15 Best Cheap Tomcat Hosting Services 2024

Want to jump straight to our conclusion? The best Tomcat hosting that offers all the bells and whistles are Kamatera (Top Choice), A2Hosting (Runner-Up Choice), and Vultr (cheapest Tomcat hosting servers).

Tomcat is an Apache-based web server and servlet container used mainly by a small group of developers. It caters to a niche market with specific needs compared to regular Apache servers. Due to this, not all hosting platforms are compatible with Tomcat hosting servers.

Typically, hosts that are good with Java hosting in general make great Tomcat hosts as well. This is because they are able to offer the perfectly compatible JAVA environment with all the tools and resources required to develop applications on a Tomcat server.

However, for more sophisticated development tasks, it is crucial that the hosting platform is not only Tomcat compatible but also works with the latest and even unstable versions of the servers.

What is Tomcat Hosting?

To understand Tomcat web hosting, understanding the part servlet container and servlets is important.

Like every other servlet, Tomcat also requires a container and hosting platform that acts as a container to allow the smooth running of JSP-based applications.

A web hosting platform that allows Java developments with all essential elements of Tomcat like JSP versions, Jave servlets, or different JDK (Jave Development Kit) versions, and JVMs in simple terms, is known as Tomcat hosting.

Tomcat Requirements

Tomcat is a Java servlet and JSP that facilitates the development of dynamic web pages made in HTML, XML or other similar languages. As a Java Servlet, it acts as a smaller component within the overall Java software. Its primary purpose is to extend a server, meaning it responds to HTTP protocol network requests received by a server. Such servlets are an integral part of all app and web developments, and in the case of sites coded in JAVA language, both Java-based applications and web frameworks require the Java servlets that typically require a different type of compatibility. 

These servlets, in turn, require containers in order to run and handle those HTTP requests received. These containers called the servlet containers, run the overall servlet and provide it the environment where it can manage all networking aspects. This is where Tomcat comes in; it basically deals with all the networking tasks of a web page by acting as a servlet and the servlet container. As it is developed by the most widely used server, Apache, it is one of the first choices of servlet containers and JSP when it comes to Java-based web development. 

The other quality is that it can also act as a JavaServer Page (JSP), which in simpler terms, helps develop a Tomcat-based website that has both dynamic and static elements. 

Tomcat is designed to be a Java Servlet container; however, it is mainly used as a web server to ensure the smooth running of websites based on Java. As a web server, it reads Java code more precisely and therefore executes Java server pages better than other web servers. It has multiple components, including:

Catalina: This is the servlet container part that executes all the Java EE specifications, including JSP specifications, WebSocket and Java EL. 

Coyote: This part enables Tomcat to run as a web server by connecting to the network requests received by the HTTP protocol. Upon a network request, Catalina sends out the relevant HTML, XML, or other web page files through the HTTP and thereby shows a complete, responsive webpage.

Jasper: Jasper turns strict XML or HTML documents into more responsive web pages by combining the dynamic and static elements embedded within them. It sends a parsed and compiled JSP file to the Java servlets, which are then sent to the end-user through Catalina.

What Are the Current Apache Tomcat Versions Available?

Below is a chart of different versions of Tomcat with JSP, EL, WebSocket, and JASPIC specs requirements for seamless operations. You can find more about it here.

tomcat versions

What Are the Advantages of Tomcat JSP?

Tomcat offers a variety of features, including high flexibility, stability, lightweight, and provides an extra layer of security. The users can easily customize the framework as they want, thanks to built-in customization features. It is open source, so anyone can download, install, and tweak for better outcomes.

JSP is a popular alternative to ASP, the code used to execute files on an operating system. ASP is written in a tag-based programming language which makes it incompatible with different operating systems. In contrast, all JSP files are highly portable and can be reused on multiple operating systems without revisions.

It can execute a highly responsive webpage as it can embed both dynamic and static elements without needing multiple bulky CGI files to execute different kinds of functions. This allows developers to develop lightweight websites and applications that will typically be heavyweight such as E-commerce, gaming, or other user input-based websites.

JSP makes website development relatively quicker. All elements of a website, including custom tags, implicit objects, expression language, and predefined tags, can be embedded in one central place without doing it manually on the website through paid web-design tools.

15 Best Cheap Tomcat Hosting Providers 2024

1. Kamatera – Overall Best Hosting for Tomcat Servers

Kamatera homepage

As one of the oldest hosting providers on this list, Kamatera has earned the trust and credibility of thousands of Java developers when it comes to SSD based VPS servers. It offers one of the most diverse Tomcat web hosting plans for individuals and enterprises. The platform provides superior scalability options as your project grows and demands higher resources.

Its custom control panel lets you upgrade or downgrade every resource of your server to ensure better cost management. This makes it incredibly beginner-friendly and appropriate for smaller projects as you won’t be paying for features you don’t even need.

As Tomcat servers are not as fast as PHP servers, you need to be extra careful about the response times and delivery speeds of your hosting platform. Kamatera has a globally dispersed infrastructure and 18 data center locations, including Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. With this, you can remain ensured that your dynamic websites and applications will run seamlessly no matter where they are accessed from.

You will also get the standard option to pick the server location closest to your users. To be fully accommodative to the Java environment, the platform gives every user a choice to pick their control panel.

Linux-based hosting users can choose from the industry-standard cPanel, WHM, or Parallel Plesk through a custom control panel. This control panel is specifically designed for development in mind, allowing you to make convenient executions, like setting up Apache environments for web applications, installing cPanel, or deploying a custom server.

