed hosting services

What is LiteSpeed Hosting?

The choice of the web server depends on the hosting company and generally not the website owner. As a webmaster, you can only select a hosting platform that uses a Litespeed web server.

LiteSpeed hosting is usually provided by hosting platforms that serve website owners. Litespeed partners with different platforms and allocates a portion of its infrastructure and backend processes to each of these. This helps platforms leverage all the great benefits offered by LiteSpeed web servers without having to create a more efficient server of their own.

Best LiteSpeed Hosting Providers for 2024

1. A2Hosting – Overall Best


A2Hosting is one of the best Litespeed web Hosting platforms and packs in an amazing combination of speed-boosting features.

The platform boasts of providing eleven times faster speeds compared to Apache and six times faster than NGNX-based hosting platforms. It offers two premium plans with the Litespeed webservers and boasts up to 40% quicker CPU performance. This helps with keeping most of your servers less occupied with the current visitors, leaving enough space for the oncoming traffic.

With its SSD storage, it creates an additional layer of speed when it comes to accessing your website files and databases. Both turbo packages boast unlimited websites and NVMe storage. This makes it especially suitable for people on an advanced level with higher storage needs.

You can have multiple domains and websites without needing to upgrade to a higher plan. Moreover, its free SSL certification helps your website gain a more authentic ranking within the search engines. Along with its high-functioning CDN, you also get the option to choose data center locations of your choice. This helps you provide higher loading speeds to your specific audience by caching your site on the servers located within your highest-traffic areas.

With a focus on advanced needs, A2Hosting has designed its platform to handle higher levels of traffic compared to competing platforms. Your website will be able to handle nine times higher levels of traffic without having to upgrade the basic CPU allocations. While amazingly value-packed, A2Hosting may be less suitable for beginners with minimal storage and traffic-handling needs along with a tighter budget.

A2Hosting provides Litespeed hosting services on a monthly, annually, and Triennially basis along a full money-back guarantee to ensure a risk-free experience. Coming to the platform’s overall usability, it has a highly intuitive interface along with multiple tools and resources, making site management convenient and hassle-free.

It features the most popular hosting control panel, cPanel. With seamless integration of all areas of your website into a singular location to enhance navigation and resource management. With all your domains, emails, SEO tools, and resources under one roof, you can stay in control at all times.


  • Lowest prices for high-storage and traffic needs
  • Personalizable Data center locations
  • Instant, fully-managed Site migrations
  • Unlimited NVMe SSD storage


  • It does not include a monthly plan
  • More focused on speed and traffic
  • Lacks adequate security features

2. Hostinger – Cheapest Litespeed Hosting


Hostinger is one of the oldest yet most affordable hosting platforms out there. With the cheapest monthly package, it is incredibly beginner-friendly and yields amazing loading capabilities. Most of its premium, higher-storage plans cost only as much as a basic plan of competing platforms.

Despite the low pricing, the platform is fully equipped to handle more advanced storage, speed, and traffic needs. With its own company-built control panel, the CyberPanel, it keeps all aspects of your website easily manageable in a central location.

Hostinger has a full range of Litespeed hosting solutions with its CyberPanel VPS plan. It offers eight different subscriptions, making it incredibly accommodative for all website sizes, from the smallest projects to enterprise-level needs.

What makes Hostinger stand out is that it allows beginners to experience users the blazing-fast performance of LiteSpeed. For only $3.95/month, its first-tier plan will give you 20 GB of storage along with 1TB of bandwidth.

While it has a fairly limiting RAM size of just 1GB, it is enough for beginner websites with low daily traffic. You can double all these resources by upgrading to the second-tier plan for only an additional $4.

While it presents an excellent price/quality ratio, it can still be highly limiting to the needs of some big, high-traffic websites. This is because it does not offer unlimited bandwidth and storage on any premium plans. Moreover, you cannot buy additional storage on a per-unit basis like other competing platforms.

For security features, the platform includes real-time attack prevention along with DDoS protection for all VPS services. Hostinger manages customer support via live chat, phone, email, and a ticketing system.

The live chat representatives are highly knowledgeable and offer quick problem resolutions. Along with this, it has one of the best learning resources with thorough guides and tutorials on every aspect of its platform and site management.

