15 Best Odoo Hosting Services (2024)

Oddo is a great ERP and CRM all-in-one software to manage your business regarding inventory, accounting, eCommerce, POS, manufacturing, project, and warehouse management. To get the maximum benefits out of it, one must optin the best Odoo hosting for running all these tasks smoothly and hassle-free.

We will be sharing some of the best web hosting providers for Odoo in this indepth guide. If you are in a hurry and don’t have time to read out entire reviews, here is our quick recommendations:

  • A2Hosting – Overall Best Odoo Web Hosting
  • KamateraExpress – Best Odoo Cloud Hosting (SSD VPS) with Instant Scalability
  • Vultr – Cheap Oddo Hosting on Clouds
  • BlueHost – Best Managed Oddo Hosting VPS
  • ScalaHosting – Cheap Managed VPS Hosting

What is Odoo?

If you have had anything to do with business management, you must have heard of Odoo. As strange as it sounds, Odoo is an acronym for On-Demand (Software as a Service or SaaS) offered by Odoo S.A (formerly OpenERP S.A). A misnomer widely exists that Odoo means On-Demand Open Object. However, that is not true – a pretty old blog post on the Odoo forum confirms the former.

Whether it is web hosting or running e-commerce, there are plenty of minuscule tasks that one has to deal with. No doubt, it has the potential to get quite overwhelming, especially for the business owner who also has to take care of the inventory, shipping, and other relevant details.

One often ends up combining tens of different software for the smooth functioning of all operations. It often becomes a bigger hassle as one has to exchange information between these tens of software solutions. This is where the Odoo suite comes in handy. It integrates multiple applications in one for the smooth functioning of business processes.

All About Odoo

Odoo is an open enterprise resource planning software. It is all-encompassing software for the plethora of different needs of the business. It seamlessly integrates all the applications and software required for the smooth functioning of business operations.

Odoo integrates business functions like e-commerce, human resources, point of sale, inventory, billing and accounting, customer relationship management, manufacturing, marketing, purchase management, and website building through a wide variety of business modules. The single mode of operation through Odoo allows seamless information integration, ensuring smooth business operations without the hassle of manual interlinking.

Presently, Odoo has about 30 main modules along with over 16,000 third-party applications and plugins. It comprehensively addresses and caters to all industry needs. Odoo offers both free and paid versions of the open ERP to accommodate all businesses. The free version is available as the Odoo free community version and the Enterprise version is available with SaaS subscription pricing.

Odoo Hosting Requirements

The web hosting requirements for Odoo may seem like a strange concept. However, prior knowledge of the hosting requirements of Odoo ensures a trouble-free setup and functioning. It is also a way of making sure that too many resources are not spent on a powerful hard drive. Most importantly, prior knowledge of the necessities can help a great deal in choosing a reliable hosting provider. Thus, it is crucial to keep track of the hosting requirements for Odoo.

There are no clear-cut instructions issued by the company that would give us knowledge of the must-dos and don’ts. However, a few sets of criteria determine inclusion and exclusion.

As far as Odoo is concerned, Python and PostgreSQL are absolute must-haves. It means that a hosting solution devoid of either would fail to work, which is why Odoo does not work on shared hosting.

The other prerequisites are dependent upon a plethora of factors. The rather more important of these factors include:

  • The number of concurrent backend operators.
  • The expected volume of traffic.
  • The estimated transactions.

All these elements contribute towards making an educated decision regarding the desirable server specifications.

Based on Usage

A 2 Core CPU server and 2GB RAM would suffice for a website with less than ten simultaneous backend users. So in case you are a small business with two, or four, or five concurrent users, it would be best for you to stick to this specification if you want to avoid poor performance. When it comes to a website with a larger volume of users, a larger server and memory are required. Thus, with a website with over 20 users, 4 Core CPU servers and 4GB RAM are required.

The requirements are grander for companies with an even larger user base. Thus, for a site with over a hundred users, it is highly recommended to split up the applications as well as the database servers such that there are 2 x 8 CPU Core servers with 32GB RAM.

The Minimum Server Specifications

Apart from this, there are many other aspects of server configurations. The minimum server specs include one processor, preferably a 64 bit Intel processor with 6 cores. The memory ought to be 8GB with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS OS. The minimum settings ensure a smooth function. However, it is the recommended server specification that yields the best results.

Recommended Server Settings

The recommended server configurations include 2 processors, preferably Intel 64 bit with 8 cores available along with a memory of 16 GB. The OS recommended is Ubuntu 14.04 and the hard disk drive depends on the client.

To be a little more specific, I’ve crafted a detailed table:

Number of Users CPUs Memory
5 Users 2 CPUs 2GB
20 Users 4 CPUs 8GB
100+ Users (for this many users, it’s better to split up the app and use two servers instead) 2×8 CPUs 2x32GB

Odoo Advantages

There are plenty of benefits of Odoo for businesses. The countless advantages offered have led to its immense popularity. It is particularly of tremendous advantage to small and medium-sized industries.

