10 Cheap Redis Hosting Platforms (2024)

Want to jump right to my top picks? The best cheap Redis hosting providers are Kamatera ($100 free credits), A2Hosting, and DigitalOcean.

A fast cache and in-memory database sound great, and this is what Redis web hosting has in store for you.

As a website owner, the first thing you expect from a hosting service is low latency and high throughput data access.

While there are hundreds of other things you can look for in a hosting service, these two basic requirements top them all.

Redis is one of the hosting services that provide excellent features to its users, and if you want to know more about what is Redis and the Redis hosting providers, you are precisely at the right place.

What is Redis?

The word Redis stands for Remote Dictionary Service, and it is widely known and famous for being a fast, open-source, and in-memory data store.

It is usually used heavily as a cache and trusted by more than 7000 organizations, including some famous names like Vodafone, Microsoft, Mastercard, some WordPress sites, etc.

Learning Redis is super easy; however, if you are not confident about learning it right, various hosting platforms provide you with excellent Redis services.

Benefits of Redis

Some of the fantastic and exceptional benefits that this service has in store for you include:

  • It supports a wide variety of data structures in order to meet all your application needs.
  • You can write traditionally complex codes in fewer and simple lines through this service.
  • Highly available solutions with consistent performance and reliability.
  • Various options of scale-up or scale-out are available for adjusting the cluster size.
  • Your cluster can quickly grow with your demands.
  • It is an open-source project and is supported by a broad community, including AWS.

Use Cases of Redis

  • You can implement it as a highly available in-memory cache.
  • It can ease the load off your NoSQL database and application.
  • It supports a variety of data structures like sorted sets, hashes, lists, etc.
  • It can be used by gaming developers who are looking to build real-time leaderboards.
  • Developers can manage and store session data for various applications.
  • Great for enjoying sub-millisecond latency, resiliency, and scaling without any disruption.
  • It powers live streaming use cases through an in-memory data store.
  • Manage real-time geospatial data at great speed and scale.

10 Cheap Redis Hosting Providers and Platforms

Here are some of the best providers that offer excellent services for their users:

1. Kamatera – Best Cheap Redis VPS Hosting

Kamatera Cloud Redis Hosting Servers

If you are looking for a standalone Redis web hosting service without having the option of clustering or sharding support, then Kamatera is your go-to option. What makes it stand out among competitors is that it allows you to deploy Redis by choosing a version that suits you the best and provides you with the option of thirteen different zones you can select from.

Plus, there is no set-up fee and absolutely no commitment for the first thirty days, so you can cancel the subscription any time you want to if you are not satisfied with the services. They offer a free trial of one month with $100 free credits using which you can test their products hassle-free.

Using Kamatera hosting services, you are allowed to select applications and services to deploy, and Redis servers are one of them. The 1-click installer includes famous applications like Cyberpanel, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, cPanel, CloudRon, Directus, etc. The services don’t fall behind, too, since you get to deploy Caddy, Kubernetes, ClickHouse, Ansible, and many more.

kamateraexpress redis vps hosting

The various options are not only bound to versions, zones, applications, and services since you have 17 different configurations to select from according to your needs and requirements. The cheapest Redis hosting configurations start from just 4 USD per month, which offers 1 vCPU, 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD storage, 5 TB internet traffic and it goes up to 96 USD per month, offering 8 vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD storage and 5 TB internet traffic.

If you need additional traffic on your side, you will only need to pay 0.01 USD per GB to enjoy the feature.

Key Features

Here are some additional amazing features that Kamatera has in store for you:

  • Type A CPU type assigned by default along with three other options
  • Allows deploying in a few seconds.
  • Choice of versions and zones to deploy Redis.
  • Seventeen configurations with different features and prices.
  • 100+ Different OS images and custom ISO
  • 99.95% Uptime SLA and 40 Gbit/s networking
  • No single point of failure
  • 24/7 Customer support available through different channels
  • Allow creating a custom server


  • You can also pay hourly and save your money.
  • The hourly payments start from 0.005 USD per hour only.
  • No set up fee and commitment for the first thirty days.
  • The sign-up is free too.


  • No internet traffic option for hourly packages.

Visit KamateraGet $100 FREE Credits with Each Signup

Additionally, you can find Kamatera’s Redis plans and pricing by visiting this link.

2. A2Hosting – My 2nd Best Redis Hosting at Lower Prices (Managed VPS)


From high-performance to a developer-friendly environment, various features make A2hosting one of the best affordable Redis hosting through VPS in the industry. Each one of their web hosting solutions is blazing fast, and you can select any fast speed package to meet all your needs and requirements.