Kamatera has reasonably priced hosting plans starting from as low as $4 per month with instant deployment in under 60 seconds. The cheapest Tomcat hosting server comes with 1GB of Ram, 20GB SSD space, 1 Public IP, and 1000GB bandwidth. You can customize every aspect of your server, including the OS system, CPU, RAM, SSD storage resources, monthly traffic, and even the type of hosting (availability, general-purpose, burstable, or dedicated).

KamateraExpress Tomcat hosting plans

Its wide range of supported operating systems and their respective versions allow you to develop your apps in any of the latest or older version. You can choose from multiple versions of Ubuntu, Linux, FreeBSD, Tomcat version 8 & 9, OpenSUSE, FreeNAS, and a wide range of Windows versions.

As the development stage also requires continual feedback and iteration, all virtual servers can be customized to onboard as many team members as you want. You can add multiple team members to assign different tasks and roles for ultimate performance which is an excellent feature for any enterprise-level project.

Overall, Kamatera is one of the better options for developers that prefer a flexible and customizable server with reasonable prices. Its unparalleled scalability ensures that you won’t have to migrate to a different hosting platform once you overgrow the current resources. You can try Kamatera servers for 30 days and use $100 free credits.


  • Allows development on multiple OS and their versions
  • Compatible with different Tomcat versions
  • Latest generation Intel Xeon Platinum CPUs
  • 40Gbit public and private networking
  • Superior teamwork capacities with multiple members
  • Up to 512GB Ram, 104 vCPUs, and 100+ OS options
  • Guaranteed 99.95% uptime
  • Security firewalls, load balancers, and instant deployment
  • Suitable pricing for starters, smaller businesses, and projects.


  • Trial accounts require a credit card
  • Managed servers are relatively expensive

2. A2Hosting – Best Cheap Tomcat Hosting


A2Hosting has a wide range of virtual servers compatible with Apache Tomcat that have pocket-friendly prices. They have fine-tuned VPS solutions built with 40% faster CPUs to deliver three times faster read/write speed, 2x time to first byte, and the ability to handle traffic spikes by nine times. Besides Tomcat, their servers are also compatible with other Apache-based servers.

You can choose from 6 VPS plans starting from $4.99/month. You can choose to pay either annually, triennially, or monthly. The most basic plan, Runway 1, offers 1GB RAM, 150GB SSD RAID10 storage, 2TB of bandwidth, and 1 CPU core. This makes A2Hosting a perfect choice for both beginners and smaller projects as it can handle a fair amount of traffic and user requests with exceptional response times.

For enhanced speed, they offer Turbo VPS named Supersonic 8, 16, and 32, providing up to 450GB of NVMe storage, 16GB of Ram, and 8 Cores. NVMe has frictionless loading and can deliver your website content with superior speeds compared to SSD. The Supersonic 8 costs $34.99 per month for 8GB RAM, 150GB NVMe storage, 2TB bandwidth, and 2 CPU cores.

Though highly priced, these Turbo plans hold incredible traffic handling and load management capabilities and really justify their price when it comes to high-traffic websites. With a 20X speed guarantee with Turbo VPS, it ensures your website/app is instantly accessible regardless of the accessing visitor’s location.

The platform has a proven record of delivering faster CPU capabilities, traffic handling, and load management with an uptime of 99.9%. For exceptionally best Tomcat hosting, it offers the option to run any custom applications, additional Apache software options, and script installs that you might need.

A2Hosting uses the Litespeed server caching system, which developers and bloggers prefer worldwide for its enhanced speed compared to basic caching along with HTTP/2 protocol that makes server SSL connections faster and more secure.

All VPS servers can be used with the industry-standard cPanel, allowing frictionless execution of any Java-based applications and APIs without running the command line. However, due to the dedicated nature of these servers, you will be paying extra for the control panel. You will get full root access with all plans so that you can stay in charge of your website’s technical aspects.

Overall, A2Hosting is one of the best platforms for fulfilling beginners, experts, and companies’ demands without paying hefty prices. You will get all the bells and whistles required for a professional, fast and secure website, even with the most basic Tomcat hosting server. Moreover, you can remain assured of a risk-free experience with a 30-day money-back guarantee if it doesn’t match your requirements.


  • 24/7/365 Expert technical support
  • A diverse range of virtual servers (managed and unmanaged)
  • Allow massive monthly data transfers
  • RAID-10 SSD approach for data storage
  • Easy upgrades and downgrades on demand
  • Higher tier plans come with NVMe SSD storage
  • 20X High speed turbo servers
  • Free one-click apps installer
  • Full root and SSH access
  • DDoS attacks protection
  • Optimized for handling sudden traffic load


  • Turbo feature is restricted to top tier packages

3. Vultr – Cheapest Tomcat Hosting on Clouds

Vultr cloud

Unlike others, Vultr facilitates a complete continual development and iteration solution. With its instant deployment capabilities, you can deploy a Tomcat cloud server within 60 seconds through an intuitive control panel. They offer SSD powered cloud instances from a whopping 25 worldwide data centers with robust API. It has two options for standard cloud instances: Compute and High frequency compute, starting from $2.50/mo and $6/mo.