All-Encompassing in Nature

Odoo includes over 30 applications/modules with a bunch of third-party integrations and plug-ins. This assures that all aspects and needs of the website as well as business owners are covered.

Secure and Reliable

Odoo is extensively involved in business operations. Thus, one might have reservations regarding the security of confidential data. The fact is that Odoo is a highly secure and reliable all-in-one business suite. The highly personal and sensitive business information is thus protected and is not at risk of breach by any means.

Framework Customization

Odoo can be tailored according to customer requirements. Thus, it is an excellent ERP. All businesses have different requirements and the ability to customize the software based on those needs is really powerful.

Cutting Edge Technology

It is frequently updated to incorporate the latest cutting-edge technology for assuring that it is relevant and always caters to the changing industry needs.

UI intuitive and friendly

Using new software can be pretty intimidating, especially an all-suite business application, but Odoo is extremely beginner-friendly and easy to use.

Free Version

It is available as both a free and paid application. The free version is the Community Odoo, and the paid one is the Enterprise Odoo. The availability of a free version is highly beneficial for businesses with a smaller budget. It can also be used to test the application before subscribing to the paid version.

Open Source

Odoo is often referred to as an open-source ERP. Being an open-source ERP means that the companies can access its source code and tailor it for their use.

Keeping in mind these benefits, Odoo is a highly in-demand app by most businesses.

Odoo Use Cases

Odoo is extensively used by companies globally. Plenty of organizations, whether small, midsized, micro-sized, or large, use Odoo as their ultimate business suite application. All sectors including agriculture, health, life science, cleaning and sanitation, retail, e-commerce, and education industry make extensive use of Odoo. You name a sector and they would have Odoo integrated into their system.

Recently, Amnesty International Italy incorporated the use of Odoo in their system. Being an international NGO, there are many tasks it has to deal with. This allowed them to synchronize the work of all departments; all integrations and independent staff interactions as well as updated databases. Odoo rightfully had a positive influence on the functioning of the organization as proven by the case report and facts.

Toyota France makes use of Odoo and implements CRM, sales, purchase, manufacturing, inventory, and accounting applications. After six months of integration, Toyota has been extensively using Odoo due to the benefits offered on the business end. The open nature and business suite management have greatly benefitted the company.

There are plenty of success stories associated with the use of Odoo. It would require a separate post to even briefly discuss a few of those.

Best Odoo Hosting Providers

To use Odoo, you ought to pick a web hosting solution compatible with it. Now there are way too many web hosting platforms that are compatible with Odoo. However, you can’t test out each of them to find out which works out the best. So, to simplify your job, here is a list of 15 web hosting platforms compatible with Odoo, along with a short review of each.

The first and foremost thing to consider is selecting the right VPS hosting or dedicated server hosting, depending on your budget.

Furthermore, depending on your level of expertise, you may opt for managed or unmanaged server. If you and your teammates happen to be less tech-savvy and absolute beginners to web hosting and Odoo, it is highly recommended to opt for managed servers. It shall allow your hosting provider to install, run and optimize Odoo for you for the most part. However, if you know the nitty-gritty of both web hosting and Odoo, it is best to opt for unmanaged servers.

1. A2Hosting – Editor’s Choice

A2Hosting Odoo hosting VPS

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced user, A2hosting is a name well known to everyone who indulges in web hosting.

A2Hosting offers some of the best Odoo hosting services among all the platforms. The ease of CRM, as well as ERP offered by Odoo through A2Hosting, is incomparable. The standard plan for Odoo web hosting on A2Hosting begins at a nominal rate of $5/month. This package includes 1 CPU core along with root access, 1 GB RAM, 2 TB transfers, 150 GB SSD storage, and a hassle-free money-back guarantee.

Despite this, it is recommended to opt for the package with a minimum of 2 cores and 2 GB RAM. Although a tad bit expensive at $8/month, it offers the best experience and meets the server requirements adequately.

The entry-level plans or the basic VPS plans are more of budget plans and do not offer ultra-fast turbo servers. Thus, the Turbo VPS plans are more expensive and reserved for the experts. Even the cheapest plan with turbo servers is priced at $35/month.

For entry-level users or even the ones who are not too tech-savvy, A2Hosting offers managed plans with Odoo. Thus, you shall be receiving assistance at all steps from installation to optimization.

Staring off one can opt for the Elite Hosting Plan offered by A2Hosting for Odoo. Although this offers less than the recommended memory with 1 GB RAM, it offers several other beneficial features. Thus, it renders this plan excellent for testing with Odoo. The other features include up to 2 TB of data transfer, 4 cores of CPU, free SSD, and root access. Through this plan, one can fully test whether they like the hosting platform and the offered services. Hence, it is incredibly easy to conclude.

The best thing in the case of A2Hosting is the ease of making choices. In case you like the services, upgrading is as simple as purchasing RAM and upgrading your server. However, in case you are not too happy, you can always opt-out of using A2Hosting. In this case, you will still be entitled to a money-back guarantee. What could be better than this?