Overall, Hostinger can be a particularly good choice if you want to utilize higher page loading and traffic-handling capabilities without incurring high costs. The company also provides free, fully-managed site migrations, so you don’t have to complicate yourself with lengthy transfer protocols.


  • Perfect for beginners on a small budget
  • Lower renewal rates
  • Fast and knowledgeable customer support


  • High storage, bandwidth, and RAM limitations
  • Can be pricier for higher-traffic websites.
  • No option for daily backups

3. GreenGeeks – Best Cheap Litespeed Hosting Plans


GreenGeeks is a modern, security-focused platform that provides a full-range LiteSpeed hosting experience. Unlike other platforms, GreenGeeks is relatively new and therefore stands out in the market with its wide variety of security features. It uses real-time tracking and scanning to check for suspicious activity and any changes in website files to keep you free from the sneakiest malware.

Along with this, the platform incorporates multiple third-party cybersecurity tools to keep your website safe from DDoS attacks and unauthorized logins.

The host has one of the cheapest Litespeed hosting with its basic plan starting at just $2.95/month. With this plan, you can get all the features and resources you need for a medium-sized website with a healthy amount of daily traffic.

With a high 50GB SSD storage, free domain name, and unlimited databases, it bundles in the most value for the smallest price. For superior speed and loading time, they use the industry-standard Cloudflare Content Delivery Network.

The Cloudflare CDN has one of the most geographically diversified data centers and delivers one of the quickest data transfers with its word-wide caching capabilities. This can mean all the difference to your search engine ranking as it helps you minimize bounce rate by maintaining instantaneous webpage loading.

As a fully LiteSpeed hosting platform, it offers an LScache plug-in that caches all content on your website in real-time, ensuring all your updated data is made available to your visitors with zero downtime. Besides all these features, what makes GreenGeeks stand out is its generous inclusion of free nightly backups. This is a feature that many companies often lack as well. They include SSD-based RAID-10 Storage, unlimited data transfer, and premium SSL certificates as a standard for all packages.

The initial acquainting process is very straightforward with no learning curves as you get access to multiple guides and resources along with 24/7 customer support. You will also get a generous 30-day money-back guarantee no matter which subscription you choose. If you are migrating from an old hosting platform, GreenGeeks will take care of the entire migration process without incurring any complications for you.


  • Superior server response times
  • Excellent uptime of 99.95 percent
  • Free nightly Backups for all
  • Real-time caching with LSCache
  • Unlimited Parked and Subdomains


  • High renewal pricing
  • Limited domain privacy features
  • Backups are only retained for 1 day
  • Only one site restoration per month

4. HostArmada – Best Litespeed Hosting for WordPress

Hostarmada shared cloud litespeed hosting

Despite being a newcomer that started out in 2019, it has gained a lot of users and recommendations from webmasters all around the world.

With its superior speed performance and partnerships with industry-leader web tools, it delivers one of the most feature-packed experiences. It has partnered with cPanel, Cloudflare, CloudLinux, JetApps, and of course, LiteSpeed. It serves highly flexible and accommodative shared SSD hosting.

However, it is more on the pricier side and doesn’t have pocket-friendly solutions in terms of affordability. Its only LiteSpeed SSD plan, the Speed Reaper, starts at $5.39/ month with 40GB storage.

You get 6 GB RAM, 6 CPU Cores, unlimited website migration, and up to 45 days money-back guarantee. It has a diversified payment system for billing; you can choose to either pay annually, biennially, triennially or even monthly. Such billing can prove cheaper in the long run as you can save up to 15 percent when you pay for the longer contract.

To justify the slightly higher prices, the platform has one of the best site management resources. You get your own dedicated client area where you can manage all your third-party plug-ins, purchases, and current domains, along with many other things.

To make things easier, it has also partnered with Softaculous, an amazing one-click installer where you can access the most popular E-commerce, CMS, and Site management applications.

For the initial website set-up, the platform has its own website builder with drag-and-drop features and multiple templates and themes. With its vast collection of readymade resources for website design, you can remain ensured that you won’t have to spend money on website developers and theme installers.

You can build a highly-personalized website from scratch without incurring any extra cost.

Being highly customer-focused, Host Armada really stands out with its responsive customer support and wide range of knowledge base. It has its own dedicated training resource called the learning center. You will get thorough tutorials for every aspect of your site management and tool resources such as Client Area Tutorials, Cpanel tutorials, Web Hosting Manager(WHM) tutorials, and Website builder tutorials.

