Vultr Review 2024

We have talked about Vultr many times in our web hosting alternative posts, now it’s time to review Vultr in detail.

Vultr is a global SSD cloud server provider that was created to assist developers and businesses. However, over the years it has introduced changes to empower entrepreneurs and laymen who do not have tech expertise. It provides a high-end standardized SSD cloud computing environment to all customers.

Vultr was created by David Aninowsky in 2014 and since then it has come far. Today, Vultr handles more than 30 Million cloud servers and their customer support answers about 25000 questions every month. It boasts more than 200k customers worldwide which is a feat considering this platform came into being 6 years ago.

Vultr possesses 32 high-end data centers that are strategically located all over the globe to ensure that their customers always have access to high-performance cloud servers and storage. With 9+ years of experience, it is one of the trusted hosting providers in the market. It aims to equip its customers with high performance and stable cloud servers and computing environments worldwide.

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Vultr Cloud Review 2024

Cloud Computing

Vultr offers cloud computing V2 is a high-performance cloud hosting that is perfect for web developers and other tech professionals. All users get root access and API access along with a user-friendly control panel. Plus, the clients can also deploy cloud computing servers from 27 server locations with a few clicks.

The SSD (Solid State Drives) and powerful processor of Intel virtually render the cloud computing servers of Vultr impeccable. There is also an option to install powerful add-ons and even custom IOS.

Plus the users can choose to deploy any Operating system from the infinite options available i.e. Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Windows. Moreover, the computing instances do not require long term commitment or contract; they can be bought and dropped at any instances. Most importantly, clients are only charged for the resources they actually use hence it is a good option for those who are stepping into the world of advanced hosting.

Bare Metal Server Simplified

Vultr offers Bare Metal Simplified that gives users the high-speed performance of bare metal servers with little to no hassle. They can be deployed in 7 locations globally. Bare metal servers have direct access to physical servers and this renders them eligible to handle a huge amount of traffic and workload. It is basically a dedicated server that can be fully customized and each server has 10 GbE network connections.

The users are given complete control of their resources and environment. Users can also buy additional resources if needed and anything from OS to app and add-on can be deployed in seconds. The billing rule is the same; the users only pay for the resources they utilize. If you are looking for a stable work-intensive hosting option then Bare Metal servers of Vultr are perfect for you.

Block Storage and Object Storage

Block storage is highly scalable and SSD backed storage. With 99.99999% availability, it can be expanded up to 10TB volumes and 1200MBs/ sec 1O.  If you buy block storage, your data will be replicated and stored in three different places to ensure you never lose it. The SSD makes sure that the block storage delivers premium performance.

Object storage is a cheap storage option offered by Vultr for storing object data. It is durable and redundant storage with an NVMe layer which contributes to high data availability. It is also equipped with Automatic backups and custom storage solutions. The users can easily expand this storage and only pay for what they actually utilize.

These storage options are perfect for those users who have lots of information and data i.e. descriptions, images, and transaction history, etc. You should consider investing in Block storage or Object solutions to keep your data secured.

Dedicated Cloud Servers

Are you tired of sharing resources with virtual neighbors? Then you need dedicated cloud servers. Vultr offers 100% dedicated CPU, RAM, and all other resources so that you never have to share resources with people. It is possible to buy 25%, 75%, or entire dedicated servers from the Vultr platform.

It can be deployed from 4 locations globally i.e. Silicon Valley, Chicago, New Jersey, and Tokyo. The cheapest dedicated cloud Package can be bought from for $60/ month. In 60 dollars you’ll get 120 GB SSD 8192 MB memory, 10TB Bandwidth, and 2vCPU.

100% Uptime Guaranteed

Now, this is where Vultr has an advantage over its competitors. While most cloud hosting platforms are offering 90-99% Uptime Vultr is offering 100% guaranteed Uptime. Now you must be thinking why does having 100% Uptime makes a difference? Well, recent researches have shown that if a website does not open within 10 seconds the customer will move on some other website since they have a lot of options. Having 100% Uptime means your website will never be down and you’ll never lose customers.

Your website must be accessible and running all the time or else you’ll lose customers to others. Hence the 100% Guaranteed Uptime makes Vultr a very suitable option for entrepreneurs and E-commerce businesses. Moreover, if your Uptime drops below 100% you’ll be compensated in form of free resources and services.

Global Data Centers

Vultr has 17 high-end Data centers that are spread across 4 continents. Now, this is very important for consistent performance and security. How you may ask? Well just like going to a distant location takes time similarly fetching data from a faraway center also takes time. So if the data center is near you, your data will be fetched faster and your website will load faster. Plus a well spread network of centers also allows the user to back up data in multiple locations.

The data centers of Vultr are located in Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, New Jersey, Toronto, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul, and Tokyo, etc.

Custom Cloud Control Panel

Vultr empowers its users with a user-friendly control panel that helps them in deploying servers, apps, and various operating systems with a few clicks. It allows users to manage a team of sub-user if necessary and allows easy API access. It even allows the user to keep track of the activity and health of the servers through graphs.

It is easier to manage because it is equipped with various management panels that are very helpful for beginners. The user can even use the control panel to keep eye on their resources and usage charges.

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Infrastructure details

Vultr does not compromise on quality and that is why all of its servers are backed by 100% SSD. Plus Vultr boasts the use of the latest technology and hardware to deliver premium performance. Its servers are equipped with the latest generation Intel processors and CPUs which shows the commitment of Vultr to provide high-end facilities to their clients.