Odoo hosting through A2Hosting offers high performance, custom applications and script installs, 99.9% uptime, and a reliable customer support system. All these features coupled with the 20x faster turbo servers enhance the overall Odoo processing experience.

Overall, A2Hosting is one of the most highly recommended web hosting platforms to be used in conjunction with Odoo.


  • Easy on your pocket
  • Fast and reliable
  • Top-rated by customers
  • Full server control and advanced features


  • Discounts restricted to long-term plans
  • Confusing for starters

2. KamateraExpress – Best Odoo Cloud Hosting for SSD VPS

KamateraExpress is primarily associated with cloud services mainly on VPS hosting. It claims to have the most superior technical hardware and software technology. Thus, there is a super-fast deployment of servers in the case of Kamatera. They also claim to constantly upgrade their system to remain on top of the game. Kamatera Express has won a plethora of awards in the year 2020 including the award for The Best VPS 2020 under $40. This can be attributed to their high-end technical support and system.

Kamatera Best Odoo Hosting

KamateraExpress also offers SSD VPS server hosting for Odoo. With KamateraExpress, you can install the Odoo platform within a few clicks on the Ubuntu servers.

Through its Odoo hosting, Kamatera offers ERP and CRM to aid business functions in a plethora of manners.

It offers plenty of affordable yet excellent VPS servers for the Odoo platform. The plan is customizable based on the user requirements. Apart from that, the choice of monthly or hourly billing is also at the discretion of the user. The hourly billing rate is also generated based on per-second usage to keep the cost as justifiable as possible.

KamateraExpress Odoo VPS plans

The basic package starts at an extremely nominal rate of $4 per month. It includes one CPU core, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD storage as well as 5 TB of internet traffic. For a rate of $4 a month, the services being offered are highly justifiable. In my opinion, this has to be the cheapest plan offered by any web hosting platform. Of course, the server specifications aren’t up to the mark but there is always a chance to upgrade based on user requirements.

Their most expensive package costs $96 per month and includes 8 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage, as well as 5 TB of internet traffic.

The customer support at Kamatera is also highly responsive. The team ensures instant resolution of issues to ensure no disruption of services occurs.

Perhaps the best part about choosing Kamatera Express for this purpose is 30 days of a free trial. The first 30 days are free as there is no setup fee or a commitment cost with this web hosting platform.

If you truly want to test the waters of Odoo then Kamatera Express is your best bet. You can test the service out for a good 30 days before concluding whether you want to commit or not.


  • Affordable
  • Easy scalability
  • Lots of satisfied users
  • Flexible server configurations


  • Scary uptime commitment
  • Customer support is not that great

3. InterServer

Running a business is no joke. It requires you to be on your toes most of the day. Especially if one has to look after all aspects and manage all operations it becomes incredibly hard. In this case, a business suite application like Odoo is no less than a boon for business owners as it takes off many burdens from their shoulders. This is why businesses are increasingly looking to incorporate Odoo in their web hosting.

InterServer is one of the web hosting platforms through which Odoo can be run. All plans with InterServer come with amazing specifications which make the experience extremely pleasant. Thus, the growing popularity of InterServer can be contributed to it.

The plans at InterServer are inclusive as they offer all the necessary features to run the website with utmost ease. Regardless of the plan you choose, the great infrastructure used by InterServer ensures the high performance of the websites.

The security aspect is also dealt with in a detailed manner with inter-shield security, a free machine learning firewall, and an in-house malware database. Manually installing updates is extremely tedious and tiring, thus the auto-installation of updates with InterServer offers great relief.

There are also regular weekly backups along with an auto-recovery system intact in case of a mishap. Cloudflare is also integrated. Along with that, there is also unmetered bandwidth and visitors.

No web hosting platform can excel without dependable customer support. Reliable and responsive customer support is one of the reasons for the success of InterServer as a web hosting platform.

The pricing plan compatible for Odoo hosting is worth $6 a month and offers 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 30 GB SSD storage, and 1 TB bandwidth for merely $6 a month.

Overall, InterServer is an excellent web hosting platform at an extremely affordable price.


  • Affordable
  • Best hardware resources for the price
  • 99.99% uptime commitment
  • Convenient pricing calculator


  • Confusing for beginners
  • Mediocre performance

4. BlueHost – Best Managed Odoo Hosting on SSD VPS

To make Odoo web hosting possible on any VPS-based platform, one needs to have root access. BlueHost VPS empowers all its users to build their systems through full access. This primarily involves access control and root access.

BlueHost VPS has a single yet simplified dashboard that allows ease of deployment of Odoo through the platform. Thus, this is how the ERP and CMS support component is covered in BlueHost VPS. It is essentially the Odoo support that covers this aspect.

The Odoo ERP can be configured through BlueHost VPS hosting. It means all components big or small have to be manually set up and configured. Although a huge cost-saving aspect is involved in choosing unmanaged hosting, yet it has the potential to be tedious for rather new individuals. This leaves you to install, tune and configure Odoo on your own without any help.