Compared to other websites, you will not get only an overview and guides to these areas but multiple tutorials on the smaller, broken-down aspects of each tool. While highly intuitive and resource-packed, it can be limiting when it comes to storage and monthly visitors. The Speed Reaper plan can only handle up to 120,000 visitors per month without an option for upgrades.

They currently do not have a plan with unlimited visitors or storage. It can therefore be more suitable for medium-sized businesses with moderate traffic and storage needs.

Moreover, they only have 9 data centers concentrated in Canada, the UK, the US, Amsterdam, Germany, Singapore, and India. This can lead to lower caching capabilities; however, the LiteSpeed webservers, along with partnership CloudFlare’s CDN, ensure that your site always loads instantly for every visitor.


  • Excellent for E-commerce Resources
  • Diverse Learning Resources
  • Beginner-friendly website set-up
  • Quicker serving with HTTP/3 protocol
  • Brotli Compression for site optimization


  • A Pricier choice for beginners
  • Excessively high renewal prices

5. WPX – Best Litespeed Hosting for WordPress

WPX WordPress Managed Litespeed hosting

This one is a relatively new platform and is only good for advanced website owners, especially WordPress users. With starting prices of $24.99/month, you can enjoy all the features of a high-end, fully-owned CDN network and Resources. Unlike other platforms that rent out Resources from bigger companies, WPX has created its own CDN network that provides superior caching capabilities no matter where your website is accessed from.

Moreover, it also has fully-owned SSD-storage servers that are always kept underutilized to ensure better traffic handling. What this means is that unusual spikes in traffic on any website will not disrupt other websites hosted on the servers. All its plans come with free site Optimization that helps the heaviest sites load instantly and Optimized Caching that makes every piece of content delivered without consuming too much CPU resources.

This means that even with limited RAM and CPU allocations, your website will experience better load management and quicker responses to user requests. Despite being new, it has well-dispersed data centers in the USA, UK, Australia and has a total of 26 Global Edge locations.

Besides the speed and optimization, it is amazingly feature-rich and bundles in all the resources that an advanced user can need. All users get fully-managed site migrations, continual malware scanning and removal, free website fixes and restorations, DDoS Protection, and Unlimited SSL certification. The basic subscription includes a 5 websites allowance, 10GB of storage and 100GB of bandwidth, and a guaranteed 99.95% Uptime.

With its higher-tier plan, you can easily upgrade and manage up to 35 websites and get unlimited bandwidth. It is important to note that unlimited bandwidth is hard to come along with LiteSpeed hosting, and WPX is currently only one of the few providing such a feature. This makes it especially perfect for enterprise-level needs.

The customer support is also exceptionally well; it only onboards representatives that have in-depth WordPress experience themselves. This allows it to deliver highly knowledgeable support and quick resolutions to any problem.

The platform also boasts of having an average 30-second response time for any customer queries and problems. While the initial prices are high, all these features for E-commerce, CMS, and SEO make it worth every dollar. It seems cheaper when you compare the prices per GB of storage and bandwidth offered with premium support services. Most competing platforms may have low prices but have oversaturated servers with too many websites.


  • All servers and CDN are company-owned
  • Superior Traffic and load handling
  • 26 Global Edge networks offer optimized caching
  • Unlimited bandwidth on highest-tier plan
  • Bundles-in hundreds of features and tools


  • Pricing is not beginner-friendly
  • Custom-built control instead of the superior cPanel

6. HostWinds – Best Litespeed Hosting for Small Businesses


Hostwinds designs all its services with enterprise-level needs in mind. For this reason, it offers unlimited bandwidth along with unlimited SSD storage.

All of its unmetered services come with a higher price tag, with the most basic plan priced at $10.49/month. All hosting servers run on Litespeed web server along with Route Optimized Networking. This helps with shortening the path that your site’s data travels to reach your website’s visitors and thereby delivers quicker serving. For faster load times, it partners with Cloudflare CDN to cache all the data on global networks.

HostWinds is a fully-managed hosting platform. This means that it takes care of all your backend and administrative tasks without any manual effort from your side. You won’t have to read through complex instructions and acquire any technical know-how in case your site runs into a problem.