The company acknowledges that even a one-second delay in loading times can impact your SEO rankings and conversion rates. Therefore, they provide 40% faster CPU performance and 20 times faster Turbo servers to not let your website’s users keep waiting.

The fact that makes A2hosting one of our favorites is that they have a money-back guarantee feature which means even when you subscribe to their packages, the decision is entirely risk-free. You can get your money back in case of dissatisfaction (which rarely happens).

In case of any problem, the Guru support crew is ready to help out as they are available to be contacted 24/7/365. Additionally, they have ultra-reliable services in store for you as their uptime is relatively high, up to 99.99%. They also offer perpetual security, which means your account will always be safe from any kind of mishaps.

There are four VPS packages named Runway 1, Runway 2, Runway 4, and Supersonic 8, starting from $4.99 per month, $7.99 per month, $9.99 per month, and $34.99 per month, respectively. You can choose to pay either yearly, monthly, or subscribe for three years altogether. All the packages have amazing discounts going on that you can check on their website. Bonus, hassle-free money-back guarantee is included in all the packages.

Key Features

Some exceptional features that A2hosting has in store for you include:

  • Better SEO rankings and lower bounce rates.
  • Keeping account safe through security.
  • Hassle-free money-back guarantee.
  • Ultra-reliable servers.
  • 24/7/365 customer support available.
  • Handles nine times more traffic.
  • Provides three times faster read and write services.


  • Root access is available in all of the packages.
  • Gives you the freedom to add script installs and custom applications.
  • The customer support team makes sure your server is always running at its peak.
  • You can reload your server with a new operating system anytime.


  • Twenty times faster turbo servers are only available for the Supersonic 8 package.

Visit A2Hosting

3. DigitalOcean – Cheap Redis Cloud Hosting

digitalocean managed cheap redis hosting

Have you had enough of handling all the Redis management complexity? DigitalOcean is here for the rescue. Using this platform, you can easily leave the whole Redis administration complexity on the DigitalOcean team while you keep building and working on your apps.

The team will handle everything important, including updating, securing, and setting up the Redis hosting server. This platform’s services are quite powerful and scalable, and you are allowed to spin up a high-performance Redis cluster anytime quite easily and quickly.

Starting at just 15 USD per month, you can access a managed Redis, automatic updates, automatic failovers, and highly scalable performance. The set-up and maintenance of the DigitalOcean Redis service are very easy, and you can launch a Redis cluster with just a few clicks while the team completely handles the management.

The company also provides end-to-end encryption, which means your data is completely secured and encrypted at rest and in transit. Furthermore, there are also other cloud based databases available to host such as MySQL, MongoDB, and PostgreSQL.

You can always enjoy world-class support from the team, no matter if you are a startup, a small business, or anything in between. The detailed documentation feature lets you learn more about details of API, platform’s status, pricing, limitations, and release notes too.

Bonus, Managed Redis by DigitalOcean is now in general availability and provides you with the fast and reliable performance that you look for in Redis services.

Key Features

Some of the unmatched features of DigitalOcean include:

  • Data handling is automatically switched to the standby node in case of failure for minimum downtime.
  • Lightning-fast performance due to running managed data based on enterprise-class hardware.
  • Encrypted data in transit and at rest.
  • Business growth with the flexibility of scaling up anytime.
  • Simplified UI and API.
  • The team handles maintenance updates and operations.


  • Quick and easy high-performance spin.
  • Tutorials and forum posts from the staff make learning the platform easy.
  • Affordable prices start from just 15 USD per month.
  • Three levels of support system to meet your needs.


  • There is no free trial.

Visit DigitalOcean

4. Aiven


Aiven provides a fully managed and NoSQL cheap Redis hosting service which you are free to deploy in any cloud service of your choice. With just a single click, you can easily snap it into your existing workflows and automate most of your tasks so that you can easily focus on building your app and making it better for your users.

You can easily get the most out of the managed Redis service using Aiven since it includes all the features that you expect from an in-memory database. Using this platform, you are allowed to find the right plan and pricing for you based on your needs.

There are four plans that you can avail yourself of on this platform, including Hobbyist, Startup, Business, and Premium and the prices start from $19/month, $75/month, $70/month, and $120/month, respectively. The Hobbyist plan includes one dedicated VM, 1 CPU per VM, and 1 GB Ram per VM, and you can avail of all this on hourly price too for $0.026/hour.