Vultr provides all essential features for all instances except different CPU cores, RAM, storage size, and bandwidth. This means you will get high-quality security, management, and development features across all plans. Coming to its plethora of features, all servers get free web-based firewall protection that intercepts the oncoming traffic before it connects to your app/website. It also features a DDoS mitigation system that protects your data from layer 3 and layer 4 network attacks.

What really sets Vultr apart from other platforms is its development capabilities and lowest prices. Its entire infrastructure is designed with continual iterations and agile development in mind. It includes a 1-click deployment feature that allows you to set up a required production environment in a few clicks; whether you want to launch a server or a WordPress website, it got your back.

Vultr also provides powerful API access using which you can manage, destroy, or modify your cloud servers remotely or automate tasks. This helps cut down development times as you won’t have to manually code again by just saving the initial code or activity as an instantly deployable action.

Plus, Vultr creates automated snapshots that help keep each version of your entire server stored securely to retain your development progress safe. What this means is you will never lose any data and can also switch to an older version of your app/website.

You can also enable automated backups with the schedule that you like. From the control portal, you can select the backup frequency you like so you can keep data safe at all times. The cheapest Tomcat web hosting plan includes 10GB of SSD storage, 1 CPU core, 0.5GB Ram, and 0.50TB of bandwidth along with an IPv6 at the cost of $2.50 per month. Even better, it has 10 different configurations that accommodate all kinds of storage, bandwidth, and CPU power needs.

They have highly diverse plans with the highest tiers providing as much as 1600GB of storage, 24 CPU cores, 96GB of RAM, and 15TB of Bandwidth. Such exceptional scalability is hard to come by with Tomcat servers as they are a highly specialized, niche market. On the other hand, Vultr’s High-Frequency entry compute instance brings the storage capacity of 32GB SSD NVMe, 1 CPU, 1GB Ram, and 1TB bandwidth at $6 per month.

Their cloud instances can be used for deploying Arch Linux, CentOS, OpenBSD, Alma Linux, Fedora, FreeBSD, Debian Ubuntu, Windows, VzLinux, Rocky Linux, Windows Core OS, etc. and custom ISO as well. You are not bound to long term contracts; instead, pay for what you use on a monthly or hourly basis.


  • 21 Global data centers in 5 continents
  • Dozens of supported operating systems
  • High affordable cloud solutions
  • No long term subscriptions, pay as you go.
  • Performance enhancement add-ons
  • Load balancers, automatic backups, snapshots
  • Provides a better environment and tools for deployment
  • Excellent scalability
  • Instant deployments within 60 seconds


  • Ram and bandwidth allocation can be limiting
  • All plans are fully self-managed

4. BlueHost – Best Managed Tomcat VPS Hosting


While Bluehost does not have a plan designed around Tomcat servers, its fully managed VPS services allow you to install Tomcat from the control panel. That said, you can enjoy the premium benefits of a VPS without paying any additional cost for customer service, unlike traditional Tomcat hosting providers.

With their VPS plans, you get your own isolated and reserved resources, including the CPU cores, SSD space, and RAM. This means the performance and speed of your website will not be compromised when another website goes through a high traffic spike on the same server.

With all your resource allocation reserved, your website will experience superior load time and traffic handling capabilities, ensuring quick response times for every oncoming visitor. Along with all the benefits of traditional Tomcat VPS hosting, you also get premium security features with firewalls, SSL certificates, DDoS protection, malware scans, and password-protected access control.

That said, you can have each aspect of your account/server protected with different encryption protocols, so you can allow limited access to the teammates of your website’s backend without compromising the security of others.

BlueHost has three different plans, with the basic one offering 2 CPU cores, 2GB RAM, 30GB of SSD, and 1TB data transfer for only $19.99/month. Except for the CPU cores, all these resources can be doubled when you upgrade to the second-tier package. You can host unlimited domains and websites with all the VPS plans.

Each VPS includes the cPanel/WHM control panel, which makes it developer and beginner-friendly as anyone can install the required script, production environment, and popular CMS within minutes. You will also get root access to your virtual machine and change anything you want from the command line.

BlueHost has one of the most advanced optimization techniques, hosting experts, and caching practices to ensure better speed and performance all around the world. Their six data centers in the USA, UK, China, Europe, and India deliver incredible loading times of under 2ms, an average response time of 1.26 ms, and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

While it is one of the most reliable and secure hosting platforms, the VPS hosting plans are pretty expensive when purchased on a monthly basis. However, when you choose to opt-in for a long term contract (3-year), the overall monthly price decreases drastically. Enterprise-level and midsize projects will find it more appropriate than smaller or individual projects.

Overall, BlueHost is incredibly reliable for VPS services backed by free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, root access, multi-server management, dedicated isolation, SSD storage, advanced security features, and instant 24/7 customer support. You can contact the support team through live chat, call, and email for any kind of help regarding your VPS servers. There is also an extensive knowledge base where many tutorials for self help are available.


  • Includes free cPanel for all VPS
  • Superior security features
  • Access control with multiple passwords
  • Higher bandwidth and CPU power
  • Experienced customer support via Live chat, phone, and emails
  • Easy on the fly resources scalability


  • Prices are quite higher, especially for smaller projects
  • Higher renewals
  • Limited VPS packages

5. InMotionHosting – Best Cloud VPS Tomcat Hosting


InMotionHosting is quite famous and gained popularity among webmasters and developers at all levels. They are one of the most recommended web hosting services overall when it comes to the highest value for money. You choose between their managed and unmanaged VPS hosting to take benefits from the required version of Apache Tomcat.