Any problems related to your site will be dealt with for free, including troubleshooting, site restorations, and inspections. However, you will also have full root access to your website, so you can still have full technical control.

Regarding other packages, all have almost identical features except for the number of sites they offer. You can only have one website on the basic and four on the upgraded plan. Its highest-tier plan is probably the most cost-effective choice for enterprises, and bigger projects as everything about it is unmetered. You can host unlimited domains on it for only a fraction of increase in the price compared to the basic plan.

For renewal policy, they have low renewal prices, with the basic plan only costing $13.99 from the second month. For a quick and hassle-free site set-up, it features the Weebly website builder that lets you personalize all visual and functional aspects of your website without any technical know-how.

The builder has hundreds of add-ons that you can install to streamline and control your marketing processes, SEO, and payment tools. Weebly builder maintains an excellent focus on E-commerce needs and therefore incorporates one-click website themes and functions designed specifically for an E-commerce store’s needs. You can keep track of all your inventory, orders, shipping details, and payments in one central location.

Along with the Weebly add-ons, you also get access to Softaculous’s library of 400+ web applications that help you keep your website as professional as you want. Each plan includes free site migrations, unlimited emails, and FTP accounts, unlimited SSL certificates, and the convenient cPanel.


  • Cheapest Hosting for unlimited bandwidth
  • Superior storage allowance
  • Uses industry-standard third-party tools
  • Lower renewal prices than competitors
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Lacks security features for enterprise-level needs
  • Limited number of data centers
  • No option to personalize the server location
  • Not enough learning resources by the company

7. TMDHosting


TMDHosting is a fantastic web hosting that caters to a variety of services to choose from. With all its plans hosted on Litespeed, you can choose not only which one you want but also the type of hosting you get.

All its cloud, shared, VPS, and dedicated server hosting services offer Litespeed making it an excellent option for all needs. Its shared hosting has three tiers and varies by the number of websites allowed and the caching system used. All three tiers offer unlimited SSD storage and bandwidth along with a free domain, cPanel, and the Weebly site builder.

While all packages give you a free SSL certificate, the premium certificates are only available for upgraded subscriptions. Moreover, the basic plan has somewhat limiting caching capabilities as it does not use the OPCache or LScache that is generally included with Litespeed hosting servers. They have a guaranteed uptime of 99.99 percent and 16 times faster page loads compared to competitors.

The platform incorporates live, continual malware scans using the BitNinja Web-based Firewall. BitNinja provides one of the best security against online threats by identifying all kinds of hacking attempts and malware files. It also packs in generous free daily backups by continually creating additional daily copies of the hosting databases along with weekly backups of your website’s files. In case your site runs into a problem, the platform offers fully-managed site restorations handled by their team experts.

Despite the low prices, TMDHosting manages dedicated customer support for all users. Its basic shared hosting plan starts at a low price of $2.95/month, while the higher tiers are offered at $4.95 and 7.95/month. Its advanced subscriptions feature a Free Wildcard SSL certificate and Opcaching, which uses less memory and provides quicker responses to visitor requests.

Along with this, you get free site migrations, spam experts, DDoS protection, and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Coming to its cloud hosting, the basic plan will give you access to 2 CPU Cores, 4GB RAM, along with unlimited bandwidth and SSD storage.

They guarantee 32 times faster SSD servers and allow the option to choose a data center location closest to your audience. With multiple data centers in London, Phoenix, Chicago, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Singapore, and Sydney, it holds excellent caching capabilities for faster response times.

The company is especially suitable for people with high-growth needs. With its minimal CPU, RAM, and server consumption, TMD boasts excellent scaling capabilities without having to upgrade.

It deliberately keeps resource consumption low at all times to facilitate better load management and traffic handling. Their cloud servers are the perfect all-rounder for websites that handle a lot of traffic and user requests every day.


  • Uses Litespeed webservers for every hosting type
  • Cheapest shared hosting
  • Unlimited bandwidth for all hosting types
  • Excellent security features for all


  • Has only 7 data centers
  • Only basic caching for lowe-tiers
  • High renewal Prices
  • Inconsistent, less responsive customer support

8. KnownHost – Cheap Litespeed Cloud Hosting Plans


KnownHost is a feature-packed, developer-friendly platform with a high focus on security and website protection. The basic package starts off at $3.47/month with 5 GB of cloud storage. It bundles in a free SSL certificate, unlimited bandwidth, Free site transfers, and fully automated backups.