The Startup plan includes one dedicated VM, 1-32 CPU per VM, 4-200 GB Ram per VM, and if taken hourly, you can avail of all this for only $0.103/hour. For the Business package, you get to have two dedicated VMs, 1-32 CPU per VM, 1-200 GB Ram per VM just for $0.096/hour. Finally, the Premium plan provides you access to 3 dedicated VMs, 1-32 CPU per VM, and 1-200 GB RAM per VM at just $0.164/hour.

There is also an option of a custom plan if you need a planned capacity that is beyond all the three plans discussed previously. You will have to contact the team to customize it according to your needs for this plan. What makes it one of our favorites is the fact that despite having such amazing features in store for you, the platform also provides 30 days of free trial so you can check if it works well for you or not.

Key Features

Here are the features that make it stand out among competitors:

  • It easily integrates with your workflow.
  • Allows you to access control lists for providing more control over certain things.
  • Terraform tool access for an easy configuring, managing, and building experience of Aiven services.
  • VPC peering for directly accessing managed Aiven services.
  • Flexible, inclusive and transparent pricing.


  • Simple pricing that includes all costs from networking to storage.
  • One of the highest uptimes of 99.99%.
  • Various support options to meet all your requirements.
  • Highly committed to providing excellent security.


  • Some features may miss from the lowest prices plans because of lower VMs available.

Visit Aiven

5. ScaleGrid – Fully Managed Cheap Redis Hosting

scalegrid web hosting for redis

ScaleGrid provides you with a fully managed Redis web hosting in the cloud, and that too with dedication, custom persistence, and high availability. It is the only hosting service that gives you the free hand of bringing your own cloud, which means you can deploy in any cloud platform, including Amazon AWS, Google, Azure, etc.

Another thing that makes it unique among competitors is that this platform gives you full Redis Admin Access. This gives you 100% control over your Redis clusters with a relaxation that your databases are managed all the time according to your demands requirements.

When you decide to use ScaleGridRedis services and bring your own cloud, you have various features to enjoy, including bringing your own Azure, Google Cloud, or AWS account, using your own credits on all three accounts, having a free hand to buy reserved instances, locking down access using security groups and support of Amazon VPC and Azure VNET.

Using dedicated hosting, you get access to amazing management features like hosting with the platform through Azure, AWS, or DigitalOcean, locking down access using IP whitelists and all-inclusive disk, machine, and network costs.

Looking at the pricing and plans this platform offers, you get to select the cloud you want to host your Redis database on, and the prices change according to the host you select. For AWS, plans start from MICRO, in which you get to have 0.62 GB of RAM at $18/month and go up to plan X4X LARGE, giving you access to 57 GB RAM at $1035/month.

The cheapest Redis hosting packages are available with DigitalOcean and Linode, starting as low as $10 per month (NANO) for 1.65 GB RAM and going up to $900 a month for 86 GB memory.

There are various other options, including Azure, GCP, DigitalOcean, Linode, and Oracle. These cloud providers have various plans with different prices that you can check on their websites. Bonus, you can enjoy a free 30-day long trial to check which one works the best for you.

Key Features

Some exceptional features that Scalegrid as a Redis service provider has in store include:

  • Latest data structure and store version for keeping Redis deployments up-to-date.
  • 100% free encrypted backups.
  • Free 24/7 support from experts.
  • Alerts on custom metrics.
  • Advanced debugging and tracking tool.
  • Online shell management.
  • Dynamic scaling with zero downtime.


  • All operational tools are completely free for unlimited use.
  • You get to have 100% control over your Redis upgrades, custom alerts and backups.
  • Your databases are fully managed according to your needs.
  • Starts at a very low price of 10 USD/month.


  • There is no shared-cluster pricing for startups.

Visit ScaleGrid

6. Redis.com – Free Redis Hosting for Learners

best redis hosting

Being one of the best versions of Redis, the Redis Enterprise delivers high scalability, unmatched deliverability, innovation, and performance and still is a budget-friendly option. Many leading organizations have been built using Redis Enterprise, including Microsoft, FedEx, TMobile, Dell, etc.

Using this platform, the developers are allowed to do a lot more than they expect since there are a variety of modules, enhanced data structures, and rapid innovation. All of this is available at a faster time than the competitors. The data processing at any load can quickly occur in sub-milliseconds using this platform.

The operational simplicity of this platform is exceptional, along with providing massive scalability and ease of management. You not only get to enjoy 99.99% uptime through Redis Enterprise but the top-class security and support from the creators themselves will make you fall in love with this platform like no other. You can easily build a fast app faster, and you will have 75+ sample apps to check what you can do with Redis Enterprise.