It has 8 different unmanaged cloud VPS options that accommodate types of users, whether you want high storage or traffic-handling capabilities. For only $5/month, its cVPS-1 plan offers 1GB RAM, 1 CPU, 25GB of storage, and 1TB of bandwidth – all these resources can be scaled up/down at any time without migrating your data to a new server.

InMotion can be especially suitable for projects that expect high growth and need future scalability. With the availability of up to 32GB of RAM, 8 CPU cores, 640GB SSD storage, and 7TB of bandwidth, you can start from the entry plan and upgrade later when needed.

While it does not offer pre-designed Tomcat web hosting, but all VPS plans are developer-friendly with CD/CI features and suitable for deploying Tomcat servers. You will get multiple OS and versions to choose from, which allows you to develop and test your site on the platform. While it does not offer Windows OS, you can use multiple versions of Linux OS, Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS.

Keeping development requirements in mind, it also facilitates instant deployment of all your changes with a single click. InMotion offers automated, live snapshots to ensure that your newly created instances are saved as soon as deployed to ensure the safety of all development progress. Using a previous copy of these snapshots, you can switch back to any older version of your website/project in case you don’t want to keep any new deployments.

You will get your own dedicated IP address which helps your website gain a better reputation within the search engine. In addition, having a dedicated IP address ensures that your website is never blacklisted. Moreover, for enhanced control over your resources’ utilization, InMotionHosting has a built-in “resource monitoring dashboard” where you can see all the RAM, bandwidth, and load usage with real-time visual breakdowns.

The managed VPS hosting ranges between $17.99 to $72.99 per month for 2 to 8 CPU Cores, 2GB to 8GB Ram, 45GB to 140GB SSD storage, and cPanel/WHM. All managed VPS plans include free SSLs, unlimited monthly bandwidth, 3 dedicated IPs, resource monitoring, and free migration. Their customer support can be reached anytime, all around the clock for technical/sales assistance. All six month or longer subscriptions are backed by a whopping 90-days refund policy, whereas monthly subscriptions allow 30-days for a refund.


  • A free domain name, backups, and a dedicated IP address
  • DDoS protection
  • Free cPanel & WHM with managed VPS hosting
  • Top tier fiber optics networking
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Exceptional customer support with quick resolutions
  • Option to develop on different OS systems and Tomcat versions
  • Single-click deployment to facilitate a quick CI/CD process
  • Live support chat, call, and knowledge base


  • Data centers are not as diversified as competitors
  • Limited data center locations (only in the US)

6. LiquidWeb – Best Tomcat Hosting for Large Projects/Enterprises


If you are looking for highly optimized yet managed VPS hosting with all the bells and whistles without any budget issues, then LiquidWeb is the best host for Tomcat to enjoy 100% uptime, DDoS protection, easy scalability, and a Gigabit network. It is a great option when you want to use the Windows OS with Tomcat without the extra cost. Unfortunately, not many platforms offer Tomcat web hosting for Windows, and those that do are more expensive as they bundle in other OS system options as well.

Their Windows-based basic VPS starts from $54/month and includes 4GB RAM, 4 vCPU Cores, 100GB SSD storage, and 10 TB Bandwidth. Along with this, all plans include an off-server backup system, multi-level DDoS protection, and an integrated firewall. For superior speed, it uses the industry-standard Cloudflare CDN that caches all contents of your website on global data centers. This makes your site load instantly across all countries without any delays.

Their Linux VPS plans offer 4 different tiers for beginner and advanced users at cheaper rates compared to Windows plans. All Linux plans allow you to choose the control panel of your choice from InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, and cPanel. You will be able to control all aspects of your server, APIs, and other Java code execution from a central dashboard.

You can install any server of your choice through the control panel to develop and test your app/website’s performance. Moreover, the platform is one of the cheapest hosting solutions when your development process depends significantly on teamwork. With the Interworx panel, you can have an unlimited number of accounts to allow your team members unlimited access for previews and feedback without incurring extra costs. cPanel also offers similar advantages with an allowance of up to 5 accounts.

All Windows and Linux VPS hosting plans include a dedicated IP address so you can remain assured of your website, never facing any blacklisting or abrupt suspension by the search engines. The company ensures excellent scalability with its wide range of upgrades you can buy without changing your current plan.

Even though LiquidWeb is more focused on enterprises, it has a fairly intuitive interface to incorporate multiple industry-leading, familiar tools. The customer service really justifies the higher price tag as they guarantee a customer support response within 59-seconds. For more technical issues, the host also uses a ticketing system to ensure that your specific problems are accurately resolved immediately.


  • Fully managed Linux and Windows virtual servers
  • Multiple add-ons for performance enhancement
  • Advanced caching for low latency
  • Enterprise-level security features with industry-leading partners
  • Plans are accommodating to both beginner and advanced users
  • Better control over the technical side with full root access


  • Limited global data centers
  • Customer support for technical issues can be inconsistent
  • Only cheaper for Linux-based hosting

7. Linode – Cheap Cloud Tomcat Hosting for Developers


Linode offers comprehensive solutions for developers, individuals, agencies, and enterprises through its cloud infrastructure. Established in 2003, the company has been one of the first to offer an intuitive and customer-oriented cloud computing infrastructure. You can launch a Tomcat server on any of its cloud computing products, including Shared CPU, Dedicated CPU, High Memory, and Bare Metal servers.