All plans include cPanel, HTTP/3 protocol, Softaculous installer, and Git integration. To ensure superior loading times and its guaranteed 99.99 percent uptime, KnowHost uses Zend OP cache, which helps with the faster execution of files written in PHP, the main programming language of all web servers.

By doing this, it is able to keep everything cached without consuming too many resources and thereby delivers quicker response times. Their shared hosting utilizes isolated resources, which means every website is allocated equal resources, so another website’s traffic spikes do not disrupt the load management and response time of your website.

Regarding its cluster of security, it uses Patchman to keep all your CMS software free of any vulnerabilities. With the integration of Imunify360, the platform prevents all kinds of online threats by continually monitoring site activity to detect intrusion attempts or any hacking strings.

With Imunify360, your website will be protected with the best web-based firewall, DDoS protection, and real-time Antivirus scans. These are some advanced security features that most hosting platforms lack.

As mentioned earlier, it is incredibly developer-friendly and features multiple technical features, so you can stay in full control of your site’s technical side. The platform allows the option to choose the PHP version you want to use to ensure the best compatibility with your particular needs.

You also get full, unrestricted access to SSH which allows you to make changes to your website through the command line. To make the development process more streamlined, it includes the PHPmyadmin, a control panel that seamlessly integrates all your SQL databases for easier navigation and management.

From the performance side, KnownHost uses Brotli compression. This is a Google-developed tool that compresses all media, including images and videos, on your website without causing any quality loss. This helps even the heaviest, media-driven websites to load instantly without causing load management issues.

Overall, this is an affordable, feature-packed hosting option with enterprise-level security features and controls. If the storage and domain limitations are not a problem for you, it can be the perfect solution to make your site more professional and secure without paying premium charges.


  • Plenty of features for an affordable price
  • Superior speed optimizations with OpCache and LSCache
  • Brotli compression allows faster response times
  • Protects against all kinds of online threats


  • Limited SQL databases
  • Renewal prices are more than 2X higher
  • No free domain name with any plan
  • Their technical support is inconsistent

9. LiquidWeb – Best Litespeed Web Hosting with Dedicated Servers

Liquidweb managed litespeed hosting

LiquidWeb offers fully managed dedicated servers with amazing speeds and a generous bandwidth. Having a dedicated server means your website has its own independent, isolated server of its own. In contrast, shared hosting gives you only a proportion of its resources to your website along with others. With its own servers, your website will experience superior load management and traffic handling capabilities with the fully-owned CPU and RAM.

Its first-tier plan, the Intel Xeon 1230v6, starts at $169/month and includes 16 GB of RAM, two 240 GB SSD Disks, along with a 1 TB SATA Backup Disk. It allows a bandwidth limit of 5 TB, making its daily traffic-handling capacity higher than competing dedicated server providers.

While it is highly focused on enterprises and their needs, LiquidWeb has a fairly intuitive interface with its inclusion of industry-standard tools. It uses cPanel for control and management, Cloudflare CDN, ServerSecure advanced protection, and full root access to your website.

With the higher package, you can use InterWorx, Plesk Web, or cPanel Premium for advanced control over your website. DDoS, 100 percent uptime guarantee, and free site migrations are standard with all dedicated servers. Moreover, the platform includes free Premium tools such as BeaverBuilder, Jilt, All IconicWP, iThemes sync, Glew.io, and iThemes Security Pro.

LiquidWeb does not rely on server caches to deliver quick responses. Instead, the platform has its own dedicated PHP workers that execute every PHP file with superior speed. All hosting accounts come with PHP workers that are only usable and reserved for your website’s speed and performance. By keeping these active all the time, the website caters to every user request instantly without having to go through caches in the first place.

Besides all the feature-packed bundles, their amazing customer support really justifies their premium pricing. They have a guaranteed 59-second customer support response. It also has highly knowledgeable customer representatives and uses smart ticketing systems to ensure prompt customer resolutions.

They have data centers in the USA and Europe and have more than 25,000 servers in independent core centers. For multi-level speed optimization, it has in-built image optimization systems that compress all images on your website to make your websites load faster.