This platform offers three Redis hosting plans: fixed, flexible, and Annual. For the Fixed plan, you get to pay a fixed price every month, which is around $7/month and get to enjoy features like a 100MB memory limit, four dedicated databases, 256 connections, Redis Modules, Auto-failover, etc. For the Flexible plan, you get to pay hourly and are allowed to change it according to your business needs.

The plan starts from $0.881 per hour and will enable features like having any size or number of databases, unlimited connections, data persistence, instant and daily backups, etc. The last plan is the Annual, and you can have amazing discounts on the Flexible plan if you choose this one. Features include everything in the Flexible plan, premium support, customer success packages, annual discount, etc.

Key Features

Here are some of the features this platform offers:

  • Massive scalability and ease of management.
  • 99.99% uptime.
  • Variety of modules.
  • Enhanced data structures.
  • Tiered memory access
  • Efficient TCO with multi-tenancy.
  • In the cloud and on-premises hybrid.


  • It is speedy being an in-memory DB.
  • The platform is straightforward to use.
  • Provide a limited-time free trial.
  • Performs a considerable number of reading and writing operations every second.
  • Highly stable web hosting service.


  • Doesn’t support a variety of data types.

Visit Redis(.)com

7. Amazon ElasticCache – Free Redis Cloud Hosting for 12 Months

amazon aws

It is one of the best cloud-based solutions for helping businesses utilize Mem-cached or Redis to manage their mobile applications and internet-based webs. The webs or applications can be related to anything, including healthcare, eCommerce, financial services, ad-tech, and IoT industry.

What makes it unique is the fact that it can quickly boost your application’s performance and reduce the latency to microseconds. Not only this, you can easily scale the performance with a few clicks in order to meet all your requirements related to internet-scale applications.

Amazon ElasticCache is a fully managed caching service, and you can use it as a primary data store and also for accelerating the database and application performances. The use cases of this platform involve accessing data with microsecond latency, application performance with lightning-fast speeds, reduced pressure on your backend databases, reduced operational burdens, enabling higher application enabling, storing non-durable datasets, supporting real-time applications, etc.

Using this platform, you only get to pay for what you use instead of going for fixed packages. Additionally, you can go for hourly payments without any long term commitments, and you get to have excellent discounts if you decide to commit for one or three years. The platform allows you to get started for free with an allowance time of 750 hours, so you can check if the platform works according to your needs or not.

Key Features

The Amazon ElasticCache features include:

  • Eliminates complexity and operational burden of deploying.
  • Encryption in-transit for cross-region traffic.
  • Easily upgrade or scale regional clusters.
  • Add or remove regions from the global data store.
  • Cross-region disaster recovery.
  • Write locally and read globally.
  • Sub-millisecond latency.


  • There is no setup fee.
  • Fully managed Redis to ease complexity.
  • Ease to manage via console.
  • Supports high availability.
  • It is very fast and scalable.


  • Cost is a bit high comparatively.

Visit Amazon ElasticCache

8. CloudWays


If you are looking for optimum performance with excellent features, CloudWays Redis web Hosting is your go-to option. It offers optimized servers so that you can enjoy highly responsive websites. This platform is ideal as a Redis database service for all the websites that are not only looking for lightning-fast speeds but also for smooth performances. Additionally, it is a powerful tool and an extremely easy-to-use service that proves to be great even for beginners.

The features that you can enjoy using this platform include 24/7 expert support, Free SSL certificates, free migration, etc. The 24/7/365 support team is always there to help you with your queries and reduce your worries about their services.

There is a comprehensive information hub that will always be ready to help you with anything related to their services and platform. Moreover, there is a CloudWays Bot that works as a smart assistant and will keep you updated about the health insights of your cloud server and web app.

You can either choose to have premium features or standard features for the pricing, and the prices change accordingly. The prices of the four plans in Premium start from $12/month, $26/month, $50/month, and $96/month, and all these plans include 24/7/365 support, Cloudflare adds on, free SSL, free migration, team management, and many more amazing features.

The prices for four plans in Standard start from $10/month, $22/month, $42/month, and $80/month. All the plans include excellent features like 24/7 real-time monitoring, dedicated firewalls, unlimited application installation, etc.

Key Features

Some of the features that this platform offers are:

  • Free SSL certificates.
  • No lock-ins.
  • Host unlimited applications.
  • Free migration.
  • Pay only for resources you use.
  • 24/7/365 support.