There are mainly three pricing plans of BlueHost VPS for the rather simple VPS hosting. Depending on the expanse of features, the prices also increase.

The standard plan starts at $30 yet often there are great deals and sales which incredibly bring down the cost. The main features of this plan include 2 CPU cores, 30 GB SSD storage, 2 GB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth. The other pricing plans are the enhanced and the ultimate plans.

The enhanced plan includes 2 CPU cores, 30 GB SSD storage,2 GB RAM, and 1 TB bandwidth at $60 per month. The ultimate plan costs $120 per month and offers 4 CPU cores, 120 GB SSD storage, 8 GB RAM, and 3 TB bandwidth. There are often plenty of deals and sales running on the cost that can potentially reduce the cost by half.

All plans come with a set of security tools and features such as site backup, spam detection, firewalls, as well as malware detection tools. The powerful servers and the storage make BlueHost VPS allow running infrastructure intense applications such as Odoo on its servers. It also offers unlimited bandwidth which is a lucrative feature for high traffic generating websites.

In case you run into trouble or have a question, the 24/7 customer support at BlueHost VPS is always there to help and provide aid in any form.


  • Dedicated customer support
  • Clean user interface
  • Powerful servers
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Expensive
  • Discounts come with long-term plans only

5. ScalaHosting – Cheap Managed Odoo VPS Hosting

ScalaHosting is one of the web hosting platforms that has been repeatedly referred to as the best VPS platform by customers. Furthermore, the claim is strengthened as ScalaHosting bagged the award for the best VPS provider in the year 2021. This however is not the only award. ScalaHosting has been consistently bagging awards for its impeccable VPS services throughout the previous year.

ScalaHosting is merely a hosting platform, you can either opt for a managed cloud VPS or a self-managed to cloud VPS. The decision rests with your choices, budget, and requirements.

ScalaHosting offers thorough support for Odoo hosting. If you are wondering whether it would be a good fit for the purpose or not, there are plenty of strong selling points in favor of it.

All plans with ScalaHosting come with an excellent server speed, a high dependency, and reliability in the form of 99.9% guaranteed uptime, excellent provision of resources, and automated backups that make up to 7 copies of your site. It also offers full management and 24/7/365 customer support and regular server maintenance teams comprising experts and tech geniuses.

Apart from that, the excellent pricing point serves as another positive selling point. There are multiple pricing plans to serve all budgets. You can build your plan and configure your server with ScalaHosting.

For Odoo web hosting, most of the plans offered by ScalaHosting meet the minimum requirements required to run Odoo. Not just that but these plans include plenty of resource-intensive applications and can be scaled with a few clicks.

As claimed by ScalaHosting, there are plenty of in-built features worth over $74 that are offered for free with each plan. The managed VPS plans by ScalaHosting start at $14.95 per month and go up to as high as $152.95 per month depending upon the server specifications.

Every user of ScalaHosting has been nothing but all praises for the impeccable services along with responsive support offered by the platform. Subscribe today and experience the award-winning services. Not just that, you are also entitled to 30-days money-back guarantee. All the more reasons to subscribe and experience and make a final decision based on that.


  • Top-rated by official customers
  • Value for money
  • Free domain and dedicated IP
  • Managed service


  • Higher starting price
  • Limited developer pool

6. Vultr – Best Cheapest Odoo Hosting

Often managed hosting services especially Odoo tends to be quite hefty on the pocket. This can be troublesome for the new budding small and medium-sized businesses. An unmanaged hosting solution would then be a more suitable choice. However, it can be difficult to install and configure Odoo for first-time users. Therefore a more reasonable alternative is to get an unmanaged hosting plan, followed by purchasing server management services that manage your servers and then contacting them to install Odoo for you. Vultr unmanaged VPS hosting can be ideal in this case.

Vultr is quite an excellent choice when it comes to Oddo hosting powered by cloud infrastructure. It would not be wrong to say that it is one of the top ten user-choice web hosting platforms. Overall, it is an extremely pleasant experience to host with Vultr.

There are several desirable features offered by this web hosting platform. There is the instant deployment of servers and super fast speed with Vultr. Other than that, the hardware used by Vultr servers is top-notch and the team is working round the clock to ensure a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%. It also grants root access and allows custom operating systems.

Vultr is an extremely reasonable web hosting platform. It has plans to cater to every type of user. It is so accommodating that the lowest of the plans costs $2.50 per month. However, the server requirements for Odoo are not met by this plan.

The recommended plan is the one with 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 2 TB of bandwidth, and storage space of up to 80 GB and costs about $20 per month. However, depending on the user’s choice the bill can also be done on an hourly basis. Depending on the user demands and custom servers, the costs can go up to $640 per month.

Vultr can prove to be an excellent choice for the Odoo suite while keeping the prices optimal. It is a highly positively reviewed web hosting platform. Thus, it would be a perfect fit to run your ERP and take care of all the CRM-based requirements.