It is essential to know that their plans do not follow the strict criteria of traditional web hosting and therefore do not offer tier features. What this means is they offer premium features for all plans as a standard bundling. For the shared CPU, Linode offers 10 different configurations making them perfect for needs of all business sizes.

You can start with the starter server that includes 1 vCPU, 1GB memory, 25GB storage, and 1TB network transfer, and effortlessly upgrade to any higher resources. The cheapest Tomcat server can be deployed with its shared CPU compute at just $5/month. With its highest-tier plan offers up to 32 vCPUs, 192GB memory, 3840GB of storage, and 20TB of transfer, so you won’t have to deal with data migrations as your business grows. 

The shared plans are unmanaged, which means you will be taking care of all the changes you want to make to your website and backend processes. However, it still offers well-rounded assistance to help you stay in control. An advanced API is available to manage your projects remotely or set up programmatic actions.

Moreover, you can upgrade to the managed cloud without changing other terms or the overall payment of your current plan. Even though it focuses on developer demands, Linode features an incredibly intuitive interface with its well-designed, easy-to-navigate control panel. With this, you can keep all your growth tools, APIs, server information, and data utilization reports in one place.

From its speed and performance front, Linode has an exceptional uptime of 99.9 percent as it uses native SSD storage and high-end caching systems. With Intel processors and a 40Gbit network, the platform allows you to deploy powerful cloud servers almost instantly.

More than a million developers are currently using the platform to quickly deploy instances and develop applications/websites without any lag. It has 11 data centers throughout Europe, North America, and Asia so you can stay close to your audience no matter where they are located.

All cloud compute plans come with multiple add-ons such as NodeBalancers that help with faster loading and enhanced scalability. You will also get full root access and SSH to your website to make any personalized changes from the command line.

Overall, Linode offers the best price-to-performance ratio for the fastest cloud servers, deployment, and scalability, all under one roof.


  • 99.99% SLA uptime guarantee
  • Global coverage through 11 regions
  • $100 Free credits
  • Cutting-edge Linux cloud infrastructure
  • Bundles-in multiple premium features for free
  • The modern interface allows easy management
  • 10 different cloud configurations for small to large projects
  • Premium add-ons for performance boost


  • Only suitable for developers and experienced users
  • Money-back guarantee for only 7 days

8. Microsoft Azure – Free Tomcat Hosting for 12 Months

Azure Cloud


Microsoft Azure is the ultimate platform an enterprise or individual developer can use to deploy a Tomcat web server on clouds. It is precisely suitable for large companies, agencies, experienced programmers, and DevOps teams to get all essential resources in one place.

Azure is a complete cloud computing infrastructure that can handle massive workloads, AI processing, deep learning while offering premium speed dynamics through cutting-edge hardware, updated solutions, and modern tools. It is one of the most secure cloud hosting companies just like Amazon AWS – both are great for security-conscious purposes.

Microsoft Azure consists of more than 200 products one can deploy within minutes from the console panel. Whether you want to create a server for Linux, Windows, databases, storage, or backups, Azure offers all of them with $200 free credits.

You can also try their popular services for 12 months without paying a single penny. The best part is it offers free Linux and Windows VMs for a whole year, so users can pick Linux, install Apache Tomcat and use it for free.

Besides VMs, they allow you to use Azure SQL database and Azure Blob Storage for one year as well. You can organize different things such as optimization, modifying code, deploying instances, managing resources by pinning them on the dashboard. This way, all of your team members, collaborators, and admins will be able to handle all tasks through a single unified panel.

Azure dashboard also provides cloud servers statistics regarding performance, average CPU processing, number of operations per month, average server response time, Right from the central console panel, service health, network monitoring, etc. It is undoubtedly a robust cloud computing platform built for large projects and experts, but it shouldn’t be your choice if you are not a tech-savvy user. Plus, their support services cost additional fees.


  • Enterprise-grade cloud solutions crafted for big projects
  • 12 Month or $200 free credits
  • Highly flexible and scalable resources
  • Elegant APIs for automation
  • IoT, AI, Deep learning, and DevOps solutions
  • Deploy almost any kind of web server


  • Only suitable for highly experienced users
  • Azure servers can skyrocket instantly if you haven’t planned stuff properly

9. HostPapa

Hostpapa vps best tomcat hosting

HostPapa enterprise-grade VPS allows you to host unlimited Java programs, domains, and websites, making it perfect for web developers or designers who are always building new projects for their clients. As a developer, you can offer professional services with limitless scalability capabilities without making pricey commitments. No matter which VPS you choose, each one packs the same standard features except system resources difference.

You will get 100% guaranteed resources reserved for your use to ensure better load management and traffic handling, even on the beginner plan costing only $19.99/month. The entry VPS, named Mercury, comprises 4 CPU cores, 2GB Ram, 60GB SSD storage, and 1TB transfer with managed or unmanaged options.

HostPapa offers the lowest price per GB for storage and CPU allocation for VPS hosting. In addition, with four additional plans named Venus, Earth, Mars, and Jupiter, you can instantly scale as soon as your project outgrows the current resources.

The highest-tier, Jupiter, packs 12 CPU cores, 32GB of memory, 1TB SSD storage, and a massive 8TB transfer allowance for only $249.99/month. Each VPS contains various premium features, such as 2 dedicated IP addresses, private name servers, Let’s Encrypt SSL, and the softaculous installer comes as standard. This is a huge selling point for the platform as VPS plans hardly bundle in any features, even the ones that are free with shared hosting.