  • Provides excellent performance on a budget.
  • There are no arbitrary website limits.
  • All plans give you the option of hosting unlimited applications.
  • You only get to pay for the resources you use.
  • All plans let you start for free.


  • A little bit more expensive than other hosting services.

Visit CloudWays

9. RedisGreen


Providing you Redis optimized solutions with professional support and 24/7 monitoring, this is one of the best Redis hosting services you can opt for. It provides an excellent feature of Seamless Scaling which means there will be scaling and upgrading to new versions without any disruptions caused.

The dedicated servers of this platform are 100% isolated and let you enjoy consistent performance and connectivity. Not only this, you get to have custom configuration and custom modules which is an exceptional feature.

Through their end-to-end SSL encryption, they lock your systems down and only accept the encrypted traffic. Additionally, the platform acknowledges the fact that high performances have tradeoffs. Therefore they provide you with the needed help so that you can understand what will work well and where you may find some limitations. In case of any problem, you will have great support from their engineers who have years of experience in Redis management.

They have three plans in store, including Development, Production, and Performance tier. The Development tier starts from $14 USD a month and provides you with shared resources, up to 250 MB of memory, and high availability, which is optional.

The Production package costs $89 per month and provides you with dedicated resources, up to 3.5 GB of memory, and optional high availability. Finally, the Performance costs $779/month and provides dedicated resources, up to 450 GB of memory, high I/O performance, and high availability of around 15 GB and more. To some extent, they are pretty expensive and not a cheap Redis hosting option compared to its competitors.

Key Features

The features of all plans of the RedisGreen platform include:

  • Top-notch support.
  • Zero downtime during upgrades.
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Health and performance graphs.
  • Hourly backups.
  • Custom configurations.
  • Built-in rescue dashboard.
  • Support all AWS regions.


  • 24/7 support is available.
  • You can have a custom configuration to meet your needs.
  • End-to-end SSL encryption.
  • Scaling and upgrading without disruption in performance.


  • No Redis cluster support.

Visit RedisGreen

10. RClusters


If you are looking for a hosted Database for Redis that is fully protective and deploys in minutes, RClusters is the end of your search. Starting at just 4.99 USD/month, you will get to enjoy managed hosting for Redis on the Kubernetes cloud.

You can easily start cloud hosting for Redis on this platform with fewer steps, including signing up, submitting an order by selecting a plan, setting up the users and password in the control panel, and finally connecting to Redis and starting using it.

Using this platform, you can enjoy enhanced security, which isolates you from noisy members and gives high security for the Redis cloud. There is also superior reliability which ensures that the cloud hosting for Redis is highly available whenever needed.

The uptime of this platform is also significantly improved and tolerates the hardware failures for Redis. Along with that, the excellent management and developed powerful control panel allow easy management compared to the competitors.

Redis has four hosting plans on RClusters, namely Express Cluster, Basic Cluster, Professional Cluster, and Advanced Cluster. The Express Cluster which is also the cheapest Redis hosting plan starts at just $4.99 per month and offers a single node, 2 CPU cores, 2 GB memory, 60 GB SSD disk, and 60 GB SATA backup storage.

The basic cluster package starts at $8.99 per month for a single node, 3 CPU cores, 4 GB memory, 100 GB SSD disk, and 100 GB SATA backup storage. The professional cluster starts at $15.99 per month and offers a single node, 4 CPU cores, 8 GB memory, 160 GB SSD disk, and 160 GB SATA backup storage.

The last Redis web hosting plan, Advanced Cluster, starts at $31.99 a month for a single node, 6 CPU cores, 16 GB memory, 240 GB SSD disk, and 240 GB SATA backup storage.

Key Features

Here are a few features this platform offers:

  • Latest distribution storage (CEPH)
  • Excellent and improved uptime.
  • In-house developed powerful control panel.
  • Easy management of cloud hosting for Redis.
  • 24/7 free technical support.
  • Seven-day free trial.


  • All plans give access to a free trial and don’t require credit card information.
  • The backup and restoration are super easy.
  • Tech support is available 24/7/365.
  • The price is always low and doesn’t increase with time.
  • The hosting for Redis is fully managed.


  • No such cons are known.

Visit RClusters


My recommended cheap Redis hosting are:

  • Kamatera – Even more affordable than A2, starting at just $4/mo for SSD storage, 99.95% fastest speeds, 24/7 support, and a free trial for 30 days
  • A2Hosting – Highly optimized virtual private servers for Redis, starting at $4.99/mo
  • DigitalOcean – Great option for developers looking for managed services

Choose the one that fits your needs the most from the aforementioned affordable Redis hosting platforms.