7. Odoo.sh

Who wouldn’t want a hosting solution that integrates Odoo and offers plenty of features for managing its instances? Well, in that case, Odoo.sh is what you have been looking for. Odoo.sh is more commonly used by end-users.

Based on the bulk of user reviews, it can be concluded that Odoo.sh is a highly adapted platform and perhaps the best one as well. It is one of those platforms that not only offer to host but also caters to all relevant services to manage Odoo instances. It assists in developing, testing, and running the production of all backend services including email gateway, replication, and monitoring. This essentially means that there is automated testing of all customizations.

It also backups 3 different servers and fine-tune them for the best Odoo performance. The production database is backed up at regular intervals. Apart from this, the backup process can also be started manually. The backups on Odoo.sh are thorough and no component is skipped in the process.

The best part about Odoo.sh is that it is a continuous integration platform. This essentially means that it automatically tests every GitHub commit and manages the development, staging, and production flow through continuous deployment.

Unlike any other Odoo hosting plans, Odoo.sh gives access to server logs. This enables to monitor the server holistically. The tool used for this purpose is Grafana. It shows a wide range of metrics. Thus, uninterrupted access to the metrics is beneficial for knowing when to scale up the servers.

Despite all these features, Odoo.sh is not suitable for use by larger enterprises. It is more suitable for small to medium-sized businesses. The infrastructure of Odoo.sh is not suitable for complex uses.

All Odoo.sh packages include continuous integration, GitHub integration, integration of all third-party apps, shell and SSH access, online editor, monitoring, backup, storage replication, DNS, and email as well as unlimited accounts and dev branches. The plans can be customized based on individual requirements. The most basic of the plans start at $58 per month. Neither of the plans includes enterprise subscription costs. There is also a discount on annual billing.

Thus, Odoo.sh is a highly recommended Odoo hosting platform with interesting features and affordable pricing.


  • Quality-oriented services
  • Easy scalability
  • Flexibility in staging environments
  • Free Github integration


  • Not fit for starters
  • Very expensive

8. DreamHost – Cheap Odoo Hosting

Like no glove fits all, similarly, there is no hosting solution that can fit all. Thus, the ability to be able to customize your hosting plans is one of the most desirable features of a web hosting platform. DreamHost is one of those hosting platforms that allow customization of the website. Thus, the users increasingly want to opt for it.

The ultimate combination of low price and high quality make DreamHost a highly opted option by many. A fast speed, reliable customer support, and guaranteed uptime ensure that customers stay with DreamHost for an extended period. The user interface is extremely intuitive and beginner-friendly. It allows users to explore without being intimidated in the process.

By opting to host through DreamHost you also get access to the full suite of tools that are required to excel. It also offers fast and reliable speed to ensure that your website does not suffer any negative repercussions. The award-winning support team is also available 24/7 and resolves user issues on a priority basis.

With DreamHost VPS the performance and security are managed. There is also unlimited bandwidth and traffic. The RAM and storage are also expandable. From basic to enterprise, there are 4 plans for VPS hosting with DreamHost, each has its specifications and pricing. VPS Basic is targeted for the rather new user and the small businesses; it offers 1 GB RAM and 30 GB SSD storage and starts at $10 per month.

DreamHost allows expanding and piling up your resources in case of need. Thus more CPU and RAM can be included as per need. There is also a one-click installation for popular applications.

DreamHost makes use of the most up-to-date technology and hardware. This makes it an excellent choice for the resource-intensive Odoo. It makes it a smooth process to run Odoo on such a platform.

It is hard to put your trust in anything these days. Hence, DreamHost allows you to test the waters before fully committing to something. The money-back guarantee with DreamHost gives you the ability to truly test it. It is valid for 97 days and if you are unhappy with the services offered after 97 days, all the money is refunded back to you.


  • Unlimited professional emails
  • Lots of advanced features
  • Powerful and reliable servers
  • Easy to scale


  • Discounts come with long contracts only
  • Pricey

9. SolaDrive

Nobody wants to deal with unprofessional and poor-performing platforms for running Odoo. Thus, finding the right platform for running Odoo is no less than an ordeal. A hosting platform that offers VPS and dedicated servers as well as allows running ERP and CRM with ease is highly desirable for Odoo services. SolaDrive is one of the best Odoo hosting platforms.

SolaDrive offers Odoo servers through its platform and albeit an excellent service. The staff at SolaDrive is highly equipped with knowledge and training on how to tackle any issues arising with Odoo. In case of issues beyond the scope, you are directly connected to the developers at Odoo. Thus, it offers managed Odoo hosting which ensures highly configured and optimized Odoo.

Apart from that SolaDrive offers free migration of Odoo instances upon request. It is particularly excellent as it supports all operating systems including Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows. The servers for Odoo with SolaDrive are pre-tuned and optimized to assure the best performance.