Many web hosts ask for an additional fee for the standard control panel; however, you will get the SolusVM VPS panel for free no matter which plan you choose. You can also choose to go with the more developer-oriented cPanel/WHM by switching the control panel through your dashboard.

The company also lets you choose whether you want a fully-managed or unmanaged server to suit your requirements. You can have a fully managed hosting experience without paying extra for the little things like website restoration, troubleshooting, or customized technical changes.

HostPapa also offers advanced levels of securities as it uses RAID redundancy, IP deny manager, and continual, proactive vulnerability and malware monitoring. They ensure enterprise-level security at all times without the high price tag with a web-based server firewall, DDos Protection, and Brute force detection. Other essential feature includes SSH access, FTP accounts, network redundancy, Cron jobs, Jave frameworks, and LAMP stack. All these features are backed by a 30 days money guarantee as well.


  • Java supported Linux and Windows VPS hosting
  • 24/7 Customer services with live chat, email, and tutorials
  • Unlimited domains and websites
  • Uses fully redundant RAID servers only
  • Proactive malware scans and online threat mitigation
  • Root SSH access for full control
  • Compatible with MySQL 5.7 databases, phpMyAdmin
  • Support Perl, PHP 5.x~8.x, Python, and Perl module installer


  • Pricing may not be beginner-friendly
  • Comparatively higher renewal prices
  • Data centers are not diversified

10. MochaHost – Pre-Optimized Affordable Tomcat Hosting Services


With virtual servers designed explicitly for Tomcat and Java, MochaHost is another feature rich web hosting that is incredibly affordable for a complete hosting environment with full compatibility. Unlike other companies, MochaHost offers Apache Tomcat services through multiple products, including private JVM, Java VPS, cloud VPS, and dedicated servers.

The prices are economical as you can pick a plan that starts as low as $5.77/month for Business Private JVM with unlimited SSD space, unmetered traffic, and unlimited JSP and non-JSP sites. It lets you work with different versions of Tomcat as you can choose from version 8.0.x, 7.0.x, 6.0.x, 5.5.x.

Other features worth mentioning include free SSL certificates without renewal charges, IMAP/POP3 email services, and free spam experts. This makes it particularly suitable for people that rely on email marketing and don’t want to spend too much on premium email services. With the inclusion of spam experts, MochaHost blocks all unwanted emails, including spam and junk mails.

The platform offers superior security with its proactive malware scanning and removal. Its continual scanning and reporting system ensures that all suspicious activities are reported to you in real-time and common hacking threats are mitigated as soon as they occur. Its premium security features make it stand out from the competition that offers higher security only for its premium plans.

Their higher-tier Tomcat VPS and Tomcat cloud plans provide exceptional load management and response times with the inclusion of Cloudflare Railgun. This shortens the path that your website’s content has to travel through to reach the end-user and ensures that all visitors experience instant data rendering.

At $22/month, the Java VPS delivers guaranteed RAM starting from 6GB to 12GB, 2-4 CPU cores, and 100GB of enterprise-level SSD storage. The Java Cloud provides fully dedicated resources isolated and reserved for you only for extensive needs.

With their cloud servers, you can configure a server with 200GB of enterprise-grade SSD space, 6GB RAM, 4 CPU cores, 512MB to 30GB Heap size, and a total CPU power of up to 38.4GHz. All these mean exceptional loading times, performance, blazing-fast cache, and traffic handling capabilities.

MochaHost has a different approach when it comes to renewals. You will keep paying the price you started as without paying extra on the second month. With more than 137 data center locations in 50+ countries, MochaHost offers a guaranteed 100 percent uptime for all Tomcat plans. You also get a risk-free experience with its generous 180-day money-back guarantee for all yearly and 30-day money-back guarantee for monthly contracts.


  • Web hosting servers designed specifically for Tomcat compatibility
  • Tomcat availability with Private JVM, VPS, and Cloud Hosting
  • Works on many Tomcat and JDK versions
  • Industry-leading 180-day money-back guarantee
  • Unlimited space, hosted JSP/Non-JSP sites
  • Lifetime discount
  • 100% Uptime guarantee
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSLs and Servlet support


  • Initial website setup facilities and tools can be outdated
  • Control panels to be bought separately on VPS
  • Does not offer automated backups for most plans

11. DailyRazor


DailyRazor is a cheap Tomcat hosting that offers straightforward plans and different developer hosting services since 2004. Like A2Hosting, it also provides highly optimized solutions through shared, private, and JVM servers. You can choose from 9 different options designed primarily around the needs of Tomcat developers. Its most basic plan is priced at only $2.68/month and includes 2GB storage, 50GB data transfer, and 5 MySQL/Postgres databases.

The platform offers multiple Tomcat and JDK versions to fulfill different development necessities, including v9, 8.5, 8, 7 & 6, with 11/10/9/8/7/6 JDK, respectively. All plans also come with a free SSL certificate, 1 MySQL database (with 64MB storage), and a free website builder for quick initial setup. While this plan only allows one website and domain per user, you can upgrade to the higher tiers to increase the limit as per your demands.

The ultimate JAVA-PT1024 package concedes unlimited sites, domains, free SSLs, unmetered bandwidth & storage at $16.11 per month. The typical cPanel/WHM control panel is also a free standard feature along with multiple statistics and analytical reports. You get a dedicated dashboard where you can monitor your real-time data, CPU power, and bandwidth usage in one place.