Automated nightly backups and 24/7 network monitoring are also included to ensure that your website is always up and running.


  • Hundreds of Premium resources and tools
  • Industry-leading response and loading times
  • Dedicated PHP workers for instant delivery
  • Multiple upgrading options on the basic plan
  • Option to choose your data center location


  • For enterprises and established businesses only
  • The beginner plan doesn’t include advanced control panels
  • Doesn’t have data centers in Asia or the UK
  • Technical support can be inconsistent

10. ScalaHosting


ScalaHosting has been trusted by webmasters all over the world for 13 years and currently hosts over 700,000 websites on its platform. It offers LiteSpeed hosting servers through virtual servers. There are four packages, along with an option to create a custom cloud VPS. The entry VPS packs 50 GB of SSD storage, Unlimited Websites, and 2GB of RAM at $9.95/month and renews at $19.95/month.

As a VPS user, you will get your own dedicated environment which means all your websites will have an isolated Vcpu core that will be reserved for its use only. You can control all your allocated resources from the control panel to optimize your website’s speed as needed. Moreover, the platform boasts an 8x CPU power that can handle tons of visitors per month.

You also get your own dedicated IP address, which plays a pivotal role in your SEO and Google ranking. Websites with dedicated IP addresses do not carry the risk of being accidentally blacklisted or damaging their Google rank and having to restart again.

For security, it uses the SShield Cybersecurity that keeps your website safe against all kinds of online threats and attacks. It includes continual, real-time monitoring to scan any malicious activity or intrusion attempts. Along with this, it also includes free SSL certificates, unlimited SQL databases, and SpamExperts. SpamExperts is a premium tool that intelligently blocks up to 99 percent of junk and spam emails.

Keeping marketing needs in mind, they offer premium SEO analysis for all areas of your website and send continual reports without any extra fees.

For enhanced navigation and control, the platform has its own company-built control Panel, Spanel. The panel is designed to be more resource-efficient and does not consume any of your allocated RAM as it runs on Scala hosting’s servers and not yours. It is also amazingly intuitive and beginner-friendly as it keeps all your domains, websites, emails, databases, and DNS services conveniently located in a central location.

ScalaHosting yields excellent scalability potential for already existing websites that need higher bandwidth and traffic-handling capacity. For enterprises, there is a customizable feature that lets you choose the upgrades you want and leave out the features you don’t need. This makes it an incredibly cost-effective choice as you will only be paying for the things you actually need.


  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Websites
  • Control Panel doesn’t take up resources
  • Beginner-friendly pricing for unmetered service
  • Advanced, Multi-level security features


  • Upgrading can be costly
  • Considerably high renewal prices
  • Data centers in the USA and Europe only

11. ChemiCloud


ChemiCloud is an affordable choice for beginners who don’t want to spend too much for a Litespeed server. All web hosting services on this platform run on Litespeed servers, and you can choose any hosting type, from shared to fully dedicated servers, without having to worry about the servers used. Its cheapest plan, the basic shared hosting starter, packs 20 GB of SSD space along with unlimited bandwidth.

You will also get a free domain name, unlimited parked and subdomains, an SSL certificate, and site migration. It utilizes the LScache to optimize all the media on your website to deliver instant loading times along with the help of Cloudflare CDN. Moreover, all servers use the HTTP/3 protocol, multiple server locations, and GZip compression for cutting-edge response times across the globe.

It has one of the most diversified data centers with servers in the US, UK, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Romania, and India. You can easily choose the server location closest to your particular audience to get your website’s response times even higher.

While the plan is incredibly cheap for just $2.99/month, it can be fairly limiting for higher-traffic needs as it only allows up to 25,000 monthly visitors. Its backup policy is also quite unpleasant, with only ten days of free backups, which can only be upgraded to 30 days on the highest-tier shared plan. However, you can still use a third-party backup tool to keep your website safe at all times. They guarantee a 99.99% uptime with their reliable data distribution across multiple redundant servers.

The platform is also a little lacking when it comes to security; it only offers a basic web firewall and doesn’t include malware scanning or removal or any other DDos or threat defense system.

Coming to its other features, the platform is comparatively better when it comes to email features. If you are someone who relies heavily on email marketing and promotional letters, you will love the advanced email facilities. Their mail client seamlessly integrates with your email apps and automatically syncs all your contacts and emails for a quicker experience. By partnering with MailChannels, ChemiCloud ensures that your emails are never blacklisted or thrown in the spam folder.