The servers are also being monitored in real-time and each issue is tackled as it arises. This ensures the smooth running of the system and eliminates all bumps encountered on the way. For instance, there is an error or a problem detected in the system, the SolaDrive real-time tracking auto generates a ticket and puts the system on the path of resolution. No other competitor of SolaDrive offers a similar service. Thus, SolaDrive inadvertently becomes an excellent service provider among all its competitors.

The VPS plans also have a free daily backup system that protects data and prevents its loss in any manner.

Merely choosing SolaDrive makes the job of all concerned with Odoo several times easy as well as offers a reliable support system. It relieves a plethora of worries that are plaguing the mind of the user otherwise.

The fully managed Odoo server with SolaDrive costs $55/month and includes multiple extremely desirable features including 4 CPU Cores, 4GB RAM, 100GB NVMe Storage, 4TB Bandwidth, and 1Gbps Port. It is perfect for use by 5 concurrent backend Odoo users.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say nobody does managed to host Odoo better than SolaDrive. If you are on a quest for thoroughly managed hosting, SolaDrive ought to be your ultimate choice.


  • Fully managed service
  • Convenient
  • NVMe SSD storage
  • Easy scalability


  • Not that affordable
  • Not a variety of server locations

10. DigitalOcean – Best Odoo Hosting for Developers/Experts

DigitalOcean is a popular choice by users in quest of unmanaged cloud hosting servers.

Almost all small to medium-sized businesses have a limited budget for the most part. Thus, an unmanaged VPS solution for Odoo adequately fits the budget. DigitalOcean has been quite a popular choice among VPS users for the most part. The DigitalOcean droplets are not too heavy on the pocket and serve all functions adequately. However, since the hosting is unmanaged one has to configure most tasks on their own.

Both, DigitalOcean and Odoo are highly accessible and flexible platforms that enable working on both in conjunction. Despite being an unmanaged Odoo hosting solution, it is incredibly easy to install and configure. Once the initial configuration is taken care of, the rest is easy. By opting for DigitalOcean, an incredible amount of cost is saved which would be otherwise spent on managed hosting solutions. t the same time on also gets a hang of a well-maintained ERP solution.

Based on widespread customer reviews on multiple websites on the internet, DigitalOcean with Ubuntu yields excellent results. It is just as good as its several other counterparts but a lot cheaper solution.

DigitalOcean has plenty of different pricing plans. Regardless of your choice, all plans come with features like 99.9% uptime SLA, cloud firewalls, DNS, monitoring and alerts, easy-to-use API, and enterprise SSD. The support offered by DigitalOcean is also incredible and thorough. There is an expansive library with up to 3000 tutorials. The support team is available round the clock for answering queries. Apart from that, an extensive community of supportive individuals ensures plenty of questions have already been thoroughly discussed. This helps the user a great deal.

DigitalOcean also offers a 60 day free trial for users to decide whether or not they like the services offered particularly for Odoo.

The basic pricing plan at DigitalOcean starts at $10 per month and includes 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Storage, and 2 TB bandwidth. Alongside that, looking for the right coupons may help you get incredible discounts with DigitalOceann.

Overall, DigitalOcean is a great choice for the best Odoo web hosting services and is especially light on the pocket with incredible and noteworthy features.


  • Flexible scalability
  • Quick server deployment
  • Affordable
  • Various pre-built configurations


  • Backup droplets cost extra
  • Lacks CDN

11. Linode

Linode is among the best options when it comes to the best developer-friendly cloud providers. The company offers powerful cloud computing services enriched with a lot of additional features to save you money, time, and energy.

The highlights of cloud servers at Lindoe are easy management, programmatic interface, and command-line access. But, what’s the most exciting part is affordability.

The shared CPU cloud plans at Linode start from as low as $5/mo and go all the way up to $960/mo. The starter plan comes with 1 GB RAM, 1CPU core, 25 GB SSD storage, and 1TB data transfer. But as obvious, this plan may not be able to efficiently handle the Odoo workloads. So, if you look into the higher plan it offers double the RAM, SSD storage, and bandwidth for double the price ($10/mo).

That said, the company also gives you the option to choose hourly payment. It can help you save money as you’ll be only charged for the hours the server has been utilized. The hourly cost for the starter server is $0.075/hour. For the one-step higher plan, it jumps to $0.015/mo.

One of the most powerful features of Linode is performance. The company offers the incredible infrastructure to ensure consistent performance. For instance, there’s the 40Gbps network in and the 2Gbps network out for blazing-fast server performance.

Further aiding the company’s versatility is the use of CDN which effectively boosts performance by placing shared instances at various data centers around the globe. This way, the users are served from the nearest server location to minimize interruptions.

Another amazing part about Linode is the availability of versatile operating systems that include Debian, Fedora, CoreOS, CentOS, Ubuntu, and so on. You can choose any OS that you find suitable for the Odoo app. Furthermore, the company offers a variety of StackScripts like cPanel and Minecraft for easy management.