Vultr proudly claims that their CPUs are 58% faster as compared to others. The Intel Skylake processors indeed give performance boost and as a result, Vultr’s servers load at ultra-fast speed. Furthermore, Vultr’s memory performance is enhanced by 28% as compared to others since its infrastructure is designed to handle an enormous amount of workload and refresh faster. With classy and durable infrastructure; and the latest technology Vultr is unbeatable in the industry when it comes to performance.

Developer Tools and Resources

As said earlier, Vultr was originally created to assist professional developers. Hence it comes as no surprise that it offers vast tools and resources to help developers in their work.  It equips developers with tools like Password Generator, IPv4 Calculator, IPV6 Calculator, MAC Converter, IPv4 Converter, and Unixtime Calculator.

These tools make Vultr a very appealing option for developers and most of the clients of Vultr are indeed developers. If you are a developer then do not think twice; come and sign up.

Load Balancers for Enhanced Performance

Vultr allows its users to deploy fully configured load balancers with just a few clicks. Load Balancers automatically balance the server traffic and enhance the durability of infrastructure. Every load balancer includes health monitors and automatic failover. It also secures traffic with SSL configuration.

With a load Balancer, your website will never be down no matter how much traffic coming to your site. It’s a good product for those who are expecting a big amount of surge in traffic. It can be bought for just $10/month.

DDoS Protection

The users can secure their site from DDoS and virus attacks by buying DDoS mitigation services. It will keep your infrastructure intact and site running even when if it is under attack. It adds 10Gps of mitigation capacity per instance which secures all IPv4 instances and addresses.

This service DDoS attacks can be detected within 60 seconds and keeps the site safe. Furthermore; this system does not affect the speed and performance of your site. With an extra layer of protection at work; you’ll be able to focus on your work peacefully with no fears of attacks. It can be bought for $10/month.

Automatic Backups

Automatic Backups can be enabled very easily from the control panel. Automatic Backups are essential for every website since hacking and malware attacks are very common these days and you might lose data because of them. Businesses can’t afford to lose precious consumer data, transaction histories, and other sensitive financial data. That is why having a backup is necessary and With Automatic Backups, you’ll be able to easily recover essential data without any hassle.

However, this service is not available for free. Remember instances that have the option of automatic backups enabled will be charged 20%  more as compared to regular instances. Some of the competitors of Vultr are offering free automatic backups so this should be kept in mind.


Vultr equips its users with premium Firewall solutions. It introduced Firewall along with DDoS protection due to greatly increasing malware and hacking threats.  These solutions enhance the security level and the more secure your business is the more clients would feel safe while interacting with your business site..  Plus hacking and other malware attacks can very easily make you and your business lose credibility in the client’s eyes.  So having extra-security is always advantageous for businesses

Firewall filter traffic before it reaches your server and acts efficiently in case a problem is detected. Hence it is a good enough security measure that should be utilized. It is ideal for E-Commerce business websites

One-Click Apps

Vultr is user friendly as it provides the user facility to deploy powerful apps and tools on their sable servers with just one click. One-Click apps and solutions are indeed time savers because after all who has time to use code and scripts to install apps. You can install CentOS Web panel, Docker, Drupal, cPanel, Magento, LAMP, MediaWiki, GitLab, ownCloud, and many others, etc with just a single click. You can even install a Minecraft server with a single click.

Operating System

Vultr offers its users tons of operating system options to choose from. With Vultr the user can launch a new instance with an operating system of their choice in seconds. It supports CentOS, Debian, Fedora, FreeBSD, Fedora CoreOS, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, and Windows. The users can even create their own custom ISO and launch them from any of its 17 locations.

Customer Support

The customer support services of Vultr are on par with market standards. The customer support representatives can be contacted through email, ticketing, and Social Media and they get back to customers as soon as possible. Plus there are various FAQs and user guides available on its site that can be helpful for both beginners and developers. There is even an active and vibrant online community where questions can be asked related to Vultr. Just type on Google and you’ll find it.

However, Vultr does not provide the phone call or live chat option to contact customer support. It is a little disappointing since almost all of its competitors are already offering phone and live chat support to provide immediate assistance to their customers.

Plans and Pricing

Vultr has many pricing plans however the users only pay for the resources they utilize. The cheapest plan of Vultr costs about $60 and it includes 10 TB Bandwidth, 2 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, and 128 GB SSD storage which would be more than enough for beginners.

If this is not enough for you then you can go $120 plan which includes2 into 120 GB SSD, 20 TB bandwidth. 4 vCPU, and 16 GB RAM. There are various other plans and People with more needs can buy more expensive plans which obviously come with more resources.

The most expensive plan offered by Vultr offers 15000 GB and 65536 MB even though 2000 GB and 1024 MB is more than enough for most users. Hence hosting plans of Vultr cater to the needs of all users.

Cancellation and Refunds

Unlike all other cloud web hosting, Vultr has a strict no return policy. This makes Vultr too risky for beginners as compared to its competitors who either offer a refund or free trial. Vultr does neither; and this is its major disadvantage in the market.

Even professional developers might want to try out Vultr before investing in it but that is not possible. Hence if you want to try out Vultr; make sure you buy a cheap plan because there are no refunds.

Final Verdict

Vultr is a decent and versatile web hosting provider. Their servers are stable and ultra-fast. Equipped with the latest hardware and 100% SSD Vultr is fully committed to providing the absolute best service to their users. Even their billing system is clear and straightforward.

However, as said earlier their customer support is lacking a little, and people, in general, have also had problems with the support system of Vultr. Plus there is no free trial and refund policy that makes it less beginner-friendly. But other than these issues; it is a great cloud hosting provider for both beginners and developers.