All plans are incredibly developer-friendly, with the option to switch to any PHP version, unlimited MySQL databases, remote access to MySQL, and phpMyAdmin for easier control and navigation. It also provides full SSH and SFTP access along with pre-set GIT integration.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Has data centers in all major regions
  • Excellent compression capabilities
  • Triennially payment can save costs


  • Lacks adequate security features
  • Monthly visitors are limited
  • Only 40GB of storage for the highest-tier plan

12. InterServer

InterServer shared litesspeed hosting

InterServer is a simple and straightforward hosting platform that runs all its services on Litespeed web servers. Being the most affordable on this list, it offers unlimited storage, Data transfer, and FTP accounts for only $2.50/month.

With its high-functioning SSD caching servers, RAID-10 storage, and free CDN, it provides one of the best speed optimizations for your website. This makes it especially useful for individuals with heavy-weight websites with a lot of videos and visual content.

For security features, it uses the InterShield Security system, an in-built tool to keep your site safe from hackers. With an initial IP check, the website automatically blocks any IPs that have a past history of suspicious or illegal activities. It also includes an all-time active malware scan that reads every content file to detect common hacking strings so any hacking attempt can be stopped before it takes place.

Despite its low prices, it does not compromise on any aspect of website functionality. All users get 24/7 customer support with friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

Moreover, it includes the most commonly used Cpanel for daily management and control. Thanks to seamless integration with the LiteSpeed webservers, Interserver can handle any amount of spikes in traffic and user requests. With only 50% utilized server capacity, it always keeps 50% of its resources free to enable a hassle-free scaling experience without any downtime.

Along with this, all users get fully managed site migrations, sophisticated web firewalls, free site restorations, and guaranteed email deliveries. Overall, it is a great, all-rounder platform for individuals who need high levels of load management and smooth traffic handling.

With more than 400+ tools and plug-ins available for free, Interserver makes an excellent host for E-commerce websites. Along with SEO and marketing tools, you will get more than 100 CMS, including Joomla, Drupal, and Concrete5, without incurring any extra costs. It also comes with the standard wide range of E-commerce management tools such as Magento, OpenCart, and Invoice Ninja.


  • Superior security features
  • A complete ecommerce solution
  • Unlimited speed optimization
  • Real-time malware scans


  • It does not include a free domain name

13. AccuWebHosting


AccuWeb has been one of the most reliable and credible providers for decades. It serves the best Litespeed hosting along with LScache for both SSD and cloud hosting services. Its basic SSD hosting starts at $5.49/month and includes 10GB RAID10 storage, 5000GB of monthly bandwidth, and up to 150 emails. You also get unlimited domains and MySQL databases.

With more than 15 data centers in 7 different countries, it delivers excellent speeds and response times all across the globe. You can choose the server location closest to your audience with options including the US, Australia, Canada, France, Singapore, and India.

You will get a free cPanel, daily backups, site restorations, website migrations, and a business email. An in-built website builder lets you create a professional, highly functional website within minutes with its library of more than 500 premium themes and templates.

With its 1Gbps port connection, you will get industry-leading connectivity. All its servers have Dual Xeon E5 or higher series with 512 GB DDR3 RAM that helps it serve all websites at lightning-fast speeds without consuming too many resources.

Each web hosting account includes an advanced, in-built antivirus scanner along with a patching system that updates all host servers to secure them against newly arising threats. With regular network and hardware audits, it ensure that there are no server failures that might cause downtime on your website. For this reason, it guarantees an uptime of 99.99 percent, along with a reliable, fool-proof infrastructure.

For developers, PHP versions 8.x and 7.x are available, which can be easily switched between any time you want. You will also receive exception Python and Perl Support to keep you in control of the technical site and functionalities of your website.

Overall, AccuWeb has highly accommodative services for both individual and enterprise-level needs. You can upgrade to higher storage and bandwidth with only a fractional increase in price. Moreover, it also offers add-on features to facilitate a pay-per-unit system where you only pay for the extra storage and bandwidth that you need.