With its highest-tier private server plans offering unlimited storage, MySQL databases, and unlimited transfer, DailyRazor offers incredible scalability. Higher-tier plans allow unlimited websites and domains, making them more appropriate for developers doing client work. You will also get full root access and SSH along with the 1-click restart option to streamline your operations. Their entry package JAVA-ST1 is a shared Tomcat hosting, whereas all others are private Tomcat servers.

Regarding speed & performance, DailyRazor uses optimized servers built with Intel Quad Core processors, RAID-10 drives, and 1000Gbps connectivity that are always balanced and evenly shared, so they are never overloaded on a traffic spike. The host uses proactive expert monitoring for malware and intrusion detection to keep your data safe from online threats.

Altogether, the company is highly affordable despite being in the web hosting industry for the past 15 years. It hosts over 100,000 websites, and its user base includes mainly developers and UI designers. A 30-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked is also in place.


  • Multiple JDKs and Java versions
  • Private Tomcat web hosting options
  • Support various versions
  • Incredibly lower prices for a Tomcat hosting platform
  • Scalable JVM Heap size
  • Unrestricted SSH access for command-line execution
  • Multiple premium features are offered as standard for all
  • Premium plans offer unmetered bandwidth, storage, and domains
  • Excellent scalability on the fly


  • The basic server lacks1-click server restart
  • Database allowance can be limiting for higher-level projects

12. TMDHosting


Founded in 2001, its numerous data centers in the USA, UK, Europe, Asia, and Australia make it appropriate for startups, small, and enterprise projects. The basic VPS starts at $19.97/month through a US data center with 40GB SSD, 2GB DDR4 RAM, 2 CPU cores, and 3TB bandwidth.

Their highest VPS costs $64.97 per month for 200GB SSD, 12GB DDR4 memory, 6 CPU Cores, and 10TB bandwidth ensures excellent scalability. You can start with the entry plan and effortlessly upgrade to the next tier without migrating to another server.

TMDHosting’s multi-layer caching system consists of APC, OPCache, and Varnish cache on SSDs, it promises 16X faster loading speeds. In addition, the host claims to offer “military-grade” protection against hacks and breaches with its BitNinja-powered firewalls.

All virtual servers pack a free domain name and cPanel to conveniently manage your emails, databases, domains, and third-party plugins in a central dashboard. As their VPSs are fully managed, you can remain ensured that all the technical and manual setup processes will be taken care of by their experts.

You will also get free daily backups to assure you never lose any data or website content. Features like cPanel/WHM, 30-days refund, Softaculous, Spam Experts, Let’s Encrypt, free domain name, free site migrations, and app installations are standard for all VPSs.

They have the most dedicated team of representatives available around the clock for any technical help. You can contact the support via email, phone, or live chat, along with a quick ticketing system.


  • Feature-rich VPS servers with free Spam Experts
  • Let’s Encrypt SSLs
  • Easy 1-click installers
  • Blazing Fast Cloud SSD VMs with private networks connectivity
  • Redundant resources
  • 24/7 Customer support experts


  • Renewal prices are comparatively higher

13. JavaPipe

Javapipe Java hosting

Yet another best Tomcat hosting with the entire infrastructure based around the JAVA environment and the needs of Java developers for full compatibility of every Tomcat and JDK version. With JavaPipe, you are free to run any custom Java framework simply by installing the framework-specific JARS to your classpath. The servlet container can be started and stopped through the command line at any time.

You also get the Tomcat administrator, a web-based interface that allows you to configure your hosting container. With this, you can easily set up context directories, web apps and manage your settings. The administrator also has a Tomcat manager that helps you monitor all the relevant statistics and deployment tools for your WAR files.

As it is designed for developers only, Javapipe allows complete access to the Apache Tomcat container to facilitate uploading JARS, deploying WAR files, and starting & stopping your server from the control panel. With superior cloud technologies, the company ensures a 99.9% SLA-backed uptime guarantee.

You can choose from 4 different plans with the starting price tag of $5.40 per month for 5GB SSD, 200GB monthly traffic, and unlimited MariaDB databases. All Java packages come with private Tomcat servers along with the option to develop on versions 8, 9, 10, and Heap memory from 128MB to 2048MB.

Each user is given a dedicated environment even on the shared Tomcat hosting. You can use SSH access or the Siteworx control panel that comes as standard to manage your Java apps.

JavaPipe has an extensive knowledge base of in-depth guides, tutorials, and FAQs despite being developer-oriented. You can also access their one-to-one support available 24/7 via live chats, emails, and telephones. In case of a technical problem unique to you, their ticketing system allows you to reach a hosting expert that resolves your issue in minimal time.

JavaPipe also provides superior DDoS protection to keep all kinds of websites, apps, games, and web servers safe. They use remote proxy and dedicated protected servers to create an additional layer of security. The users can choose to pay monthly, quarterly, biennially, and triennially and save costs up to 40% when paid upfront for three years.


  • Unlimited MariaDB databases along with MySQL
  • Heam memory from 128MB to 2048MB
  • OpenJDK 7-16 and Tomcat v8, 9, 10
  • Out of the box Tomcat solutions
  • Complete control over your server
  • Streamlined WAR files uploads and server stop/restart
  • Extensive knowledge base for self help


  • Limited scalability regarding resources
  • The interface is not that helpful
  • Does not offer the fast speed and response times as per our research

14. JVMhost


JVMHost also has the most diverse web hosting services particularly optimized for private Tomcat servers. In fact, it also has shared Tomcat hosting with private JVMs. You can choose either shared Java hosting from 4 different options, all bearing private JVM or 7 VPS JVMs.