Instant scalability is also an appealing aspect of Linode. Regardless of how much more hardware resources you want, the company has you covered. Suppose that you start with the starter server and need to upgrade the hardware resources as more people add up to the team, the company will give you the freedom to choose over 192 GB RAM, 32 CPU cores, 3840 GB SSD, and 20 TB bandwidth.

If you’re a starter looking for an intuitive Odoo hosting service offering an easy-to-use control panel, Linode might suit you very much. The provider has its control panel specialized for the most convenient user experience. Things like switching OS, adding in another server, deploying SSL, etc, have been made as easy as the click of a button.


  • Convenient
  • Cheap
  • Performance-packed
  • Scalable


  • Limiting storage
  • Poor integration with DevOps tools

12. SkySilk

SkySilk is a cloud-based VPS web hosting platform. It has been in business for almost half a decade now and has served both small and large enterprises in its tenure of service. With over 1200 customers in more than 220 countries, it has established a stronghold in the market. The one-click server setup, as well as SSH access, has helped SkySilk garner an extremely positive repute among users.

Other lucrative features of SkySilk include manual backups, a bandwidth between 100 MBs to 800 MBs, replicated SSD storage, and up to unlimited transfer. Some of these features ensure that your data is safe and secure. Thus, even in case of loss of data or hardware failure, the data can be retrieved and recovered from the server.

SkySilk offers Odoo hosting with the most affordable packages in the market. Not all cloud-based hosts provide services relevant to Odoo. However, this is why those that do are highly revered.

The Odoo plans with SkySilk are divided into basic, standard, and premium.

All basic Odoo hosting plans pack unlimited transfers, an elevated bandwidth, free backups, and snapshots with premium support and additional bonuses. The entry package starts at $4 per month and can go up to $9 per month.

The standard plans come with plenty of options for configurations and an optimal vCPU performance. Although these packages are devoid of unlimited transfer that one can always upgrade to the premium VPS plan. The standard packages begin at a rate of $10 per month but can go as high as $1250 per month.

The premium hosting plans come with unlimited transfers, elevated bandwidth, plenty of free backups and snapshots with premium support, and additional bonuses. The lowest premium plan is priced at $20 a month and the highest is priced at $3125 a month.

Regardless of the plan you choose, all plans with SkySilk come with unlimited scaling and full root access.

Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise, SkySilk has packages to cater to all demands. All Odoo servers come with in-built DDoS protection and anti-virus software.

Overall, the case of unmanaged hosting plans for Odoo SkySilk is an excellent choice. Impeccable features are being offered at extremely affordable pricing.


  • A versatile choice for hardware
  • Flexible database options
  • Easy scalability
  • SSD-based storage


  • Not that trustable
  • No advanced features with the starter plan

13. RoseHosting

RoseHosting claims to be the best and most powerful managed Odoo hosting across the market. The teams of Odoo experts at RoseHosting are a source of immense pride for the platform.

All the Odoo web hosting packages come with free full weekly backup, free Odoo installation and configuration, free 24/7 fully managed support, SSD storage, firewall security, and 99.9% guaranteed uptime as well as full root access. The free installation and configuration mean that the team optimizes and accelerates Odoo on your VPS so that you experience nothing less than the absolute best.

Not just that, RoseHosting also optimizes the backend database which in the case of Odoo is the PostgreSQL. It further enhances the user experience. The firewall security eliminates all the risks of breaches of information. Regular backups ensure that none of the precious data is lost. All these features make RoseHosting plans extremely lucrative.

Apart from that, RoseHosting also offers free website migration as well as Odoo instances migration without any additional or hidden charges. There is also additional assistance for installing the third-party applications and plug-in for Odoo.

The customer service team at RoseHosting has bagged plenty of awards and their impeccable service is no doubt award-winning.

The basic Odoo hosting server with RoseHosting comes for $49/month. There is a 10% discount in case one opts for annual billing. This includes 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB NVMe Storage, 4 TB data transfer, as well as a dedicated IP address, and the ability to run unlimited websites and applications.

RoseHosting offers another impeccable feature. It allows you experienced the high-speed optimized Odoo demo which gives a full spectrum experience allowing you to reach an educated decision. Thus, RoseHosting is an excellent choice when it comes to managed hosting for Odoo.

RoseHosting fully lives up to all its claims of being the best in the market through the marvelous features and managed plans. Particularly the unflinching support in the forms of responsive customer support makes it the top choice for most users.


  • Quality hosting services
  • Top-tier NVMe SSD servers
  • Fantastic performance
  • Scalable servers


  • Control panel costs extra
  • Pricey

14. OdClusters

Odoo is a business application that serves an all-in-one purpose to impart incredible ease to an intensive side of your business. However, installing and configuring Odoo or simply Odoo hosting itself is a tricky business. Thus, it is important to opt for web hosting platforms that allow ease to this complex aspect. This can be done by opting for a hosting platform that allows installing Odoo at a single click. If one opts for managed hosting, they are relieved of all their woes.