  • Wide variety of hosting types
  • Developer-friendly versions and controls
  • Modern, upgraded Hardware infrastructure
  • Fully-managed hosting experience


  • Storage space and bandwidth can be limiting
  • Doesn’t include any marketing or email resources
  • Uses the slower HTTP/2 protocol

14. MDDHosting


MDDHosting provides Litespeed servers for all its cloud hosting servers. The entry server is powered by an Intel Xeon CPU with 25 GB SSD space, 2 GB RAM, and 2 CPU Cores. It allows unmetered bandwidth, Domains, and MySQL databases along with free website transfers.

The platform partners with industry-standard tools, including cPanel, Imunify360, LiteSpeed Cache, and Cloudflare Railgun. The Cloudflare railgun helps shorten the path your website has to travel to reach your visitor. This ensures that your website always has excellent loading and response times no matter where it is accessed from.

You will get a website builder (SitePad), which has more than 500 responsive themes and templates to design professional, dynamic websites for a convenient site set-up. The website builder also includes 100+ widgets that let you personalize the text and content design on your website.

You can create image slides, text quotes, lists, icons and add client testimonials with just a few clicks without any coding. Along with this, you also get the Softaculous 1-click app installer to make E-commerce, blogging, and marketing easier with hundreds of tools and plug-ins.

MDDHosting assists its customers 24/7 through live chat, email, and phone support along with a ticketing system for instant technical issues. They also have a huge knowledge base of guides, tutorials, and FAQs that go through every aspect of their services, site management, and common problems.


  • Uses fully redundant, distributed servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth for its basic plan as well
  • Excellent customer support with quick resolutions
  • Developer-friendly with multiple PHP versions


  • Doesn’t have beginner-friendly prices
  • No upgrade options over 50GB of storage
  • Backups for up to 7 days only

15. HawkHost


HawkHost bundles in amazing control and technical features with unmetered bandwidth and domains. Its basic Litespeed hosting plan comes with 10GB of SSD storage along with a free SSL certificate, site migrations, and continual malware scans. The higher-tier subscription has the same features, with the exception of its unlimited storage space. Both use a Memcached server for superior speed optimization and Cloudflare CDN to provide quicker responses for users across all countries.

It features the popular cPanel to allow convenient navigation and control over all your tools, domains, certificates, databases, and files. It guarantees 99.99 percent uptime and 24/7 customer support from its expert representatives.

Unlimited POP3 and IMAP accounts, autoresponders, and email responders are available for email management. To keep your daily emails clean and straightforward, it uses Spam Experts and Spam assassins to intelligently block out junk email without misreading important emails. You can also send out up to 500 emails per hour and have an unlimited mailing listing as a standard feature.

It is more appropriate for web development and testing as it offers many PHP versions, from the newest 8.1 to the older 5.2. You also get support for all Ruby versions from 1.8 to 2.4 and Python versions 2.7 to 3.7. and can choose to personalize the language you want to use without any delays or extra charges.


  • One-click switch to different versions and languages
  • Excellent Email marketing and management features
  • Plenty of security features for only $2.99/month
  • Option to choose the data center location


  • Not appropriate for enterprise-level needs
  • Phone customer support is not available


Most hosting platforms still offer few LiteSpeed-based plans and can be pretty limiting. Every platform has its own focus and, therefore, different pros and cons. Most offer their services on the basis of beginner or professional needs and will bundle their features accordingly.

It is essential to note down all your storage, bandwidth, and traffic needs before purchasing. This will help you prevent problems in the future.

Hosting platforms will also prioritize some aspects of a hosting experience more than others. Such as Hostinger focuses a lot on affordability and not as much on bandwidth and traffic handling, whereas, LiquidWeb is all about advanced security and control features and high prices.

By listing all of your needs and concerns beforehand, you ensure that you don’t pay for anything that you won’t even need in the future. These saved costs can be best utilized on other aspects of your website and business.

Beginners with a low budget but can’t afford slow performance would like A2Hosting, Hostinger, and GreenGeeks, as all of these provide cheap Litespeed hosting packages with all the bells and whistles to host websites.

In contrast, LiquidWeb and ChemiCloud is the right option for large projects, developers, and tech-savvy users.

Overall, web hosts including A2Hosting, WPX, and LiquidWeb offer the best Litespeed hosting providers at the perfect price-to-quality ratio for all ranges of needs with excellent scalability, high uptime, and customer support.