The starter shared JVM costs only $7.95/month, including 128MB of Heap and 128MB of PermGen memory, 10GB SSD, and 1024GB bandwidth. In contrast, it is incredibly developer-oriented and offers excellent flexibility for server versions.

On the highest tier shared hosting plan (Tomcat Enterprise), you get 10GB SSD storage and 1024GB bandwidth with 384MB Heap and PermGen memory at $35.95/mo. This makes it less appropriate for enterprises’ demands of high traffic handling and load management. However, JVMHost’s wide range of VPS provides an eminent price-to-performance ratio for advanced development and deployment features.

Their VPS private JVM, XEN-512, starts at $19.95/month with 512MB memory, 20GB SSD, and 512GB monthly traffic. With their high-end XEN-1536, you will get 8GB RAM, 160GB SSD storage, and an 8TB data transfer for effortless scaling without having to switch to an expensive dedicated server.

All VPS gives you complete control over your server and operating system through PowerShell and SolusVM. Unlike other competing companies that arrive with specific Tomcat versions, JVMhost allows you to develop on any Tomcat server, including the recently launched ones.

Moreover, a side-to-side comparison shows that their heap memory per MB is cheaper than other competitors. Each server packs a blacklist-free dedicated IP address, SSL, free managed migrations, and unlimited parked and subdomains. You can buy additional JVM Heap memory for $5 per 256MB without server migration.

JVMHost has great shared, and VPS solutions that bring their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are someone who needs industry-standard services like cPanel, MySQL, FTP, Java control panel, and MongoDB, you will find the shared hosting cheaper. These features are not standard for VPSs as essential tools like cPanel and SQL have to be bought separately.


  • Dedicated JVMs for popular Java technologies
  • Custom Java control panel (JCP)
  • Customer support through chat, email, phone
  • Free SSLS and software installation
  • Compatible with different versions
  • 24/7 Network monitoring
  • Dedicated IP + customized servers


  • Some essential tools require additional payment
  • Not growth-friendly with limiting RAM allowance
  • Can become expensive as you scale per GB of storage

15. RoseHosting


Established in 2001, RoseHosting was one the first ever to offer Linux VPS hosting services. With 18 years of experience, they have superior infrastructure and expertise in hosting management and deliver the most price-efficient solutions. They are preferred by both beginners and developers for their quick customer support and knowledgeable representatives.

You can choose from 9 different packages starting from $29.66/month to $593.96/month (when paid annually). The most basic plan offers 1 CPU Core, 1GB of RAM, 30GB NVMe Storage, and 2TB data transfer. The company bundles in multiple features, including dedicated IP addresses, unlimited websites, fully managed support, complimentary weekly backups, and a Let’s Encrypt SSL as standard.

Their Linux VPS servers are fully managed and allow full root access along with SSH access for greater technical control. The highest-tier server, SSD VPS 64, includes 12 CPU cores, 64GB RAM, 400GB NVMe storage, and unmetered bandwidth, making it an excellent match for large projects.

RoseHosting promises expert assistance even for the smallest tasks like app installation to bigger ones like restoring corrupted files. The platform also responds quickly to resolutions on their ticketing system with an average response time of just 5 minutes. It uses the latest Intel Xeon processors, DDR4 RAMs, and enterprise-grade SSDs to deliver lightning-fast loading and response times for speed and performance.

The company assures that it never reboots its servers unless required for essential hardware updates. This ensures uptime of 99.99% and 24/7 access to your server. Moreover, RoseHosting also guarantees a 10 percent refund of your monthly fee if your server faces a downtime of even 0.01%.

They have a strict no overselling policy to deliver isolated resources such as CPU power, memory, and bandwidth. What this means is that it does not sell more than the maximum space available at its backend. It ensures that everyone gets allocated system resources even when every website on the server faces maximum loads.

Overall, RoseHost can be a great host when factors like uptime, managed server, instant scalability, and traffic handling capabilities are more important without budget problems. They may not offer the best price for the given specs and essential features but stand out due to their high levels of business ethics.


  • Has a strict no-overselling policy
  • All virtual servers utilize the faster NVMe SSD storage
  • Latest processors and modern hardware infrastructure
  • Free dedicated IP address
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates
  • Full root access
  • Advanced firewalls
  • Free weekly backups
  • 24/7 and 365 days instant support


  • Pricing is quite expansive
  • cPanel must be bought separately for $5/mo for the first 4 plans

Summary In a Nutshell…

We have reviewed the most competent web hosts for Tomcat for almost all ranges of users, including beginners, experts, and enterprises, for high processing power, swift customer support, and on-the-fly scalability. Almost all companies analyzed above are best at what they are doing with adequate business practices.

Here are our recommendations:

Kamatera is a top Tomcat hosting provider that offers all the bells and whistles in one place with SSD VPS at affordable prices.

A2Hosting is our Runner up choice for cheap Tomcat hosting for managed and unmanaged VPS servers.

BlueHost is a great choice for managed VPS hosting for Tomcat with instant support.

Vultr is the perfect option for starters having a lower budget.

You can also try other best Tomcat hosting providers without any hesitation besides our top picks if they meet your requirements.