OdClusters is an offshoot of OVH. Since its inception in the year 2017, OdClusters has managed to take care of Odoo solutions for thousands of customers in over 160 countries across the globe.

The managed Odoo hosting services from OdClusters are highly beneficial as they offer better security, enhanced reliability, and improved uptime along with excellent management of resources.

OdCluster is extremely easy to use due to its friendly UI. The cost is extremely low and integration is simple. The technology is up to date and attempts to cover all functional aspects. The managed hosting from OdClusters is all-encompassing as it takes care of all the Odoo needs including system administration, maintenance, upgrade, and security.

Your website data is backed up regularly with OdCluster. In case, any data is lost recovery and restoration of the data is just a matter of one click.

The customer service team at OdClusters is available at all times to respond to queries and assist in maneuvering unfavorable circumstances. Thus, fully living up to the claims of 24/7/365 customer support.

OdClusters claim to have a price range lower than their competitors. The pricing plans are of four kinds; Express, Basic, Professional and Advanced plans. The Express Plan being the cheapest and the Advanced being the rather high-end option. The express plan includes 2 CPU cores, 2GB memory, 60GB SSD Disk, and 60GB SATA backup storage along with unmetered bandwidth, weekly backup, on-demand backup, and 24/7 technical support for only $8 a month.

The prices go down in the case of long-term subscriptions. Even the highest plan costs about $44 a month for features like 6 CPU cores, 16GB memory, 240GB SSD disk, and 240GB SATA backup storage. This is a marvelous pricing plan for the given features.

All plans by OdClusters are fully managed and offer one-click installation, restoration, free migration, and auto backups.

OdClusters is aimed at making the life of users incredibly easy. The services are also aimed at making life hassle-free. Thus it offers a free trial for 7 days. One neither needs to enter their credit card details nor undergo any other hassle to experience the free trial.

OdClusters can play an instrumental role in improving your organizational efficiency. Thus, opt for OdClusters today and witness a change in your life.


  • Straightforward pricing and features
  • Backup storage included
  • Low pricing
  • Powerful control panel


  • Discounts come with long-term plans

15. RamNode

Who hasn’t heard of RamNode when it comes to cloud-based VPS hosting? RamNode is an OpenStack Cloud SSD VPS that offers high performance. Being one of the best web hosting providers, RamNode only uses the best of the hardware which is also highly configured as well as servers of the latest cutting edge technology to ensure the provision of the best of services.

RamNode offers instant deployment of servers without any unnecessary delays. The servers are powered by superfast hardware which boosts performance and yields an excellent user experience. RamNode team is aware of the security threats to websites and other sensitive data. Thus, all hosting plans come fully equipped with a bunch of security measures including DDoS protection, firewalls, and SSL.

The support team at RamNode provides unflinching assistance and dedication to the customer at all times.

Odoo hosting can be done through the platform of RamNode with absolute ease. If one goes for the managed VPS, Odoo web hosting becomes even easier than ever. All because the team is supposed to manage and run the server as well as install and configure the ERP which in this case would be Odoo. This shall also take care of the CRM aspect of running a business. Thus, allowing one to focus more on the operational aspect of businesses.

RamNode has a variety of payment plans like all other web hosting platforms. The basic plans run on SSD storage and the premium ones run on NVMe Storage. It might not seem a big difference. However, the truth is that the speed and performance offered by NVMe are incomparable.

The basic plans are priced at a nominal rate of as low as $3 per month. However, the basic plan that meets the Odoo requirements begins at $10 per month and includes 2 CPU cores, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD storage, and a bandwidth of up to 3000 GB. Even the premium plans are priced nominally and begin at a mere cost of $12 per month. The least expensive premium VPS plan includes features such as 1 CPU core, 2 GB RAM, 50 GB NVMe storage, and a bandwidth of 3000 GB for $12 only.

RamNode has consistently received positive reviews from all customers over several years of service. RamNode also proves to be a successful endeavor and thus, it is an optimal way of running the Odoo at extremely affordable pricing.


  • Hourly pricing available
  • Cheapest starting price
  • Straightforward interface
  • Reliable cloud host


  • Poor support
  • Very limited storage

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This is an all-encompassing review of all the web hosting platforms offering Odoo web Hosting. While most platforms offer unmanaged servers, A2Hosting (1st Choice), KamateraExpress (Runner-Up), and BlueHost offer some of the best Odoo managed hosting services. With managed hosting, a bulk of responsibilities is taken off you. Besides these hosts, other reviewed companies are also worth considering if they meet your needs.

With unmanaged Odoo hosting, you have to manage most of the tasks on your end. This is why there is a stark contrast in the pricing of managed and unmanaged hosting plans. Thus, the choice ultimately depends on your budget, requirement, Odoo expertise, technical experience, and the number of users.

A wise decision by picking the best Odoo hosting provider that offers better server specifications ensures ultimate performance, fast data retrieving, and high uptime. For all these features, we hope this guide surely helps you find the best host that meets all your requirement.